Friday Favorites + Not Good for Our Marriage.

(tank isn’t available anymore but this one is from the same place and looks similar, shorts, bra)

Yesterday’s class was ridiculously hard (45 min HIIT & Hills Ride with Robin).  I thought the class was just starting out hard and going to get easier along the way but it was the opposite.. it just got harder and harder along the way.

The night before (starting at 11:something pm) Andrew did the same class that I did and he scored WAY higher than I did haha… this might not be good for our marriage;)  I’m just kidding, he is a much better biker than I am and I am very impressed by him!

IMG 3930

A few hours later and we were off to the airport.  I hadn’t flown in almost two years, I had forgotten all about my flying anxiety (the smallest amount of turbulence freaks me out).

Usually I am saying goodbye to the big kids so it was a little weird being the one leaving.

IMG 3958

Andrew and the kids then drove to his parents’ house to spend time together.

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The kids were in heaven.

IMG 7975

IMG 7971

The entire flight I watched documentaries and went to Shake Shack right when I landed.  PS I didn’t love my first Shake Shack experience but this one was AMAZING.  Way better than In-n-Out in my opinion.

IMG 3980

VERY thankful for FaceTime right about now.

Screenshot 2021 10 14 at 8 41 10 PM


Just a few of my favorites from this week:

*Mer (my grandma) just gave me this beautiful ring that my grandpa gave to her decades ago.  I can’t stop staring at it.

IMG 3484

*Travel necessities—> strassburg sock and yogatoes (both for my plantar and of course Liquid IV because it keeps me so incredibly hydrated (and because it tastes really good:).  Code HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL gets you 25% off and free shipping at Liquid IV!

IMG 3982

*THESE shoes (especially with my favorite black jeans) that make my plantar happy and that match with everything I wear.  These shoes are light and bouncy while still offering so much comfort and support.  I haven’t run in them and I’m not sure I ever will because I just want to wear them every day of my life with every outfit.    I think wearing my Hokas all of the time are a big reason why my plantar is doing better too.

IMG 3781

*If you have ever had the strong desire to feel like you are wrapped up in the warmest and softest blanket ever, then get this jacket.  I also think it looks very cute with these leggings:)

IMG 3831


Shake shack or in-n-out or neither?

Does flying make you nervous at all?  Last flight you took?

If you have a significant other right now… are you pretty competitive with them?

Any fun weekend plans?

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I’m convinced that for the Shake Shack vs. In n Out preference is based on whatever you don’t have regularly. Shake Shack is good but in theory I could have it every day but In n Out is something I don’t get often so I love whenever I’m out west and can have it.

Have a great time in New York!


I’ve never had In n Out! I am really picky about my hamburgers, however, so fast food burgers are really a waste of calories for me. Flying doesn’t make me nervous. The logistics of flying used to, however. But a few years ago, I had a job that I had to fly internationally about once a month and my anxiety about getting where I was going disappeared too. Because you just have to let it go. And you have to eat when they put food in front of you and try to sleep when you can! I am competitive with my husband and cannot even share workouts with him or I will need to run that distance the next day. We might drive a couple of hours on Sunday to see our oldest play a soccer game. She is in college and decided not to play soccer this year. 1/2 way through the season, she asked her track coach and the assistance soccer coach if she could play JV. She scored the only goal in the game a week later and now they are playing her in a lot of different positions. She is having fun and has no stress about making varsity as she knows that that ship has sailed.


How are you liking the yogatoes!!!????? I need to go put mine on right now.
Have such an amazing time in the city!!!
I’m also not a good flyer. I bought these chocolates from whole foods right before my Boston flight that are called Good Day Chocolates, in “calm.” Nothing sketch in them, they have theanine and chamomile. And (maybe it was a placebo effect) but they totally worked! They’re coming with me from now on haha.
I’m not competitive with my husband right now, but he’s competitive with me. He keeps talking a big game that he could run faster than me. RUDE. ;)
I love that jacket. OH! Lulu just started offering their military/first responder discount ONLINE!!!!!


Good morning Janae! I actually have not had either one, which all of a sudden seems crazy to me!
I am glad you are loving Peloton so far. It truly is my daily therapy session on the bike. With my home base being Hawaii, flying no longer bothers me. Without fail though I pass out as we take off, so maybe that is how my brain calms me down? Speaking of which, at the end of the weekend I am flying back home. Have been on the East coast checking out the leaves, my goodness the Smoky Mountains are beautiful!


Enjoy your vacation! I also have Hoka’s but only use them to teach phy ed. I have never run in them either, but they work great for running around in gym class with the kids. My foot feels so supported and I typically have troubles finding shoes that do the job.

I am not competitive at all. Although my husband swears he would beat me in a 400 meter race…but we have never been able to get him to the track to prove it;-).

Happy Friday Janae! Soak up all the kid free time (even though I know it is hard to be away!)


The ring from Mer is beautiful! I’ve never seen anything like it. I would stare at it all the time, too!

I have my grandmother’s (dad’s mom) pearls. She died when I was 4; I’m 45 now. I have few memories of her but I have those and they are by far my most prized possession. They are irreplaceable.

Have a great trip!


That ring is so pretty! What a special gift Mer has shared with you.
In n Out is much better than Shake Shack, IMO… I don’t eat fast food hardly at all, but if someone suggests In n Out, then I order ?
Flying makes me a little nervous too. I’m the same way about turbulence! The last time I flew was a few weeks ago when we went to Denver. We are going to Chicago next month to see our son…. That’s a long flight.
Have a wonderful time in NY!! Can’t wait to see pictures ?


I’m convinced that men are able to generate better Peloton outputs than women (not that Andrew isn’t in great shape haha). There are guys I follow who don’t work out that often but still crush me on outputs. Must be the leg muscles and maybe length ? Still fun to compete with each other, though! Jealous of that burger – we don’t have Shake Shack or In-n-Out, so I rely on Five Guys. Enjoy NYC!


