Stressed out of my brain but I’ve got this.

IMG 7207

(Crop, shorts… both are the softest material on the planet)

Everyone was still asleep, so I figured I would jump on the bike for a sweat.  Running has always been my #1 way to relieve stress, but there hasn’t been time for that, and I wanted to give my body a break from it anyway.  It’s been 2.5 weeks since St. George and 1.5 weeks since Budapest!  I have no idea when I’ll run again, but I’ll play it by ear.  

Andrew’s injury has taken me to the next level of stress. 

Between being up with him throughout the night (every time he moves, I wake up panicked) and trying to make him somewhat comfortable while taking care of the kids… it feels like a lot.  It really is so weird because I know Andrew is going to be okay, and we are beyond blessed with our circumstances, BUT seeing him in so much pain all of the time has me feeling like I’m going to explode.  This month has been filled with so much distress and eustress (look at my Health teaching days coming back;)

The days feel so busy, and sometimes I don’t even process how I’m feeling until I sit down to write a blog post.… thank you for letting me release a bit to you guys.

Okay, back to less heavy talk.  Alex is now officially my favorite Peloton instructor.  He motivates and plays the best music with less talking while giving you a hard workout.

IMG 7205

My brother-in-law brought Andrew a scooter.  Andrew can be up for about 60 seconds before the pain sets in hard for him, but maybe by next week, he can be on this scooter more.   They say the first two days after surgery are the worst, so I hope today will be much better.  Also, the ER doctors couldn’t believe how quickly he metabolizes medication, so it’s been tricky sticking to the safe timing while knowing he will be in so much pain before he can take more.

Thankfully, Andrew’s work is being too kind to us.  They’ve told him they will have all of his shifts covered until he is ready to return.

IMG 7200

So much amazing food from friends.  We forgot how much we love mango sticky rice!

IMG 7193

I’ve been trying to load Andrew up with food to help him recover—> Superhero Muffins are back in our lives.

IMG 7184

He could live off of this acai bowl from Bowls Superfood.

Somehow, Beck could smell it from the other room and wanted in on the goodness…

It’s amazing what fresh air does for our brains.  

IMG 7187

We had a friend over with Andrew while we saw my niece and nephew run at state.  Their races were back-to-back, which felt too lucky so we could be at both and then home fast.

The girls were so happy to get out and see other humans.

They both did amazing! Their drive as high schoolers is so inspiring to me.

Skye was all about running back and forth and seeing everyone multiple times.

And I was pretty happy to chat with Anna Bennett and Whittni Morgan, both pro runners for Adidas.

Other than running, how do you cope with stress?

Peloton users… who is your favorite instructor currently?

Give me tips on foods/meals to make Andrew to help him speed up his recovery?


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My favorite instructor these days is Sam Yo. I really like his calm vibes.


I haven’t tried any of his classes, I will now. Thanks Allison and I hope you have a great day.


I think my hubby can relate to you. I had bilateral carpal tunnel surgery yesterday. Luckily we are empty nesters so he just have to care for me and our dog. I will get out for easy walks today to get fresh air and exercise. I hope next two weeks go by fast so I can run again. Running or hiking help me control my stress. I will need to be satisfied with walks.


Heidi. I am SO so sorry. Oh I am sending so much love to you. I hate that you guys are going through this. Keep me updated. I hope you have less pain today. Thanks friend.


alex is the best. i use him for running and strength and that voice. I’m always inspired by selena too


THE VOICE! I would love to try one of his running classes. Hope you have a beautiful day and I’ll try out Selena soon. Thanks Therese!


I broke my tibia a month ago, non-surgical. I eat more protein now to help with healing. I would prefer Froot Loops honestly. Sugar makes my pain worse. My pain level at my break is minimal, but the rest of my body hurts from improper use. Hang in there; you’re much stronger than you realize.


Oh Kathy. I am SO so sorry. Uggggg please keep me updated with how you are doing. I haven’t let Andrew eat sugar or soda because everything is already so inflamed, I don’t want to make it worse. Wish you could come over and I could take care of you too. Thanks friend, that means a lot. Get better asap.


Ah thinking of you guys. Lots of sleep helps. Mm I add turmeric to everything as that is an anti inflammatory so not sure how helpful that is lolbut its good for you

Other than running I have found that biking to work on the days I am in office helped.

Also salt baths.

Dont forget to take some time for you too!


Ohhhhh I am making him soup today so I could add that. Thank you! Sadly, I cannot get him to sleep. Thank you for the help Kristine, I hope you have a beautiful day!


Magnesium glycinate for Andrew’s sleep and healing, Janae! Pick it up at CVS, grocery store, etc. Have him take it about 1 hr before bedtime. There are no drug interactions with it and the other meds I am sure Andrew was prescribed.

