Let’s talk about why we eat the way we eat + 230 Garmin Review!

While Andrew was out doing some errands he picked up one of my FAVORITE meals on the way home.

Cupbop!  It is Korean bbq and the bowl comes with a potsticker, chicken, rice, veggies and noodles.  They have the best sauces ever to go on top and they are so ridiculously good.  I hope you get one of these in your life.


Earlier on Brooke and I got to work on some baking.

IMG 6331

While I was mixing something she said, “Mama, is this what your eyes looked like when you first saw Dada (that is what she calls Andrew)?”  I looked over and she was pointing at the heart eyes..  yep ha!

IMG 6336

Knox somehow slept through the baking but he woke up later on to test them out;)

IMG 6324

Brooke asked to add sprinkles of course.

IMG 6340

We made these homemade oreos and they are so good.  I had an activity with the youth in my area so I made these for them!

IMG 6339

Today’s post was partially written by Brooke;)



Andrew bought the Garmin 230 a few weeks ago so I asked him to share his thoughts on the watch so far!  Enjoy:)  I have the Garmin 225 (and still love it)… you can read my review HERE!

IMG 6344

Hey everyone!!  So, I know not too long ago I did a review for the Garmin Vivoactive watch.  I loved it!  Well I was in the hospital one day and realized that it had a huge crack down the middle of the face of the watch and then my band broke on it.  I have had it for quite a while and I guess I was pretty tough on it.  I looked at getting it fixed and it was over $100.  I needed something reliable that wouldn’t die on me, so I started looking around. I looked on Amazon and saw I could get the same Vivoactive for $140, but then I saw the Garmin 230 for $170 and went for it.

So right off the bat a key difference is that the 230 is not a touch screen.  I didn’t really realize this until I opened it up.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about it right off the bat, but it definitely grew on me that day and I absolutely love it now.  This watch still is a smart watch.  I can get my notifications and still does pretty much everything that my old Vivoactive could do.  It seems like this watch is more dedicated to running and it functions so much better.  Sometimes my Vivoactive wouldn’t acquire GPS right away, and if it was cloudy – forget about it acquiring GPS.  Sometimes I would just start my run because I didn’t want to wait for a long time.  Then it wouldn’t acquire GPS until 2 miles in so my distances would be off.  With the 230 I haven’t had any problems acquiring GPS, even when it was cloudy.  This watch also doesn’t have the wrist HR monitor.  I personally don’t like those.  I looked up many different reviews between the 230 and 235 and the battery on the 230 lasts much longer because of this.

A couple features that are different and I hope to try them out soon are that the 230 tracks your VO2 Max (not quite sure how accurate it is) and it also does some race calculations when you run a certain distance with the HR monitor.  I hope to try this, this week. This watch is very customizable.  You can change the watch face and add different widgets, like most other Garmin watches.  It also tracks your distance, pace, time, does smart notifications, syncs to the Garmin Connect app, tracks your steps, sleep, yada, yada ,yada, most watches and trackers do this now.

In all, I absolutely love this watch.  First off, for the price I don’t think it can be beat.  I have seen it as low as $160.  I feel like it is much more accurate than my Vivoactive and hopefully more durable.  The battery life is amazing and its features seem to be a better watch for an average runner like me :)  Let me know if you have any questions!!


Every now and then I go back to the beginning of my blog to look for something and every time I do this I see the food I used to eat.  I normally wouldn’t be able to really remember what foods I was obsessed with years ago (I started blogging almost 7 years ago) but because I have all of the pictures still, I am reminded.  My diet now is so crazy different than what it used to be (some of my old food pictures make me wonder how in the world I ate whatever I thought was good back then ha).  A lot of my eating years ago had a lot to do with what foods felt safe to me.   I had a list of foods on my NO list that was a mile long.  I’m pretty sure I lived off of broccoli, spinach and skittles… not sure why those were my safe foods?

IMG 1605

I don’t have anything on my no list anymore (well, olives and beets are on there) but I am still a pretty repetitive eater now.  I find something I love and eat it for a while until I am sick of it.  I think I used to know every calorie that ever existed in any food there ever was… and a lot of my food selections depended on that.  It took years of work to stop thinking (ehhh obsessing) about calories and to eat more according to what is good for my body and what sounds good but I currently have about 50 things I could always work on to improve my nutrition.

BUT today, I really wanted to hear from you about why you eat the things you eat!!

Is it because….

-You eat the foods you do based on the nutrients in them?

-The amount of calories?  Fat grams?  Because of the macros in each item?

-Out of habit…you’ve just always eaten the way that you eat?

-Because that is what your diet tells you to eat?

-A lot of what you eat is similar to what you ate when you are growing up?  Or how your parents ate?

