My NEW Running Goal & Tinder for Running Friends.

I took another rest day yesterday to give my body a chance to get in some good recovery after all of the racing I have done lately.  As you know, I LOVE a routine so when I am missing my running routine (I know, it’s only been three days off) I like to just put on my running gear to feel like it is a normal morning again ha.

Skye was clearly thrilled to be strapped into the stroller rather than walking herself.

Rewind to first thing in the morning:  Skye is the best alarm clock for the big kids.  They can’t help but laugh when they open their eyes to her crawling on them and growling.

IMG 5347

Brooke asked to get in one of her squares, which is a half mile, for her marathon before school (their school gave a sheet of paper to all of the kids with squares that add up to a full marathon for them to do over the month if they choose).  I walked while she ran.

I tried out her shoe tying method and she is really onto something.

IMG 5356



IMG 5357

Skye and I walked after we dropped Brooke off and made a few stops along the way too.

Below she is plotting to dump baking soda all over our kitchen.  She successfully pulled off her plan a few hours later.

IMG 5379

Then we went out to get a few errands done.

IMG 5417

I do not know how she does it but within 60 seconds of putting the cart seatbelt on her, she has escaped.  I shop with one arm and use my other arm to hold her in the cart.

IMG 5413

Is it too early to start getting ready for the 4th of July?  Probably but I cannot resist holiday themed items.

IMG 5422

Lunch was at the computer.  This is my favorite TJ’s salad currently.  I love the dressing and toasted almonds so much.

IMG 5424

Who knows where the next six hours went but we had more of our favorite French toast bread (from Costco) so we had that for dinner.

IMG 5441

This baby wants to live outside.

IMG 5443

Brooke has a race on Thursday (for cross-country) and Friday (for the school) this week!  She told me she needs to use my leg things on the couch (compression boots) because she is going to be sore.

LRG DSC00409


After the St. George Marathon last year I felt beyond fulfilled with my sub 3.  I feel like with different goals in my life in the past I have hit them and then felt like well, that wasn’t enough but with my sub-3 I was beyond satisfied with my effort.  That is why I moved on to the ultra… I felt like my marathon goals were checked off!

And then I met Emilee (my neighbor) and started running with her and that good ol’ marathon flame has been lit more and more each day.   Currently my desire for a faster marathon is back and stronger than ever.   New goal—> Sub sub sub 3= A new PR.

I joined the Runner’s Corner Elite Team and I’ll be training with them for THE St. George Marathon this fall.  They will all be running it too!  PS If I was training on my own again I would be 1000000% using Mary again.  I cannot recommend her enough.  But for this season I am really excited to train with a team (and the coach has won the St. George Marathon himself ((2:22)  so I cannot wait to work with him) and see what training with these speedsters can do.

Also, my 1/2 marathon PR is getting a little dusty (1:21:53 in 2015) so I am feeling like that needs to be looked at too.

It’s almost meant to be, right?

Below picture: Me dying .2 miles into our 5k and Emilee just casually enjoying a 6:15 pace;)

IMG 5131 2

PS I think I need to start this app:

IMG 4923

PPS for those of you that have been reading my blog since 2010, you might remember me joining the team back then and almost dying from excitement.  I only raced once for them and at that time I was using my own personal coach and was out for a few months because of stress fractures in my femurs!  Between my femur problems, getting pregnant and moving away I didn’t get a chance to really be on the team or run with them or use their coaching.

It feels really exciting to be able to actually live out this dream now!

Below: 2010 in the house where the heater didn’t work and I would find icicles in my bathroom in the mornings during the winter… anyone remember that?  Or when I would find mice all of the time?  What about the snake in the backyard?  Or the bath tub that leaked into the basement which resulted in not being able to use it (the only shower) for way too long?  I paid next to nothing to live there so I can’t complain ha:)

IMG 3736


Who will be running a fall marathon?  Which one!?

TJ’s salads—> Which one should I pick-up next time?

Holiday themed food/clothing/trinkets… tempted to always buy them or no way?  Favorite holiday themed food/treat?

What’s your run today?  I think I’ll take today off too so I’ll live through your runs!

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I’m so excited for you! Fast friends are the best!! Sub-Sub-Sub 3 is going to happen!!!! I started talking to my friend who coaches me about my marathon plan for CIM this year and it’s going to be a DOOZY. I’m so nervous/excited to see what happens. :)


Thank you so much Mollie and I wish we could train together! I want to hear about your plan… email me about it! I love hearing about this kind of stuff. Cheering for you and I wish I could join you in CIM this year!


I have a rest day today. I’m not sure what it is but I think this 10k training is killing me more than the half did haha. I’ve been so tired lately.

I love the 4th! People decorate for Christmas way to early but the 4th can be celebrated all the time in my book.

