Silentish Saturday!

(Top, ribbed bra, shorts, shoes)

6.63 miles @ 8:22 pace.

Love it when the sun peaks over the mountains.

Kindergarten is aging her.

Slow morning with Beck.

The three blankets he cannot live without.

Went to Runner’s Corner and Skye knew just what I needed.

Getting in some strides:

Did reverse tie dye with a bunch of their friends.

Crispy Cones with Brooke… she rated it a 9 out of 10.

Fresh pasta from Harmons, TJs balsamic glaze, olive oil, mozzarella cheese and tomatoes from my sister’s garden…

Going to miss the big kids this weekend.

Night games with the neighbors.

Off to adventure for 18 miles.

Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Good luck on the 18 miles!
Today I’m doing the spectating for running. Cross country meet this morning.
And in the meantime I am trying to catch up on marathon world champs. Looks like Keira had a bad day. It’s good to remember that the best even have off days.


Happy spectating! That sounds like so much fun! I saw that with Keira, she toughed it out. Once again, she is an example for us all! Thanks Molly, happy weekend and I hope you enjoy some sourdough this weekend too.


I love pasta and salads with tomatoes fresh from a garden! The best!
I know it’s been a little hard with Skye starting kindergarten, but enjoy this one on one time with Beck. It’s very special.
I think we have made huge progress with potty training the puppy! I know she’ll have some accidents, but I feel like we’ve turned the corner. Wahoo. This weekend will be all about crate training her 🤞
Hope your 18 miles is fabulous. Have a great weekend Janae.


Truly, garden fresh tomatoes are the biggest treat. Thank you, I am finding that I am really enjoying the time with just the two of us because it never happens. You are so right. OH YAY! I cannot believe how cute she is and I am so happy that she is progressing. Happy weekend with all of your boys, Wendy!


Good luck on your run! I did 9 miles this morning with a local running group, now going to rest for a bit. Lunch this afternoon with my boyfriends family!


Thank you, Mariah! I did it wahoo. Awesome job on your run with the group and I hope you have the best time recovering and then at lunch. Enjoy!


This morning was the Cam run-a memorial run for a local runner who was hit & killed by a car in 2015 (at 6:45 pm where it was light outside and he was running facing traffic-car hit him from behind after crossing the lanes). Makes me mad to think he was doing everything right and it still happened.
Anyway…………..the 5k is family friendly, then they do a kids run, and then the top 25 men and women come to a high school track tonight to compete in a one mile competition! They let you stand on the track and cheer everyone on! And to make it even cooler this year (pun intended bc today’s high is 97) is that after the hs/middle school mile competition and the top 25 competition, there is an elite mile!!!!!!! AHHHHHH! Elite men & women are racing for prize money and we’re hoping for the first time ever that someone breaks 4 minutes. I am so pumped………..our local running store is putting this event on and I am excited to see the community turnout. It goes from 7-10 tonight:) There are nike & brooks athletes coming, so pumped!


Oh Loribeth. I didn’t know about this runner. That is absolutely heartbreaking. His poor family. I love that your community pulls together in memory of him. I want to come watch the elites, that is amazing. Enjoy and let me know how it goes!


Living such a wonderful, full life, Janae. School doesn’t start for another week here in Canada. As a crossing guard I am looking forward to seeing everyone again. And meeting new kindergarten students for the 1st time.
Amazing time with your 6.63 miles. Your children are becoming runners in the making. 🏃‍♀️ 🏃


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