Friday Favorites + Very Tempted!

Clearly we are getting good use of our home gym… somehow it turned into a storage area again!  I’ll work on that today:)

Beck did everything he could to try to convince me to stay home from going on a run.

IMG 1211

10 gorgeous miles that started chilly and ended hot.  Emilee and I hit up our favorite paved trail for the miles.

IMG 1213

Picture taken to show you my watch but once I saw it it made me realize how incredibly long Beck’s eyelashes are!

IMG 1222

This was my favorite picture from yesterday.  Andrew is raising them right he says;).

IMG 1230

We are probably going to need another shotgun rider for Beck before we know it.  We have LOVED this so much for Skye… we highly recommend it and it helps Skye to feel part of the crew out there mountain biking.

IMG 1235

We kept it simple with leftovers for dinner and the most delicious chocolate pb banana smoothie afterwards!  It was opening day for baseball yesterday so we all watched that together.

IMG 1234

I am VERRRRRRY tempted to sign up for this marathon but I’m feeling like this year isn’t a great year for marathons but maybe I’ll do the mini marathon (half-marathon)… anyone else??

IMG 1204


Let’s chat with a few things we are loving over here!

*I am pretty sure my kids could live off of these ZBARs and this specific flavor.  We usually just get them for trips and it makes them SO happy to see them.

IMG 0750

*We bought this climbing dome play center last spring and it is still used ALL OF THE TIME.  It was easy to put together and the kids climb all over it.  Whenever kids come over to play, it’s the first thing they go to in the backyard!

IMG 0258

*Julie posted these pens a bit ago and so I had to try them.  Andrew and I have been on the hunt for the perfect pen and these are as good as it gets!  They write so smooth, they don’t smear (which is huge as a left hander) and I love the way they write. Now to get another pack so we stop fighting over them ha!

IMG 1028

*Over the last 8 years I’ve experimented with many different types of kid’s dishes and silverware.  Target wins and my kids agree.  Their sets are so cute, they are so easy to clean and they are SO cheap!  I find myself using them all often because I love them ha:). You can find them HERE!

IMG 1053

*While I’m sharing my love for Target, you just can’t go wrong with their graphic tees.  I love them and will always love them.

IMG 1229


Who is signing up for the St. George Marathon or Mini Marathon?  Have you signed up for any races this year?

WHO has an April birthday?  

Looking forward to anything this weekend?

Summer clothes/t-shirts etc?  Where do you like to shop for them?

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Happy Friday!

My birthday is April 12 and I am deciding if I want to give the gift of running the St. George Marathon to myself. It looks absolutely beautiful, but I live in Iowa so it would be a commitment to get there. I only turn 38 once though right??!!?

Have a great weekend! Happy Easter, the Lord has risen!


HAPPY BDAY IN 10 DAYS and I hope you celebrate all month! I really think that would be the best gift ever for yourself and I’d love to meet you there (most likely I’ll run the half or we will be there cheering)! Thank you Amy, Happy Easter to you too!


I signed up for a half marathon! It’s in October in Baltimore, really hoping it happens ?

I just got a bunch of t-shirts from old navy, the luxe ones, and they are so soft! Highly recommend, especially if you can buy when they are half off.

6th date on Saturday. Things are going really well ??


Crossing all of my fingers and toes that it will happen! I will absolutely have to check those ones out, thanks for sharing!
SIXTH DATE AHHHHHH I am truly so happy for you friend!


Turning 32 on April 23rd :) I used to get really sad on my birthday because I would always feel like I’m not where I’m “supposed” to be … But ever since throwing timelines out the window, I’m loving life and can’t wait to celebrate another year :)

Thinking about signing up for the Denver Marathon which is in mid October! I was gonna put my name in the hat for Boston but my running coach felt the same way you do and said big city marathons are probably not going to look the same this year and better to stay small and local!


HAPPIEST BIRTH MONTH ARTHI! I love what you said about throwing those timelines out the window… AMEN! You are exactly where you are supposed to be. I will eat cake on the 23rd to celebrate you! Denver Marathon, WAHOOOO I love this plan and I want to hear all about your training. Have the best day Arthi!


I’m running St George and coming out from MN! I ran my first BQ on that course in 2016, so it definitely has a special place in my heart. The course is also so SO gorgeous! I can’t wait to conquer Veyo hill again, haha! Have a wonderful Easter weekend with your adorable fam!


We have 2 April birthdays in the family. River pup turns 1 on April 24 and my moms bday is April 26.

So excited for 4 days off for Easter! Last night was gorgeous here so my planned short run turned into 13 miles with a friend and a beautiful sunset..

This weekend sleep eat more chocolate and chill with family and probably cook some favourite recipes

For dresses I sometimes find them online but we have a really cool shopping street walking distance and the cute little boutiques have some great dresses.Sometimes old navy too!

