Weekend Happenings + This Week’s Training Logs

I hit a pregnancy mile record on Saturday so I sat in the grass for a bit afterwards to soak in the accomplishment!

I did a warm-up and then went to the track after being inspired by Sam’s IG about her crazy fast mile that morning.  I thought I would start off with some shorter intervals first so I did a 200m, 400m and then as I was doing what I thought would be an 800m interval I just decided to keep going and do the mile then because I felt better and better with each minute.   It reminded me that my body just prefers the longer distances because my first lap was at a 7:30 average and worked down from there.  The mile felt better than my 400m interval!

Put me on a hill and my heart rate skyrockets but my body was happy with doing this!

I reset all of the records on my watch for pregnancy to celebrate any pregnancy accomplishments along the way.  I highly recommend resetting your watch with each training cycle or new season of life so you get excited for accomplishing something new in the chapter you are in.

IMG 5964

We then drove up to Layton to spend time with my in-laws.  Snickers Ice Cream Bars are a Baron favorite.

IMG 6015

We also had a bbq and the burger with pepper jack cheese hit the spot.

IMG 6011

Sunday morning we woke up needing some breakfast burritos and then…

IMG 6043

Some yoga for the first time in forever.  Both of us needed stretching out big time.  Every time I finish up yoga I wonder why I don’t do it all of the time.  My body feels so much better afterwards.

IMG 6034

We also spent some time outside.

IMG 6053

IMG 6063

We have more family in town now!  My brother that ran his first marathon last year is here with his family for a few weeks and I am very thrilled about this.  My sister had everyone over for dinner and made my mom’s lasagna!

IMG 6068

She also used the Sam’s Club pizza dough (it comes frozen in the shape of a pizza now) to make garlic bread sticks that were so good.

IMG 6067

Skye was not thrilled that I was holding another baby and insisted that my niece hold her like a baby too.

IMG 6069


Here is how Andrew’s training went this week!  It’s kind of fun having Andrew do similar workouts and courses to the ones that I did last year when training for the St. George marathon so he can see what we were doing (and then I can live vicariously through his training;).

Monday:  3.1 miles @ 8:32 average

Wednesday:  5.03 miles with 738 ft of climbing @ 10:14 average pace (he was going to do this the day after his speed workout but because he will only do trails in the light now he had to do this one on Wednesday instead).

Thursday:  6.1 miles @ 8:25 average pace.  He did a 1.6 w/u, 1 MTC mile @ 6:56 with a recovery of .7 miles to the start again with another MTC mile @ 6:21, 1 mile c/d.  MTC miles are what we did a ton of last year where they are partly flat but mostly downhill with a recovery jog back uphill.  They are deceivingly very hard!

Saturday:  11 miles @ 8:33 pace with the goal of sub 8 for the last two (actual: 7:48 & 8:17).  He finished this run at midnight ha.

25.23 miles!  Andrew has definitely never trained like this before and I am so proud of him.  He will be more prepared for this marathon than ever before (for his previous marathons his longest run was 10 miles:)… I can’t wait!  3 months and 4 days left and he told me he is really enjoying the training.

This is what he will be doing for week #4 of his training!  This is a cutback week for him now so he will have three days total of running (the 6 miles total was for Wednesday but should be 6.5 miles:).

IMG 6030

Here is how my week looked!  47 miles with my paces ranging from an 8:37 average pace to a 9:18 average pace.  This is the sweet spot of pregnancy for my running, that is for sure… I haven’t felt this good running since pre-pregnancy!

IMG 5967


What was your best run last week?  Hardest run?  Is your body getting adjusted to the hotter temperatures?

What are you looking forward to this week?  

How often do you take time to stretch or do yoga?

Have you ever had a running coach?  Who was it?  Is it something you think would work well for you?

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My body does not seem to be adjusting to the heat/humidity yet. It’s frustrating, but at least we’re still getting out there and trying! I need to do more yoga/stretching- you’re so right about how it feels amazing after, but for some reason I still put it off!


I don’t think my body could ever adjust to humidity… you are AMAZING for getting out there and still doing it, especially with how frustrating that must feel. I hope that you get a few days of cooler temps soon (somehow it is 46 degrees today so maybe come run with me in Utah?!). I hope you get in some good stretching soon. Have a beautiful day Mariah!


Humidity is awful here. I can never fully get used to it. It can be 25 degrees Celsius and feel like 35-37 degrees Celsius. That’s our normal summer. I still run in it many days but couldn’t if I Wasn’t able to jump in the lake on the last .5 miles on my way home sometimes.

I reset my records every training cycle and pregnancy too! Although now it’s just every training cycle! I love when people are able to run through a pregnancy and feel good.

I have a running coach right now. I’m “officially” on marathon training. Started week 1/17 this week. Definitely wanted a coach for that. Did a 1500m time trial last week. Sub 6:00 in 33 degree C heat on a humid day! So pumped. It was hard but rewarding. That was my hardest run.


Julia! You are so incredibly strong for getting out there and running in that humidity… I would MELT. I love hearing that sometimes you finish off your run with a swim in the lake, I bet that feels so refreshing. I love that you reset your watch too… it just makes us feel so good seeing new records! HUGE congrats on your crazy fast 1500m time trial… you are going to crush this marathon. So glad you have a coach and please keep me updated on it all along the way (I’ll live through you and Andrew:). So excited for you.


I want to come to the next family BBQ/dinner it all looks so good. I’ll bring some brownies.