-It is convenient?

-It sounds good?

-It is cheap… on sale?

-It is what your family wants to eat?

-You choose your meal and snacks based on what feels ‘safe’ to you?

-Through nutrition education (either formal or on your own) you eat the foods you eat because you know the things that are best for you?

-To lose weight?

-To gain weight?

-Do you base the foods you eat on the amount of preservatives or chemicals in them?

-You stick to whole foods?

-You choose foods that you know will best fuel you for your workouts or run?


****Why do you eat the things you eat?… How has it changed over the years?  <——  I’m really interested to know your answers to this!

What Garmin/GPS do you use?  What do you like/not like about it?

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I’ve been wanting to update my Garmin lately but I’ll have to run first. I am using the 220 which is fine, just outdated. I would like heart rate in the wrist and I’m jealous of my husband watch. He has the Garmin D2 for flying (which does running too). It’s a great watch.

I’ve been craving BBQ lately. I was actually thinking of going to get some at a local place down the road.


I just have the Garmin Forerunner 10. Super basic but does the trick just fine. :)

Oh boy. I eat the way I do because of habit, convenience, emotions, social gatherings, tweaks I’ve made over the years…a whole lot of reasons. We have a fully stocked pantry at work so that determines a lot of my eating during the week.
I’ve adjusted my eating a lot over the years to improve the quality – whole grains, more protein, occasional meal prepping. But I could definitely be a lot better. I know nutrition basics but I’m not always the best at implementing them and I feel like more nutrition plans that I’ve tried to use to improve my health have been too general. I am right in the middle of getting a personalized macro plan done so I’ll be adjusting my eating again. I’m so excited though to have it personalized to my body, my fitness and health goals and to have someone giving me direction. I’m a TON better at being good at my workouts than good at my nutrition. But of course you need both.


I am a pretty picky eater, so I eat what I do because I know I like it. I will branch out and try new things, but I typically go based off taste. I do eat Wheat Thins at every single meal, though, and my only real reason is that I just love them a lot. They make every meal better. I used to avoid certain foods because I thought they were bad for me (and they still might be), but I won’t completely avoid them anymore. I do try to eat as healthy as possible, but I think healthy also means allowing yourself to eat the treats every now and again, too.

I have the Garmin 220 and really like it! All I really care about is being able to get my accurate distance and pace, so I don’t need much in a watch.


I like to experiment with my food and to find optimal fuel for my workouts. I have always loved fresh fruits, vegetables and good fish more than the rest of my family and my meals are often built around those staple food. I do eat treats and processed food once in a while (with cystic fibrosis I need a lot of salt so in the summer especially, my body craves chips, popcorn, dill rice cakes, etc. and I listen to my body’s need, although I try to find less processed options). I remember you once said that you try to respect your fullness. In a world of abundance, it is not always easy but eating mindfully and respecting our body’s signals is something I believe in.


I’ve been wanting a Garmin for forever, but I’ve never made the leap! It’s something I would need to save for, but maybe it’s time to start saving. The 230 looks super nice!

The way I’ve eaten has changed a lot over the years. I used to seesaw between eating whatever I wanted and following whatever diet was hip at the time (I’m talking drinking my mom’s Slim Fast drinks when I was 10. YUCK!). One summer I ate nothing but plain salad. Now, my main nutrition goals are to avoid processed foods as much as possible. If I can pronounce the ingredients, it’s mostly fair game. I do also try to limit my gluten intake after going through a Whole30. My skin just does not like gluten, even though it is delicious!

The other day I watched a really interesting documentary on Netflix called Forks Over Knives, and it was about how our diets affect us physically. It made a really strong case for a vegan lifestyle, but I’m just not sure how I could adapt to that. I mean, I love cheese! But it might be worth giving a shot given the data they presented. Those who stuck to a whole foods, plant-based diet had almost non-existent risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other conditions. It was pretty eye-opening.


I have the Garmin Forerunner 15 because I got it for a review. And it’s been great for the 1-2 years I’ve had it. I’m ready to grow to a more advanced one…so any takers on sending me one for a review? haha. Actually this one still serves it’s purpose, but I’d love to have one that tracks biking and knows the difference between walking and running. This logs all walks as runs as well.

Eating, depends on the week. Sometimes I choose food because I have a healthy spurt, or quick easy foods on busy weeks. I always look at my week ahead, plan my meals accordingly. Sometimes we have to pinch on money so it’s a casserole or spaghetti kind of week. Some weeks go by cravings. I do go in modes where I eat the same thing all week, mostly because I like it and convenience. It really changes and just depends and has many different reasons.


