Silentish Saturday!

(Shorts, vest, shirt, headlamp, shoes)

It was a darkkkkkkk morning for the majority of the run.

IMG 0082

Stopped for water shots haha.

IMG 0088

2 x 5 miles, 1 mile easy in between and 1 mile with 200 on/200 off.  6:32 & 6:21 average for the 5 mile sets.  All flat and super happy with my pacing.

My biggest goal was to make it home in time to get the girls to school.

IMG 0094

My fire is making it easier to come in from a cold run and do some strength.

IMG 0100

My boys love Costco.

IMG 0119

Perfect porch weather.

IMG 0126

Tacos for dinner with this on top:

Another TJ’s must:



Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Love Elf!!
As I was watching Christmas Vacation last night, my husband asked… How can you watch a movie a thousand times, and still want to watch it? Ha ha… I thought that was so strange. Especially with Christmas movies. But there are other movies (Harry Potter, Pitch Perfect, Pretty Woman, etc) that I can watch all the time. Thoughts? Do you watch movies over and over?
Today is all about finishing Christmas stuff. Gifts, cards, baking. Then I will feel like I can relax a bit more. Hoping to sneak in a good long walk with the dog at some point too.
Have a great weekend Janae!


Hahaha I am the same way with Christmas Movies but Andrew is like you and can do it with EVERY movie that he loves. I cannot tell you how many times he has watched his favorites. I can but with only a few non-christmas movies and especially if I am watching it with someone that has never seen it before. Hope your walk is a beautiful one, my friend just got back from Balboa and said it was summer there. Enjoy, Wendy!


Wow! Those splits are amazing! I’m extra impressed that those miles were in the dark. I find that I can run faster in daylight.
Today I have read through Alison Roman’s dessert cookbook to nail down my Christmas dessert. Time well spent!
The rest of the day I need to do all the errands and chores since tomorrow is being taken up by the Packers game. I nearly bailed when the guys decided on leaving at 6:30 am for the sake of tailgating.
Anddd I need to figure out my electronic toothbrush that I just received yesterday. I have been manual my entire life. I left the dentist office this week with said toothbrush recommendation and an orthodontics referral.

Have a fun pre Christmas weekend!


YES! We were talking about that yesterday and it actually IS harder. I’ve been reading a few articles about why… it’s all about mental perception. I think that is the perfect way to spend Saturday. You are a good sport for tomorrow’s game. Ugggg boo to the dentist appointment you had this week. I hope you love the toothbrush though. Thanks Molly!


Hi Janae! I love the photo bomber in the hat smiling in the back of your photo; he can tell how happy you all are. I am on a peppermint roll as well! I use 1st Phorm products and they just released their peppermint collagen and peppermint bark protein, which is in my daily coffee. It’s a win win-kicking off the day with protein and caffeine!
I agree with Wendy, I can watch the same movies over and over again, and Christmas is the perfect time to do so! “Love Actually” is one of my favorite along with “A Christmas Story”. They may be on repeat this upcoming week and I’m not mad about it. :-)
Have a great day!


Hahaha he was chatting to us about when he used to run marathons and how he wanted to get back into them. Ummm that collagen/protein sounds absolutely perfect. Making Andrew watch Love Actually with me tonight. Enjoy and you too, Amanda!


What time does school start? You must get up and out the door so early!! Bravo!!

Your tree jammies are so cute! Where are they from?


Hey Kelly!! It was definitely an early morning! They are the softest:

I hope you love them too. Have a great weekend, Kelly!


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