Weekending, Important Running Equation, Watch Party and Training Recap!

(tank, bra, shoes, shorts)

I have not done as much trail running this summer compared to previous summers, so I knew going into this run that I would feel muscles ache that I haven’t felt in a while… and I was correct in this prediction.

Luckily, the views the entire way help to distract you from the pain. Also, the bugs once the sun came out distracted me because I was trying to avoid eating them.

The Deer Creek Reservoir trail is about 7.5 miles out and 7.5 miles back. These pictures makes it look flat, but it feels like you are rolling the entire way (climbed 1,452 ft). I did the out-and-back trail and then went out for another three miles to hit 18 miles for the day.

3-mile w/u, 10 x 5-minute float (not easy but also not super hard effort), 2-minute HARD (1/2 marathon effort).

The joy of workouts on the trail is that you never have to think about paces because it is all based on your effort. My legs felt like cement for the last few intervals, but that feeling is essential during race training so we can remind ourselves on race day that we can push through those times of pain.

Andrew came with me and ran ten miles for his Rim to Rim training. He set out the chair and kicked back while waiting for me.

The mileage is climbing! Three more weeks at 70, and then I’ll start the taper:)

Here is how this week looked:

Monday: 10.58 miles @ 8:22

Tuesday: 10.75 miles @ 8:06

Wednesday: 15.13 miles @ 7:17 with 5 miles @ 6:37 + 3 downhill mile repeats @ 5:23, 5:22, 5:26

Thursday: 9 miles @ 8:29

Friday: 6.63 miles @ 8:21

Saturday: 18 miles @ 8:01 average with 10 x 5 min float, 2 min fast.

Sunday: Off!

And now for the rest of the weekend:

I planned on doing some strength but didn’t have it in me after the trails (trail equation: 1 mile on trails = 1.8 miles on the road for me;), so we went straight to the park instead.

We went to Knox’s soccer game during the day. Afterward, Skye asked to hang out with my mom, so we took her up on that idea, dropped the kids off there, and went to Sundance.

Truly the best brussel sprouts on the planet. We have been more into getting a few appetizers and splitting the main course (we had a burger) these days.

We were invited to a watch party that included brunch and the world championships on Sunday.

A sign that there were a lot of runners there watching:

 Skye was obsessed with the slide that was 3 stories tall!

Andrew worked all day on Sunday, so he and Brooke got home at around the same time that evening and so we all took Beretta on a walk.


Tell me something fun from your weekend?

Did you watch any of the World Championships?

Bugs on your runs… do you have to deal with them?

Who has a fall race they are training for right now? Do tell.









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Looks like a gorgeous run! I am so excited to hear all about your adventures training for and doing Rim to Rim! Ugh to bugs; we definitely have them here during our hot and muggy months and they are the worst. I had planned to do a Halloween Half Marathon in New Orleans this fall, but I think I will bump that down to the 5K because my body has been going through some stuff lately. Thankfully it looks like I am on the mend, but I don’t want to overdo it and regret it later. I also have a 10K in November, so a couple of shorter races to look forward to will be nice. I am definitely awaiting some cooler fall temps- fall running is the BEST running! Happy Monday, Janae!


Thank you, Emily! I hope we can go into it prepared ha… I have no idea what to expect. I hope that the bug situation calms down for you guys soon. Way to go doing the right thing for your body… that takes running maturity, and in the long run that will pay off. Amen to that… except it always makes me nervous that winter is coming up next;). Thanks, Emily! I hope your week is a great one.


This was our first weekend at home in a month so we took it easy. We biked around the seawall, I ran some short runs and we went to brunch and took River to the beach.

Also random but I recently found out about Stanley adventure quenchers so had to get one or 2 🤣.

I don’t have a fall race but thinking about mixing it up and doing a fall turkey Trot locally and setting my sights on something bigger next year. Not sure what

Have a fantastic day Janae and the watch party sounds fun!!


A MONTH! You guys have had so many fun adventures recently. Glad you had a relaxing weekend. Wait, are you talking about the tumblers? THEY ARE THE BEST! Keep me updated with what you decide on doing next year, sounds exciting. Thanks Kristine, you too!


Highlights from the weekend were lunch with my boyfriend’s family on Saturday and a birthday party for a friend’s son (he turned 5!) at a local creamery.

I forgot to watch the marathon and I’m so sad 😭 I can’t believe I missed it.


That sounds like such a fun weekend and I’m sure you can still find it online places, at least the highlights. I hope you have a beautiful day, Mariah!


I’m training for the St Jude half marathon in December so I ran 6 miles Saturday in 105 degree weather and not sure how I made it, but I did! I took your tip of not looking at the weather before I left so it wasn’t in my head.