I am definitely a creature of habit. I eat the same two things for breakfast every day: either a scone and iced coffee, or oatmeal and hot coffee. For lunch, I am now on a smoothie kick, because it’s healthy and super easy. Dinner is always home-made pizza (everything from scratch except the cheese), or chicken/rice/veggie. And I think dinner has more to do with my kids than me. I think I eat what I eat because I don’t want to spend a lot of time on it, and I do like to be healthy, but I also like scones.


I used to have a Vivoactive as well and switched to the FR235 a few months ago. I feel the same way as Andrew, it is weird to go from a touch screen to a regular screen. The first few days I kept touching the screen expecting something to happen. I would also touch the wrong buttons because I was so used to the Vivoactive. Now I am back into the groove of having a FR. I had missed how the FRs have more running specific uses and I am glad to be back with one. I don’t miss the step counting or anything because I never wore my Vivoactive for anything other than running and lifting. I love that the FR235 has a built in heart rate monitor, that’s something I am always tracking now just for fun!

My eating journey has been all over the place since I’ve had a mix of EDs, but today I am feeling healthier than ever even if I am bigger than I used to be (and bigger than I should be health wise). I’m working with an RD and for the first time feel like I am really getting ahold of my nutrition in the right way! Now I eat but I don’t obsess over it in any way!


I also used to struggle with an ED in high school and part of college…. now, I allow myself to eat whatever I want. I have found that not restricting any types of food actually leads me to eat healthier because I WANT to and it makes me feel better. I can indulge in sweets and not over-do it because I don’t feel deprived. I feel free to eat what I want, but because of this I never go overboard. I’ve maintained a healthy weight and remained slim because of this!

That’s what works for me!



Garmin Forerunner girl here-its all I need for my runs. Not too many bells and whistles to confuse or frustrate me and just enough feedback to keep my training on track. Love it.
I eat in a way that makes me feel like the best person I can be. Usually that involves whole foods: lots of vegetables, fruit, a little meat here and there, whole fat dairy, good fats and some whole grains. Over the years I’ve come to realize that my body and mind just work better eating that way. Going hungry has never been my thing although I certainly didn’t think that way 20+yrs ago. I also had a list of ‘safe’ foods that were on repeat at my house. My husband jokes about how little food I kept on hand when we first started dating. My how things have changed. Its funny, I am probably a good 10 lbs heavier but I am stronger, leaner and look better-even at 44. I do think that what you put in your body can have an impact on our overall health and I want to age well and gracefully so will do what I can. If I want the bread and butter, pasta and wine, I’ll have the bread, butter, pasta and wine. Nothing is off limits.


A few years ago I was all about counting calories. I’d eat whatever I felt like as long as I stayed under my calories for the day.
It was tough to stop doing that, but now I eat foods I know are good for my body, and keep me full!
I love trying new recipes, but I also eat a lot of the same foods out of convenience.

I’ve been using the Garmin 230 for just under a year now. I love it! I never have issues with GPS and the battery lasts forever!


I currently have the vivoactive and it does everything I need, while still kind of looking like an everyday watch, too. I do wish it had the HR (I have the one without), but I don’t love the look of the one with HR for everyday life. Overall, I’m very happy with my choice. It is a good balance of function and wearability for the everyday.


I have the Garmin 25 which I am happy with. I just like the basic 3 stats of pace, distance and time. It’s pink and I love that too. :)
I am not a big cooking person so when I buy groceries it’s mostly quick preparation items: romaine and spinach to make salads, apples and natural peanut butter and granola bars for snacks and cheese, turkey and soft tortillas to make mini wrap sandwiches. Oh and breakfast is either peanut butter and jelly, oatmeal or scrambled eggs. I work from home so I tend to graze all day.


I’ve been using the 220 for the last two years and I JUST bought the 230 to upgrade! I’m glad to see Andrew likes his, and I’m excited for the mail to come today so I can get out and test it!


I have the Garmin Forerunner 230 as well and I love it! I used to have a Forerunner 110 and wore it only for runs. Now, I wear my 230 all the time because of it tracking my steps. It’s so light weight I forget I’m wearing it. Highly recommend this watch!

I eat pretty differently from when I grew up. My mom is a good cook, and my grandmas were good cooks too, but they mostly make/made “traditional” Midwest foods: chicken & noodles, chili, meatloaf, etc. There wasn’t a lot of variety, which is fine, but I love trying new recipes. I make something new at least twice a month. I also use a way wider variety of fresh ingredients. My girls love things that I wouldn’t have touched with a 10 foot pole at their age – and I know that’s at least partly because I’ve introduced them to a wide variety of foods at a young age. I try to mix it up each week too when I plan our menu: beef, chicken, fish, pasta/meatless, pork. My dad raises cattle, so I always have a good supply of lean beef in my freezer, which is nice. My other meats I almost always buy from our local meat processor, I love knowing where my meat is coming from.


