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Another one of our favorite Christmas traditions—>  visiting the reindeer at Thanksgiving Point.  

IMG 5080

Brooke asked to bring her Rudolph book to read to them, I think they really enjoyed it.  

IMG 5067

From the previous two years of this tradition:

PicMonkey Collage

Brooke made sure to remember that we keep the tradition with their mini donuts too (I’m going to give it some more time before I try things like donuts).  

IMG 5073

PAIGE is having her baby soon so we did our favorite type of baby shower for her… a restaurant, presents and cake.  

IMG 2877

I used to eat bowls and bowls of miso soup every day when I worked at a sushi restaurant… I’ll always love it.

IMG 2873

Simple but heavenly… I missed food this last weekend.

IMG 2874

Cupcake Chic has the cutest mini cakes:

IMG 2875

He better be coming here…

IMG 2886

Race shirts sure make great pajama tops.

IMG 2880

Okay, last text conversation from Brooke that I share but I just love her and Megan’s conversation:

IMG 2863

PS a few people asked where Brooke’s Christmas leggings are from —> HERE!

IMG 5043


What is your sentence of the day?!?

Who do you text with the most?

Ever worked at a restaurant?  Which one(s)?

During college I worked at Happy Sumo, Brick Oven, Los Hermanos and Magelby’s… I waited A LOT of tables back int he day.

What is on your workout agenda today?  I’ll live through your running for a bit!

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I did a 5 minute plank yesterday!

I text most with my Mom and I’m proud of it.

I’ve never worked in a restaurant, I’m clumsy, so bad idea.


Haha, love that conversation between Brooke and Megan! Too cute!


I love Miso soup!

Sentences of the day: Must be productive because we all know I won’t be on Friday!

I’ve never worked at a restaurant, but I loved living with someone who did! My best friend worked at Zoe’s Kitchen so we would always devour the meals she brought home once she was sick of eating it. I didn’t gave to work and got the food it was a win win.

I’m still recovering from my marathon, but I’ll probably do some easy planks and abs just to hold my fitness level!


Sentence of the day – I really need to get more sleep!

I text with my husband and best friend the most. And we have a group text with the three of us that gets alot of use.

I used to work at a restaurant in a museum, I liked the people I worked with but the manager was terrible! When any of us got a good tip, he would say things like “so I see you were getting your tip under the table again.” Yeah…it was bad.

I have to work all day, then probably still going to take a rest day or cross train today before I get back into the running again!


Sentence: I could look at today’s sunrise all day long.

I wish we had a reindeer park here! That looks fun!! And I text most with my sister. Sometimes our convos look like Brooke’s… :)


Yoga today – it’s been tough getting back to running after being sick, but yoga feels like exactly what I need. Sentence of the day – I wish I had 6 more hours to get everything done!


Brooke reading Rudolph to the reindeer is the cutest thing ever!

Workout today will just be an easy five miles after work. I’m looking forward to it! :) I’m running my last half marathon of the year this weekend!


I have an easy 7 mile run today and maybe a Kettlebell workout.
Sentence of the day: I’m ready for the rain to stop—it’s been raining since Saturday!
I never worked at a restaurant.


I hear ya on this rain. This winter has been terrible. My boyfriend keeps asking “sooooo….when are we moving to AZ?”


I text with my sister, my friends, and my guy the most! Pretty typical! Running includes an 8 miler this morning (done, woohoo!), and a half marathon this weekend. Looking forward to it! Enjoy the rest of your week!


Zzzzzzzzzz is My sentence of the day.


Tonight I’m doing a Secret Santa exchange with some friends at dinner then going to see a musical, so I’m excited! I’ve never worked at a restaurant and I don’t think that I could. I have the shakiest hands ever…I can’t even carry a mug from the kitchen to the living room without spilling it a ton! I would definitely get fired right away.


Sentence: I really need to be productive today ;)

I cannot get over this ADORABLE emoji conversation with Brooke!! SUCH a cute idea, and going to have to do that with my nephew jackson!


