Tempted but I’m going to be smart this time…

(tank, shorts, shoes)

Eight miles @ 8:28 pace and the prettiest views. One hundred fifteen miles until I’m at the starting line for St. George! This one came up on me fast, and with this training cycle, I’m officially sold on a shorter block. I had a base leading up but didn’t start ‘marathon training’ until about 9/10 weeks out.

I find myself way more burned out when I do the 12-16 week training block. I can’t wait to show up to the starting line fresh this time.

Does anyone else have a beautiful bathroom along one of their favorite run routes? This one is complete with lotion, flossers, and even a shower.

Andrew made crepes for us all. PS He is now putting away a dollar a mile like I was paying the kids towards his new bike fund🤣.

We were out doing errands for lunch, and I passed by my favorite sweet potato fries spot (Guru’s) and grabbed a beet salad too. I feel terrible for the years I said that beets taste like dirt because they are now one of my favorite foods.

Beck loves to stroll around with his hands behind his back.

He does it as he waits for his samples at Costco.

We went to Costco to pick up these twinkle lights to go over the hot tub. I figured I will be spending 10% of each day in the hot tub to get through another winter, and it was time to improve the ambiance.

Later on, I ran to the store to grab something I forgot for dinner and left with this:

I got an email yesterday to register for the Big Bear Marathon. The temptation was real. There is something about getting passed at mile 25.2 after leading the whole race that has me wanting to try again, ha, BUT I need to give my body a break after Budapest. I’m telling myself I’m being smart by making this decision and only running two marathons within eight days this year and not Big Bear too;).

Big Bear was so much fun, in case anyone is thinking about it. I definitely want to do it again someday. There was snow on the sides of the road in the beginning, my kind of race.

PS The last time Andrew and I ran a race together was a half when we were dating… my dad said he knew Andrew was the one when I chose to run with him instead of race🤣. Can’t wait to run Budapest together!


Have you ever done an entire race with someone else?

Have you ever done back-to-back races?

Any foods you used to hate but now you love?

Feelings towards beets?

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I have to say I agree with your previous opinion that beets taste like dirt, ha. My first half marathon was done with my good friend and we crossed the finish line together. So much fun! I have done half marathons a couple of weeks apart, but never a back to back marathon! I can’t wait to live through you going to Budapest!

Random training question for you, but where do you get workout ideas during times where you’re coaching yourself? I’m trying out the coach-less route for the first time in awhile and looking for ideas!


Hahaha I guess they still taste like dirt to me but I just love the taste of dirt now? Okay, what a special memory together. That is a great question… Our running group always has some sort of workout happening on Wednesday and Saturday so I just jump into whatever they are doing. Before that I would just look back on workouts that I loved and go! Hawk (my coach from a while ago) just told us to do a 3 mile tempo every week during off-season to keep something going. I can always tell you what we are doing the day before and you can join our Utah group from wherever you are! Hope you are having a beautiful morning, Taylor.


Never done a race with someone else, though I am trying to get my husband to eventually do a half with me. If I push too hard, I know it will backfire, so I am just giving him time. I’ve never done back to back races, other than the Grand Tetons 5K on a Friday, followed by their Half the following day. It was such a blast! But I don’t think I could ever do two half or two fulls within a week or two of each other; my legs might die! Happy Wednesday, Janae! :)


That will be so so so fun to do the half together someday. You know how to make this happen… over time he will come around ha;) I love that you did the 5k/half combo, that is definitely back to back in my opinion. My legs will probably die but the sights of budapest will keep me going (I hope ha). Thanks Emily, you too!


Me when I saw your run bathroom, “Ex-squeeze me?!”
I think I might be doing a shorter marathon block? I’m not sure when I transitioned from base training to marathon training. Not knowing which week I am in is right up there with not checking the weather.
I expect an invite to a winter hot tub party.


Right?! Usually we have to use porta potties so this bathroom feels like quite the treat ha. I think you are too… doesn’t it feel nice? Carefree training is the way we should always go. YOU ARE INVITED EVERY SINGLE DAY! I’ll serve core power in fancy glasses and we will have raisin fingers as we discuss everything in life. Happy Wednesday, Molly!