I’ve never heard of Cupbop! Looks amazing though! I’ve gone through a serious amount of phases. I get hooked on something for months or even a year and will eat it every day. But then I lose a taste for it and won’t ever see it again! It usually happens with a flavor protein bar or type of yogurt..I just need a break. However, while I eat the same things most day, I fall victim to Trader Joe’s new products constantly and am always trying there stuff out! So interesting to read other’s comments on this! I find it fascinating too.


Thanks for the Garmin review! I lost my charger to my super old Garmin when we moevd and think I’m going to use it as an excuse to get a new one :)


I’ve got the 235 Forerunner and have loved it so far. I really like the intervals and the nice big readable numbers :)
I’m a creature of habit on lunches at work – salads every day. They are usually the same type, but I still look forward to lunch time!


I am a super picky eater… but the majority of what I eat is very healthy.
I do not eat any condiments/sauces or dressings, purely because I don’t care for the taste – I prefer my salads dry, no ketchup, mayo, mustard, bbq sauce, dressing, etc. I really hate anything with a vinegar base – I hate pickles. I am not opinionated at all!! haha I rarely eat meat because I don’t like the taste or texture, I don’t eat fish or anything seafood because of the smell and I am allergic to shellfish. I attempt to eat all whole grains and keep a diet that is high in fiber. I eat more vegetables than fruits. I go on weird food aversion sprees where certain foods just sound horrible – currently cannot eat yogurt or bananas or berries (and a lot of other fruit) just because the thought of it is nauseating. And no, I am not pregnant – yet!!

I do try to listen to my body and when I am craving a hamburger I will eat one and enjoy it – although my portions tend to be small because if I eat too much red meat my stomach hurts SO bad. I often times go weeks without eating any meat. I think listening to your body and what it is craving also helps limit binge eating.


My senior year of college, I gained 30 lbs. I started running and dieting to lose the weight. I used My Fitness Pal and tracked every single thing I ate. My daily calories were 1,000 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!). While I lost weight really slowly for about a month of that, I was miserable. And it was very unhealthy. I wasn’t taking into consideration the calories I burned off and needed to replenish. After I was sick of being hungry all the time, I asked for some advice from a friend studying exercise science at school. She told me to eat all whole food like fruits and veggies. Well, in my world, that isn’t realistic. I have a food allergy to some raw things such as pears and bananas and nuts. I can anything cooked but not raw. Apples and carrots used to bother me and sometimes still do, so I am very careful. I felt discouraged. I asked another friend who was a student-athlete and wrestled collegiality (talk about someone who knew a little something about dieting!). He told me to eat what I wanted in portions and make some swaps like wheat bread for white bread. He ended up helping me make dinners and lunches and now is my boyfriend, going on three years together on Monday!! Growing up, my mom made dinner almost every night. Delicious, homemade food. Mac and cheese, lasagna, BBQ chicken, veil parmesan, spaghetti and meatballs, just to name a few. She used a lot of weight watcher recipes that used whole ingredients. When I moved home, I lost even more weight eating these foods in portions and eating what I enjoyed!! Now, as the boyfriend and I just moved in together, my mom has been teaching me all of her recipes so I can make them. So in summary, I eat things that are appealing to me! Just because a salad is healthy, doesn’t mean I need to eat it as my meal if it doesn’t appeal to me. (Salads NEVER fill me up – even with protein in them.) I usually will eat an egg on en english muffin with chocolate milk everyone morning after I work out then eat chicken and a side for lunch, then make what I want for dinner including what I mentioned above. I learned the hard way that you should eat well but eat what will make you happy and more importantly keep you full! I also snack throughout the day to keep me from getting hangry! I eat different snacks each week like greek yogurt, rice cakes, granola bars, fig newtons to name a few.


OOOH food, one of my favorite things to talk about…

I have a SERIOUS sugar addition, so to try and counteract that, I try to eat nutritionally balanced meals. I completed Whole30 in April and while it was tough, it definitely taught me that I can overcome my crazy food urges, if I try hard enough… I just don’t always try. I also wasn’t running while I did that, and we all know that Runger is real.

I am a creature of habit for the most part, but the kitchen is one place I get adventurous. I love to cook and have really learned to make healthier substitutions within the past couple of years. I’m from Iowa so we are all about that filling Midwestern lifestyle here – healthy eating does NOT come naturally. I do try to stick to good quality proteins, fruits, and veggies, and have been trying to avoid processed foods since I finished Whole30. My mindset has shifted a lot about what works for my body and what doesn’t.