You’re livin the dream, being on the runners corner team!


Oh bummer about feeling so tired lately… I wonder what is going on?! I agree with you on the 4th and Utah just does it right! Thanks Jenny and I hope you have a wonderful day.


GO BROOKE!!! That is so incredible that she is so into running, it must just make your heart burst! I love hearing about skye’s mischief!!! Baking soda…. oh nooooo!!! What a sneaky girl ;)


I’ll definitely keep you updated on Skye’s adventures of getting into things haha! It really does.. Thursday and Friday can’t come soon enough. Have a wonderful day Andrea!


TJ’s has .a salad mix that has raisins and a curry dressing . . . can’t remember what it’s called, but it’s SO good. Excited for your new running team!! My goal today is to run 4 miles . . . supposed to have nice weather so fingers crossed. I had a good Monday run–I was feeling really good but had to stop halfway to take off my outer layer, which got stuck in my armband . . . it was a whole thing. I was annoyed I had to take a walking break to get untangled, but I ran the second half faster than the first, so maybe it was a good thing! :-) It’s a great feeling when pushing yourself pays off.

Um, I am ALL about the holiday things. My dog has a Christmas bow for her collar that I picked up at Target a few years ago and it’s my favorite thing.


I will definitely be picking up that salad, thanks Kristin! I hope the weather is perfect for you. Oh I have done that too with taking off a layer and it getting caught on my watch and it takes like 3 minutes to get it off haha. I need that Christmas bow for Beretta’s collar! Have a wonderful day!


I do remember you living in that house! You were there for quite some time! I’m glad you no longer have icicles in your bathroom, that must have been so miserable. I can’t even imagine how cold it must have been to make icicles! ? the thing I remember was the huge fan in front of your treadmill in the summer.

How is Andrews new job?! I love hearing about people starting in nursing and how they’re finding it, nursing is my passion so it’s fun to see others perspectives.


I started my taper for the Mountains2Beacb marathon (May 26) on Sunday. I haven’t been able to sleep well and my last long run left me sore. I know I need to be active in a taper but sleep is also a priority. Going on day 3 without running is driving me a little bananas!
Favorite holiday treat? Reese’s eggs of trees!!


Nicole!!! I am so excited for you. I hope you have the best experience! I’ve always wanted to do that race. I am so glad you are making sleep a priority! Keep me updated with how you are doing and I’m cheering for you!


I don’t usually do holiday themed clothes, but I’m obsessed with holiday candy. I got depressed after Easter thinking there won’t be a whole aisle devoted to holiday candy until Halloween ??

Easy 3.5 miles today.


I know what you mean but luckily stores like Target monopolize in every holiday hahah! I need to send you some 4th of July candy that I found! I hope you have a great day Claire!


So excited for your new goals! That sounds really fun to be able to run and train with a group. That is how I trained for my first half marathon and it was so encouraging. And you know they say run with faster people to get faster! Excited for you!

Good luck to Brooke on her races!

I’m taking a rest day today:) My plan said 50 mins elliptical but something has happened to me where I am actually fine resting when my body needs it:) I started CrossFit last wk and did it Monday and Tuesday this wk and my muscles are just so so sore so I just need a day. I’ll complete my 3 miler in the morning and then makeup the elliptical tm night if I’m feeling up to it!

I wanted to tell you my exciting news…ahah probably not exciting to most but I thought you would think so! I’ve wanted a NordicTrack treadmill forever but they’re pretty expensive. So my fiancé has been looking around and randomly found one 40 mins away for sale (used) but pretty pricey still. The couple is in their 70s and bought it brand new 2017 and used it three times and then she hurt her back so couldn’t use it but they live on the 2nd floor and its super heavy so they were just like “if you can get it out of the house, its yours!” So, got a pretty much brand new NordicTrack x11i for $200:) I am so happy and can’t wait to use it and build up my treadmill tolerance while its crazy hot here this summer. Anyways that’s my random news for the day:)

Have a great Wednesday!


ELEANOR… this is FABULOUS news! I am SO thrilled about this! Send me a picture of it when it is all set up! That was so nice of that couple. Thanks so much girl and seriously, I am so happy for you!


Fall races? Heck yeah. CIM full with Monumental Marathon Half. Hope to see you there, Girl!


Use that cute dress for Memorial day! SO cute!


Great idea!!!! Thanks Bridgette and I hope you have a great day!


I definitely want that workout friend tinder! Maybe over the summer I’ll join some group type stuff.

Tonight is my first post- softball season night so I’m looking forward to going to the gym for as long as I want. Dinner will be quick and easy so I can take my time!


Oh enjoy the gym tonight Kristen! I hope you find the perfect group for this summer too. Have a beautiful day!