Have a great Easter long with the family Janae!


HAPPIEST BDAY MONTH to River and your Mom! So much celebrating and enjoy these 4 days off! And 13 miles yesterday, way to go… I bet that sunset was amazing. I want to visit your shopping street! Enjoy that chocolate and thank you Kristine!


JEN! I. Am. So. Happy. that you are running St. George this year and that you had such an incredible race in 2016 there. Seriously, there isn’t a prettier course. VEYO IS YOURS! Thanks friend, you too!


Happy Friday! Your kids make the best faces – lol!!
We get to see some friends this weekend that we haven’t been able to see in over a year (no surprise there). We have all been fully vaccinated, so it feels a little safer, though we will still take precautions. Another friend just got a big promotion, so we may have the chance to celebrate with her too. Should be the perfect bland of ” have to” (household chores) and “love to” (seeing people)!!
Target and Old Navy are favorites for casual, inexpensive, summer clothes. I need to restock white t-shirts every year – they rarely make it through more than one summer without being wrecked!
Have a wonderful Easter weekend with your family :o)


Hahaha I fully agree with you! I am SO happy that you are able to get together with friends this weekend! Enjoy the celebrating! I’m with you, I love how cheap you can find cute summer things at those two stores. Thank you Janine, you too!


Happy Friday, Janae! A few things that are beyond random, so I will do them as a list:
1. LOL with your strength training at-home gym becoming a storage space!!! Clean that out and get to some good ol’ fashioned strength training!! (Though I bet with picking up babies and toddlers on and off all day you get a WICKED upper body workout every single day…)
2. Those ZBars look good. I wish there was a version of those bars that had ZERO legumes (most common: soy, peas) so I could gobble them up. Fun fact about me: oatmeal cookies are sort of my most favorite of them all. When they get dressed up with chocolate chips, or with maybe white chocolate chips and dried cherries or cranberries–even better!!! But I love plain oatmeal cookies (raisins are OK, and I am always even happier when chopped walnuts or pecans are added in). When I was a kid, my yiayia (greek for ‘grandmother’) would always make sure to bring batches of her oatmeal cookies for me alongside the chocolate chip ones for my brother when she and my papou would visit us.
3. I seriously love your coral-pink tank top in your first picture. I think I am swayed by the prevalence of coral pink in this year’s spring fashions (athleisure AND normal), but it’s a color I have always loved. IN FACT: there is a fluffy oversized hoodie sweatshirt on the reebok website that I love so much I already have it in 3 colors, but since it now comes in bright coral pink, I might have to break down and get a 4th hoodie. It’s seriously the best hoodie. Look it up: “restore hoodie” on the reebok website. IT IS SO GOOD.
4. I might have to check out those sharpie pens. I’ve been obsessed with a good Pilot G-2 (the finer the point the better) pen for about 15 years now, but I might have to get a pack to investigate. I’m off from work today and will be out and about this afternoon, and one of my stops is Target–I really might have to look for those!!!! #EqualOpportunity pen lover–maybe I can become one of those, rather than my constant Pilot bias?!? ;)

(I’m feeling a little cheeky this morning–I just came home from a later-than-usual strength session at the gym and had the most delicious egg, bacon, and cheddar sandwich on a sesame bagel…)

ANYHOW: I know for most of the Christian world it’s Easter this weekend (I grew up Greek Orthodox, and our Easter this year is in early May). I hope you and your family have a great holiday weekend!!! Save some chocolate for me, eh? :)


Hahaha seriously, that space needs to be used for what we made it for ha. Now you are making me need a good oatmeal cookie! Your yiayia sounds amazing:). Well now you need to send me a link to those sweatshirts! You will LOVE the pens! And now I need that breakfast sandwich, yum! Thank you Stephanie and I sure will! Enjoy celebrating in May!


My yiayia WAS the best! Man, I have the best memories. How much time you got? I could list so many from my entire childhood and adult life. She and my papou always made sure that I knew that I can do anything I put my mind to, and I have kept their voices in my head the entire time of my job hunt and in the last month-ish of my new job. I think she would be proud of me and everything I’ve worked very hard for.

So that reebok hoodie: (it really is THE BEST, and I use the RetailMeNot chrome extension all the time to check coupon codes against my instructor discount to get the best deal) Trust me–this hoodie is the best. Ever.


