Friday Favorites!

(Hat, top, shorts, socks, shoes, bra, and I have to share Emilee’s top because it is perfect)

My first run back!  I almost chickened out because it was raining and cold, but I am so thankful I went with Emilee.  I came home feeling like a new human.

Running helps everything.

IMG 7331

The kids had parent-teacher meetings, and Andrew was convinced he needed to be there… he made it 15 minutes before I drove him home, and he Facetimed in for the others.  His face went white as a ghost sitting in the chairs at the school.


We made sure to stop by the book fair too.

This was indeed the only proper way for me to end the day I had with the kids;) 

Just a few Friday Favorites today:

*This crossbody bag.  I fell for it because it felt a bit fancier than a fanny pack, and I love that there are two separate areas for storage (including slots for your cards).  It’s a hit in my book.  Also, the lululemon define jacket will always be a favorite for errands and running.

IMG 7295

*Before we found out we were going to Spain, I decided I wanted to learn Spanish after hearing Andrew speak it often with our friends while in Hungary.  I took a few years of Spanish in high school (so I know the basics), and Andrew used to be a Spanish teacher, so I feel like I have a head start on this goal.  I’m also using the Duolingo app daily, which is so much fun.  I might even be hooked on it…. And I know what you are thinking, ‘Maybe I should learn English a bit better before I try to learn this,’ but I’m really happy about this new goal.

*We have been loving the Boris Becker documentary on Apple TV.

*The Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbook.  I’ve had this cookbook for years, and it is my most used cookbook.  I’ve always used it to help with recipes for my running, but now I’m using it to put together meals that will help Andrew recover.  I want every nutrient and calorie to fight hard for his leg to heal properly.

*I want to take a moment and thank Core Power for helping me get through training and racing in some amazing places this year.  Refueling after a workout is key for me in staying injury-free and running well, and Core Power makes it so delicious and easy to get something in right after a sweat.  26g or 42g of high-quality protein that tastes just like a milkshake, yes please.  I’m not sure what I did before Core Power, and I don’t want to ever go without it again.

Get yours here!



Have any favorite things from this week?

At what temperature do you whip the gloves out?

-Anything under 50F

Is anyone else trying to learn another language currently?

#1 ice cream flavor, in your opinion?

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I was going to use Core Power for my lunches this week, but I can’t open them by myself and I forget to have hubby open them before he leaves for work.
Gloves are worn a once temps get into low 50s. I rather wear them and have to ale off then not have them with. Raynaud’s is terrible disease. I also dig out wool socks at that temp.


Oh, Heidi. I wish I was there to help, do you have any coworkers that could help? I can’t imagine how hard that must be. You are so strong and I hope your wool socks help a lot this winter!


I’m also using Duolingo to learn Spanish for when we go to Argentina, and it’s pretty awesome for being free! You’re gonna love it.

Ice cream flavor – cookies and cream

Gloves depends on the elevation but usually 45 and under.


Argentina… oh, I want to come with you! So happy to hear that you are loving Duolingo. Hope you get some cookies and cream asap. Have a beautiful day, Caitlin!


I use duolingo for Spanish too! I’m on day 774. Definitely want to travel somewhere I can use it soon.


774… you are goals! I think you need to plan a trip somewhere you can use it asap. That is so great, Mariah!


I tell myself that I do not like to run in the rain. And then I run in the rain and love it. So cleansing! It’s extra sweet when I come back from a rainy run and find a towel at the door from my husband.
I love Skye’s teacher conference sweater!
Taking Spanish linguistics in college made me learn English grammar better. Blessing and curse since I notice English superlative and subjunctive errors more often now.
That minestrone recipe might be my favorite of that cookbook!
I’m off to listen to 1989 on repeat and drive to Indy. Wahoo!
Have a great weekend!


It really is, as long as it isn’t too cold… it’s the best. Haha Andrew called her outfit yesterday a Janae Outfit. HOW DO YOU READ MY BLOG? Thank you for not giving up on me. I cannot wait to start listening, all of my friends are texting about it. Hope you have a great weekend too (and that you have it off)!


I have the Run Fast Eat Slow and the Rise and Run cookbooks and I love them both.

