When you train really hard for a race that you care very deeply for, you go through QUITE the range of emotions (I’m sure you can all relate to this and it’s funny because Emilee and I literally go through the same feelings on the same day).  I am sure Andrew is looking forward to a more steady Janae with a few less tears and luckily that is just a few weeks away;).  Here are just a few of the thoughts/feelings I have experienced during the last few weeks:

*I am so ready for this race, I wish it was just happening tomorrow morning.


*I don’t want to run another step until next May (yep, I definitely felt that way at one point… hence why my coach pulled back the mileage)

*I don’t ever want this training to stop because I have so much fun with it all and maybe I should try to hit 100 miles one week?

*I’m not nervous about the race because racing is my favorite hobby.

*I’m so nervous about this race I feel like my brain may explode.

I’ll spare you the other 304 drastic thoughts I’ve had in regards to running/the race etc but I’m sure the taper will give my body/mind time to truly rest and recover which will bring all of the positive thoughts possible.

Those of you with running partners that you go out with often—> do you have a set side that you run on?  I feel like I am ALWAYS on Emilee’s left side and when I somehow get on her right side when crossing the street or something during a run I hurry and switch back to her left side because it feels weird.  Okay, maybe I’m the only one that does this and that’s okay.

IMG 0413

This week I will be dropping my mileage down 20% which I am gladly welcoming because my body yesterday was feeling the 26 miles we did on Saturday.

IMG 0416

Just the littlest one and me.

IMG 0435

PS my grandma (Mer) said the other day about Skye… ‘You know, they do say the ‘Skye’s’ the limit;)”

IMG 0432

We are seriously having the best November weather ever over here.

IMG 0455

For dinner we had Shalane’s Quinoa Recovery Salad and it was amazing.  I added some chicken to it too.  I use her cookbooks (here and here) at least 1-2 times a week… they are the absolute best.

IMG 0456

And after dinner…

IMG 0459

Best part of the day when he gets home:

IMG 0461


Just a few kid tangents before I let you go today:

*If we need Skye to stay still for 20 minutes straight, all we do is put an Elsa dress on her.  Once the Elsa dress is on she stands there and admires the beautiful blue and I can see in her brain that she is just shocked that she has somehow magically transformed into Elsa.

PS Brooke has been counting down to Frozen 2 for months and months.  I cannot wait to take them.

IMG 0342

*One of Andrew’s proudest parenting moments.  All 3 kids cleaning their bikes.

IMG 0349

*And then I had one of my proudest parenting moments… my kids wanted to play “Great Harvest” with me.  They were the workers and I was the customer and they gave me a great slice of bread with about an inch thick of butter on there:).  I hope they want to play Great Harvest daily with me.

IMG 0324

*SOMEONE IS GOING THROUGH A SLEEP REGRESSION!! I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!  I feel like Skye somehow knows CIM is coming up and that we are not bringing her with us and this is her way to rebel.

59574371915 D8611D67 F0CD 4940 909C DE27DD5C3748


Anyone else have their little one have a sleep regression right around 2 years old?  How long did it last?  

Have any tangents to share today?  I would love to hear them!

Who is gearing up for a Thanksgiving race this year?  What is the distance?  First time doing this race or is it a tradition?

On a scale from 1-10 (10 being VERY busy)… how busy is your Tuesday going to be? 

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My newly 2 year old hasn’t napped in 2 weeks. She sleeps fine at night but she gets 12 hours max (probably more like 11). Helllppp


TWO WEEKS?! JENN…. NOOOOOO! I am glad that she sleeps well at night but you need that mid-day break. Keep me updated and I’m hoping that naps are back soon!


I absolutely go through all those same highs and lows with my training… one day thinking that I’ll never not run, and the next wondering how I will make it out that morning. Glad to know we all have those thoughts.


Yes yes yes yes yes… it must just be part of the game right?! Good thing those highs are so worth all of the lows. I hope your Tuesday is a great one Christine!


After a close try in Chicago last month my husband is running CIM to try to OTQ, too. And your post is spot on where he is mentally right now, lol!! I’ll be cheering for you all through these last weeks of training and for race day!!


So good to know I’m not alone on this! I am so excited for your husband and I feel like CIM is going to be a very lucky day! Hope to see you there and thank you so much. Tell your husband good luck for me!


Maybe get Skye some Elsa pajamas and then she’ll stay still all night haha. I hope that sleep regression is over soon.


That is BRILLIANT! Going to find some today! Thanks so much Victoria and I hope you are having a beautiful morning so far!


My son is a day older than Skye. He has not been sleeping well at night or napping well for the last month and a half. I thought it was sleep regression than I realized it was his 2 year old molars coming in. :( All the sudden yesterday he napped well and slept well last night! Praying your sleep challenged nights don’t last long!!


