A weird running thing I do + tangents

(tank, shoes, shorts, socks)

10.58 miles @ 8:22 average with my friends and then a strength workout at home with Andrew. Now that school has started again, I am determined to return to the habit of doing strength. If I want to be running when I’m 90, I need to do this.

I love it when Skye comes out from her room with her unicorn blanket on like this. She’ll roam the house for a few minutes without saying a word until she is fully awake.

We got out for our favorite rice bowls.

And did a few errands, including accessory shopping for our house at our favorite store, Gatehouse.

Not much else happened besides Brooke’s mandatory reading time for school. I have taken it upon myself to read next to her each day.

My tangents are all over the place today:

*My kids recently alerted me of something weird that I do that I didn’t realize was strange.  Whenever I see a runner go by, I tell Andrew what type of shoes they are wearing, and then I guess how many miles they have run in them.  I didn’t think it was weird, but Brooke and Knox have reached the age where they feel it is their duty to point out every odd thing Andrew and I do.

*These two have been looking so much like each other these days, in my opinion:

*I’ve determined that running shoes need to be sold in quarter sizes.  We need them to fit perfectly; quarter sizes would allow that to happen more often.

*I have loved summer running laundry.  It’s 1/8th as much as winter running laundry.

*Does anyone else feel like they need a translator when they text with a teenager?  These are from Curly, and I tried to act like I understood what she was saying, but I hope it wasn’t anything important because I left the conversation clueless.

*My kids love banana-flavored candy, and it is alarming to me.  Do I need to have their tastebuds checked out?

*What is wrong with my eyes? My sunglasses always have fingerprints and smudges all over them, which doesn’t bother me. I’m pretty sure this would drive most people crazy.

*Sha’Carri Richardson! The Women’s World Championship 100m Final!  10.65!!

Have a tangent for me?

Do you pay attention to what running shoes people are wearing?

Parents—>  Do you notice that your kids look alike?

Would my sunglasses habit drive you nuts or not?

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I love that bear picture over your couch!

I wear glasses and a lot of the time don’t notice when they’re dirty and fingerprint-y. But when I do finally realize, they need to be cleaned NOW because it’s all I can see when I look through them.


Lol when I pass a runner, I always try to guess their pace (probably because I’m sloooow and I’m always impressed with fast runners). And I always notice Brooks shoes because I love them! So cute how alike Brooke and Skye look. I’m the youngest of six and we all look vastly different (some individual traits are shared, but overall, we look like 6 random people in photos). Can I just say that as a former elementary school librarian and current reading teacher, I LOVE seeing you reading next to Brooke?!? Parents forget that it’s not just reading with your kids but also having your kids see YOU read for fun everyday is such a big part of them becoming them lifelong readers. So awesome! Anyway, happy Tuesday, Janae! :)


Your sunglasses habit would drive me crazy. it drives me crazy on my regular glasses. I’ll look at my sisters’ glasses and they are smudged and finger printed; it doesn’t bother them. I’ve asked.
the banana flavored candy thing is weird. the banana flavor is based on the type of banana that was eaten over 100 years ago. that might be why it tastes bad/fake to a lot of people. My little sister will pick all of the banana runts out of a box of runts and eat them. If she’s someplace that sells just the bananas, she’ll buy just the bananas. There’s something majorly wrong with that.
Have a great Tuesday!


Ooo I love the book club you and Brooke have going on!
I was so grateful for the world champs yesterday. I have a patient who has been admitted for a while and has a poor appetite. I walked into her room to find her watching the 400 meter race. We talked about all the events and various athletes while waiting for that heat to start; watched the heat; and then discussed her nutrition concerns.
And when I do strength workouts it’s on workout days/long run days. To pump myself up to do it I always picture Dwight in the stairwell giving himself a pep talk and busting out an air guitar and kicks.


I worked at a running store and it absolutely got me paying attention to what kind of shoes everyone is wearing! I’ve never tried to guess the mileage on the shoes though…that’s talent!


Tangent – have you ever thought about cross training with Pure Barre? It’s the most opposite style of exercise to running but goodness I have never seen such amazing results in my postpartum running years!

Have a great day!! God bless


Wow! Sha’Carrie! Amazing. Thanks for sharing that link.
I love that you are reading with Brooke each day. So fun for both of you.
I noticed running shoes for sure, but usually not while people are running. I also like to try and guess what pace they’re running.
Puppy potty training is going well, yay! Now we need to work on leaving her alone for a little bit, teaching her we’ll always come back. Then I’ll be able to get back to a normal routine. Thank goodness for Peloton cardio and strength workouts to keep me in somewhat decent shape while we’re handling puppy-hood.
Have a great Tuesday.


I feel the same about text language, maybe translators need to add a new language!

