That awkward moment you realize you’re a 25er

(Bra ((love a little reflection)), shorts)

A 30-minute Peloton ride, and then a hike with my sister.


My neighbor brought fresh homemade sourdough bread, and I have a business idea… Our area has multiple cookie stores (i.e. crumbl) that make it easy for you to buy cookies to be delivered to someone who needs a pick-me-up, congratulations, condolences, etc.

WHY are there no stores that deliver someone hot homemade bread? Nothing cheers up the soul more than bread.

Andrew is now blaming this injury on me. A few hours before the break, I was whining about him having to go to work. I told him I wish we were just a retired couple that spent 24/7 together… I got what I wanted (minus the retirement part;), and now Andrew thinks I’m the one to blame.

I had an awkward moment yesterday. I was getting a bunch of things around the house done when I realized that my workload around the house/animals/kids has increased 75% (eh, 80%) now that Andrew can’t do anything. This means I was doing only 25% (20%) of it all before. Sorry, Andrew. I’ll pick up some more slack around here.

 He did feel a bit better yesterday, so that felt huge.  He gets a boot on Monday!

The girls raked up leaves with the neighbor’s cat that comes over to follow them around daily.

I put Brooke in charge to take Skye to get some pants. She grew out of all of hers in record timing, and it is going to get cold here fast, so she needs pants ASAP. I’m not a huge credit card person, but I love the Gap Card. The card brought the purchase to be 50% off, and then I had a lot of rewards, which made a few outfits and shoes for Beck and Skye crazy cheap.

I think today might have to be a run day. My body and soul are craving it.

I’m so ready to be done with Halloween music haha.  


Do you have any credit cards that you love for the rewards?

Who has a Halloween race this year?  Are you dressing up for it?

Who has a cat?  My girls are dying to have one, but Beretta is not a fan.

What’s your run today, and is it long-sleeve weather yet where you are at?

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You already know that I’m on board with your hot sourdough idea! I love letting my family and friends experience pulling a hot loaf of sourdough from their oven for a special dinner addition.
No cats in this house. I am literally and physically scarred from cats since the age of 3. One word: brothers.
We have an orange neighborhood cat that will try to get close to me no matter which tall pillar I stand on to put distance between us. Oddly telling it “go home little kitty!” makes it get closer to me.


I need to be your neighbor! Seriously, nothing tastes better. Wait, now I need to know what your brothers did. Hahah that kitty needs to learn your boundaries. Hope you have a wonderful day, Molly!


I grew up as a dog person, but I live in a city apartment now and became a cat person as a result. Cats are amazing! They each have their own quirky personalities and they bond to their people and are very loving (contrary to popular opinion).

If you’re considering a cat, I highly recommend getting an adult cat (8 months or older) because it’s easier to tell what their personalities are like, and you’ll need one that’s good with kids and assertive enough to handle a dog. Plus, kittens get adopted more easily, so it’s nice to pick an animal who might not otherwise get a chance to have a family.


I love that you became a cat person. My girls are making me become more of a cat person too. THANK YOU for the tips. I don’t know how much longer Beretta has so I think we will for sure get one once we have to say goodbye to Beretta. I will definitely get an adult cat now that I’m reading this. Have a beautiful day, Emily!


We have a 7 month old golden doodle puppy and a 5 month old kitten! It’s crazy in my house 🤣

I’m running a Halloween half this Saturday and I’m wearing a skeleton tank, candy corn shorts, and Jack o lantern socks all from ‘gone for a run’.


Can I send my kids over? They would be in heaven at your house! Oh you are going to look so cute, I need to see a picture after. Have the best time, Erin!


We have 2 cats, brothers, and they’re awesome. They’re not crazy about the puppy yet, and she wants so badly to play with them. And so sweet that the neighbor’s cat follows the girls around.
So happy to hear that Andrew had a better day. One day at a time.
I love fall, and seeing your pictures makes me happy. It has been light long sleeve weather here in the mornings, and I love it! Still running in shorts, but it’s nice to through on the light long sleeves.
If you do go out for a run, I hope it feels amazing.
Have a great day Janae.


I didn’t know that your cats were brothers! Thank you, Wendy! I am hoping when he wakes up today he is even better. Have a wonderful Thursday, Wendy!


I’m so glad to hear Andrew is feeling a little better today, and you have your husband home with you all the time now :) I really need to get my older son new pants, too, but he’s thin with long legs and it has been impossible to find ones that fit. If any of your readers have suggestions for slim fit boy pants, I’m all ears. He takes a 3t waist, and a 5t length. I think I’m going to have to become a seamstress!

If you do run, I hope you enjoy!


I got my wish but I should have been a bit more specific with what I wanted;) You might need to… oh that is tricky! I’ll ask my friends. Thanks Stacey, I hope your day with the boy and/or at work is fabulous!


I read this sentence, “I put Brooke in charge to take Skye to get some pants.” and thought Brooke was the one who took Skye shopping!! I think you’re still a few years from that, but it will be here before you know it.

We use our Hawaiian Airlines card for everything. I have flown free so many times with Les’ company paying for his trips.

5 mile walk today. It was 58 and I wore long sleeves… this native Californian considers that chilly!


Bahaha I mean she is responsible enough that she probably could have gotten them on the bus to the mall;) Oh I bet you have gotten so many free flights, that is awesome. Sounds like a perfect California fall day! Enjoy, Kathy!


Hi Janae!

Two questions for you! I know you’ve been super busy… but I reached out a few weeks ago for advice or sharing more of your story with your eating disorder recovery. You had said you’d email but unless it went to spam I haven’t gotten anything.. but no worries at all if now’s not a good time, I know you’ve got a lot on your plate! Just in need of some encouragement :)

The second thing, where do you get your cute dainty necklaces? I see them in just about all of your photos and think they are so cute! Are they sweatproof/do they wear well? Let me know!

Hope you’re having a great day!


SYDNEY! I apologize big time. I meant to get back to you and then life went crazy. Writing to you right after I submit here. YES, I love cute necklaces and the ones I wear daily (in the shower and on the run and they stay looking new) are from here:

Hope you have a beautiful day


So glad Andrew is feeling better, and hope that first run back felt great!

Lest I go all points for travel nerd on you, you must check out
Three momma, one is an Utah momma like you! I’ve been following for almost two years and it has changed our travel lives – when we I ran Berlin last year, all flights and hotels were on points. If nothing else, great trip inspo ;)

Have a great day, and I bet you do way more than 25% ;)


I hope you get to enjoy a run today!

I use my Costco Citibank card for all the things and I love that I get money back on it.

Much to my husband’s chagrin, we currently have 2 cats living with us. I rescued one of them from my school when he was super tiny and my husband did not want to keep him. My daughter is getting married next year and is planning to take him with her.

I strained my quad last Friday and I’ve only ran 30 min since then (with a little pain) so I’m going to try and run something between 3 and 5 miles with my team today. Praying for no pain! I have a marathon in 23 days and it’s downhill so I really need my quad working by then!


running…might be a good idea. being on the other side of a race, as organizer, my hair has all turned grey, I’m sure it’ll all fall out by Sunday, and I have never been more nervous in my life…..a run would feel good..


I love that you love hanging out with your husband. Makes my heart warm.
I use a delta American Express because I like to travel. I’m in Bali right now! ❤️❤️❤️

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