Big Cottonwood and St George marathons for me. I think Runners Corner sponsors the Hobble Creek half. Is that a half you might do? (It’s all downhill but I can’t get enough downhill :)


I will be doing that one too wahoo! Ahhh I’ll see you at St. George!!!


Haha I remember the stories of that apartment. I used to live in a pretty run down house in New Mexico that had huge holes in the walls so I feel you on that kind of living situation. You just have to laugh because at least you are saving $$$.

Awesome news about the race team, I bet it will be very rewarding to train for a marathon with a great group like that.


Hahaha those experiences make us more grateful for when we don’t have holes in the walls right?! Thank you so much Victoria! I am so so excited. Still thinking about the 5k I need to do by you!


I am totally with you on the holiday themed items. For me its mostly Christmas. I still have Christmas-themed hand sanitizer in my purse. I couldn’t resist, it was just so pretty!


Bahaha YES… never let go of that! If it makes you smile, stick with it! Have a great day Megan!


I’m really not sure what my running/marathons are going to look like over the next year so I’m going to vicariously live through all of your races!! I’m currently sporting my 2nd ankle sprain within a 3 month time period, so I am looking at possibly having an internal brace surgically placed in my ankle. So, I’m doing lots and lots of biking in the meantime :) I do have a Disney marathon (and 1/2 and 10k and 5k) on the books for January so I’m praying I’ll be healthy enough by then to participate.

I really love Starburst jellybeans and I’m all about holiday themed clothing (and shoes!).

The husband bought a Peloton for Mother’s Day so it’s basically going to be my best friend for the next several months!


No. No. No. No. It is sprained again?! Oh Marissa I am so so sorry! I have heard amazing things about the Peloton! Let me know your thoughts on it over time. Have a beautiful day and I am hoping that you are able to heal up asap (and maybe the internal brace will help a lot!).


So exciting that Brooke is so excited to race! And yay for running teams! It’s like a track team but so much better! I met all of my BRF’s, PR’d every distance and ran distances I swore off when I joined Oiselle years ago. I’m no longer a part of the team but I still see my BRF’s weekly. So fun to be around so many like minded and speedy people!
I usually do a summer marathon and a fall 30k or 50k but since I haven’t run more than 6.5 miles since last fall, none of those will happen! Ha!
Holiday themed clothing – YES! But for the kiddos only! For my littlest guys first 4th, I put their hand prints on t-shirts to make the American flag. I think that was my most favorite outfit. I Since then I’ve gone to Target to buy somewhat matchy shirts for the boys. And YES for holiday food! I love making all the sweets with red, white & blue. For some reason they taste so much better if they go along with a theme!
I took a day off of running today thinking I would give my legs a break from two days of hills but it didn’t work. I found a spin class on YouTube and thought my legs would fall off from all the inclines! Oof!
Good luck to Brooke and have a great day!


That is so cool Jenny and that makes me even more excited to join these people! I am so sorry that things haven’t worked out the same this year! I need to try the handprint t-shirts. Ohhh I need to try a spin class on YouTube! Thanks so much and I hope your day is a great one Jenny.


That’s so exciting, Janae! Looking forward to following along on your training. Are you running AF Canyon in June again? I recently read your recap of that race and it made me want to do it. It seems amazing!!


Oh, and 1000 YES’S to tinder for runners! Such a great idea!!!


I’m running my first marathon ever this fall, the Chicago Marathon!


AHHH JORDAN!! I am so so excited for you. Please keep me updated with all of your training. Have a fabulous day!


Long-time reader, first-time commenter here! When you bring up Trader Joe’s salads, you leave me no option but to reach out hahaha. I just tried the curry cauliflower quinoa salad from TJ’s and it’s AMAZING. Seriously the best. you could even add it on top of some greens if you wanted to bulk up a traditional “green salad”.


Hello Lexi! Thank you so much for reading over the years and for letting me know about this salad. Picking it up the next time I am there. THANK YOU and I hope you have a wonderful day! Loved hearing from you:)


I still am wavering on what half marathon I want to do this fall… but I’m leaning towards the one in Des Moines. It’s supposed to be really good!
Getting closer and closer to my next race – the Bix! If you ever want a race to do in Iowa, do this one! It’s 7 miles, and it’s very interesting. Starts up a GIANT hill (which is fine because it starts slow with all the people anyway) and because of how close it is to the river, you really get to experience Iowa rolling hills.
No run for me this morning – I did a hike on my treadmill instead. I’ve been playing around with a schedule for myself for when I start my next round of training. I know I can only run 4-5 days a week to avoid injuries, so I’m trying out different variances to see what works. Also getting my money’s worth out of this treadmill!
Your excitement makes me want to join a running club. :)


Leet me know what you decide to do! The BIX sounds awesome! Oh that would be a blast. Please let me know how it goes! Have a wonderful day Rhiannon!


