What do you do when your kitchen sink becomes completely clogged, full of water and leaking into the basement?

Every dish in your house is dirty (no dishwasher) and the temperature inside your house is 49 degrees?


The answer:  Go to Pizza Factory and build your own salad with every single different option they have in the restaurant.

Seriously, cottage cheese and salad are meant to be together.

People always stare at me as I go from the salad bar to my table because my salad is bigger than my head.  That is saying a lot considering the fact that 98% of hats don’t fit my head, including stretchy beanies.

Usually, I build cucumbers around the outside of the plate so that I increase the circumfrance of the plate by at least 3 inches.  Tonight they looked a little frozen so I nixed that idea.


Enjoying a ridunkulous breadtwist is a must.

My question tonight is kind of deep.  So, our waitress took forever on our drinks, meals etc.  She wasn’t mean or anything but just really slow.  What to do you do? How much do you tip her/him?

-I always feel bad for waitresses/waiters and I know how hard the job is so we still tip 20%, unless they are just plain old rude than we reconsider the tip.

Have you ever been a waitress or worked in a restaurant? Which ones?

I started at Fazoli’s in high school and from there I worked at Juice Press, Los Hermanos (Mexican), Brick Oven (Italian), Magalby’s (Steak and Fish), and Happy Sumo (Sushi).  What can I say I like being around food.

Random waitress story:  At the sushi restaurant I worked at a guy told me he would pay me $150 to eat a golf ball sized piece of wasabi.  I did it, it burned, made me vomit a little. I walked away from that table with $215 (he tipped me on top of the dare).

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Just wanted to introduce myself because I saw we have a lot in common…
1) I was a teacher
2) I was a spin instructor
3) I'm a runner
4) I'm a wife
5) I'm a half marathoner

Love your blog! :)

P.S. I quit my jobs and now I bum around the country in an RV…living the full time RV lifestyle (I'm 36!!)


i can't believe that you ate that much wasabi!!!!!!! seriously, too much of a shmear on my sushi and my nose is running for a week. you are some kind of awesome for being able to do that. and it was totally worth it!!

we always tip well. its just manners. unless, like you said, they were blatantly rude/


I used to be a waitress and pretty much always tip 20%. Unless they are verrryy neglectful or mess up and don't care or don't apologize.

Also, that salad requires a bowl! It looks like it could have fallen off your plate on the walk back! How did u even mix and toss that thing? haha I love huge salads too! looks delish


we hit the pizza factory for the first time on saturday after a visit to the bijou market in provo. those breadsticks! oh my. i felt guilty.

we tip 18% usually. except for on friday when we used gift cards at market street and we tipped like 40% = whatever was left on the last card (we don't eat seafood, either of us!).


OH MY GOSH. You just made my mouth water. I was actually contemplating going to PF tonight to get a salad to go, and then I talked myself into just eating at home. We're having a Pizza Factory date next week when I get home. No questions asked. Aren't you sometimes a little afraid as you walk to your table with your salad that someone is going to come flying around the corner and it's going to rain salad? I'll miss you this week my darling. Have a good Thanksgiving!


Your salad skills are impressive. I worked at a Tex-Mex restaurant during college in Austin. I loved it! We had a really fun crew of guys and girls and work was a blast. Billy worked at the same restaurant 2 or 3 years before me – weird coincidence since we didn't meet until 6 or 7 years later…but we have similar memories from that place. As for tip? I do 20% unless, like you said, the server is just rude.


Ah, the ginormous salad. Gotta love it.

I used to waitress at a breakfast/lunch place and I was shocked at the amount of money I could make! I mean really, it was hard, but I was just serving pancakes! Yes, I did get upset when people only tipped 15%. I usually tip at least 20%.


I would have ate it too!
I waited table out of college too…and loved anything fun and daring! Especially if it had a large price tag…I never got one that big…Way to go!!!
I love your energy…and I am excited to follow along!!!!


Haha, you are crazy! That salad looks awesome! I love food as well, but in general I think all runners do. You have to get into ultras, up the distance = up the food intake. I always feel bad and tip 20% anyway unless someone is totally useless. Having said that, we don't eat out very often. Sometimes we'll skip 2 or 3 months of not going to any restaurant.


wow, that is a lot of wasabi! Yes, I used to waitress also so I tend to tip well because of that…Dan also always tips the pizza guy $5 because he used to do that haha


I totally would have eaten the wasabi for sure!!! :)

I usually stll tip 20% – I used to waitress in college… except I wasn't slow. I was lightning fast – GOTTA MOVE!!!


