What I’m doing about my plateau:

(Shorts, shirt, vest ((still on a huge sale)), shoes)

51.5 miles for the week + one day with an hour on the Peloton, too.

IMG 8061

We threw a little speed into our Saturday morning with 5 x 1-minute fast with 1-minute recoveries.  The goal is to have a few weeks of short, fast work before I get back into marathon training again.  Marathon training always sucks out any quick, fast speed that I have in me, so I’m trying to get a bit of that back into me before Seville Marathon training begins.

14.39 miles @ 7:37 pace for the day.

IMG 8055

Soooooo… I feel like I have plateaued a little in life (humans need progression, or maybe this is a mid-life crisis?).  I have come up with a list of things I want to shake up in my life (let me know if you would like me to include my mom/wife/blog/community shakeup plans, too;), but I’m excited about my health shakeups.  I want to feel more energetic overall.  I’ve been feeling the need to give my body more of what it needs, and of course, I’m always looking to improve my running.  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, right;).  I can’t keep doing the same thing if I want different results.

To summarize the health/running changes I am making:

*One day a week of cross-training (I may have to skip this one during some of the high-mileage marathon training weeks, but for the rest, I want to stick to this).

*Short speed before I get into the long stuff.  I would much rather do a 10-mile tempo than fast 400s, but my body needs this to shake things up.

*My smoothie, in addition to my normal eats (including Core Power).  Call it a placebo, but I genuinely feel so much better already.  It took me feeling like I needed a nap daily at 1 pm and chugging caffeine like it was my day job to get myself to drink this green goop, but I’m hooked now because of how much better I already feel.  Also, I’m not chugging this… I’m sipping on it over a few hours.  I take it everywhere with me. It fills up two bottles and takes me a few hours to finish both (in addition to my regular meals).   Giving my body the time to absorb it all and constantly get that kick in nutrients gives me more energy.  I always get nervous when we experience less light this time of year, and I hope that bringing in more nutrients and Omega-3 will help me mentally and physically power through the winter.

My sister explained it to me like this… ‘You were trying to build your house with a few 2x4s, but now you are giving your body an overabundance of materials to build your house.’

*A gallon of water a day.  My sister explained this one to me like a waterslide… Imagine going down a water slide without enough water on the slide; it’s not fun.  Water is the transportation for all the vitamins I am giving my body now.

Thank you for letting me tell you about this because I’m on a bit of a high from the excitement of these changes in my life and the fact I already feel better.

Also, my sister and I are not dietitians… BUT I think the simplicity of drinking power greens all day versus Diet Coke is a pretty safe bet in improving my overall health and energy levels.

I try to leave nutrition to the experts, but I feel good enough about this to share it here, too;)

PS We have a Vitamix, and they are on sale at Costco right now! They do such a good job grinding up the chia seeds.

Back to the rest of our weekend….

We went out for a date.

My mom and aunt came over to eat with us on Sunday.

Bike rides…

Each day he is doing better and better!

And so much couch time.

Did you see this??


Ever feel like you are plateauing? How do you shake things up?

Tell me a highlight from your weekend!

If you could break any world record, which one would you?

Have a running goal for the week?

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Nice to see Andrew with a smile and feeling better! Also, cute sweater!


RIGHT?! I feel like things have turned around for him big time lately. Thank you, it will be a Friday favorite this week (and ps I’m wearing it again today haha). Have the best day, Cheryl! PS your last name always makes me crave an avocado!


When I see dietitian spelled correctly…!!!
Tell me more about the construction site that you ran through! hehe
I resumed small amounts of exercise this weekend after a few weeks off. This always makes me realize how great of shape I was in!! I have high hopes for another great running year in 2024. It’ll be about finding that 1% that makes me better. That sounds like what you are doing as well with smoothies and cross training. Thanks for sharing.


Don’t give me that much credit… spell check;). Bahaha not sure why I pulled my phone out there for a selfie but they are putting a new bridge in on the waterfall because of the huge avalanche last winter. Oh the 1%… I love searching for those and I can’t ait to see what you do next year with your racing.


