Things are getting crazy.

(shorts, tank, bra, shoes ((code FMTIB50 for 50% off)), socks)

8 miles @ 8:58 average.

We are all taking advantage of the cheap shoes (Elizabeth gave me the code, and now we all enjoy it, ha).

These two have mastered the skill of forgiveness.

It’s incredible to me how they can go from fighting over something and screaming at each other to best friends who request to eat next to each other in seconds.
It’s easier for me to get out the camera for the best friend portions of the days;)

I was doing my core work (10-minute Peloton class) when Beck pulled out another mat for him from the mud room and joined me.

Skye helped me out with making a reel for IG and pushing all of my shoes out the door when I needed her to!

Skye then went to our neighbor’s house, and Beck napped, so I worked on the fun run.

Each year our elementary school puts on a 2.06-mile run for the kids, and I took over the planning for the race last year. Doing this seriously makes me wonder how race directors put on such huge races because this 2-mile race is quite the task!

If anyone has any fun ideas for things to add to the race, let me know!

Whenever I say, ‘fun run,’ I am reminded of my favorite office episode. Can you even imagine eating a bowl of fettuccine alfredo minutes before starting a run?

 For dinner, I made one of my favorite simple TJ meals (you can find my list of easy TJ meals here).

 Also, the Costco veggie tray saves us on busy weeks. If I put it out on the counter, everyone will come grab veggies.

Off for 18.5 miles… things are getting crazy.


Worst thing you have eaten right before a run?

Office fans… have a favorite episode?

-Fun Run and The Injury

I need a lot of pasta in my life right now and so I need to hear about your favorite combos and types.

SOOOOOO I am thinking about next year’s marathons and I really want to do an international marathon… who has done one and what were your thoughts?

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I also have a pair of littles who love to alternate between loving each other & yelling “you’re not my friend anymore”.
Got out for my run yesterday, thanks again for the motivation. :) I’m so happy to see your TJ meals list – TJs is a lifesaver for meals just about every night (the alternative is cereal.. ). Worst thing I have eaten before a run: we stopped for an ice cream cone break mid-run. I had the worst time continuing & had to take multiple breaks. My new fave snack to bring on runs is Trader Joe’s sweetened dried oranges. They are covered in sugar & surprisingly delicious once I worked up the courage to try such a unique looking snack.
Love the idea of branching out to new marathons – for me, I need to branch out of marathons in my state (MN, so have done Grandma’s & Twin Cities a few times each). Traveling to one sounds like a fun challenge! I keep looking at other fall marathons/ 50ks, and chickening out.


Isn’t it amazing how quickly they can go back and forth between the two? Way to get in that long run on a weekday morning! Ouchhhhhh about that ice cream choice haha. I will absolutely be trying those during the run, thanks for sharing that with me. Let’s all travel to one together!!! Have a great one, Katie!


I’m seriously thinking about getting another pair of the saucony endorphin pros. I’ve only worn them twice but am loving them so far. Both runs were really fast. They definitely feel different than my normal Brooks. Nothing hurt when I was done and my knee didn’t feel like it wanted to swell up. 50% off is really hard to turn down.
So where are all of the shoes going? They look like there in the car.
my favorite pasta is macaroni and cheese or noodles with butter and parmesan cheese. Sadly, I can’t eat any type of tomato based sauce anymore. I get stomach aches. I eat my pasta like a toddler. Oh well. I still love it and I get my carbs. I have black bean soy spaghetti noodles. We call that emo pasta. We’ll eat that for a special occasion and on a night when I don’t have to go to the office or do a long run the next day. You never know what all of that fiber will do to you HA!


You know I fully support that decision… we can never have enough ha. There is something about that carbon plate that absorbs some of the pounding for us. SO happy your knee was happy after the run. Haha, I had Skye push them all out the door when I opened it;). I’m having too much fun with reels lately. NOOOO to not being able to have tomato based sauce, it’s my favorite. Keep eating all of the pasta, it does wonders for our running. I’ll pass on the emo pasta haha, you are brave! Have the best day, Lee!


Have you done the London Marathon?

Also a bit random but what do you use to clean your running shoes? i have a pair of brooks launch shoes and they have recently got rather muddy! do you just put them in the washing machine?


I haven’t done that one but I want to SO so bad! That is on my list. I throw them in the washing machine. My coach washes his shoes after EACH run and he runs 2:30 marathons so I trust the process haha. I let them air-dry:). Have the best day and let me know if you try it, Laurel!


Hi! I’m new and have been loving keeping up with you and your training. Two random questions- do you know where you got your black mat with the colored speckles? And what about your necklace? It’s so cute!


HEY SYDNEY! So happy to have you here! Yes, here is the link for the mat: and the necklace is from this boutique but I can’t find the same one on there anymore…
Keep in touch and have the best day!