My tangent… I got my CRZ Yoga top and leggings yesterday!! I’m a huge Lulu fan but man it’s an expensive hobby. But those CRZ clothes are amazing!!! Thanks for the great tip!!


THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY! They are the best and they really wash well too! Have the best day!


Are we supposed to be cleaning our kids bikes? Haha!
My 4 year old likes to play bed time with me which sounds ideal but laying down is such a tease to have to pop back up when it’s “morning “ every few seconds.


Hahah I don’t think so.. Andrew just always does after he goes mountain biking so he wants the to also. OH MY GOODNESS yes… that game is so hard for me because I almost always fall asleep and then they tell me it’s time to wake up! Have a great day Mary!


Yes, to a certain side. I’m always on the right side of the runner. I tend to veer to the right when running. I’m not sure why I do this, but I will end up bumping into people if I don’t watch out. It’s very weird.

I have a trail half marathon (my first trail half) on December 7. I’m not ready for it. So we shall see how this goes. Thankfully, running with 3-4 other girls who haven’t trained very well and we can just run slow and gab in the woods.


That is super interesting… well, we would work well together because I like to be on the left;) AHHHH your trail half is coming up and I am SO glad that you have friends to do it with. I hope that you really enjoy the trails Kristi and I want to hear all about it!


Could Skye be getting her 2 year old molars? My son is a day older than Skye, and I thought he was having a sleep regression. After a month and a half of grumpiness, not knapping well, not sleeping well at night, and having his fingers in his mouth I finally realized this is what was going on. Yesterday he napped well and went right to bed without getting up at night as if the last month and a half never existed. Praying you can figure it out and get some sleep!


Just wanted to let Andrew know – I love that picture of the kids cleaning their bikes too!


Bahaha he will be so happy to see your comment:) . Have the best day John!


One of my running friends makes me run on her left all the time. She even has a saying for everything we do together “I look to my left…” (applied equally to celebrations and escapades). One of my other friends has started making me run on the outside (right or left) when we’re on the greenbelt path – she’s afraid I’ll get hit by a bike again (in July, while on my side of the path and stopped to check on a homeless guy, a biker hogged the centerline at high speed, hit my hand/wrist, and cracked a bone in my hand).


Oh that must have hurt so bad and I am so glad your friend wants to protect you on that path again! Good to know I’m not the only weird runner that prefers a side haha. Have a wonderful day!


Honestly my Tuesday is going to be a ONE!! I feel sort of lost!! Day off work and sent my little to daycare and don’t really have any plans….. maybe I’ll do some food prep!


ANDREA… I hope you can pamper yourself today and take time to do some things for YOU! ENJOY your 1 today… we all need those days for our mental health sometimes! Enjoy!


Hi Janae! I totally relate to all the extremes you posted, ha!

My Tuesday Tangent is that I think I finally found out how to tolerate the treadmill! I hate hate hate running on the treadmill but it’s getting cold and dark here so I kind of need to. The answer to treadmill running is This is Us and finding the treadmill in front of the fan and switching the pace around (even by 0.1 at a time).

Happy Tuesday to you!!


I completely agree with you 100%… those three things are necessary for a happy treadmill run. Isn’t that show just the best? I cry almost every single time… wish we could all watch it together on treadmills. Have the best day Amy and thank you!


My wee one just turned two, and (though I shouldn’t type it because then it will change…) no sleep regression yet. However, he has been wholeheartedly refusing naps.
I got up at 4:30 to run, then work all day, then a quick dentist appt, then home to play with my son, then eat/sleep. Busy, but pretty much the standard!
I’m so excited for your race, too!!


I AM TOTALLY THE SAME WAY ABOUT RUNNING ON THE SAME SIDE! In the past I’ve tried to be “cool” and convince myself “this is fine, you’ll adjust” and I ALWAYS ALWAYS have to switch sides. It’s honestly one of my crazier tendencies.

Also I just entered the taper too, and while I’m a little relieved about the cut back in mileage I feel like my taper tantrums have already started. Very emotional and unpredictable right now and feel like I should be wearing a sign to warn everyone around me that I WILL cry at the drop of a hat.

I feel like I have a tough time sleeping during the taper too, I was up until 2am last night and got so annoyed about it that I pulled a Janae and woke my husband up :) I’m not sure he was as understanding as Andrew is.

So needless to say I’m not a fan and no one around me is either. But I am so excited for race day and to hopefully meet you that Saturday!!!


Hi Janae!!!