I’m in Memphis and we have the second annual Liza’s run this coming Friday morning at 4:20am, so I’m hoping this weekend’s run helped get me ready for that – it’s 8.2 miles again, same path she was running. I know the crowd/other runners will pull me through that!

Hope yall all have a good week!


1.0.5. DEGREES?!?! Ummm that is so hot. You are so mentally and physically strong, Rachael. I am excited for your half!

Oh Liza. I wish I could come with you. I just had chills reading your comment. Let me know how it goes.

Thanks friend, you too!


Hi Janae!
We were very excited to see the Belgian women’s 4x400m team (nickname: the Cheetahs) take 5th last night. But I was even more floored by the Dutch team winning with Femke Bol taking the win in the final metres of the race. That is the kind of running I dream off!
Have a good day!


RIGHT?!? We were all freaking out over that race! Watching them all hug afterward… goosebumps. Thanks Annelies, you too! PS I love their nickname, so excited for them!


I’m so glad to see your trail equation bc I tacked on a loop in Rock Canyon yesterday to/from the campground and it was soooo hard! I’ve only ever done that in winter so I had no idea about all the loose rock everywhere, yikes. I have one more day to run while I’m in Utah and I need to find somewhere that is actually runnable for me vs feeling like I am going to fall downhill on a bazillion rocks.


I really believe this trail equation is true… it takes so much more work and energy than the roads. Ummm that is an impressive loop that you did. Rock Canyon is no joke! You’ll have to let me know where you ended up going! Hope you have loved your time here:)


This week I started feeding the twins their first non-milk foods :) They had tastes of avocado, carrot, sweet potato, and watermelon. So funny to see their expressions. I had all the kids solo while my husband was away and felt proud to rock it on my own :) and felt great to take a deep nap when he got home, ha!


Oh my goodness, those facial expressions with their first foods are the best… It is so interesting to watch them explore food in the beginning. You are HARD CORE. Congrats on your solo parenting and that nap was a necessity when he got back, I’m sure. Have a fabulous day, Courtney!


Oh my goodness, Skye looks so much like Brooke in that slide picture!
Oh, those views on that trail are incredible. So fun to see both you and Andrew training together. And ok, a watch party with a bunch of runners would be really fun.
Best part of the weekend was having everyone here, and Cornhole in the backyard. My heart is full.
Have a great Monday and start to the new week.


My friends yesterday all kept saying the same thing about Skye! You needed that weekend all together. And what do your boys think of the puppy?!? Thanks Wendy, you too!


That trail looks gorgeous!
Bugs=yes. everyday. it’s the south.

I already mentioned on insta, but there’s a local 5k named in honor of a runner who was hit by a car and killed in 2015. The top 25 men and women are then invited to compete in a 1 mile track race that night. This year it was even more of a spectacle, because in addition to the hs & middle school race, then the top 25 race, we had 3 bonus races. 1 was a 4×4 competition for employees of local gyms. the final 2 were a men’s and women’s elite race where nike & brooks athletes came in to compete! There was big money up for grabs, plus the men were attempting a sub 4 minute mile, which hasn’t happened in Chattanooga. It was 97 degrees all day with a dew point of 75, but by 8:50 it cooled down some and the women’s race was incredible. Then we saw lightning…….no thunder, so they pushed the men’s race up 5 minutes. We got to stand on the outer lanes of the track while they ran!!

buuuuuut……………less than 10 seconds in the men’s elite race, (the big kahuna, the last one of the night) the lights went out at the track & it got dark! They stopped running at the first curve and with athletes and officials go ahead, the time clock was restarted but the lights weren’t coming back on………so spectators lined the track with their cell phone flashlights and the race restarted…………and Kasey Knevelbaard ran a 3:59:51!

sub 4 minutes. in the dark, lit only by spectators phones. Epic is the only word. Wish every runner could’ve witnessed it:)


We had a super fun date night Saturday night, we picked a different place for drinks, apps, main dish, and a dessert :)

I am training for Revel’s Big Bear in November. The mileage is starting to creep up!


Marissa, I’m training for Big Bear too. Sending you luck from CA as the miles ramp up!!


I was lucky enough to spend my weekend in Utah. Ran the Cedar Break Half at night Friday, hiked Bryce Canyon Saturday then spent some time in St. George. Utah is truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Definitely want to do more races there.


Hi Janae!
I just wanted to thank you for your online presence. I’ve been reading your blog for almost a decade now and there’s something so comforting in the handful of minutes I spend reading your post each day. You, and your posts, offer such a bright light when I’m struggling with parenting, running injuries, etc. What you do really matters and makes a big difference in a lot of individuals’ lives. You help me feel less alone 😊


Whitney. I just took a screenshot of your comment. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to tell me this. It truly means the world to me. Keep in touch, I want to hear about everything going on in your life. We are all in this together!

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