Silentish Saturday!

(Pants, shirt, sunglasses)

8.5 @ 8:17 pace and holding onto the last little bit of pretty leaves…

We solved many of life’s problems over the miles.

Day #2 of drinking more vegetables in a day than I probably ate in a week and zero soda.

Smoothie cheers with my sister’s smoothie while she was there getting quotes for different projects.

He is working from home now.

I stopped to get the noodles that my kids are obsessed with… you have to try the squiggly noodles.

And I stared at Christmas decorations at Gatehouse.

The afternoon with my in-laws!

BYU Creamery.

Seeing him out and about in the world feels so good.

Time to get out with the girls and hang out for a few hours in freezing temperatures—> completely normal behavior?



Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Does the smoothie taste good? Honestly. It doesn’t look appealing, does it?


I mean, they aren’t jamba juice haha but they aren’t bad either. I love it most with berries and a banana! But at this point I already feel so much better so I don’t care too much about the taste ha. Hope your weekend is a beautiful one, Mary!


Would you mind sharing where your dining table chairs are from? They look great and I’m searching for some myself!


Hello Shannon! We adore them and they are on sale right now:). I hope you love them too!


Went for a run, finished reading the last book (sob) in the Dory Fantasmagory series with my daughter, and later cousins are coming over.


Oh no… it’s over! I hope you find another series you love just as much. Have a blast with cousins! Thanks Alyssa!


I’ll be interested to hear how the smoothies help. I have been thinking about incorporating them in the mornings. I have a hill workout today, then lunch with mom and grandma to plan Thanksgiving. Can’t believe it’s already that time!


Libbie, I already feel so good. Maybe it’s cutting out soda but most likely it’s because I’m giving my body what it needs to build itself up again. I’m a big fan already! Good luck with the hill workout and have a great time at lunch. That sounds SO fun!


8 mile run and breakfast with friends! Now I’m baking peanut butter brownies from magnolia table for a friend’s night tonight. Have a good weekend!


I WANT PB BROWNIES! Tell me what you think of them so I can copy you. Enjoy!


Can you tell me how you make your smoothie again? Also, what blender do you use? I’m trying to find one that easy to clean and use. We have a Tropical Smoothie here in Florida and I love the Island Green. I just need a blender that’s easy, quick, not loud. Lol.


Edit: a blender thats NOT loud!

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