Friday Favorites!

(tank, bra, shorts, shoes)

Nine miles @ 8:29 average… 6.5 miles today and 18 miles on Saturday, and I’ll hit 70 for the week! I’m now questioning how in the world I used to run 85 miles per week because I feel half-asleep at all times.

It’s the one year where these three will all be at the same school together.

Her loving every second of it makes it easier for me to let her go.

We had my mom’s taco soup recipe for dinner.

Beck even approves of this dinner.

Of course, the day ended with soccer.  I need to start bringing my foam roller again to get in some recovery while I watch.

I have to showcase Curly’s Nikes that she painted. She is my hero.

Now for some favorites:

*I feel like I might need to apologize before I share THIS BOOK. It has created such a running wanderlust for me, and things are about to get expensive;). Each page covers the most incredible running adventures, and I need to do them all. With tips, maps, and beautiful descriptions of each adventure… I might stop the PR-chasing thing and move over to checking off each of these adventures.

I mean, come on! How will I ever not do this in my lifetime? PS This would also make an excellent gift for a runner in your life.

PS My favorite checkered dress in these pictures is currently on major sale.

*This peach cobbler recipe that Andrew’s parents brought over. Best peach cobbler ever.

*These jeans! I went birthday shopping for Brooke at her favorite boutique and left with her gifts and a pair of jeans I fell in love with while there;). I’ve been wearing them nonstop and love the fit.


Tell me something you are looking forward to this weekend!

Cooked fruit.. how do you feel about that?  

-I know some people are not about fruit pies or cobblers but I love them.

Question from Curly because she was over last night—> What is the best Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor?

Amazon purchase that you recommend?

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Oh, wow, those shoes are so cool! Love that Skye is loving Kindergarten! At my school, our PK3s-Kindergarteners started this week and it always makes me smile to see our youngest students on campus so excited to be at “big kid school!” Best recent Amazon purchases would be the Olaplex Bond Smoother that you recommended (THANK YOU- it’s saving my hair on our high Louisiana humidity) and this hoodie from Baleaf that I wore everyday on our summer trip to Wyoming for the Grand Tetons half marathon ( I can’t wait for cooler weather to it us so I can wear it again. I love Baleaf’s running shorts, too! Looking forward to a 3 mile run tomorrow (still on the treadmill due to our heat advisory). I’ve been feeling better lately, so this week I’ve been able to up my running to three times this week compared to only once last week. Thanks as always for the inspiration, Janae! Happy Friday!


YESSSS… that’s exactly how Skye feels. Just so happy to be at the big kid school and done with this pre-school stuff;). Oh, I am so happy you got the smoother, it’s a game changer. I need more details about your Grand Tetons half marathon, that sounds amazing and that zipup is going in my cart. Three times a week wahoo… enjoy those miles tomorrow. Thanks Emily!


Loooove fruit pies and crisps and cobblers – my favorite is usually apple crisp, but I am saving the peach cobbler recipe (thank you!) because it looks so pretty. And I love they made one to bring to you guys – my mom does that too, baking/cooking for others’ & it is always such a fun & appreciated surprise.
We are kicking off my son’s birthday week TODAY so I am pretty excited. Tomorrow we are spending the day at the MN State Fair with my parents and my brother’s family.
Amazon purchase – these are pretty cool for DIY popsicles with juice or smoothies:
Hope the back-to-school transition is going well!


They know how much we LOVE food and so they usually have something for us, they are the best. I am so excited for apple crisp season too. Happy birthday to your son! Thank you for the link, my kids are going to love this. Happy weekend, Katie!


Ben & Jerry’s: Best, by far, was KaBerry KaBoom. That ice cream got me through college back in the day (vanilla ice cream with swirls of strawberry & blueberry… and white fudge covered pop rocks). They haven’t made it in so long and I dream one day it will be back!! I love peach & berry cobbler/pies, but not a fan of apple. The weekend is bringing hot air balloons, soccer coach meeting (I keep getting talked into it!), and getting my kiddos ready for school that starts next week.