Wait hold on his longest run for a MARATHON was 10 miles?!? Wow there must be some untapped talent there you can bring out!

I am feeling ok in the heat but still getting used to the extreme sweatiness plus my ponytail kept sticking to my arms and back on my run yesterday


Yep! I don’t know he does it and I’m so excited to see what he does after actually training! You are amazing for getting out there and running in that heat and humidity. Have you tried the power bun? I hate that feeling of my hair sticking to my back too! Have a great day Sara.


My favourite run was the almost 14 miles I got to run yessterday morning along our seawall in Stanley Park. I tried out my sauconyy endorphn pro which I loved. So light and fet like air. I will probably save theses shoes for harder workouts in the future. And then we did a 13 mile bike ride so my legs are tired this am lol.

I have thought about a running coach for awhile and considering one for this year but then the pandemic and everything cancelled. Maybe next year!

I am back to work today after 10 days off but still working from home so that definitely makes it a but easier. Looking forward to longer summer days, beach and more puppy time!

I love how you are still running new records while pregnant. That is awesome!

Have a wonderful day Janae!


YAY for new shoes and a long run (with a lot of thoughts about your puppy I am sure). Those shoes sound absolutely amazing. You guys were so active yesterday! So happy you were able to have time off and keep enjoying summer. Thanks Kristine, you too!


You are 1000% invited to every single family dinner we ever have… can’t wait for those brownies!


Oh no…Skye is NOT going to be happy with the new baby! hahahaha. She’s the cutest. :)
I have had a couple coaches that helped me for free, but I hired my first one the week before the pandemic (great timing right? haha). The plan is SO different than what I was doing before, but I just ran a huge new mile PR last week with very little speed work in 80+ degrees (& super humid) at 11am , so….I guess it’s working? I’m not going to lie though, I had some growing pains with him and lots of questioning if it was right because it was so different! I kind of remember you saying something similar about your experience with your coach last year, a completely different type of training. But I’m learning that can be good!


I know… it is going to be quite the change for her. UMMMM huge huge huge congrats on your mile PR in those crazy weather conditions! It is definitely working. I totally know what you are talking about… I was SO confused at the beginning of my training with my new coach because it was so different but it was exactly what I needed to reach my goals! I’m so excited for you. PS I just read a quote the other day that said, “the best workout for you is the one you haven’t yet done” and I think that is what is happening with your new coach! Have a great day Mollie.


I am going to reset my watch when I am allowed to run again!! This Achilles boot/ stress fractured heel thing is not fun.

My plan is to have super strong abs after this is done since I can work that the most right now!!

Due to COVID ( long story ) we have my sister and her kids staying nearby for a bit so that is fun!


Carrie, I cannot wait for you to be able to get back to running again. I am so so sorry about everything you are going through right now. Your abs are going to be rock solid! So happy you have your sister and her kids closeby, that is the absolute BEST! Have a great day Carrie.


My best run last week was my only run. I did get in some great cycling and yoga. Friday we finished the concrete for our planter wall (we’ve now mixed over 4,000 pounds of concrete so that’s my upper body workouts for June!)

Our temps have cooled for this week – it’s only suppose to be 77 today. Les decided to take advantage of that so he’s taking a vacation day and we’re planning to finish the block/mortar part of our wall today!

I stretch/do yoga at least twice a week. it’s crazy how much just 20 minutes really helps.


Your concrete for your plantar wall is done! You guys have worked so so hard! You have definitely worked your upper body and lower body with all of your running and cycling too. Enjoy your day with Les today and the cooler temps (same here) and good luck finishing it all up! Thanks Kathy!


My sister is coming on Thursday. ;)


She finally gave you a date haha. Have the best time together celebrating the 4th!


My runs for the last 2 weeks have all felt kind of the same. But, I am still taking things very easy and letting my achilles feel happy again. We haven’t had crazy hot temps yet, so that has been awesome!
I have been doing yoga or pilates at least 4 times a week for the last month. I am loving it! That’s really all I could do when I wasn’t allowed to run, so I have just kept it going. It’s a nice thing to do after runs!
The pizza dough-garlic sticks look amazing. I am going to have to try that.
Have a great day Janae ?


Hey Wendy! I am SO happy that you are running again and you are so smart to take things easy for a while as your achilles continues to heal. You are rocking the yoga and pilates. Try it and let me know what you think. Thanks and you too!


Hi Janet! I love following along with Andrew’s training. I still can’t believe he ran his last marathon with the longest training run of 10 miles.. that is insane.
I am slowly adjusting to running in warmer temperatures, every year it takes me a while but I just remember that warmer weather running gets me faster for fall races.
Happy Monday!


I am the worst at stretching, I have to be pretty sore to even think to do it. I also get deeply sad after an intense yoga session? Does this happen to anyone else??


I love the idea about resetting your watch for each training cycle. Since getting a new watch for Christmas, I have LOVED setting new records and it always gives me a little confidence boost… why not get that boost during each new season of running/life?! Also… I live in Layton! Thought it was cool to see that your in-laws are in layton too!


Ugh – it’s super humid this week. The temps are in the 80s and the humidity is also 80+%. Sure takes it out of me when I run.

I do yoga every Sunday morning but I really could use some more of it sprinkled in during the week.

I’m looking forward to a short work week since I get Friday off!

Love that Andrew and Knox will try anything – I wish I were more like that :)

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