(tights, top, shoes, headband)

I know I’m in marathon training when I forget to wear a watch due to being more tired and forgetful.  Thankfully, my friends did because if I don’t track the run… did it happen?

We did 10 miles @ 8:37 pace.  The goal is to hit 70 miles this week and to peak at 75 miles this training block.  I think that with more flat running, my body will handle a bit more than the training blocks where I am doing a lot of downhill mileage.

Beck and I did many errands together.

And exciting things like organizing the fridge (no sarcasm here because is there anything more exciting than a clean/organized fridge?).

We met Andrew for Chick-fil-A after he finished work.  He loves his new job so much and I love his schedule so much more than his last job.  He even has Christmas off this year so all six of us will be together.

Let’s jump into this week’s tangents:

*Taylor Swift needs to run a marathon now after all this training.  Or maybe even an ultra?  Her endurance is unreal right now.

*I love seeing what fuel my friends bring for long runs.  Glucose is glucose.

IMG 9682

*Our current midnight (ehh 8 pm) snack is a TJ’s baguette with whatever fun cheese we have.

IMG 9677

*She loves making eggs every morning.

IMG 9702

*Gotta love the runs where frost forms on our hair.

IMG 9688

*I ordered Christmas pjs too late this year, which meant I couldn’t find any that had everyone’s size in the same set, so this year, we went a different route… mismatched Christmas pjs.

*We celebrated Christmas early with my parents, and it was so much fun.  My parents are starting an art class for the grandkids once a month, and my girls’ eyes lit up with excitement when they were told about the new class.  My parents said the adults can come too, so that might be my new thing after Saturday’s long runs:).

Have any tangents to share today?

Do you have a favorite type of cheese or one we need to try at TJ’s?

What would you say is the most organized space in your life?

What is your mileage goal for the week?

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I love your parents so much! What a great idea with the painting class. That just makes me smile.


Right?! It’s too good to be true. I feel very lucky. I hope you have the most beautiful day, Michelle!


Unexpected Cheddar Cheese spread at TJ’s! https://www.traderjoes.com/home/products/pdp/unexpected-cheddar-cheese-spread-074802

Your parents are just amazing. An art class every month with the grands? Just so special and what a core memory being created. Love them!


Wendy, I really think you are going to change our life with that spread. I started drooling when I saw the picture. Thank you. Going to get that today. Right?! And they are going all out with it and teaching them how to do oil paintings. I could cry I am so excited. I hope your day is off to a wonderful start. Thanks Wendy!


Non-matching Christmas jammies are cute as well!!
I think my mileage will decrease this week. I rolled my left foot/ankle in 3 consecutive steps last night on a trail run. I’m limping this morning. Le sigh.
Can I join art classes while I’m injured? I have zero skill. And I mean zero.


Agreed! It might be a new thing for us (although, this might be the last year I have Brooke and Knox on board with the jammies situation haha). YOU ROLLED YOUR ANKLE. Molly, I am so sorry. Baby that ankle and hopefully you are back to yourself in no time. No joke, come for class. My parents will love you! Thanks Molly!


I forgot that Brooke and Knox will be with you for Christmas this year. Yay!
I am telling you…. TJ’S blueberry goat cheese is so good! But I like all of their goat cheeses.
I’m just getting my running routine back on track after the last 2 weeks, so taking it slow, and day by day.
Your parents are so fun. I’m filing this back in my mind to remember for when we have grandkids.
Frost forming on your hair while running!!? That’s cold!
Have a great day Janae


Seriously, I am going to already declare that this will be our best Christmas ever due to the fact everyone is going to be there (and it will probably be the last year that everyone believes:). BRB going to get the blueberry goat cheese. So dang good. Seriously, my girls eyes haven’t stopped beaming since the art class announcement. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Cutest pic of Beck! And yaaay for all being together on Christmas! 😁

Question for you on the Novablasts. I am planning to try them out as a daily trainer. Looking at the reviews, some people say they run big. I typically size up and wondering if I should just buy my actual size in these. What did you do? I have to buy them online bc I can’t find them locally in bigger sizes. I like to avoid the whole return situation lol

Have a great day, Janae!


I feel like we hit the lottery this year for Christmas. I can’t tell you how excited it made me to read you are going to grab the Novablasts. Hmmmmm those reviews feel shocking to me ha. I feel like they are perfectly sized. I wear a 10 across the board (except in Saucony) and the 10s in the Novablast fit me perfect. I really hope it is the same for you. Let me know what you do. Thanks Annemarie, you too!


What an amazing experience for the grandkids! They will all be making such special memories.


Right?! Both of my parents are so talented, they are going to learn so much. I’m giddy for Saturday! Hope your day is a wonderful one, Mindy!


The Christmas PJs are SO CUTE!!! And I LOVE YOUR PARENTS, they are the absolute cutest!! Maybe you will be leading running classes once a month when you have grandchildren ;)

I think I’m going to follow your lead and organize my fridge. I usually like to keep things pretty organized (it calms my nerves so much) and with a late fall marathon this year I’m pretty far behind in all organization. I wouldn’t trade it though for that confidence boosting training cycle!!

Way to train hard through the snow and frost, you can do hard things!!!

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