Oh, the worst thing I ate before a race was McDonald’s hash browns. Luckily it was just a 5K, but woof! I will never do that again.
I just made pasta last night too. Trader Joe’s pesto sauce, bowtie pasta, the already cooked chicken from the refrigerator section, and tomatoes. So easy and so good.
A mid-week long run… Go Janae!
Have a great day!


I love simple pastas like that! And so easy with a full household ha!

I remember after running a couple races I became a bit overly confident and ignored the rule to not try anything new. I woke up that morning, in temporary housing as I was mid move, and figured a bagel would be easier than my usual oatmeal (everyone eats bagels, right? I know you do!). I topped it with peanut butter and it was honestly just so awful the whole race and didn’t digest for me at all. I also wore a new bra that kept riding up above my chest haha. I ended up just walk/running and enjoying the race as a “fun run”. It’s a good reminder that it is great to try out what works for other people but maybe not on race day, plus, we know ourselves best :)


Not worst thing I’ve eaten, but my brother had a coffee milkshake right before we went hiking on a hot day. He definitely regretted that and we still laugh about it!
“The Injury” is a top one, for sure; every episode is like the TV version of comfort food– you can just cozy up and watch a random episode to get in a good mood.
Pasta with roasted veggies and cheese– can’t go wrong!
PLEASE do an international marathon and blog about your international adventures :) :)


Hi Janae! I spy new nails! Let’s see them! I don’t know if I could even begin to choose one or even two episodes of the The Office.
Ok, so I wanted to share the following pasta recipe. The other day I just couldn’t deal with using multiple pans to make dinner. I did a google search and found this recipe. Delicious! I just added some grilled chicken and we had salad on the side. I love one-pan meals! Have a great day!


The office faves – Fun Run and Dinner Party!

My freshman and I watched Fun Run before his first cross country meet – helped with the nerves a bit hopefully ;)


Hi Janae! I love the office! I’ve been watching the extended cuts on peacock and it’s so great to have new content after all these years!
Have an awesome run!


Mt friends did Berlin last year and said the aid stations only had water- no electrolytes on the course at all. I’ve heard that about a lot of international races, so be prepared to carry your own stuff. I think international racing would be fun, but I don’t think it’s the way to go if you want to PR or really race hard. So many other factors against you, travel, jet jag, different food, wanting to walk and explore the area…


How do you choose a favorite?? The dinner part is so good, babe!
I usually ask people which episode that they think is the cringiest. It’s Scott’s tots for me!
Underrated quote from The Fun Run, “we’re fine! Im robbing her!” While Angela and Dwight are arguing about Sprinkles’ death on the sidewalk.

My sister in law started a 2.05 race!! It is our school district number. How crazy close!
And-My husband started and runs a beer festival years ago. The amount of work that goes into it is mind blowing.
I’m sure the kids will love the race you put on!


i spy sour patch strawberry… THE BEST!!!!


I have to vote them as the best candy ever invented. Hope you have the best day, Mallory and get some sour patch strawberries soon!


Ooooh please do an international marathon next year so I can live vicariously through you!!

The worst thing I ever ate before a run was sushi. Idk why I did it. But those burps… Blegh!


You asked about fun things to include for a fun run–what about finding a yoga teacher from your area who has the right training for kids yoga for a yoga warmup or cool-down, and what about making the ‘refreshments’ after the race decorate your own sugar cookies?

You asked about easy TJs meals. Tonight we are doing my go-to easy meal: cauliflower gnocchi cooked in the air fryer (try 12 minutes at 370-ish degrees…), a cut up roasted chicken breast, some cut up buffalo mozz, and a couple spoons of pesto all mixed together into one big yummy happy food bowl. I will add cut up baby spinach and cut up cherry tomatoes to mine for a little extra veg, but Tom isn’t so much into either (I will also go a bit lighter on the pesto for my portion–and my leftovers–than his).

My other favorite meal these days that makes amazing meal prep:

–Take a package of the frozen sweet potato gnocchi and spread it out on a cookie sheet. Cut up (slices or quartered) a pint of the mini portabello mushrooms and also spread them on the cookie sheet. Cook ~12-15 minutes in an oven pre-heated to 425.
–While that’s cooking, take a lb package of sweet italian sausage (lower fat option: 1 lb ground chicken or lean turkey and brown it up mixed with spices and herbs typical in italian sausage). Right at the end of the meat browning AND right before you take the cookie sheet out of the oven, wilt in a couple of huge handfuls of baby spinach or organic baby kale.
–Mix the gnocchi & mushrooms in with the meat and kale or sausage. Sprinkle in and mix up some grated parmesan.