I have the basic Garmin Forerunner. The battery dies too early for me. I’m a slow runner and I’d like it to last to the end of a marathon. I am certain it won’t if I run at my current pace, so annoying. (I’ve had it a few years now).

My eating has changed a lot. I don’t feel as if I had a great nutritional foundation before and my mom was and is still anorexic so I didn’t have the best role model there. As an adult I think I went the opposite way, although I always ate a lot of vegetables. Now I eat foods that have a high nutritional content but also taste good. I mainly stick with whole foods, if a food is packaged I make sure I know the ingredients and that they aren’t junk. I minimize dairy because my skin breaks out from it and more than a serving isn’t really good for my stomach. I also eat foods that minimize inflammation, both for me and my workouts and because my husband eats what I cook. With his history of transverse myelitis and cancer I feel better knowing I’m supporting him as much as possible. Now, we do eat sweets (less than we used to) so I’m definitely not a perfect eater. I’m working on minimizing my sugar because I feel better when I do. (but, seriously, it’s hard).


I eat the the way I do because I LOVE healthy food. I obviously love cookies, pizza, chips, and all the other bad stuff too… But I genuinely love healthy food. This time of year is my favorite because my CSA boxes start coming in. I know the farmer and his wife personally (and they know I’ll eat ANYTHING), so they always fill my box with all kinds of crazy, awesomeness! If something grows with greens, I’ll eat them. Beet greens, radish greens, turnip greens, I love them all. I know how the bad stuff makes me feel, and I dread that feeling. I also know how amazing the good stuff makes me feel… so I crave it!

I have the Garmin 235 and am loving it!


This is for Andrew:
I have the Garmin 230, and I love it. I got the Scosche Rhthym heart rate monitor band to go with it. It is a heart rate sensor that you wear on your arm instead of around your chest. It then connects via bluetooth to the Garmin. I wear mine around my upper arm. I never notice it, it pairs really quickly to the Garmin and is accurate. You can find it on Amazon or at Clever Training. I hope you like it as much as I do! My husband even got one too!


I am definitely going to check that out!!! I have a hard time having the chest strap on. Thanks for letting me know!!


Right now, I am eating foods that I enjoy to fuel my body for my workouts. I am trying out this new approach called carb cycling and I am loving the results I am seeing from it! Although I eat ‘clean’ most of the time, I enjoy eating that way. However, there is ALWAYS room for ice cream and other treats, because life is too short not to enjoy some of those treat foods too!
Like you, I used to obsess over calories and only had a short list of ‘safe’ foods (i.e. cottage cheese, sweet potatoes, chicken, etc.) and while I still love those foods, it feels 238x better to actually enjoy foods and eat really whatever I want, while keeping a mindful balance of fueling/healthy eating/ and enjoying and really savoring treats too!


I have the Garmin 235 and LOVE IT! Just like the 230 the GPS kicks on almost immediately which is amazing and seems to hold the signal pretty well. I was never much of a numbers nerd but I am now … not that I know what much of it means but I love checking my VO2 max, intervals, HR, cadence etc … I’m amazed at how techy yet simple it is to use – HUGE BONUS!
Right now, I eat foods that fuel me before a workout/after a workout and that are mostly healthy that won’t leave me feeling bloated and so full. I try to eat to basically avoid feeling like poo. BUT I do crave burgers, fries, street tacos, bacon etc and give in to those cravings at least once a week! I eat pretty bland – oatmeal, banana, nuun, coffee, Vega protein shake for breakfast. Berries/cliff bar/kind bar/ for snack (1 or all 3), salad (or feed into my cravings) for lunch, candy of choice for a pick me up (hello 2:00 chocolate craving!) and then I eat what the fam eats for dinner. We have 2 picky boys so dinner is mostly kid friendly but not the most healthy. I’ll eat more carbs the day before a 10+ mile run and protein on the days I lift weights. I tried counting macros but it’s too much work! lol! I would LOVE someone to calculate my micros and tell me what to eat because I’m always wondering if I’m feeding my body well enough for my activity level.
And now I’m craving cookies after seeing your delicious Oreos!!!!


I’ve thought about getting a Garmin for ages now, but my apple watch does a pretty decent job tracking my milage, and I like to have my phone on me anyhow:)

While my tastebuds are not at all picky, my gut really, really is. I’m highly sensitive to gluten and artificial sweeteners, so I have to work to avoid those. I try to keep track of my calories mentally, but I find that when I count them or track them on an app, I get too obsessed and feel like a total failure when I go over, even a little. I try to stick mostly with lean protein, fruits, and vegetables, adding in some carbs when I need the fuel:) I change up what I eat pretty often, but I have some go-tos that I love! Bananas, PB, hummus and carrots, and eggs are all on my weekly grocery list!


