The amount of lactic acid felt illegal and what speed shoes I rate #1 for different types of runs.

(shirt, shoes, shorts, vest)

This first picture is an accurate representation of the end of yesterday’s workout.

If you ever want to be in a place where you have to tell yourself over and over again to help your panicking brain that you can’t actually die from legs that are beyond exhausted/screaming at you… try this workout or some variation of it.

I’m thankful for the restroom perfectly placed at the end of the w/u, where a heater blasts hot air down.

Workout prescribed:

3.5-mile WU, 3 miles @ 6:20-6:30, 5-minute rest, 2 x 800m @ 5:30-5:45 pace, 3-minute rest between, 5-minute rest, 3 miles @ 6:10-6:20

Here are my splits (recoveries were part standing/part jogging, and my watch was only going during the jogging):

The first three felt calm and controlled, and I got a little cocky about this easier-than-normal workout;). And then we did the 800s. The amount of lactic acid flowing through my legs in those final miles felt illegal. But I survived. And I’ll remember that I survived this workout during my next race.

That 1.1 anaerobic happened during the 800s.

Here are a few more thoughts from the workout:

*I used my brother’s tip from when I was in junior high to focus on pumping my arms when my legs want nothing more than to quit… pump your arms, and your legs are forced to follow.

*I’m finding on flat running that if I push my hips forward (sounds weird), my form improves, and so does my pace. It forces me to engage my glutes, which helps everything because my glutes love to shut down and let my legs do all of the work.

*I am thankful I had that crazy allergic reaction this last summer. It forced me to go to a doctor who tested me for asthma, along with what I am allergic to. The cold weather makes my asthma scary because I feel like my airways are going to close off completely, and my inhalers make it all so much better now.

I am doing a long run on Friday, and my legs were already so tired from the workout yesterday, so instead of weights, I did some bodyweight exercises and my PT work when I got home.

The star of the morning was Andrew going and grabbing Kneader’s french toast for us all. It was a rough night with nightmares for the girls. None of us slept, and I was so tired at one point I was sobbing. Not sleeping is actual torture.

After months of research on one human (me), I have concluded on speed shoes. I have tried speed shoes from Nike, Hoka, Saucony, Brooks, and Adidas.

My top 2 are the Vaporfly 3 and Adios Pro 3. But I have found they are both 1st place for very different runs.

Vaporfly 3 (I like the 3s better than the 2s) for flat-as-a-pancake running. They are perfect, but I don’t like them as much for uphill or downhill speed.

Adidas Adios Pro 3 for any runs/races, including uphill and downhill. They are also more comfortable and bouncy overall than the Vaporfly, and if I were one to suffer from foot injuries, I would always go for these.

I will be wearing the Vaporfly 3 for the Seville Marathon. It’s nice to have my shoe selection nailed down and not be using my starbursts to choose which shoe to wear;)

In the evening we joined my sis and her family for one of our favorite Christmas traditions in Salt Lake City.

They are growing up way too fast.

Hit the jackpot that my sister’s kids were all there.

Along with Hatch Family Chocolates because it’s our tradition.

Give me your ratings for the #1 speed shoe.

Does anyone else have asthma?  Does the cold air make it way worse for you too?

Strength training—> Do you always use weights or do bodyweight workouts too?

What’s something you are looking forward to today?

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Way to go yesterday! It can be so hard to keep calm when muscles start to scream.
Wow, Andrew is the best! How thoughtful!
Thanks for the shoe information. It can be expensive to try out new shoes!
Hmm, looking forward to my coach (Lindsey!) getting her Christmas present delivered today. I sent her 2 galapagos (huge turtles made with a mixture of nuts like pecans, walnuts, pistachios, etc). These have made Oprah’s favorite things so that tells you how good they are. I love sharing local treats!


Okay, best athlete ever to give those to your coach. I am drooling looking at the picture. Ordering some for myself now. Hope your day is a beautiful one, Molly!


