A first, > than, and a tease.



I will never learn. I go into this workout every time thinking it will be a breeze, and then it slaps me in the face;).

3 mile w/u, 10 x 1 min fast, 10 x 30 sec fast with equal recoveries for each interval. I’m telling ya, those 30-second recoveries are cruel in the end, and I swear it would be easier to skip the recoveries and keep going with the speed. The 30-second recoveries remind you how good it feels to slow down right before you need to speed up again. It’s a tease.

I have done workouts at this track for over a decade, and this was the first time I noticed this drinking fountain… my friends swear it has been there this whole time, ha. You would have thought this was a detail I would have paid attention to.

I did the cool-down at home, and Knox joined me on his bike.

For every single one of my relationships–> conversations outside > conversations inside.

Her eyeballs are still different colors; for some reason, a camera doesn’t capture as much as they are in real life.

The kid’s soccer teams all went to a Real Salt Lake game together. This was my first professional soccer game (that I can remember at least), and it was so fun.

One of the moms of a player on Brooke’s team owns a saloon, so she had the team come in and get their hair and nails done.

And then we headed up to the game.

Street tacos while I waited for the kids…

They were able to take a flag out to the field with the players before the game and also play on the field during halftime. The highlight of their lives!

Of course, dessert happened too.

Knox was living his best life!

I’m proud of myself for staying up until midnight on a workout day. The amount of caffeine consumed to reach this point was a new record.

 PS I accidentally deleted this post yesterday and rewrote it in record timing so I’m positive there are double the amount of normal errors;)

Have you ever been to a pro soccer game?

Have/had a speed workout this week? What is it?

Caffeine… need it, or you can live without it?

Are your nails currently painted?

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Speed workout was last night! It’s getting dark way earlier though, so we had to cut it short. 3×300 fast, 3×400 consistent, then 3×300 fast again. This is a track group I do with a local running store with real track coaches! But it’s only in spring and summer, so it will be ending next week :(

I’ve never been to a pro soccer game, but now I want to!


Mariah, that is a fabulous workout! Way to go and I want to come with your track group one day. I wish it was year round for you guys… what a cool opportunity. I hope you get to go to one soon, it was incredible. Have a beautiful day!


What a fun night! And so fun for Brooke and her team to have their hair an nails done too.
Pro soccer games are super fun. We went to an LAFC game a few years ago with the entire family, so much fun!
The college right by us recently completely re-did the football field and track. It used to be open to the community before COVID, and I am really hoping that now everything is done, they’ll re-open it again. I love the “springy” feel of the track.
I’m heading to Colorado again for the weekend! This time for a sister’s weekend in the mountains. So excited.
Have a great day Janae.


They truly had the best night ever! Oh I bet that game was so much fun. They better re-open it, the spring really is next level. SO happy you are back to Colorado, the leaves are going to be gorgeous. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Brooke’s freckles are just about the best thing I have seen!
Love pro soccer games.
Sure love my caffeine to keep hours and energy levels of what seems like a “normal” adult.


I showed her what you said this morning, it made her smile very big. Thank you. Hahah I felt pretty close to ‘normal’ last night… I looked around at everyone and wondered how they had so much energy so late in the day?! Maybe they aren’t running every morning like us;). I hope the start of your school year has been a great one, Erica! Your students are the luckiest.


We went to a French soccer game in Paris. That was so fun-especially since soccer isn’t my top sport (if you didn’t know, ha!!).
That WOULD be so exciting to go out on the field before the game, and then a churro?? Best night. What great memories.
I did my workout this morning. I need juuuust a little more pep in my step to nail the splits, but some days aren’t 100%. I did 4xmile and then 4×400. Can’t wait to do a lift after work, eek!


Ummm I cannot even imagine how cool that must have been. I’m guessing you need to go watch the tour next time you are in Europe… next summer? That is a huge workout, way to go Molly! Yep, it’s so true… sometimes we just need a checkmark next to the workout, not perfect splits. Have fun lifting later, I wish I could join you!


I have been to a pro soccer stadium and seen the team practicing, but I don’t think an official game. My parents took me when I was younger and we were visiting Brazil and it was the coolest thing ever! We did go to a college game recently and it was SO fun. The thing is, I don’t love going to games much in person in general (football, baseball, basketball – I’d rather just watch on tv), but soccer is a completely different story for me – I love it!

P.S. Looks like I’m going to have to defer St. George this year after all. Big bummer, but it’s ok!


You went in Brazil?! Okay, that is amazing and Brooke and Knox are going to be extra jealous now.
OH NO, what happened? Is it your foot????


My parents are from Brazil, so it was a fun trip. My Mom grew up in Santos, which is where the GOAT Pelé played so it was pretty cool to see the stadium! It’s my knee – I could probably still run it, but I don’t think it would be very enjoyable. I can still defer though, and who knows maybe next year I can upgrade to the full. ;)


You are making the right call. I hope your knee is 100% soon and I guess I’ll have to do St. George to see you there next year. Ummmm that is AMAZING that your parents are from Brazil, what an incredible trip!


So fun. We have STL SC in St. Louis across the river from where we live in Illinois. They just started playing here last year and everyone loves it so much. They are expensive tickets though.


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