I always look at peoples running shoes, especially if they are bright or pretty colors. That way I always know what color my next pair will be. I also have a habit of guessing how long people have been running for, I doubt I ever get it right though. ;)

I was wondering recently, how did the permanent bracelets you got a couple years with your girls hold up? I curious about their durability because any I’ve seen appear flimsy and light. Almost like you could snap them with your hands.

Have a great day, Janae!


Your post made me laugh today! I totally pay attention to people’s shoes ESPECIALLY runners. I can usually tell what they’re wearing pretty quick too, but not the miles – you are a guru! Totally agree they should come in quarter sizes – I had surgery on my right ankle YEARS ago, and ever since then it’s been a bit larger than my left. I would love to get different sizes, haha. Also have no clue what your niece is saying, you’ll have to translate. Have the best day! Have the best day, Janae! We should do an online book club. :)


The shoe thing! Yes, yes, yes and I’ll take it a step further and say I wish you could size your feet individually! One of my feet is about half size bigger, which means I have to go up half size in one running shoe and a full size in the other. And I’m already a size 10, so I’m buying 11s (don’t get me started on my self-consciousness there). I’m told that different size feet are common, so why hasn’t anyone jumped onto his yet 🤔

Skye and her uni blanket ❤️ I get it, she needs time in the morning before she can face the world. I feel that!

Glasses = SAME. It drives my husband bonkers. He is always cleaning them for me lol

Have am amazing day, Janae!


I don’t notice what shoes people run in but Les notices every bike that he sees.

My sunglasses get pretty dirty too, I’m constantly cleaning them.


I also don’t know what your niece was saying!!


I *think* in your niece’s texts the “fs” = for sure. Usually “dw” = don’t worry but in this case it doesn’t seem to fit the context – so my next guess would be “did what” (so ‘yeah did what i could’). I don’t know….my kids are 20 and 18 and I’m still trying to figure it out.

Shoes – totally notice everyone’s shoes.

Banana flavored candy – gross

100% agree on summer running laundry


My weird running thing: Whenever I see a woman running and her chest is moving a lot I always think “oh no! She needs a better running bra!” I was told a while back that breast ligaments aren’t elastic, once they stretch out, that’s it. And when I was running during the time when I was nursing my babies, I didn’t have good high-impact sports bras and would sometimes wear double or triple bras to keep things locked down!


I point out shoes too!! You’re not alone!!
Also I have no clue what your niece is saying – am I old now? Oh well ;)


Bahaha I think it means we are old. But I’m okay not understanding this foreign language of theirs. Love that you do that too. Have a beautiful day, Allison!


I’m more likely to notice running leggings or shorts to see what I MUST buy next (I have a small problem) but now guessing I’m going to be noticing shoes, hah!

I recently got glasses for driving, computer, etc and can’t seem to go longer than 15 minutes without getting them all smudged up. It drives me crazy. I guess I touch my face way too much.

Just put a hold on Dear Edward, love that you and Brooke have that reading time together!


Sadly, I have that same problem too haha. Sorry to add more needs to your list. Maybe that’s my problem… I touch my face too much. Let me know what you think of Dear Edward!


Love those sunglasses – whether they are dirty or not! What kind are they??


Hey Robin! Haha thank you… they look best when clean;). Here is the link:

Have a beautiful day!


I had to laugh when I read the part about your sunglasses

My husband says to me..how do you even see out of these
Let me clean them for you

I don’t even notice 😆


Bahaha how do we not notice? I notice everything else on the planet that is dirty in my control but not the things closest to my eyes?! Happy Tuesday, Karen!


Dear Edward was one of my favorite books so far this year. Be sure to watch the Tv series on Apple TV when you finish! It departs from the book quite a bit but it was still very very good!!


I sell shoes, so of course I do see what others wear……..I know this line could be offensive, but my crew uses it a lot, you know you’re a triathlete when you check out the ride instead of the person riding……..or you know they’re a triathlete of the bike in the roof rack is worth more than the vehicle beneath it…
our kids look so much like my wife’s side of the family which is interesting…they look more like sturdy Scots than skinny Ukrainians…
I’m rethinking training….do we need rest days?….go with the Hanson’s training methods, or do I lean more towards making running and training is just part of my equation…


Can you share what Brooke is reading or any recs for kiddos her age? I had an 11 year old avid reader and am always looking for something new for him 💙


I’m kind of a google addict so I immediately looked up the texts. I came up with the same as another reader above , but they still don’t make sense. Hmmm, getting old…. I definitely look at other runner’s shoes – color and brand – and also their speed. When they are slow, I always think to myself ” I could run with her….”. Just the sight of those dumbbells make me scream “NOOOOOOOO!”
After dealing with plantaar fascitis for over a year, I had to get a PRP injection and I am back to running; but running like a newbie. I know you have dealt with PF, is there anything you do regularly to keep it at bay?

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