Totally the same with beets. I love them now, but you couldn’t pay me to eat them when I was younger, ha ha.
I did all 5 of my marathons with my husband, and probably most of my halfs with him too. I’m trying to get him back into running again because I loved those times together.
Beck with his hands behind his back… adorable.
I’m excited to see how you do at St. George. It does seem like you’re less tired this training block.
We have those same lights on our patio. We love them!
Have a great Wednesday!


Could. Not. Pay. Me. When I first met Andrew I thought he was a nut for loving them. Yes, it really feels so good to still feel alive with the training haha. Your backyard inspires us in so many ways. I’m still upset about your trees though. I hope your day is off to a great start, Wendy!


I want to do Big Bear! But I also want to do another 50k which is only 2 weeks after St. George, so I feel like I need to choose 🤔

My husband and I trained for and ran out first half marathon together back in 2009. It was so much fun! He says I pushed him out of the way and ran through the finish line first, but it’s not true lol!

I need to know how you came around to beets, I have tried SO many times and they still taste like dirt to me. One of my very few food aversions!

Question: I’ve been having some foot issues and saw my doc who thinks my arch is collapsing on my right foot. It’s not PF, but just wondering what it is about the Hoka Cliftons that helped you? I’ve started wearing insoles, but I want to give my foot the most TLC so it doesn’t become an issue!


Tough tough tough decision. You’ll have to let me know what you decide. I can’t wait to see you at St. George! I love that you guys did your first marathon together. That is so sweet haha and I believe you on this one;). Hmmmm I guess I didn’t phrase it right, they still taste like dirt to me but for some reason I love the dirt taste now haha. They must be accompanied with cheese, nuts and a good dressing so maybe try them with those?! Shoot about your foot. I am not quite sure what it was exactly but I think the heel to toe drop and the amount of cushioning. They just felt like clouds. I feel like the 9s don’t quite offer the same feeling as the 8s though. Please keep me updated, feet problems are so stressful. We need these feet to work. Have a beautiful day, Annemarie and happy tapering.


When I was a newbie marathoner, in Fall 2015 I ran the Chicago marathon, Marine Corps marathon and Richmond Marathon. Then Spring 2016 I ran three more marathons within weeks of each other. Just thinking about it now I could cry but I had a blast.


W.O.W. Now that is takes mental and physical strength. I cannot imagine but these races are so addicting so I can see how you wanted to do them all. I hope your morning is off to a great start, Jacinta!


I love beets, but they do kinda taste like dirt. ….*fancy* dirt!


My love for beets comes and goes, but i do really love them when they are prepared properly (which usually means someone else makes them, hah!)

I love the twinkle lights for your hot tub, anything to add a little spark to winter! And I have to shout out those ones from Costco. We had a huge winter last year, peoples roofs were collapsing from the weight of the snow, lots of car windshields broke, camping trailers were crushed, and come May, as the snow was melting, we see those string lights hanging in our neighbors trees starting to melt out. They survived the whole crazy winter intact.

Now we find out the real motivation for Andrew to run Budapest with you ;) (to fund the new bike), hey whatever it takes, right? Love that you get to run it together!


I have run a few Disneyland half marathons with my husband. And when I say with I really mean he stayed with me to pace me, ran circles around me, took pictures, and it was probably a super easy run for him but I was dying. 🤣🤣🤣🙈 He is 6’5 though and I’m 5’3. So I think one of his strides is about 4 of mine. But we had fun nonetheless. Though there may be a few pictures captured when I was in the pain cave and he was telling me to go faster, and my face shows how I felt about that. Hahahaha. But I did go faster. So his method worked.


My hubby and I did a couple Ironmans together that’s a lot of miles to share but we loved it. He gets all the credit there because he is much faster than me in all three disciplines! We have done tons of halfs and fulls together as well, not as many since we have had kids LOL.

I still feel like beets taste like dirt, I feel bad, I wish I did like them.

I have done some back to back races, usually in preparation for an ultra, and it usually leads to burn out for me. I think you are being smart =) but who knows how you will feel after Budapest ;)


I am so excited for you to run this marathon with Andrew!! What a cool experience?!

I ran the Dopey Challenge at Disneyworld with my husband for his 40th and during the 1/2 marathon that weekend, we also ran with my sister and her husband. It was such an amazing experience and memory!

I agree with your old self that beets taste like dirt, ha!

Question for you: Did you do a high-stack shoe for Big Bear? Any particular shoe you like while running downhill?


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