Omgoodness yes! I love EVERYTHING 4th of July themed. It’s my favorite holiday! How can you go wrong with BBQ chicken and strawberry shortcake?

So funny about Tinder. I’ve met GREAT people from it, reconnected with old coworkers, and have made friends. I really think it’s useful mostly because so many people are on it. Maybe they need a running friend mode though!


I’m with you on the 4th and now I’m drooling thinking of that meal. YES, let’s email them and let them know that they need to add that feature. That is awesome Emma! Enjoy the rest of your day.


As always, I am in awe of your running goals! You are such an inspiration :)
I am not sure about a fall marathon, BUT I am really really really hoping to do my first 50k in August. It all depends on whether I stay healthy/injury free. If it doesn’t work out, there is one in October I will shoot for.
It really depends on the holiday…I love Christmas and Halloween stuff, but everything else I can sort of take or leave.
No run today…4th day of no running :( trying to do low impact stuff as I am a little bruised up after a fall from a horse. Nothing major luckily, but I have a history of pushing myself too hard when I shouldn’t so really trying to take it easy until I’m fully healed.
Have a great Wednesday! :)


LAURA… this is so so exciting! Your first 50k ahhhhh!
I am so glad you are okay after that fall.. that must have been so scary. You are being so smart! I hope you are feeling 100% soon.

Thanks, you too!


Skye has personality! She keeps you on your toes. Good luck with your new goals. Good luck to Brooke too! That’s awesome! I love new goals. I did 8 miles today and a 30 minute Sprint class on spin bike. I nailed my workout today!


YEAH YOU DID… a 30 minute sprint class after your run?! That is hardcore and I really want to try that class. Thanks so much Christine!


My daughter and I ran in Kolob Canyon today, it was beautiful!!

I love TJ’s I really need to try some of their salads. We don’t have one in Southern Utah, I have suggested that they put one in St. George, at least that would be closer!! They haven’t listened yet though.

I don’t do street marathons anymore but I and my daughter are doing a few street halfs and a trail half this summer. Plus a 50k in November in Moab, Dead Horse Point. You should check it out!!

I love all of your posts about your kids!! Good for you and Brooke for starting her into running so young!! My daughter didn’t catch the running bug until she was about 15, I should have started her younger!! Skye is adorable and so mischevious, reminds me of my kids!! Now I get to giggle when my grandkids do the same sort of things that their parents did!!
So exciting that your’re on a running team!! You are amazing and fast!!

I love holiday themed stuff!! I especially love the Reese’s eggs at Easter time and the tootsie roll eggs now too, thanks for letting us know about those!!


That canyon is incredible. I love that you run with your daughter. St. George definitely needs a TJ’s. 50K–> GO SHIRLEY! That sounds amazing. Thank you so so much and I am so glad you love the tootsie roll eggs too, they are the best ever! Enjoy the rest of your day Shirley!


fun goals, you can do it!!! I’m running my first marathon, ST GEORGE. what are some training plans you recommend??


Thanks so much Erika and I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! Have you ever thought about using a coach? I have never followed a plan outside of a coach besides an old one on Runners World and then using the Hansons Marathon Method (book) for a half-marathon but I also know a lot of people love these plans:

GOOD LUCK and please let me know what you use and keep me updated on all of your training. I am cheering you on big time!


Thank you for the best blog!!!


I’m running my first marathon in St. George in October, all the way from Missouri! I didn’t think I would ever have the nerve to do it but I’m signed up and not backing out!! I wanted a scenic run for my first marathon and it looks absolutely gorgeous!! I’m so excited to know you will be there!!! You are an inspiration to me and I have gathered so much wonderful information from you over the years about running, recipes and much more!! THANK YOU!!


I’m running St George too! It was my first 11 years ago and remains my PR, hoping for a big PR this year! I’m also taking probably the whole week off after a 1/2 PR on Sat, and I totally put on my running clothes this am too, because what else does one wear to the school drop off.?‍♀️ PJ’s a robe perhaps? I hope I at least get to give you a squeeze in St George, you are so inspiring!


My husband and I signed up for St. George! We live in Houston, Texas. Training for Fall Marathons is really difficult in our Summers, but we are both super stoked for St. George. My husband has big BQ dreams he’s chasing and me, I’ve got big sub-5 dreams. I have been working at it for years and am so confident I will get there one day. (This will be marathon 13…I think!) To know you are running it, too, well my goodness. I will chase you in my head for 26.2 miles, hear your mom reminding me that my earlobes don’t hurt and run with my heart!


I am training for the St George this Fall. I am super excited and really hoping that I will break 4 hours. Your fast times and dedication are inspiration to me. Keep up the good work:)

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