Beck looks so much like Skye! I just can’t get over it ?
My boys loved Zbars when they were young. And, I felt like they were a good snack, especially after school.
We’re signed up for a half marathon on Sept. 11, so hopefully that will happen. I keep checking the website for updates, but I think we’re still too far out for more details.
I’m really looking forward to spending Easter with family. And, it’s supposed to be in the mid to upper 70’s all weekend, so perfect to be outside and by the pool. I was telling a friend the other day, that this spring feels so much happier than last year (for obvious reasons). But last year we were having such gloomy weather that it made everything going on in the world feel so much worse. I’m so happy for warm sunshine this year!
(Ok, that was a total rambling thought ?)
I just saw that Carrie Tollefson has a new episode out with Des Linden!! They’re talking about Des going after the 50K world record… So I will be listening to that on my run today ?
Have a great Friday!


HALF IN SEPTEMBER WAHOO… I am really thinking that more and more races are going to happen! Enjoy every second with your family outside this weekend! I totally agree, this Spring is so much better already and I am so happy you are having the happy weather too. I LOVE every thought possible. I started listening to it this morning, it’s so good. Thanks Wendy, you too!


That play dome is awesome! I would probably use it as much as they do. Lol
I was thinking about registering for St. George as a backup race, in case Berlin doesn’t happen this year. I had St. George on my last anyway and planned on possibly doing it next year! I have to look at the deferral policy though. And I’m also wondering what the hotel situation is there..
Easter weekend, and my nieces 9th birthday falls on the same day! Lots of celebrating over here!

Have a great weekend, Janae! and Happy Easter to you and your family!


Hey friend! I really hope that Berlin is able to happen! I am pretty positive St. George will happen this year, last time we were there everything was back to normal! As far as hotels go I would look into the airbnb situation too… St. George has a TON of those that you can stay at.
You are going to have a great weekend:). Happy bday to your niece and thank you so much!


I am so tempted to sign up! My cousin now lives in St George and said I have a room anytime I want to come. But it’s a long plane ride and we still don’t know what the fall will look like! Disappointed my marathon in a few weeks isn’t happening. I switched to virtual. The marathon has been moved to June but it’s just a date change and the city has not approved it… I just don’t want to extend my training and then find out it is canceled! So virtual it is!! 20 miler tomorrow.


I am so bummed that your marathon was switched to virtual but you have the best attitude.
UMMMMMMMM I think you need to sign up for St. George and especially with the fact you already have a place to stay:). I will say the that when we were just in St. George it is completely back to normal there so I really do think that it will happen this year. Keep me updated and go rock your 20 miler tomorrow!


I am running my first marathon in 6 weeks time (Richmond, London)! It has already been postponed twice and there is a possibility it could be postponed again if cases in the local area rise! There is potentially going to be no spectators also…

I have signed up for my favourite half marathon in September so I’m hoping that one definietly goes ahead.

Happy Easter!


SARAH! I am REALLY hoping that your marathon is going to happen! Please keep me updated, I am so excited for you. Cheering big time for you! Happy Easter friend and I want to come join you for your favorite half in September.


What’s wrong with doing a run happy marathon? If your heart is nudging you, do it!!


I have signed up for Manchester marathon on Oct 10 if it goes ahead .I enjoy reading your blog and where you live looks amazing . Happy Easter ??


WOW! Annmarie, I am so so excited for you to run the Manchester Marathon! Please keep me updated with how the training etc is going for you! Happy Easter to you too!


SOOOOO true… It’s more just not sure I can even get in those longer runs etc with how little sleep I’m getting but who knows, maybe that will change?! I mean, if you meet me there that would be a different story! Have the best weekend, Erica!


Thanks for sharing this post and the links.
I just put the Target kids dinner plates and tumblers into my Cart.
However, I’m having a hard time finding the forks, spoons and knives I see in your photo. Can you possibly email me a direct link (or just share as a comment or reply to my message here) for those utensils? I’d like to get the ones you are showing there.


Hey Amy! Okay this is weird because they are on the picture for utensils but then when you click on them they aren’t there! I bought mine at the store, do you have one close by chance? Sorry about that!


Always love your posts and mom fashion! I noticed the shirts in the last pic with the cactus t-shirt and wondered where you got them? It’s hard to find longer shorts that are also flattering!


HEY! Thank you friend, these are also target ones! I hope you love it too, have a beautiful day:)


No race sign ups yet for me this year. I am not a marathon girl, but I have done MANY half-marathons. Love that distance.
I am so looking forward to Easter this weekend and my birthday next week! It’s April 7th. So funny you just asked about t-shirts because I JUST received a bunch I ordered from Gap Outlet. They are all spring/summer colors….of course it was 32 degrees today! Brrrrrrrr Have a great weekend, Janae!


I’m running Boston in the fallllllllll!!!!! I’m sooo excited! I’m curious at to what you think about the smaller running field. They’re limiting the runners to 20,000 as opposed to 30,000. How much faster than your qualifying time do you think you’ll need to be to run? It will be interesting to see! I can’t wait! It will be my first time running there and I am so excited it will be in the fall. I’ve always want to experience New England at that time of year.

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