He’s also probably metabolizing his opioids faster because of his CYPs (he knows all about this from nursing school haha). You can bridge with ibuprofen until he can take the next dose of opioid pain relievers. It should give him a little more coverage in between doses.

Signed, your friendly neighborhood pharmacologist :)


Honestly, nothing comes close to helping my stress like running does, which is why I really struggle when I have injuries to heal from and just overall csnt put as many miles in my body as my brain would like me to. Hiking is a close second but unfortunately live somewhere with no mountains and minimal hiking at all. It’s hard! Hang in there!! One day at a time.


I’m so sorry to hear about Andrew and the pain he is in, as well as how it has affected your whole family. I hear what you are saying re eustress but it doesn’t make it any easier.

I’ve been trying to pause mid day for 5 big breaths (exhale longer than inhale). And if I remember, I take a full 5 minutes at some point during the day, usually at the beg or end of the day, to follow an app with box breathing (4 in, 4 hold, 4 out, 4 hold). This has helped me!

Oh, yes, I love Alex as well!!

I read this beautiful book recently called Nourish and it’s all about the connection and intention with food (not really the food itself) so I know whatever you make Andrew will nourish him and be healing. But I do love food and to cook so I’d love to share our favourite ingredients to add to a smoothie when we are under the weather and need an extra healing boost. We get fresh turmeric, a small bit of black pepper to help activate the turmeric, ginger, frozen cauliflower, spinach/kale, hemp hearts, and whatever else sounds good like banana, berries, milk etc. I like to add collagen powder to my smoothies as well. I’m not sure if this would be helpful for a broken bone.

I hope you have lots of people to lean on and Andrew has a swift recovery!


So hard to help someone with pain like that. But he is in the road to recovery, so that’s good. Hopefully today is better. And like someone else said, don’t forget to take care of you. Peloton meditation is fantastic.
Don’t forget about Shalane’s recovery quinoa salad! So good and packed with good stuff.
While I wasn’t running much during August and September, I did a ton of HIIT cardio with Callie. I love her workouts. I also love her strength workouts.
Keeping you all in my thoughts!!


Other than running…right? That’s the way so many of us cope on here. It’s 100% my main destressor. Heavy lifting can help me sometimes. Cooking and baking too. AND—straight up taking a minute to veg out. Or playing a silly card game with my kids. Ultimately, you just have to go through it through. And honestly that helps me the most—accepting that it’s going to be rough for a while. My best friend and I have a hashtag we started using for this year because it seems like chaos is never ending. Whenever we update each other we end with #2023yall. And it always makes it seem a little lighter and like we’re less alone in all of this. Because this year has been…a lot. Praying you can get through it all and sending healing vibes to Andrew. Lean meats, greens, nuts and lots of water!! I did some research when I fell earlier this year and was sidelined with stitches. ;-)


Just thinking about the amount of pain Andrew is in makes me shudder… I find social activities to be great for relieving stress, meeting up with girlfriends for a good chat (preferably in combination with good food) works wonders.
And always remember: things will get better. And when they do you will all look back on this and say: ‘remember when Andrew broke his tibia?! How crazy of a time was that?! But we made it through!’


Oh Janae,

Prayers for you all. My husband had an accident 5 years ago and was in a wheelchair for 3 months. He shattered his pelvis and shoulder. It is so hard to watch our strong husbands in pain and It felt like it would be forever. Looking back, we became so close in that time. We had to slow down and we were able to spend more time together. We also built more trust as we ranch, and I had to do so many things on my own, and he had to trust I could get it done. The time feels like its crawling, but soon he will be back at work and you’ll look back and be so proud of yourself for getting through. Hugs….you are stronger than you think.


My hubby metabolizes meds quickly also. I had to take him to urgent care for a migraine once. They gave him morphine and told me to drive him straight home via the fastest route possible because if it took effect before I got him home, I wouldn’t be able to get him in the house. Not only did I get him home, he never even got sleepy. It took the bite off of his headache but functioned all night long. Weird!


Alex is my favorite instructor too! I just got a peloton and I don’t want to even try any other instructors because he is so amazing. Sending y’all well wishes for Andrew’s recovery – it sounds like a really stressful time. He is lucky to have you!!!


My favorite instructor is Becs! But when she was on maternity leave I took a lot of Susie Chan and Matt Wilpers classes and I love them, too <3

I'm so sorry Andrew is in pain! My husband ruptured all his ligaments in his ankle this summer and just had surgery 6 weeks ago. I understand the stress of having a spouse down (and being the only driving parent which is SO hard with kids and activities). My husband used a lot of red light during his recovery (one of these panels )! At his recent recheck his doctor was shocked at how far ahead of schedule his recovery was. I hope Andrew is feeling better soon!!