I describe my eating as listening to my body. If my mind gets too involved it gets bossy. That is why I do not follow any specific diet or counting of things because it just seems to be bossing my body around. Has not steered me wrong yet in fueling for running, being an energized mom, and liking the way my clothes fit, so not looking for a change just for something new to do.


I have the 920XT. Waterproof, walk,hike,bike,swim mode. Lightweight. It is big but I love it! I don’t like touchscreens at all – they tend not to work in my experience. The 920XT has the buttons. Long battery life. I use it as my alarm clock too!


I use the forerunner 15, it’s not a touch screen but it works very well and I love the color I have-turquoise! I eat what I eat to feel healthy. I eat a mostly vegetarian diet but I am a very adventurous eater. When I eat overly heavy foods or foods with lots of dairy, fat, and processed ingredients, I don’t feel the same and I have less energy.


I think I eat what is the easiest and healthiest in each situation. I don’t cook as often as I would like, but when I do I always opt for the healthiest ingredients at a reasonable price. When we go out to eat I choose what I want, but make sure it is smart, too. If we eat chicken tenders, I will get half grilled and half fried, then a salad or beans or something healthy on the side. I limit processed stuff to as minimal as possible, but I love snacking on tortilla chips and I have to have pop tarts occasionally! I know the calories in food, or can easily guess, so I can roughly know where I am each day, but I don’t freak out like I used to………….my running now could never have been sustained on the low calorie routine I was on a few years ago. I only started training for races in 2012, so before then I would just occasionally run. And while I was 5-10 lighter, I wasn’t as strong as I am now.


Right now I am eating based on what my growing baby needs. At 20 weeks pregnant my priority is the health of my baby, and myself. I eat more treats now than I did before when I was eating strict paleo but I am also craving a lot more fruits and veggies. Providing my baby with the nutrients she needs and keeping myself at a healthy weight is my focus for now. Eventually I’ll get back to eating paleo and eating to make my body feel good and perform well in the gym.


The only “diet” I have ever done is Weight Watchers and my leaders always stressed that you can eat anything with moderation. So I have zero foods on my “No” list. That being said, I do try to keep my sugar intake low (menopause side affects are greatly reduced!) and we don’t eat a lot of fried foods (my husband inherited his dad’s high cholesterol.) I know I feel better when I’m eating whole foods and limiting junk. We do eat meat, but not every day. I consider myself a “flexitarian” as my diet flexes quite a bit!

I remember you mentioning Acai Bowls from your Hawaii trip – I’ve started making them at home and we have them about once a week. I’m pretty sure that will increase as the temperatures do. (http://mcmarathonmoments.blogspot.com/2017/05/summer-time-eats.html)

I have the Suunto Ambit2 watch and I love it! The battery lasts forever. The screens are customizable, including choosing different activities at the beginning of the workout. I can setup interval workouts and upload them to my watch. I’ve had it for four years and it is still rock solid. It’s big, but I really don’t mind.


Love reading the comments about food habits! For the most part, I eat the way I do because of nutrition and habit. I’d describe my eating habits as 80/20 I.e. I eat healthy foods about 80% of the time (fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains without preservatives/chemicals where possible) and I indulge in less healthy options about 20% of the time. Gotta live a little, right?! I eat this way mostly because, growing up, my parents were cautious about what they fed us and fortunately I continued those habits into adulthood. I notice a big difference in the way I feel when I eat nutritious foods, and while I don’t diet I do want to maintain a healthy weight, so I continued eating (relatively) healthy most of the time. On the other hand, my husband is less health conscious than me, and while he’s come around a lot in the past few years and branched out to include healthier choices in his diet, he also reminds me to not be so strict ALL the time (hence the approximate 80/20 balance). Also, if there are sweet and savoury foods at social gatherings, I’m done for!


Before I had my son in 2014, I ate based on calories, fat, taste, ease of making the food, emotions. After having my son and gaining 60lbs I joined weight watchers to lose it all. While on weight watchers I still ate some processed foods but I also realized that whole foods (veggies, fruits, meats) were low in points and I started eating more of those to fill up my plate. After I lost the weight I knew I couldn’t live my life counting calories and points. I couldn’t imagine living the rest of my life like that, especially now that I was a mom and had more important things to focus on! Then I stumbled across Whole30 and my view of food changed. I no longer became scared of healthy fats, I learned how to eat whole foods and listen to my bodies hunger queues. My taste buds also changed and I no longer craved processed foods and sugar. (although I will still eat them on occasion)

Now I’m pregnant with baby #2, in a much healthier state both physically and mentally, and I no longer worry about how many calories I’m eating – it is such a great feeling, I feel free from food! (Don’ t get me wrong, I’m still having my weekly ice cream, haha)


I typically try to stick to about 50% of fruits/veggies, 30-40% protein and then 10-20% grains/sweets. I typically try and eat what feels best for my body. I have IBS and a thyroid disorder so my body is fairly picky ;)

I just got a 230. I’m really digging it!