I like both shake shack and in n out, but for different reasons! In n out reminds me of home, but shake shack is better quality.

I’m traveling home to Arizona! Spending over a week with my family and very excited.


Hi Janae! I love Shake Shack and I’m so glad you so too now! I’m flying today! Going home to my parents for a few weeks.
Have an awesome time in NYC!


I also did that HIIT and Hills class with Robin. Hint: She’s said before if she’s wearing any yellow that means it’s going to be a hard class :) My husband always beats my output too I’ve just learned we can’t compete that way.
Enjoy your trip :)


I’ve never had Shake shack, but I am not an In-N-Out fan so I’d at least give Shake shack a try.

Flying doesn’t make me nervous, which is a good thing since we’ve done so much of it. Last flight was home from Hawaii less than a month ago. Next flight is back to Hawaii a week from Sunday (this trip came up 2 days ago.)

Les and I are not competitive towards each other. He is a much better cyclist and I’m a much better runner.

No plans this weekend. I did my long run this morning – 9 miles on the trail with 1300′ of climbing.


Hi Janae!! I live in NY (not the city), so welcome to the East Coast!! I hope you have a fantastic visit and enjoy the change of pace and scenery.
I have never had either Shake Shack or In-n-Out, but don’t eat meat, so I’m thinking that’s a comparison I’ll never make HaHa!
I have always enjoyed flying, but due to COVID, it’s been a long time. I think the last flight was to Florida. I have always used air time as “me” time to read a book or journal or just plain sleep. There is not much else to be done up there, so might just as well use the time for myself :o)
My partner is more competitive than I am, so we don’t compete with one another much. He doesn’t know that I do sometimes set up little mini-goals for myself based on what he does, even though we usually aren’t doing the activities together. So…secretly competitive maybe??
Not so much a fun weekend, but a busy one for sure – teaching all day Saturday and then taking a certification class myself on Sunday. Fingers crossed we finish early on Sunday – I will likely just crash on the couch which sounds heavenly right now! LOL! Have a fabulous weekend, Janae!!


I’m happy that the Cliftons are feeling good on your feet. Yay for a shoe that you want to wear everywhere you go and that doesn’t cause pain. :)

As for the burger debate: SHAKE SHACK FOREVER! I had in & out once–when Tom and I went to Vegas for our brief honeymoon–and while it was fine, it was ONLY fine. Shake Shack is AMAZING, IMO. (And there is a fast casual burger chain that *might* be just a bit better than Shake Shack–it’s called Burger Fi–but there are VERY few locations. Burger Fi *does* win, hands down, in onion rings. I always loved their burgers, but I haven’t been near a BF location in a couple of years…but Shake Shack is a few miles from our apartment ;)

I keep on eyeing the shorter version of your black lulu coat. Even though I begin my NEW JOB a week from Monday and will have a VERY good salary, I can’t justify the cost of it any time soon. Maybe once Atlanta’s “winter” sets in and I test it and see if it really is warm and cozy enough. MAYBE THEN. BUT, until then, I will admire it from afar and will look at it and smile every time I walk into lulu. :)

Your ring is gorgeous!

Enjoy your weekend getaway! :)


All your posts lately are making me want a Peloton :) We have been using the app on a non-Peloton bike but you are convincing me to upgrade!

While in NYC check out Dough Donuts (so amazing) and Chip City cookies. You can compare Chip City to Levain and let us know your favorite :) There is also a great food scene in Jersey City (quick PATH or ferry ride over the Hudson). Razza Pizza is there and was named the best pizza in NYC by NY Times! Also Bang Cookies, Baonanas (whipped banana pudding in a bunch of amazing flavors), Orale (great Mexican food) and so many others…

I will be eagerly awaiting your Monday post to live vicariously through you, as we moved our family out of the NYC area when COVID hit and I miss it like crazy!


So fun you get to go on a trip! How are you managing to be away for so long while still nursing (if you still are?) I’m still nursing my 11 month old a few times a day and haven’t get figured out how to be away for more than a few hours.
Hope you have fun!


Hey Chelsea! I just brought my pump and pump a few times a day! So far it’s worked great, have a beautiful weekend with your little one ❤️


I HATE FLYING. Had to do it from Nashville to Salt Lake for school in Idaho, and I was miserable on every flight. Then I have flown to Rhode Island and San Diego for work and both times was just prepared for the worst. My stomach gets in knots….it’s not fun. I wish that I could just take a sedative but when flying alone that doesn’t work. I prefer road trips:)


I’m loving that jacket! I’m currently pregnant/due in a few weeks and thinking about purchasing for myself. How does it fit? The reviews say it’s TOO oversized but being postpartum I wonder if I should size up!


HEY ERIN! It is quite oversized but I bought it in my normal size and I am obsessed with the fit. I think you will love it! Let me know if you get it!


One really important thing to remember about Peloton outputs is that it’s a function of power-weight ratios. My output is never close to my husband’s because I’m smaller, but my P/W ratio is better. Matt talks a lot about this in PZ training!


SOOOOO good to know, thank you thank you! Hope you are having a great night!


Oh my gosh Andrew and the kids were eating at The Oaks, I live in Huntsville so we visit that restaurant often!!! You need to come run some trails up here!! Also, I read that you wanted to do a trail race, you should look into the skyline marathon it’s usually around august. You go over the mountain and the views are amazing!!!!


AHHHHH this is so so so cool and the skyline marathon sounds incredible. YES PLEASE. Come do it with me?


Never had shake shack. I love in-n-out and five guys. I can’t wait to travel back to the US one day.


I hope you are able to come back soon!

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