I’m taking my car in to get the oil changed and doing a five mile tempo run while I wait. :)


Ha, that conversation from Brooke is too perfect. I love me some emojis! I am actually not a big texter, I feel like I use my phone for everything else. ;)

There is a base 5k today so I think I’ll go do that as a workout. Other than that continue my quest of cleaning my house…which is a workout in itself.


I did an easy 6 miles this morning and a lot of stretching. There will be more to come tonight! My body is TIRED!


Love the reindeer! They always look so magical to me. I’m not running today either, trying to give my foot a rest. Will be hitting the gym for some biking instead. But still, just not the same!


I absolutely CANNOT wait until Christmas!!
I usually text the man, my mom, and a couple of my good friends the most.
I’ve never worked at a restaurant before. For some reason I always chose retail jobs.
An easy paced 3 mile is on my rungenda today. I have a 6 mile long run (longest I have ever ran before) on Saturday that I’m hoping goes well.


Sentence of the day: Oh goodness, do I really have to go to work tonight?
Texting costs like 25cents I think so I only text my trainer once a week to set up our appointment for the coming week.
Never worked in a restaurant but I started working as a cashier in a grocery store to pay for grad school and now I’ve worked at several since and still do. Gotta love customer service :(
Today’s running plan consists of a 25 min restorative yoga sequence (done), 60 min. of running with 20 min. at HM pace (eek), and glute work and stability exercises after. whew!


I am so, so, so tired.

My sisters — we’re on a group text.

Lots of food service, but not always restaurants. My family’s senior home dining room, The Off Shore, the Breakers Hotel, for a caterer, in my college dining hall…

I ran 4.5 miles with a new running buddy this morning!


My sentence: I hope my stomach feels better soon!
I used to work at Panera and a country club in high school. The perks of working at Panera was the delicious food and coffee!
I ran 5 miles this morning with some strides!


Brooke’s texting is so hilarious! I tend to only communicate via emoji as well, so we could have a good conversation ;) I text the most with my co-workers…because even after 8 hours a day together, we still have more to say!


Workout agenda? Rest day. I have a massage and some yoga planned. :)


I’m hoping to get a little run in today. In high school I injured my back/butt and it flared up this week. Pregnancy does weird things. It’s starting to feel a little better, so hopefully by tonight it will be run ready. It’s been almost a month :(


That text conversation is adorable. I definitely text the most with my fiancee, but our texts are never quite this entertaining :)


The cake looks amazing and I want cake now.

I don’t know why anyone has bothered to ask you where you got the leggings. They must be new readers.


My sentence of the day today is “GET IT DONE”. I want to cross off three things from my work to-do list today!

In the “Mary gets a year of lost fitness back” training plan, I ran 3 miles today on my treadmill at 10:00/mi pace. Tuesday’s 3mi at 10:10s was easy, but today’s run felt like pure misery! It pains me to think that a year ago I could have done a 5K at a 7:50 pace, and I’m ages away from getting back to that level. I’m looking forward to my long run this weekend of 6 miles.


I still haven’t ran in almost two weeks. I readjusted my back yesterday so I am even more hesitant to go. Maybe a long walk with the dogs?


Sentence of the day – It’s too cold outside! I headed to the gym this morning for spin class and strength training. It was just what the doctor orders. Later I have pilates too. It’s a day of fitness! Ok, that was more than a sentence. haha!


Love visiting the reindeer before Christmas! :)

We are supposed to get snow this weekend –> and I’m really excited about it.

Today’s workout… FTP test. Brutal.


I probably text with my gym buddy the most. Then husband, then mom.


I worked at Bravo and Brusters throughout high school and college.

Workout agenda is an evening run after work – most likely 4-5 miles.


There’s a potluck at work today, I’m going to eat ALL THE THINGS!

Workout for the day is done, I did a full body lifting set, and finished up with 10 minutes on the spin bike just to shake it all out. :)


Brooke reading to the Reindeer is SO cute!

Sentence: Every morning this week I have woken up thinking “It’s Friday!” And it still is not Friday.

Texting a tie between my husband and best friend.
Never waitressed. I like to avoid activities that involve breakable items.
30 minutes on the elliptical and a 45 minute core workout because I am trying to be good and do all of the cross training and not run everyday.


My sentence for today: Go away cold! I don’t want to be sick anymore!

