(jacket, pants, shoes)

We are basically a Novablast ad running the streets of Utah—10 miles @ 8:36 average.

As I complained about how cold I was when I got home, Brooke reminded me that I could run on a treadmill instead. She has a great point.

The fireplace thawed me out a bit, luckily.

It was Skye’s Polar Express day at school (I can’t get over her pjs). 90% of Skye’s life at home involves a container of berries within a 6-inch reach of her.

We are having a hard time leaving the fire now.

I tried a fun IG treat with the girls—> Nutella Christmas Trees. Mine did not turn out nearly as cute, but at least I tried;)

IMG 0072

The house comes alive when Andrew gets home from work!

IMG 0068


Let’s get into some favorites for the week!

*My mom gives these to my nieces and me, and we have all voted it the best chapstick out there.

*These surpassed all of my expectations. I cannot believe how good they are:

*I bought both vests below last winter (for everyday wear, not running), and they are still a favorite. I found dupes after purchasing them, so I’ll link mine and the dupes. I wear vests for running or life basically daily. I love them so much. Also, these are my favorite Abercrombie jeans (on sale!) and top in the pictures.

Vest, dupe

Vest, dupe


Please tell me your weekend plans!

A Christmas treat MUST this time of year for you?

What running shoes do you find yourself wearing the most lately?

#1 Christmas movie in your opinion? I’m planning on watching a few this weekend!

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I love the little peeks of the home updates! Also loving that Brooke burn. heheh
Major weekend plan is the Packers game. I’m going with 3 guys and totally plan to make T Swift references just to troll them for fun. I’ll do that until I am too cold to talk.
Best Christmas movie? Come on… Home Alone! I’d watch that year-round as a kid. I vividly remember putting in the VHS and watching the Fern Gulley preview and the skateboard Pepsi commercial before the movie.
Have fun with your Christmas movies!


Hey Molly! Haha Brooke gets me good multiple times a day. ALL of the T Swift references are required of you for this game. It really is and we’ve already watched it like three times and will probably at least two more times this month. Ummmm thank you for taking me back to the previews. Our kids will never understand. Thanks friend, have a blast!


Holiday party at my boyfriend’s work tonight, then a five mile holiday race in the morning, friend Christmas party tomorrow night, and cookie making Sunday! This year I’m making peanut butter blossoms, ginger snaps, and chocolate drizzled biscotti.


You are going to have the best time at the party and then a race… I love it! Dressing up or wearing red and green for the race? Enjoy and send me cookies haha. Thanks Mariah!


I love vests too. It often doesn’t get cold enough for an actual coat, so I am all about vests. Those are both really cute.
We have a big neighborhood Christmas party tonight, then a Christmas brunch on Sunday, followed by my father-in-law’s concert Sunday night.
I love the cranberry bliss bars at Starbucks this time of year, and then I will make hot chocolate cookies, Andes mint cookies, and ginger snaps. Those are my must haves for Christmas.
Have a great Friday Janae


That is so true about your area… you don’t need coats, just some great vests. Have the absolute best time at the party, brunch and concert. What a fun weekend you have. I need all of those treats, now. Thanks Wendy, you too!


You need to watch I’ll be home for Christmas and While you were sleeping. Those are top of my list! They are on Disney +. When I was in Chicago in October we found the apartment they filmed while you were sleeping at almost 30 years ago and it looks the same! I geeked out. :)


THANK YOU THANK YOU. I am so ready to snuggle up next to the fire and watch these all. You did?! Okay, that is so cool. Hope your weekend is a beautiful one, Loribeth!


I love Polar Express! My 1st grader had a Grinch/Whoville day yesterday and also got to wear pajamas. Skye’s PJs look SO soft and cozy to wear all day.
I also was surprised how good those TJ’s gingerbread cookies were. I think we’re switching over from baking cookies to doing the easier treats now – i.e. melt some white/choc almond bark & cover everything with it. Pretzel twists, large pretzel sticks, peanuts, and we even do a cap’n crunch cereal mix or oreos, depending on the year.
Enjoy your Christmas movies this weekend! I may have to watch Elf one more time..


We have two basketball games it’s my youngest Senior season so it is bittersweet feeling all the it is the last. Then we are hoping to finish our Christmas shopping we only have stocking stuffers left. And lastly hopefully having dinner with the oldest whom is going through some stuff. I just need some in person time and to give him a hug.

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