The bigger the better

After I teach spin the only thing that sounds good to me for dinner is a huge salad.  That it was.  Pretty sure I put every vegetable possible onto this huge plate along with tuna and some Halloween candy on the side.  I am full and my bed is calling my name.


My Spin Playlist:

Break it off, Rhiana:  Warm-up/jumps/stretch

Double Vision, 3oh!: 15 seconds isolation/ 15 second sprint repeat (out of saddle)

Raise your glass,Pink: Crank up the tension for chorus and run hard out of the saddle.

Papercut, Linkin Park: 10 seconds arrow/10 seconds sprint in the saddle

Check it out,  Niki Minaj: Jumps

Hard, Rhiana: Hill climb in the saddle

Show Me the Money, Petey PabloStep Up Soundtrack: Hill climb out of the saddle

Take it Off, Keisha: Fast, faster, fastest sprints

Starstruck, Gaga:  Figure 8 and super man

DJ Got Us Falling in Love, Usher: One leg at a time, increase tension every 30 seconds

Club Can’t handle me, Flo Rida:  Squats off the bike

Dance, Dance, Fall out Boy:  High tension isolations

Only Girl, Rhiana:Combination of everything we have done in class

Uprising, Muse:  Hill climb

In My Life, Nelly:  Cool-down and out the door.

Any good song recommendations to work-out too?


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I just read through this whole play list as if i was there. Sad…I missed you all freaking night. I'm sure the class was amazing.


Ok I really do love this! p.s. I need to know when you teach. When are your classes???
Here are a few songs I like:
Hey Baby- Pitbull
Like a G6-Far East Movement
One in a Million-Ne-Yo
Bunz -New Boyz
No Stress- Laurent Wolf
Rock that Body- Black Eyed Peas
It Takes Two- Rob Base
Let Me Think About It- Ida Corr
Boom I Got Your Boyfriend- M.C. Luscious

Happy Working Out!! :)


hey girlie!!
after I spin I am always craaaaving a huge cold salad beast! looks delicious!
my favorite spin songs=Let it rock, Kevin Rudolf. Right Round, Flo Rida. Maneater,Nelly Furtado. Shake It, metro station.
Love your playlist, I bet I'd really enjoy your spin class!!
I hope you have a great thursday!


I am loving that salad. I don't always do the best job of making salads like that at home! I rely way too much on California Pizza Kitchen for that kind of a masterpiece!


I love going to your spin class! Never fails to kick my butt. Thanks for tellin us about your blog. :)


I love love love CPK salads!


Megan I missed you so much in spin! It was so fun to have you in class Kelly, you are so hardcore.

Thanks Jamyn for the songs I just downloaded them thank you!

Thanks Lizzy for the songs and I love that you understand my crazy huge salads!


Ridin Solo–Jayson Derulo!!

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