Sentence per picture… always prepared, just like me and going in for the kiss.

Six eyes for a morning 7.25 mile running selfie.

Jackets that act like a big turtleneck during your run and headbands that cover your ears perfectly make me very happy… can somebody teach me how to do a ponytail?

IMG 3396

I love coming home to one of her art projects that she made for me while I was away.

IMG 3403

They make stretching a lot more interesting.

IMG 3415

Except for when Beretta goes in for the kiss.

IMG 3432

She is my child… her love for mixing cereals and Frosted Mini Wheats is strong.

IMG 3376

Went out to do some errands together.

IMG 3420

Found in Brooke’s cupholder in her carseat… always prepared to do some art.

IMG 3426

I got home and made hot chocolate not only because it sounded good, but I really needed something to warm my hands up.

IMG 3427

Eggs are the repeat food of the month for me.

IMG 3433

Somebody is preparing well for Disneyland…

IMG 3437

And an afternoon snack perfect for the month of December!

IMG 3442


Do you ever mix your cereals? 

What is the repeat food of the month for you?

Did you run solo or with somebody today?

White chocolate—>  yes or heck no?

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I mix 3 or more cereals at any given time, it is just necessary. Glad to see I am not the only one!

I mostly run by myself but I consider wildlife my running partners so I guess that can count, right? Kinda like Snow White, if she were training for a marathon. I’ll take it.

Also, P.S. that headband is great, love the ones that cover the entire ear


Three at a time… that is amazing Kaytlin! I will have to try that out ASAP! HAHA what kind of wildlife do you see out on your run? Loved your Snow While analogy! Thanks and I hope you are having a great night!


Oh, just various birds, squirrels, skunks, and horses (domesticated ones). Oh, and a farm nearby has a llama pack so alrighty then.
And thanks, have a great night yourself!


Llama pack!? That is exciting! I wouldn’t hate avoiding skunks while out on a run;) Thanks!!!


white chocolate yess!! I love the peppermint/chocolate combo!! It is dangerous to keep in our house. ;)


It really is the best combo ever. Hope you are having a great night Taylor and that you get some peppermint and chocolate soon:)


Repeat food of the month = hot chocolate. I’m currently on a streak!

Sophs (nine year-old step-BFF) has an art bag in the back seat of the car. Always ready to create!


HAHAHHA can I please join your streak?

Love the idea of an art bag, we are going to have to copy Sophs:) Thanks Tiffany!


Love your headband!! It’s starting to get cold in VA finally and I am in desperate need of a good one ;)


Thank you Erinn!!! Yes, bring on the headband weather in VA:) I got mine at Lululemon and love it! I hope you are having a great night!


No white or milk chocolate! Dark chocolate all the way! :)


Just send on over your white and milk chocolate over to me please! xoxo


I love mixing cereals! I feel so fancy when I do! Repeat food of the month is pedialyte and popsicles since this stomach bug is taking forever to leave! Since I have a stress fracture I plan to cycle tonight after work and when lil man goes to bed.
White chocolate heck yes!!!!


NOOOOOOOOO stomach bug…. LAME!!! Stomach bug + stress fracture= the worst. I hope you start feeling better ASAP!!!!


If I eat cold cereal I do mix them.

I like white chocolate as an accent but not to eat a chunk of. I did like those pretzels when I had them last year.

I pool ran today, technically alone but at the YMCA I’m rarely alone.

Oatmeal and salads are my repeat foods.


Alone at the YMCA pool… that’s crazy! The YMCA I used to go to was always packed. Glad you got in a great pool run today Nina!!! Oatmeal and salads are perfect repeat foods:) Enjoy the rest of your night Nina!!!


Mixing cereal is not even debatable-a strong yes. My favorite is to take a “regular” cereal (Life, Chex, Cheerios, Flakes, etc) and add granola to it. Seriously delicious. Honey Bunches of Oats practically nails it because it’s a happy box of mix. Our love of cereal also runs deeeeeeep. I’ve even put cereal on top of ice cream because creamy/crunchy is supreme.

Solo run but quite often I see a fox or jackalope (which is a made up word for the giant bavarian rabbits) or a herd of sheep eating grass.

Repeat food has been a warm salad of cubed sweet potato, brussel sprouts, kale (if I can get it, otherwise another green) with pumpkin seeds and pomegranate seeds and chopped avocado on top. I make up weird combos but this one was top notch.

White chocolate is a nice switch up from dark or milk. Add peppermint and it’s almost unfair. So good. Sooooo good. Right now Rittersport has a seasonal flavor that is white chocolate with cinnamon chip in it. Sounds weird but it’s oddly delicious.


I do not mix cereal. I do not mix food at all. It either arrives mixed on my plate (like soup or stuffing) or it was never meant to be together. I take this very seriously.


Those TJ’s pretzels are my favorite! Not usually a white chocolate person but I love the white chocolate/peppermint combo during the holidays. For those that don’t live near a TJ’s, the Rold Gold Peppermint Dipped Snowflake Pretzels are (almost) as delicious and can be found everywhere!

Ran 8 solo miles on the treadmill this morning … And now off to Minneapolis for work!


I’ve never mixed my cereals! It’s probably because I’m a bit OCD — anyone else? I’m the type that doesn’t really like their foods to touch.

I blame growing up with a korean mom — all the side dishes are served in their own little containers and dishes… so I still prefer everything separate.

This month is all about TACOS and subs — I can’t get enough of them!!!

White chocolate—> yes or heck no?


I am pregnant so everything is a repeat food. Right now… I am on a tamale kick. Oh… and Fruit Loops. Can’t get enough Fruit Loops.


I don’t like to mix my cereals…………the tastes compete too much. And heck no to white chocolate (said just like Napoleon Dynamite)……………..he is a Burger King commercial with Pedro………… should look it up online!


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Mixing cereal–YES, ALWAYS! Because eating three different bowls of cereal may be frowned upon :)

Repeat food-Eggs. I love them. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

I love to run by myself, since I’m surrounded by people all day at work, but do run with friends on my early morning runs for safety.

White chocolate-I’ll eat it if it’s available (it kind of is still chocolate) but it’s not my favorite

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