I’ve been following you for Years now and again you are the be of my recovery inspirations and I just want to be happy like you!!! Anyway I want to buy my first pair of brooks. I’ve wanted to for YEARS but why’re just so expensive for me. But my feet need them. And I deserve them. And you have convinced me to invest. But I have to buy them online for a better price and I’m not sure how they fit. I am a 9 1/2 in most shoes especially Nike. Do you recommend keeping to that size or sizing up or down 1/2 inch??? I just HATE having to return things you buy online such a hassle!!! All and any advice would be appreciated! I’m looking at getting either The Launch 6 or the ones you JUST talked about on your blog I’m blanking on the name!!!!

Thank you so much and thanks for being YOU and my role model truly!!!

Jen Z


Jen! Thank you so much for being my friend over the years, your comment means a lot to me! I am so excited for your brooks and you absolutely deserve them! Hmmmm I also wear 9.5 in a few Nike sneakers but wear size 10 with Brooke and those fit perfectly. The Ghost 12s… hmmm as of right now I would choose the Ghosts because I’m just so in love with them. Remember that Brooks really wants their runners to be happy so if you order them and they are the wrong size or don’t feel right to you they are excellent with their returns. let me know what you get and have a beautiful rest of your day!


I wish I could say the same about our November.
Where did you get Brooke’s unicorn t-shirt?


Oh bummer! I hope you guys get a better week next week with weather! I got it from Old Navy! Have a beautiful day!


Oh my gosh, YES, my daughter’s not sleeping very well either (she turns 2 in February). Naps are very short or they don’t happen anymore and she wakes up at 5 in the morning. Let’s hope this ends soon. Especially with your race coming up!

My Tuesday: on a scale of on to ten, I’d say a 7. Had to work till my son got out of school and he had a friend over (that was probably the busiest, or should I say loudest part of the day ;) ).


Oh my, I can relate so much to the “I wish the race was this weekend” and “I need another 5 months to get ready”. Felt that so hard before my race!!

I’m not going to do a Thanksgiving race this year, because I’ll be in Portugal! I’m going to be very busy today because we’re actually leaving right after work, and I’m so excited! We usually try to get out of the country once a year, and our last trip was a big one to Japan last December. It seems forever ago so I’m really looking forward to this.


Two year olds have a sleep regression?!?!? Gawww… I did not know this was a thing. Fingers crossed for you this is just a very temporary instance. Elliana LOVES sleep… and we have kinda gotten used to having our evenings back and her sleeping through the night.


Um yes to sleep regression! It started around 2 and it lasted for months until we finally bought the clock in the link! I’d had enough when she’d get dressed and ready for the day at 3 am.

How are you going to keep Skye still during the Elsa movie? I could use some ideas ;)

Have a great day Janae!



My daughter is 3.5 and we are having major going-to-bed issues right now. It’s been going on for 3 weeks. I gave in and let our 8 year old son sleep with her so now we have that habit to break. Ugh.

I totally have a side when I run with my mom – if I get on her right side it just doesn’t feel right and I have to be on her left side.

I just read your previous post too and my husband can still walk on his toes like your nephew and now both our kids do it to. It is so weird and makes my toes hurt just thinking about it!


When I run with my husband, I have to be on side closest to the shoulder otherwise he veers me into the middle of the road. Anyone one else it doesn’t matter.


Oh dear. My little girl will be 2 in January! I need my sleep! Ha! We made Shalane’s honey, balsamic chicken for dinner tonight. And I’ve definitely had all of those thoughts!! Except running a 100 miles a week…I have contemplated 80! I’ve maxed at 72 before. CIM is in December right? Also, I’m not sure why I’ve not been following your blog!! You write like a good friend’s conversation. Love it!


So running and I are on the outs. My IT band flared up so bad then I had issues with the cortisone injection so I was unable to run my 10 mile trail race two weeks ago. Since then it’s actually gotten worse even though I’m not doing any biking, running or walking for exercise. It hurts to walk around doing my daily life. It’s been a struggle for sure. I’m in physical therapy and unfortunately, not getting any relief. It’s times like this that I don’t think running and I will ever have a healthy relationship. I’m trying to be patient and just wait and see and at this point I just hope to be able to walk and go down steps without pain. So I’m learning more about strength training and have been taking new classes at my gym to keep up some exercise. I love watching your progress and can’t wait to see you race CIM!!


Yes I always run on the left. I get so messed up when I’m on the right. So weird. Maybe because I’m left handed…

And both my boys went through a sleep regression at 2. So so frustrating. I just stayed consistent and kept putting them down for ‘naps’ and told them they couldn’t come out until the timer went off (the timer was just me deciding it was time?) and eventually they sorted themselves out. But it is just the worst! Especially because I am a huge fan of naps! Good luck!


In reality undergo all the ones equal highs and lows with my training… one day thinking that I’ll never not run, and the next questioning how I will make it out that morning. Glad to understand all of us have the ones mind.

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