I have never had that flavor, and I am so sad that they don’t make it anymore. If it ever does come back, you must let me know. Hahah isn’t it funny how we get talked into these things but in the long run we are always happy we do them:). Good luck and I hope your kids have the best first week of school back. Thanks Jodi!


That book sounds fun. I would love to do more destination runs, so I may need to purchase that.
Our youngest son came home yesterday, surprise! So we are soaking in all the family time we can before our older son’s girlfriend goes back to Vermont. I love when all the kids are home.
It’s funny, I love fruit pies and cobblers and crisps, just not peach ones. I loves peaches but not cooked. It’s very strange to me, ha ha.
Let Curly know that her shoes are amazing.
Have a good Friday Janae.


Purchase it and then come join me on some of these adventures. He came home… oh that is the best news. You are going to have the best weekend. I’m so happy for you guys. No, I swear you are normal. I know a lot of people that feel that way about peaches. I totally will, thanks Wendy and enjoy your boys!


I just got a bunch of peaches from the farmer’s market, I am definitely making that crumble now!!

Best Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor is half baked. Also, amazing job on the shoes!


The way I have never clicked on a link faster to order that book! A dream!


YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT!! Let me know what you think. Happy Friday, Amelia!


I have flipped through that book at the library! I had to put it back on the shelf because I was overwhelmed with running options. Great idea about races later in life or if we just want to slow down now and enjoy the scenery.
Fruit zerts all the way. Sadly I have to leave off the ice cream.
Loving the fashion Friday in this post. ha
Side note, I checked the weather after my run today because it was feeling so cool and crisp. I laughed when I read 90% humidity. That’s how bad it was earlier in the week. Heat training: check.
Have a great weekend!!


90% HUMIDITY?!?! And that was on your cool/crisp morning haha. I would be a puddle on the ground. You are so strong and so ready for your marathon. I think you need to pick that book back up and join me in some of these adventures:). Happy Friday, Molly!


Wow, wow, Curly’s shoes are sooo cool! And Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ben & Jerry’s. All the chocolate all the time. Although I absolutely love a fruit pie, cobbler or crisp! I like your inlaws ;)


I do too! Thank you, I’m going to send Curly what you said… it will make her so happy. I hope you get some cobbler and Ben & Jerry’s soon. Thanks Michelle!


So glad Skye is loving school!!

Thanks for sharing that peach cobbler. I have company coming over tomorrow for supper so I might just make that for dessert:) We love apple crumble. I’m glad it’s almost apple picking season here!

I love your Friday favourites as per usual. I’m in need of new T-shirt’s. Do you have a link to the one in soccer picture?

This week we have nothing planned expect for company coming over for supper. My daughter was supposed to have a soccer tournament Sunday but it got cancelled. It’s going to be rainy so I’m happy we can just relax. I feel like we have been constantly on the go lately. Hope you have a great weekend!


YESSSS Andrew just got me that one, I love it! Let me know if you get it:). I hope you guys have the best time with your company and I hope the soccer tournament gets rescheduled for a sunny weekend:). Enjoy a relaxing weekend. Thanks Ashlea!


Because of your recommendation, I am doing The Top of Utah 1/2 marathon tomorrow. I haven’t done a 1/2 since April of 2017. I am stressing about taking a bus to the start line. I have never done that.


Fruit cobblers and crisps are soooo good. I also love berry and peach pie.

Phish food Ben and Jerry’s is so good but my favorite was a limited edition in the early 2000’s. It was called something like On Britannica. It was vanilla ice cream with shortbread, strawberries and i think chocolate chunks or chocolate covered shortbread. Clearly it was memorable. Has Curly watched the Rhett and Link episode where they try every flavor of B&J’s?

That book would make me want to quit adulting and go on every adventure!


I turn 30 on Sunday! Call me weird, but I’m actually looking forward to a new decade!


I would buy those sneakers if I saw them online! Curly needs an Etsy shop. Best Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Lights, Caramel, Action.

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