Sentence Per Picture (the track hurts + we hit a sleep regression)!

I think we have hit one of those sleep regression stages—>  this little girl has been wanting to hang out with me 3 times a night the last two nights (my brain hurts;).

Off to school with the Brookester and then I went on a search for a track while Skye napped at home with Andrew.

IMG 3626

I was kicked off track #1 because of their track practice right before I was going to start my first interval (glad it wasn’t in the middle of my workout)!

IMG 3629

So I drove over to another track that was open wahoo!

IMG 3663

The views were alright;)

IMG 3666

2 mile w/u, 5 x 1000m @ 4:00 minutes (with a 2 minute walking recovery after each one.. I was tired), 4 x 200m (5:56 average pace for those w/90 second walking recovery after each one), 2 mile c/d—>  This workout was painful.

Screen Shot 2018 03 20 at 10 27 39 AM

Listened to and loved this episode during the w/u, c/d and drive:)

Screen Shot 2018 03 20 at 10 48 57 AM

I WAS HUNGRY after that workout.

IMG 3690

At least she is taking really good naps!

IMG 3694


IMG 3691

Big sis duties.

IMG 3698

I am pretty sure she does at least 100 cartwheels a day!

IMG 3704

Warm enough for the park!

IMG 3708

This is Beretta 10000000%:

IMG 3632


What’s your sentence for the day?

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I got the OK to run again! Starting really small. I got my first scrape massage yesterday and I’m not sure if it hurt or felt good haha


This makes me soooo happy! Who did you go to to get scraped? I totally know what you mean about it hurting and feeling good at the same time ha!


A really good friend from when I was growing up is a physical therapist and he offered to do it for me!


That is so awesome! I am sooooo happy you are back to running!


Me too! Hopefully it goes well and I can keep it up!


My sentence for the day….I need more hours in the day. Not necessarily to do more, but to balance the running around with a bit more down time.


I can and I will. I couldn’t run but i power walked the NYC half marathon. I just couldn’t bear deferring so I gave it a shot and I was able to finish. (I have fraying a joint between 2 toes and running is painful, even with orthotics for it). I was pretty thrilled even if it wasn’t ideal.


Nina, you are incredible!! I am so amazed by you and your determination! I hope that your foot gets better ASAP!


Is it wrong I want to have cereal for dinner and binge watch something ALONE?


There is nothing wrong about that… DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!


There is a really helpful app called Wonder Weeks that gives a bit more insight on the different stages/mental leaps Skye will go through. It’s pretty spot on too and gives you time to prepare for the grumpiness and sleepless nights that will arise. It’s cool to read more about what’s going on in their little heads.


Just curious with your speed work- do you pay attention to your heart rate? I noticed my faster run the other day my HR was really high… probably just my Garmin being off…


My throat is killing me and I am counting down the minutes till the doctor opens.


Skye is unbelievable cute! as Brooke was (and still is) when she was her age =)


Totally off subject: Is your counter top recycled glass? It looks just like on we have been considering.

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