Ohhh mannnn. I waited tables for years…
I always tip 20% minimum unless we are ignored, treated rudely or we get food that is completely different than what we ordered.
Slow service is usually caused by busy bartenders who can't get your drinks, and an overloaded kitchen. (so, not the servers fault.) Things that the server can control- knowledge of the menu, greeting you promptly, dropping the check in a timely fashion, bringing your food piping hot- are the things to base your tip on!
And btw- I am in awe of your wasabi eating skills… Yikes!


those breadsticks look out of this world delicious. I always tip 20% unless they're completely rude or mess everything up. At the holidays i`ll give a bit more than 20% I feel the need to tip high because I would never ever want their job.



hahahaha, you made my morning with the wasabi story!

I usually tip my normal 20% but then leave a couple of pennies. I heard somewhere that that's how you can tell the waitress you were unhappy with the service, but tip the same because you never know what the situation was that caused the bad service.


Sadly, Janae, we've found a difference between us. Cottage cheese and salad is so gross to me! However, I'm incredibly impressed by your salad building abilities!

I'm with you – unless the server is really rude or never comes around, I'll still tip 20% or pretty close to it.


Waitress? Me? Only at like a million different restaurants. It's probably the hardest job I've ever had. I would say if the waitress isn't slacking, but just slow, leave a good tip anyway. If she's rude or delierately doing something wrong, then I might leave only 10%. But never nothing.

What's with you and the phallic stuff. The bread? Or maybe it's just me.


HAHAHA!!! Yup I waited tables for close to 4 years. So they'd have to be really, really bad.. I know how hard they work.


That breadtwist looks amazing!

Tipping is a bit of a sore subject so in efforts not to start a riot, I will keep my comments to myself.


I tend to try and keep my tip about the same… as someone who worked in a kitchen before and got a cut of the tips, I realize that if you cut back on the waitress's tip, you're also killing tips for everyone else in the process of your meal!

….. and I want those breadstick twists! They look YUM!


Your salad building skills are impressive! Yum!
We always tip at least 20% unless our wait staff was downright rude to us. Which I dont think has ever happened. I have never been a waitress but have friends who are-and they have a tough job!
Way to go on the wasabi. My moms LOVES hot stuff. She probably would have said, 'oh thats all?' =)


I always, always, always put CC on my salads! It's the best!


Wow you have salad-making down to an art! That is amazing. My family owns restaurants and I say tip! If she was slow, then just tip 15%. But not tipping is just awful. I've worked at my families restaurants a little, but my other foodservice experiences mostly involve working at Wendy's (UGH) in high school and Starbucks during college. Fun times…


I like Wasabi and totally would have taken the dare too, he he.

Never been a waitress- I guess I missed my calling. Tips would be nice! I'll have to suggest that to Jon and the boys :)

I usually leave a tip- but not always 20%. If someone is rude, they wouldn't get the tip, but what about at a coffee drive through? Is it expected there? You may not drink coffee, but maybe you go through for smoothies. What is the etiquette on that? I am too cheap so unless I am loaded that day, the best i do is 50 cents even for a 4$ drink.


I always wished I worked in a restaurant growing up.. but instead I did retail for longer than I ever should have. I always tip 20% unless its just absolutely awful. I get most frustrated when waitresses aren't friendly and are rude. It's your job to be friendly so I never get that! That salad is HUGE. And nice job on the wasabi you crazy girl!


That Salad looks like heaven on a plate – yum!!!

I've never worked as a waitress, but my daughter does and her boyfriend and I know it is NOT easy! I have to agree, if they are rude then no way, very small tip, but if it's slow, then just let them know service was a little slow verbally but not by low tips. Just a thought.

I'm doing a holiday blog exchange, if interested stop by :).

Happy Thanksgiving!!


answer to your riddle: call my landlord hahah.

if it's decent service i'll tip 20%. depending on how late the food is i've deducted 5-10% in the past before

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