I think it feels like a lot because it IS a lot. Hang in there! I think each week will get easier and easier. My mom had ankle/foot surgery earlier this year and was pretty out of commission for over a month (and in a lot of pain). But ever since then she has been exponentially better every time I see her. I hope Andrew feels better soon and don’t forget to ask for help from your fam/friends to help you get through it too.


oh man, those first few days after surgery are so rough. And getting the pain medication right is so stressful. When I’m feeling so overwhelmed I know just stopping to take 5 deep breaths can help a ton. Sending my calmest thoughts your way!


Thinking positive thoughts for you, Andrew, and the kids! As a retired nurse whose hubby was in a motorcycle accident and shattered his scapula, I understand what you are going through as a caregiver! I also can’t emphasize enough for Andrew to be taking Colase and Miralax while taking pain medications. Mix a capful of Miralax in his morning coffee-it helps it go down easier! Nothing makes a guy more grumpy than constipation, which is a side effect of narcotics. Also, if you have access from the orthopedic surgeon for an ice machine, those are a lifesaver for the swelling. Best wishes and keep running…hopefully I will see you in Boston 2024!


Janae, I so feel for you! My husband has an injury right now (no surgery thank goodness) and can’t play basketball. I can’t believe how much his mental health takes a hit when he can’t get that energy out, and how much it effects me! So, I hope that Andrew heals quickly and your stress can also be relieved. I had an ankle surgery back in 2017 with a wrist surgery 6 weeks later (it was my choice to do it that close together because insurance deductibles, but it was crazy) – I will say that the ankle surgery healed SO MUCH faster than the wrist one – I don’t know why, but I feel like the ankle/foot/leg just WANTS to walk. All the fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. Also, mango smoothies from kneaders was my go-to!


Janae-hugs yo you!
The thing that helps me is routine. I know that will be difficult in this situation, but maybe even little routines to help.


This is bringing back memories of when my husband had bunion surgery. While it was at least planned, very similar situation as he is crazy active and also has super high metabolism. The nerve blocks that were supposed to last 36 hours for him only lasted 8…so it was very tricky those first few days with pain and meds. I’m so sorry…but I agree that after the first few days, his pain SIGNIFICANTLY improved and hopefully you guys will have the same experience. I had to drive him everywhere and do all the things for weeks and it’s a lot. So take care of yourself first so you can take keep taking care of everyone else!


Wow you are truly taking on so much. Take care of the caregiver too!!
From previous personal injuries and watching my friends and students battle their own breaks, surgeries, etc. I would recommend fueling with good caloric dense foods that are tolerable. You need more calories to heal. When you are in pain it is harder to eat full meals so big snacks or super smoothies are good. Fractures need protein, calcium, minerals, etc. Wicked fun smoothies, milkshakes, muffins with nuts and dried fruits, soups with beans/lentils/veg (minestrones), trail mixes with a creative content (e.g. pretzels, chocolate chips, dried fruits, different nuts, goldfish crackers, sesame snacks, yogurt covered treats, candies, dry cereal, etc.).

You keep rocking and make sure to get some exercise and outdoor time for you daily!!


So sorry for Andrew’s injury! Praying for a smooth and speedy recovery. Running is definitely a stress reliever for me too, I probably would not be as nice of a person if I didn’t get to run most mornings! Reading also helps me with stress and allows me to focus on something else. Also a gratitude journal, you can right it down or say 5 things you are thankful for every morning. It helps you start the day positive and grateful.


Wishing you patience and wishing Andrew speedy healing! I don’t think I would be a very good nurse! I don’t really have that nurturing vibe – I do have it somewhat for my kids but that is it! Luckily my (and your) husbands are into health and fitness, and they will do what they need to recover.
Peloton instructors – I love this topic. We splurged and have both bike and tread. I like different instructors depending on the workout. For bike, I love Jenn – her music is the best and her low impact rides are sneaky effective. Leanne is so happy and positive. Tread – I love Alex, Andy, Matty. For strength – Callie, Andy, Matty, Ben. HAHA It sounds like all of them but these are really my favorites! I think you would love Callie!
My husband will only ever ride with Olivia or Emma. His “girls”
***My absolute favorite run is Olivia’s Red (Taylors Version) run! I do it outside ALL THE TIME – it would be a great recovery run!***


I love Alex! A 20 min beginner ride was the first peloton class I ever took.

I am getting updated on the current situation! My heart goes out to you and much healing powers to Andrew.


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