No workout for me today… Trying to battle this cold.

That mini cake is so cute!! And looks delicious!


My sentence for the day is “Take care of yourself”. I’ve been pushing myself way too hard the past couple weeks and today I hit a wall. I took a 2 hour nap this morning and suddenly I have perspective. I do have 2 big things to do but otherwise I’m taking it easy.

I probably text the most with my mother in law. Then my husband, then my daughter.

My first real non-babysitting job was making sundaes at Friendly’s.


I love that textersation! So cute. A few years ago I would go for a short run while the kids stayed at home (Jake was 12, Freddy was 10, Katie was 7) and Jake would text me the most hilaaaaarious things that I could barely run. I took a screen shot of it and I still have it in my photo library. Priceless.


Covered 7 miles this morning! It’s nice to be back on the roads (and out of the pool) after three weeks of being sidelined with an injury!

I waited so many tables too!! Worked at P.F Chang’s … Marie Callender’s … Max & Erma’s … And this random diner in Chandler, AZ called Wonderful Wanda’s. Best breakfast burritos in town!


I’ve never worked at a restaurant. I’m in the minority I think.

The person I text with the most is definitely my boyfriend. He wins by a landslide.


The person I text the most is my husband or my sister.

I worked at Sonic through high school and then worked at brick oven for a bit too.

I ran 3 miles yesterday and got my fastest 5k time. I’m not sure what’s going on with all these milestones for me. But I need to save some energy for the dopey challenge!


I spent many years in my youth working restaurants. I really think it should be required for everyone to reach adulthood. Makes you more compassionate to what they go through and maybe, just maybe people would be a little kinder.
I love the sheer number of Christmas traditions that you have each December, not sure how you keep it up, seems exhausting. Although having Brooke I am sure gives you added energy and excitement for the Holiday.


I text most with my mom and wouldn’t change that for the world!

Today’s workout…took a heated boot camp style yoga class, then a hot vinyasa class. Planning an afternoon’s a balmy 60 degrees here in New Jersey and I love it!


Sentence of the Day: What do I do with all this spare time now that my classes are (basically) done?

I ran just under 15 miles this morning! I think my legs are looking forward to my taper beginning in a couple weeks.

I’ve only worked at restaurants so far in my life. At age 14, a family-owned pizza restaurant (best job ever), then I worked at Chick-fil-A from ages 16-17.


Sentence of the day — TGIF!! (okay, that is an acronym but close enough. Lots to do this upcoming weekend).

I text with my boyfriend the most. Next to that…a couple of my friends.

I worked at Cinnabon in high school and Starbucks in college. Closest that I have ever come to working at a “restaurant”. :)

Workout today = nada! We have our office Christmas party this afternoon.


No rain, no rainbow. (Yep, back in Hawaii and it rained this morning, followed by a beautiful rainbow!)

I text my husband the most. Then our house sitter, she’s awesome ;)

Never worked in a restaurant.

Honolulu Marathon is this weekend so I’m walking to the expo today! I’m not running the marathon this year, but I still enjoy the expo.


The text conversation is too funny! Love it!


Today my sentence is: Finish my Christmas shopping! I really need to get it done ha! I text my mom, my sis, and my hubby the most by far. No one else ever talks to me ;) I actually haven’t worked at a restaurant. I don’t think I’d make a great waitress. Today’s workout was the elliptical followed by some arm and leg workouts. I wasn’t feeling the best so running wasn’t on the agenda.


I love your blog (and Brooke!). You are always so positive and that, in itself, is an inspiration! Thanks!


I probably text the most with my mom to be honest! :)
If anybody gets the chance it would be great if you could check out my blog:


I think I need to move near you. I want to meet reindeer! That’s so fun!

I text the most with my picture. He sends me shots of my cat from home, and I send him pictures of animals I see on campus. And ugly selfies. We like to take atrocious pictures and laugh at each other.


Would love hat or gloves, starting to get cold here in California, now that it is raining!


I ran 6 miles today…now on Saturday, I run 9 and it’s been cold lately. Would love another pair of gloves! I hope you’re feeling better!


Aw the reindeer visit looks so fun!

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