I have the Garmin Forerunner 235 and I love, love ,love it. I love that it has a built-in wrist heartmonitor (I know I wouldn’t run with a heartrate band) and that it has the option for smart notifications. Best investment ever!


Well, right now I am in my first trimester of being pregnant so I have been eating whatever doesn’t make me REALLY nauseous… Unfortunately that has been a lot of pasta and other carbs. I usually LOVE salads but lately even the thought of them makes me feel sick :( however, I have been able to eat fresh fruit and ate some awesome cherries the other day! I also am able to keep down steamed or roasted veggies so I’m trying to balance all the carbs haha :)


I eat how I eat because I want to not be hungry, haha. I get concerned about getting in enough protein, carbs and fiber throughout the day because otherwise I’d be hungry literally ALL THE TIME.

One of the best breakfast for me are scrambled eggs with granola and almond milk on a side. I feel like that will keep me full throughout the entire morning (which is much needed when I run early in the mornings).

Salads with protein and a source of good carbs is basically what I crave for lunch everyday. Hearty dinners composed by protein, potato or rice, are also very important for me so that I don’t keep snacking for the rest of the night, and so that I have enough energy to run the next morning.

Regarding the Garmin, I don’t have one yet. I’ve been wanting to invest in one but had serious doubts between the 230 and the 235. The price difference is quite considerable. After this review, I think I’m getting the 230 soon.


what Brooke said about the heart eyes is SO adorable ugh!! I’ve had the Garmin forerunner 10 for a while now and it’s still going strong ;) hoping to upgrade soon though because a heart rate monitor would be awesome in a watch! hope you guys are having a wonderful day!


My eating has changed so much over the years. In my 20s I was definitely eating based on emotions. I would fill up on home baked cookies and lots of processed “comfort” foods and never had any room left for real food. I was super active so I figured it was no problem; I could eat whatever I wanted. It started to catch up with me in my 30’s and I switched over to eating a lot more whole foods. I didn’t restrict the junk; I just made sure I first ate whole foods and then could add in the sugar/junk afterward. I was still super active, so I was still able to eat a lot of both good foods and treats. Now in my 40’s my body is much more sensitive to the sugar/junk and I find I feel so much better when I eat mostly whole foods and really limit the sugar. I still have treats, but find just one or two bites is plenty.


I love food. Just putting it out there. I used to eat pretty much anything, healthy or not. Over the years (and becoming a Mom) has made me really watch and think about what we put on our plates. I am all about healthy food (maybe to a bit of a crazy level). We have switched to mostly organic where we can (and where cost isn’t outrageously different). I check labels not for calories, but for chemicals and we try to eat as many REAL foods as possible. Pretty much, things without wrappers. We rarely eat out because 1. It is expensive 2. You never really know what is going into it 3. We live 40ish minutes from the nearest restaurant (maybe the biggest reason ;) ).

Love Garmin! I have the Garmin Edge 510 Bike computer and LOVE It. Currently using the TomTom Spark 3 watch for running. I like it a lot and have not complaints, but Garmin may always have my heart. That Fenix 5. Someday!


I still have and use my purple Forerunner 10 from 2013. There is nothing wrong with it so I feel I can’t justify a new one until it actually stops working.
I used to eat based on calorie count, grams of fat, sugar, and carbohydrates regardless of how nutritious the food actually was. I was raised to eat and love vegetables so that’s never an issue… except in past restrictive eating habits where plain vegetables was mostly what I ate. Now I still eat a ton of vegetables, I’ve switched to full fat yogurt, I eat eggs and a lot of beans, peanut butter, my daily banana and oatmeal and treats. My only “rules” are to make sure I’m not just hungry when I’m craving sugar and to buy as many organic/whole foods as possible.


I’m coming out of a phase where I was really trying to control my life through food. Maybe not in a way that is quite as dramatic as it sounds, but I do remember trying to really control how healthy I was eating, being balanced, thinking about macronutrients etc. Me being me, I got a bit too obsessive, and that resulted in feeling more out of control around food and some unhealthy habits (ironically). So for the past 6 months or so I’m trying just to listen to my body (hunger, fullness, cravings, etc) to guide what I eat. I eat a lot more variety, I’m slowly getting to a point where there are no good or bad foods, no food rules and trusting my body to tell me what it needs. And I’m finding out that it really does tell me! I’m eating when I want to and stopping when I want to, and eating whatever food I really want at the time. Sometimes that oatmeal and spinach and avocado and green juice, and sometimes that’s pasta and burritos and chocolate. I’m also gaining a lot of body respect and trust through this exercise – my body is so so smart and amazing, I have a new found appreciation for it. I am really loving this path I’m on, and just want to keep exploring.