I love shaking things up to make positive changes. And you have reminded me that it’s a good thing. I want to make a couple of improvements as well, might as well try now.
This weekend was a good one. I helped with one of the nonprofits I work with at an event. We had a bunch of pumpkins to smash for anyone who wanted to. The idea is smashing a pumpkin helps release stress. It was so fun and so satisfying to smash one. We had a good group of beers that came, and they had a great time too.
Have a great Monday!


Exactly. It isn’t a bad thing… it’s just a ‘how can I make my life even better thing’ and I can’t wait to hear what you do! Oh my goodness, I bet that was fun, I would love to try that. Sounds absolutely perfect. Thanks, Wendy! You too!


I felt like I was in a rut last year so I moved to Switzerland from the USA (of course, I got very lucky and found a job there:)). It has been an awesome change but I’m also a fan of smaller life changes too (for me it is lifting heavy weights 2x a week instead of just running/pilates). I also make a smoothie every morning! Glad you’re enjoying yours!


Okay, AMY! That is incredible. I am so happy you were able to find a job and move there. My best friend lives there and never wants to leave. You are making me want to start lifting heavy… where to even start?! Thanks friend, have a great day!


Yes, I do. Usually it tells me I am ready to mix something up………..sometimes simply to not feel like I am on a hamster wheel that is no longer working for me.
I also tend to shake up the foods I am eating.
Commit to tightening up a bad habit……..sounds like you are doing that with the diet soda.
Update my wardrobe.
Meet with an older wiser person for lunch and talk about life.


Hamster. Wheel. You always know how to explain perfectly how I feel. Off to update my wardrobe;). And what a beautiful idea to go to lunch with an older wiser person. I want to do that. Have a beautiful day, Erica!


LOVE all you are doing for your health, we could all use it this time of year right!?! I am going to join you on the smoothie train this week, after I make a run to Costco of course!

Would love to hear how you are shaking up the other parts of your life as well =D

I hope you have a wonderful Monday and that Andrew is feeling even better today.


YES!! I will put that together… just feeling like I need some fresh starts in things. Thanks Beth, have a great time at Costco:)


It seems like Andrew has really turned a corner, hurray for all of you!!!

And yay for sisters who encourage small healthy lifestyle changes. Those seem like awesome but doable things and how cool that you can feel the difference already. I do smoothies most mornings with power greens, frozen banana and blueberries and chocolate protein powder, so it tastes like a chocolate shake. And I need to check out the Vitamix sale at Costco! I’ve made over 1,000 smoothies with my Blendtec, and it’s finally showing its age.

Now I just need to join on your hydration train!


Yes! JOIN me in the gallon a day! Your smoothie sounds delicious… and that Blendtec brought you so much goodness. $100 off right now at Costco, I hope you can grab one. Have a beautiful day!


Just another lens to look at things through – what you’re experiencing might not exactly be a plateau. Some of it might be grief from losing your grandmother coupled with the stress of Andrew’s injury. I lost my grandfather and uncle within a couple months of each other in 2022 and it was a long time before I felt like my energetic self again. I think shaking things up and building new healthy habits are great, but also be gentle with yourself and give your mind and soul space to grieve and heal.


Wow. Heather. Thank you for this. This is all so true. I am so sorry about what you went through in 2022. I appreciate you taking the time to write this to me, it means a lot.


Wait, did I miss you saying what’s in the smoothie?! Love your content :)


Hey! Right now I’m doing .5 lb super greens, 1/2 cup chia seeds, a frozen and frozen berries plus enough water to make it drinkable!


I would definitely be interested to hear how you’re shaking things up in other areas of your life as well! I’ll bet other people would like to hear about it as well.
Glad to hear the smoothies are making you feel so incredible! I feel like this is kind of obvious, but your sister is a rockstar.


Please tell me how I can receive your posts without having to click on a link that takes me to another page. I used to be able to read the post in the email. Thank you so much! -Anne


Hey Anne! I am SO sorry about that… The company I used to use for this no longer exists and I’ve been trying to figure out a new one. Thank you for reaching out and I Hope you have a beautiful day!

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