That workout sounded tough! Awesome job getting it done.
Running in the cold always makes me cough, but not as bad as what you have dealt with. But my lips do turn blue/purple in the cold.
I usually use weights when I do strength training, but sometimes a good body weight strength class burns so good! And they can be sneaky… You feel sore the next day in areas you didn’t realize you were working.
I am looking forward to being a little productive around the house today.
Have a good Wednesday!


SO much coughing when running in the cold. Glad I’m not alone with the purple lips. SO sneaky… turns out I am very sore from yesterday haha. Have a great time getting all of the things done. Thanks Wendy, you too!


I love the alphafly the most! I’m so excited to try the new version coming out soon.

Can you share where you got your jacket in the picture with your sister’s family? I love the color!!


Oh you will HAVE TO let me know what you think of the new alphafly. Absolutely, it is SO dang warm:

Have a beautiful day, Megan!


Not sleeping is the #1 form of torture for me. My husband is amazed at the amount of things I can put myself through and shocked at how I crumble with less than ideal sleep! I feel your pain :(
I love the Adidas 3, even though I probably shouldn’t be wearing them since I technically don’t really run. But sometimes my body just wants that bounce even with other exercise!
I do mostly body weight workouts and think they can be very challenging if don’t right.


Thank you for relating! Nothing drives me crazier than lack of sleep and you are so right… we put ourselves through a lot, haha clearly, we don’t have low pain tolerance. Of course, you should be wearing them! If they feel good, wear them! Body weight workouts are no joke, I’m sore today! Hope your day is a beautiful one, Geni!


Hi Janae! Did reading Kara’s book about Nike and the abuse she suffered make you invest in Nike shoes/products less? I know for me it impacted me not wanting to support the company anymore.


Hey Katrina! Great question that my running friends and I talk a lot about. What I’ve boiled down to is that, basically, every single big company has insane amounts of horrible things going on behind the scenes. We just don’t know them all. So, I don’t support what they did at all, but if we could hear all the stories of major companies, we’d be shocked. Hope you have a beautiful day and PS I don’t think I’m right on this subject at all hahah but it’s just how I feel in my gut?! Does this make sense?


I love the truck on the counter right next to the shoes comparison picture & it looks like a loader we have at our house! We also have trucks in beds, with us in carseats, they come to play in the snow…

I think most people do worse in cold weather with asthma, but I have mild exercise induced asthma and cold weather makes it easier for me to breathe. That could be because in MN it’s frequently humid when it is not cold (humidity is the worst for me to breathe in). Neck buffs always help to pull up over my mouth when the cold gets too extreme since it also helps warm up the air near my face.

Amazing on that speed workout – it sounds so tough!! Also, I am completely with you on sleep deprivation being torture. Whatever my current sleep need is set at, going below that makes me want to cry too. When I am up in the middle of the night with my kids, I am usually in zombie-mode trying to stay as close to sleeping as possible. Hope those nightmares do not come back!!


Bahah yes… I’m not sure I could take a picture in our house where there wasn’t a truck or car in the background. They are always with us. That is so interesting that cold weather makes it easier for you to breathe but then it makes sense when I realize the humidity you normally deal with. GOOD call on the neck buff, I need to get that out. You just explained zombie mode perfectly… sometimes I keep one eye closed the whole time as I am helping them because I think it will keep me partly asleep. Thanks for your comment, I love it. Have a beautiful day, Katie!


Filthy shoes on the counter where you eat?!


Do you think the vaporflys are worth it for the half marathon? I don’t know if this sounds silly, but I always feel like I’m not fast enough to buy the fancy shoes because everyone is always saying you need to be below a certain pace. Thoughts? Thanks!


I absolutely do! We are all covering the same distance and pace is irrelevant in my opinion… whatever helps you to hit your goals and feel your best and fastest is worth it! You’ve got this Cate! And I’m that friend that enables my friends shopping too much hahha but I think the vaporflys will be great for you!


Thank you!! Your opinion is always one I value!

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