My travel tips (enter complete sarcasm) + WINNER:

I have a few very important travel tips to share with you today:

*If you lose your sleeping mask on the train, use the lulu energy bra as your sleep mask. Maybe this works just for me because I have a large head.

*Try the foods you think you hate… because they taste amazing in other countries. I’m a huge fan of tiramisu now.

*Try the foods you don’t usually see on your menus at home… chilled raspberry coconut soup with green apple whipped cream… Why not start dinner with ice cream?!

*Prepare yourself to meet the most amazing people… Our new friend’s wedding announcement:

*Leave with more chocolate than what is socially acceptable. I’m relying on chocolate to help me survive and recover from the travel.

*Sleep anytime you are in a train or taxi. Wasting time sleeping in your hotel when you can be out and about seeing things is not a good idea.

*Eat cake for breakfast every day.

*Force your travel companion to take 500 selfies a day. They will be grateful you did on the plane ride home.

*FaceTime Beck whenever you see a train.

*Grab a baguette to eat on your way to the train. One serving per baguette.

*Always eat gelato or some form of frozen treat when you are normally in your 4th REM cycle at home.

*Run a race wherever you are visiting, if possible. Experiencing the running culture in different places is my new favorite pastime.

*Wear matching clothes with the people you are traveling with. We felt so cool.

*Become friends with the local candy shop owner. She loved having us sample each and everything she had to offer.

*Tour around on the City Sightseeing Bus! We had a blast on this thing. PS This was not a blog-related trip; I’m just sharing because we loved it.

*If there is a thermal bath available, go!

*My favorite part of going somewhere new is learning from them and their life experience. I could listen to their stories and way of life all day. I almost cried saying goodbye to them.

*Don’t cry when traveling back the day after a marathon when you find out the moving walkway is closed.

The winner of my lululemon giveaway!


Where would you go if you could go anywhere to run a race?

How long do you take off after a race?

-I’m going to take ten days off from running this time. I need a break!

Can you fall asleep anywhere or not so much?

Does anyone else need a sleep mask to sleep?

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I loved living through you reading about this trip! Since my son has a heart transplant, travel isn’t an option for racing for me right now. Luckily there are great local races near me in CO! I used to be able to fall asleep anywhere pre-kids but I think I’ve lost that talent now ha! Also I think you need to start linking your jewelry because I always love your earrings and necklaces! :)


Oh Taylor, I cannot imagine what you and your family has been through. Hearing your story makes me feel happy that Andrew is able to help assist in stories like you and your sons. That is a great idea… I’ll start doing that. A lot of it is Made by Mary. I can’t get enough of her these days! Hope your day is off to a great start!


Love this recap!
My husband and I love travel experiences with locals. In Europe we have spent hours of time with locals. One time I found myself shoved in the back of a wine owner’s barely functioning tiny car with her two large dogs driving all over a French countryside to her vineyards, bouncing around on the rocky soil when we turn off the roads. It was awesome.
I love Beck’s face when he saw that train.
Can’t wait to see you in Lulu advertisements! FASHION!
PS, do more of these trips, I have loved tagging along virtually.


Your wish is my command! Hahaha! Oh my gosh, that sounds dreamy… just submerging yourself completely into the local life:). I love it. Thanks Molly, have a beautiful day!


Ohhh it’s hard to choose just one place! I would love to travel and do a race in Australia or Spain or France!

I do a lot of traveling alone so I don’t fall asleep anywhere, but I think I could. Usually when I get on a place I fall asleep immediately haha


Yes yes yes to all three of those. That’s a good skill to be able fall asleep as soon as you arrive! Hope your day is off to a great start, Mariah!


Tiramisu from Trattoria Toscana! Budapest is just the best. Thanks for the reminder :)


Yay, congrats to the Lulu winner!
I love the cake for breakfast & gelato when you are supposed to be sleeping tips. :)
When I was in Australia for college I had dreams to run a marathon there, but never did, so I think that might be my pick!
Falling asleep anywhere (and falling back to sleep quickly) is my superpower & I hope it never goes away. Every parent should especially have this super power! It may have begun with bus rides to/from sports events back in high school.
Enjoy your recovery from the marathon + traveling adventure!


