It took 7 years in our marriage for this + Tuesday tangents

(bra, shorts, shoes)

It’s always fun when we all show up in the same brand of shoes. We’ve been on the Novablast/Superblast train lately.

I really think my elbows were the only thing that felt good during my run yesterday. It was rough. Sometimes, those long, hard runs take 48 hours for muscle soreness and fatigue to set in.

Eleven miles @ 8:32 average.

Those 11 miles were also split up before and after school drop-off. I couldn’t convince myself to leave my bed when my first alarm clock went off.

I needed some pictures for an IG post in the mountains and took the kids on a nature walk while we were there.

There is just something different about mountain air.

The day finished up with Book Club. I forgot to read the book but I didn’t forget to show up to the dinner and hang out with friends;). Add Pizzeria 712 to my list of favorite Utah restaurants.

Tangent time:

*How Brooke hugs me when I come home from running sweaty.

*Does anyone else find dog food in their running shoes?!?

*After seven years of Andrew loving surf shop shirts with skeletons on them… I finally got one for myself to wear. It made his life.

*Did you see the men’s marathon at the World Championship? The leader in the beginning pulled out a giant water bottle from his back?! I feel like I’ve never seen this happen, especially when they had bottles for the runners at every 5k.

*Beck is beyond obsessed with hamsters. He talks about them a few times daily and begs us for one. We can’t convince Andrew to get one, so we visit them at Petsco as much as possible.



Have a tangent for me today?

Have any mountains near you?  Which ones?

Book club members… what’s your current book?  Do you go to someone’s house or out to eat?

If you currently have a partner… do you find yourself buying from similar brands/stores?

-In the beginning no, but with each year we dress more and more alike:)

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Tangent– agree with sheets needing tags labeling sides :) also need self-folding fitted sheets! I’m right near Burke Mountain, VT ( It’s where I learned to ski and still do ski. My mom and I started a mother-daughter book club when I was about 10. The moms are still going strong and rotate meeting at each other’s homes where they share a meal and discuss the book (and now their kids and grandkids :). 25 years! My husband would live in concert tees since that’s all he buys himself, so we only wear from similar stores because I shop for him, ha. Have a great Tuesday, Janae!


My solution to folding fitted sheets is just rolling them up into a ball ha. Ummm I want to come ski with you guys there. I LOVE the mother-daughter book club, I want to do this. Hahah Andrew loves concert tees too! Thanks Courtney, you too!


I have been MIA from our neighborhood book club for over a year. We meet about every 3 months at the country club in our neighborhood. It’s more neighborhood scoop/gossip than book club!
Maybe that male runner was inspired by seeing Tadej pull out a baguette from his back jersey pocket during a ride.
On the topic of water bottles during a marathon. Do you think St George will keep track of your water bottles this year?? Fingers crossed!


Ummmmm Molly, how are you missing up on the juicy neighborhood gossip?! I will admit… that is one of my biggest weaknesses in life ha so I’m sure I would show up an hour early to that book club. Bahaha the baguette makes much more sense to me. Oh goodness, I have been so stressed about that… I think I might actually just have Andrew in charge of getting me bottles. Thanks Molly and have the best day!


Just finished reading Good Night Irene for my book club. It was SOOOO good. We meet at someone’s house when we get together. I love how casual and long we can hang out and talk that way. Plus everyone always brings such yummy food.
Mountain air is the best! Especially in another few weeks when that crispness starts. But I do love the sea air, especially in the early morning.
Oh my goodness… I made Shalane’s quinoa salad (with a favorite grilled chicken) last night for dinner…. Why haven’t I made this for so long? 2 summers ago it was a constant thing in our fridge. I forgot how amazing it is.
I love that you broke up your 11 miles yesterday. Good job getting it done!
Have a good Tuesday


The food… I can’t imagine book club without it! I am going to add that book to my list, thank you so much. Sea air is SO healing. Oh I am craving that. Thank you for reminding me of the quinoa salad, we were the same way a few years ago. It’s amazing. Thanks Wendy, you too!


When are you thinking of doing Rim-to-Rim, and which side are you starting on? My husband and I did Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim (not running – we hiked it over 2.5 days) and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. (Also the hardest – I think the only thing physically and mentally harder has been giving birth naturally!). It was amazing – it snowed on our tent on the North Rim before we left, and was 92 degrees at Ghost Ranch that afternoon. Such stunning views. Enjoy!


SNOW AND 92 DEGREES in the same day?! Okay, that sounds crazy! We are thinking the end of October or the beginning of November! We want to work up to Rim-to-Rim next year! You and your husband are hardcore. I hope we survive out there haha.


Tell Andrew to get that baby a hamster! I was sooo against the idea, but it’s all my daughter wanted for her 7th birthday so I relented. That was well over a year ago, and I cannot imagine life without our Hampy! I am OBSESSED with him!! :) Hope y’all have a great week!!


Lindsay, I am sending him your comment now. I think his biggest concern is the smell, how has that been for you guys? I swear I still can’t smell very well from Covid a few years ago so I’m not worried but he is ha. Hope you have a beautiful day and Hampy is the cutest name ever!


It really isn’t bad unless I go a little too long without cleaning his cage :) Just be aware that it does take a few days for them to get comfortable with a human. In the beginning he would bite my finger HARD, but now I snuggle him like a kitten!


I’m not in any book clubs, my young kids don’t give me time to read ha! Maybe in a few years! My husband and I have different brand preferences for clothes but we do buy the same food brands regardless of who does the shopping! Do you have a link to that shirt? So cute!


Janae, I am a 2nd grade teacher and my favorite series of books is about a hamster named Humphrey by Betty Birney. Book number 1 is The World According to Humphrey. Have your children read these yet? Beck will love it!


Ohhhh don’t do it with the hamster!!! They’re SO cute and cuddly BUT. We’ve had them for a while now and it’s just so traumatizing when they die. And somehow they always find really crazy ways to die. It’s too sad!

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