I’ve always wanted to learn another language. My husbands family are from Croatia and we’re planning to go next year. I would love to learn their language (his parents speak it) before we go…or at least a few key phrases :)

Have a great weekend


Seriously, you can’t go wrong with any of Shalane’s recipes! Oh Deidre, that will be the most incredible trip. Good luck with learning as much as you can in the next year, I wonder if Dualingo offers Croatian? It really is so fun. Thanks friend, you too!


HI! Do you find the lulu jacket runs large or small? I see that they only have a 4 in stock and I usually wear a 6 or 8!


Hmmm that one is tricky because I wear a 6 in it and I don’t know if I could go down a size in it… they have a great return policy though in case you want to just try it? But I feel like it is pretty on the dot with sizing. Hope you have a beautiful day, Carolyn!


Les has been home this entire week and that’s my favorite! He has 2 more business trips and will be gone a few days for each. Then we travel together for Thanksgiving!

I might pull gloves out if it’s in the 40s but they only stay on for the first mile.

Peppermint is also my favorite ice cream! I’ll be making my own as soon as we finish our current batch of Fall flavors (


That makes me so happy, Kathy! Enjoy every second before he is gone again. You have the best recipes, can’t wait to check these ones out. Have a beautiful day, Kathy!


Aaahhh… That 1st run back! I just got back from running with my friend too. It’s been o er 2 months and we both have missed our Friday morning runs chats sooo much! We definitely are not going to let that long of a break happen again.
Oh how I loved the book fairs at school! Just so fun.
Yep! That cookbook is the best! So much good stuff.
I need a cross body bag, and that one is super cute.
My favorite thing this week has definitely been the cool mornings!
Have a great Friday!


Oh poor Andrew, that’s sweet he thought he could do the conferences… this initial period is so rough! I was thinking the Run Fast Eat Slow recipes would be great for his healing, you are awesome for cooking amidst your 1,000 other chores right now (I’m totally a fellow 25%’er and need to step up my game!!) I also listened to a podcast this morning about fueling during injury that might help – it’s the Fuel for the Sole Episode 2 (with the Believe in the Run team and Meghan Featherstun, graham cracker queen). Andrew is going to be so strong just in time for mountain bike season to start up!!

And so fun that you’re doing Duolingo. I have done the French duolingo before each of our trips there and I feel like it adds so much excitement to the trip. I was joking that I really only learned to say things that don’t really make any sense (“The cat has a car”, “the cat wears pants” – French cats seem very advanced) until one day we went into a bakery on a bike ride and there were cookies shaped like cats. I’ve never been so proud to place my order!

So glad you got in a run, hang in there!


I ran 5 miles pain-free yesterday and I am pumped! I’m attempting a long run this weekend but I will plan loops so that I can cut back or stop at any point.

I’m not really discriminatory when it comes to ice cream, but I have a soft spot for rocky road.


Duolingo is great! I also highly recommend the Coffee Break Spanish podcast if you already know the basics. I used to be pretty fluent in Spanish & haven’t really used it much in years. My family recently went to Costa Rica and I used both platforms as a refresher and they really helped.


Ditto on the glove temp. I can rock shorts and a tank top well into the low 40’s, but my hands don’t make it below 50. (I actually wear shorts all year!)

We got back monday from a week in Chicago and I loved running there but was thrilled to hear about high 70’s for the week in Tennessee! I am not ready for the cold that is coming. I need warm weather! Chicago was fun, and running on the lake was beautiful, but my heart is in the mountains & the heat!

I am really not usually an ice cream fan but lately I reach for it more often. But I am a snob about it……….we have an incredible local place called Clumpie’s and I will buy their ice cream in to go pints. At the store I love Bluebell’s cookie two step…………basically cookie dough & cookies and cream together. Is Bluebell out in Utah? it’s a Texas company, so not sure.

speedy recovery to Andrew, and I am sure he will be happy for all the yummers recipes you make!


Love that bag!! Do you think it would be good for travel? I recently decided to fly across the country in March to run the LA Marathon (it’s been a minute since I’ve traveled AND this is my first full marathon in a long time) so I’m researching all of the fun new things I can buy for the trip even if I don’t really NEED them. :) I love to combine traveling and running!


Hey Jess! ABSOLUTELY! I bought it to take to Budapest but it arrived one day too late but I wear it EVERYWHERE. I am so excited for you to run LA, keep me posted with your training. I agree fully with you, that is the best thing ever… running + travel. Happy weekend!

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