You went to Australia for college?! That is incredible. I’ll join you in that race there. It truly should be a gift that comes with having children. Thanks so much Katie, have a beautiful day!


Amazing trip! Why does everything taste better in Europe?

The top of my travel bucket list is Africa, not sure I want to race there because I know I can’t outrun a cheetah ;)

Let’s see, it’s been about 8 years since my last race… I haven’t taken that much time off, I just don’t care that much about racing. I’m a happy runner without a plan!

I’m impressed that you were able to sleep so much in transit. I definitely can’t. No sleep mask for me either.


Literally, everything tasted better there. I miss it already so much. Hahaha, you might have a chance! Andrew has been to Africa and loved it so much. I hope you and Les go soon! Have the most wonderful day, Kathy!


Looks Soo fun.. Love all of the pics!

I want to run everywhere! I’ve done all of the majors, so definitely have some international race experience which is SO amazing and I want to do it all again! But for sure on my list is New Zealand. We visited Australia and NZ about 12 years ago, spent 6 weeks traveling around and vowed to return. Queenstown is about the most picturesque place I have ever seen and I want to run that marathon for sure! I’m thinking some Aussie races are on that list as well!

The first time I wore a sleep mask was en route to Taiwan back in Feb and it was an absolute gamechanger! I never wore them bc they were so uncomfortable on my face, but I actually ended up trying the one the you recommended and it was SO comfy!! I will never again travel without it.

BTW, after I crossed the finish at St. George I was looking for my husband and saw Andrew and Beck! I looked for you, but didn’t see you with them. If you were there, I def would have said HI, but I didn’t want to be that weird internet person that stalks your family LOL. Big congrats on an awesome race though!! I can’t believe you ran another marathon a week after coming off that time. Blows my mind!
I didn’t PR at St. George, but I had the BEST time, the views were amazing and we had so much fun!

Congrats to Andrew on his marathon finish! I hope it isn’t his last 😉

Have a great day, Janae!


You have done all of the majors?! That is incredible. I want to come with you to New Zealand! I bet it is so dreamy. So happy to hear you love that sleep mask and woman, you have done so much traveling. I am jealous. Okay, I have been WONDERING how you did and I was hoping so bad I would have been able to meet you. I should have gotten your phone number before. I am so happy you loved it! We are in a fight that you didn’t go over to Andrew and Beck! Can we plan another place to meet up?! As of right now he says it is hahah! Thanks friend, have the best day and I hope you are recovering well.


E V E R!!!~


Aren’t the people in Budapest the nicest?! They are so proud and are so grateful for support they’ve received. We also had such a great experience there listening to stories and history.

Your marathon course looked pretty incredible. I’d love to run the midnight sun marathon in Norway. I think that would just be so cool, literally. Also, a trail marathon in Switzerland (although that could be rather steep, haha) Mont Blanc is a dream destination run vacation to me.

It was so fun being along for your adventure in Budapest! Bravo for keeping your IG and blog during that time!

ps-thermal baths are amazing, as are the Kneipp Pools (cold water pools)


It all looks so amazing and fun, but the wall of chocolate bars has me drooling. I went back to look at that pic a couple of times, haha! So glad the trip was awesome!!


How do you beat a destination race that includes thermal baths????? Genius. Maybe Japan would be a great place for a destination race + tour of all the onsens!


But for real…what’s this protein shake? 😉


Hahah I think she is talking about Core Power! That’s the only one I drink anymore:). Happy Thursday, Sarah!


Would you please share the protein shake recommendation that changed Madeline your contest winner’s life?
I can fall asleep anywhere…I wish there was a way to get paid to sleep! Ha!


YES! I think she is talking about Core Power:). That’s the only one I’ve had for years ha so I’m guessing that. Oh my goodness, we need to turn that into a job haha. Happy Thursday, Toni!

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