Last spring my stomach completely rebelled on me and suddenly so many things upset me. Currently dairy is my biggest nemesis and most bread/wheat/ flour products. I have started making our bread and I can nibble on it a bit. That said, the foods that have not caused me issue are fruits and veggies. I eat a ton of them and I literally have not been sick in a year. My family and friends have been sick, but not me! I travel to different preschools and daycares for my job and have not caught anything. I am blaming the pounds of veggies!!


I try to mostly think of what I eat as fuel or nutrition heavy food. I try to add things like sardines and liver to my diet because they are nutrition heavy. I also make sure to add ice cream for the calcium lol


Knox knows how to work the system! Take a nice power nap and wake up to baked treats?! I like the way he thinks.

After years of anorexia, I try try try to focus on what I know will make my body feel good + what tastes good. I try to go for foods that accomplish both, but I aint perfect. This past year, being in a relationship has definitely helped me give up how restrictive I used to be when I was in the depths of my eating disorder!


My eating has definitely changed, too. Now it’s changed because I actually cook now, instead of making whatever is easy. Mostly I eat what sounds good, and just try to monitor my portions. I also try to eat BALANCED, so if I ate like crap one day I try to make up for it the next day. I try to avoid sweets, but my no means are they off limits. Mostly, I think I just try to make the calories worth it! If something is gross I don’t eat it. I want to enjoy my food!


great post! Its funny how your eating habits change over the years and it seems to go hand in hand with fitness too! I remember back to highschool running out the door, always skipping breakfast – couldn’t wait to have my can of coke with my lunch and buying endless junkfood from the “school store” before lunch –

when i started running in college my nutrition changed and has definitely evolved over time. at first when i increased my miles i was NOT eating enough – countless stressfractures, hormone changes, loss of my period even. not intentional – but I definitely that all or nothing personality – when my miles increased so did my veggie intake – and my weight decreased significantly – when you don’t have NUTRITION – you have INJURY.

long story short … years later and lessons learned – i’m still striving for balance! I have a sensitive stomach – i stay pretty much away from dairy (unless its ice cream because thank you lactaid pills!) haha) I seriously LOVE veggies and protein and need to remind myself that i need carbs too to fuel my workouts! i’m a big breakfast person – and i’m the same as you – tend to eat the same thing until I get sick of it! haha lately for breakfast it has been a protein pancake and egg white omelette lunch has been a josephs pita stuffed with all the things and suppers vary – and i can’t say no to a giant chocolate chip cookie (but it must be soft and amazing) haha!


Homemade oreos are so freaking good. Excellent choice.
I think Ross loves cupbop more than he loves me. It’s okay. I have made peace with it.

I eat what tastes good and will make me feel full. I like feeling full. All the time. Ross frequently tells me, “megan, it is OKAY to be hungry sometimes”. Its like he doesn’t even know me.


Fun fact: I was roommates with Lizzy (yourcupofcake) for a little while about a year ago! Haha! So I can attest that those homemade Oreos of her’s are delicious!

I didn’t eat a lot of fruits and veggies growing up, but when I moved out and went to college, I started adding them in more. I don’t know how or why I started doing that, but I did! I’m a big fan of hiding veggies—not because I don’t like them, but just because you can get so many more in! So, green smoothies, bowls with everything in them (like you guys do), Dr. Praeger’s frozen super green veggies (you can get these at Sprouts, and they are GOOD), or adding spinach into quesadillas! I regularly go on quesadilla kicks: whole wheat tortillas, vegan mozzarella cheese, salt, pepper, (sometimes turmeric and cumin), then handfuls of spinach. The spinach cooks down as you finish cooking the quesadilla. I just think it’s SO good.

I still eat cookies and other treats regularly, but I think I just try to add in veggies to balance it out. I’m not a calorie counter or a macro counter. I just try to eat intuitively, and try to avoid foods I am sensitive with.


I used to be obsessed with calories too. It was a terrible life to live! With God’s help and Him speaking thru my hubby, I’m so much happier! I don’t look at numbers anymore. I just focus on wholesome ingredients and I’ve also become an intuitive eater (nothing is “off limits”) I can eat dessert multiple times a week and still crave veggies too! It’s so much more relaxed and I can enjoy meals with friends too!!! Look up IMMAEATTHAT blog and TheRealLifeRD blog. They’re so informative!!!

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