Voila! Full meal in a bowl with fiber, starchy carbs, leafy greens, protein, and some fat for good measure. Also holds well in the fridge for lunch time meal prep for the few days ahead of you. :) Might not look the prettiest, but it sure is yummy…

I hope that your long run was a good one!!!! :) :) :)


We’ve been loving cacio e pepe lately (basically pasta and LOTS of parm and pepper) – so great when you need to carb load with no fiber. And we also love martha stewart’s “one pot pasta” – everything cooks in the pot with the pasta and it somehow turns into a magical sauce.

And we just watched Jim and Pam’s wedding episodes this week (I somehow hadn’t seen those before) so those are my new favorite!

Have so much fun planning your 2.06!!


Oh, see now you’re speaking my language – the Office! Fun Run is definitely a favorite, along with Dinner Party and Benihana Christmas. If you’re ever looking for a light hearted podcast to pass the time, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey’s Office Ladies podcast is hilarious and brings back so many fun memories from the show.

Have a great day!


2 versions of “Greek” Pasta – hot with olive oil, garlic, feta, and spinach; or cold (pasta salad) with cucumbers, tomatoes, black olives, feta, tons of spinach and Greek salad dressing.

So far since allie is 6.5 and considers herself “mini mama” and zach is only 12 months, no fighting at all!! Ha ha I’m sure it will come … although me and my 2 siblings rarely fought (sister 2 years older and brother 5 years younger) and we still don’t! We’re all very logic driven (rather than emotion driven) and level headed (not quick to react) we avoid conflict.


Dinner Party for the Office. It never gets old! Also, if you haven’t tried the spinach and mozzarella stuffed ravioli from Costco, it’s a must!


That is Andrew’s favorite episode too…it makes us both feel so uncomfortable haha. Off to go buy that, sounds excellent. Thanks Tess, have a great day!


Worst thing you have eaten right before a run? – pizza. I’ve done that multiple times too as often I can only fit my run in in the evening. Always a bad idea….I need to learn.

Office fans… have a favorite episode? I can’t think of one off the top of my head but I do enjoy this program!

My favourite pasta recipe: I cook up usually seashell pasta, but gnocchi is also excellent for this. Sauté some bacon, mushrooms and garlic, add a jar or two of pesto, basil pesto or tomato pesto both are so delicious. I just alternate between them. Then add maybe 200-250ml heavy cream. Simmer for a few minutes to thicken. Then mix altogether. It is a family favourite.


For international marathons how about the one in Athens?! I also highly recommend London, Paris, Berlin but all are lottery and London is hard to get into. There is a really neat marathon that goes through three countries (Germany/Austria/Switzerland) it’s called the drei Lander. Also, the Munich marathon is a bit easier to get into than some. I think go to a place you want to visit and then look around. Amsterdam has a marathon and it’s easy to fly there from SLC.

Have fun planning!


Random but the IKEA high chair – amazing! You have to check out little accessories for it through this family company called “Yeah Baby Goods.” (Yes, Andrew, they have Halloween patterns coming soon, ha!)

Have a blessed day!


An international marathon would be so interesting to read about! Some beautiful marathons I’ve done that are not the usual popular ones that are difficult to get into:
* Angkor Wat – the Khmer Empire Marathon
* Chiang Mai –
* Cape Town –
* Sydney –
* Singapore –
They were all great but Angkor Wat probably the most impressive location. None are PR courses though!


Have you been listening to the Office Ladies podcast?! I love listening every week while I’m running! I’m a sucker for the Jim & Pam story so Casino Night is one of my favorites. I get nostalgic remembering how excited and surprised I was the first time I watched it ages ago!

This is one of my favorite pasta recipes. I use Costco pesto and add sautéed mushrooms, chicken and spinach. I double the sauce. It’s excellent and very quick!


Long time reader, rare commenter – had to chime in to agree whole-heartedly that The Injury is the best Office episode of all time. I probably watch it 6x/year. Thank you for giving it the spotlight it deserves :)!


I did The Great Wall Marathon. I highly recommend it both for the experience of going to China and also for the race itself. The friends I made on the trip are some of the most fun and loyal people I’ve ever met.

It’s hard. At the time I did it, it was ranked as the fifth hardest marathon in the world. While you won’t get a PR on this course, the experience of running such a unique international race is well worth it.

To this day, it’s still a highlight of my life and tied for my Number One Most Awesome Experience.


That flower necklace you are wearing brings me right back to grammar school. I remember making and wearing them all the time. I may just need to make myself a new one. =)


Berlin! Flat, fast, and you finish at the Brandenburg Gate. Definitely a PR course.

Or if you want a gorgeous trail race, look up the Jungfrau marathon. Andrew could take the train and see you in about 4 spots!


I love The Office! So many good episodes. I love Erin’s secret dislike of Holly. It’s subtle and funny!

I just saw a wonderful episode I forgot about — Murder! Sadly Scott’s Tots is two episodes later, and that’s quite the bummer episode. I dislike Threat Level Midnight. Snooze.

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