15 Important Topics & This Kind of Stuff REALLY Bugs Me.

Let’s go over some things I’ve been meaning to talk to you about.

*During my 5k last weekend I forgot to tell you but I made approximately 25 deals with myself during the race.  I would find a point about .1 miles in front of me (a sign, a store, a parked car) and PROMISE myself that if I just made it to that point I could slow down if I wanted when I got there.  I fully believed myself too that I would let myself slow down once I got there but each time I would get to the point I was staring at I would make another promise to myself to keep going to another point.  Do you ever do that when you race?  For longer distances I usually take it a mile at a time but for the 5k sprint I had to make smaller promises to myself to maintain the pace.   My miles were each a few seconds apart so it worked.  Try it!

*I am very proud that Skye is carrying on the ‘Palm Tree Head’ tradition…

IMG 5456

I was the first generation ‘Palm Tree Head’ and hopefully we can keep this tradition going throughout the generations.  My family still calls me Palm Tree Head every now and then:

Resized 20190514 160125 3586

*After I dropped off Brooke at school I went on a walk with Emilee!  A reader asked me how I know my body needs to take a break from running right now and I don’t really know how to explain it besides I just feel worn down (I’m guessing from the combination of racing + traveling for races + adjusting to some big life changes around here).  I also know that the next 5ish months are going to be INTENSE with my training to get to the times that I want so a week or two off now to get my body ready for that training is the smart thing (for me:) to do.  It’s easy to get greedy with running when you are performing well but that doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need rest/recovery!  PS having an extra fridge/freezer (we found a cheap used one) in our garage has been the absolute best (especially when Andrew and I were both training for an ultra and eating non-stop) and we might have to get another one once the kids are teenagers.

IMG 5460

*I got this muffin out so quietly to eat while Skye was playing with her toys and yet she still heard me and was there in 5 seconds to join me.

IMG 5478

*Andrew and I are trying to figure out which stadium to visit next (for his goal of visiting every stadium)… any ideas for us?  PS we are already loving the fact that for his job he can stack three shifts in a row and then have time off for a while so we can plan little trips etc.

I got this hat at Fenway and I’m pretty sure being there was one of the best days of Andrew’s life.

IMG 5485

*Did you see this?!?  I started breathing heavy when I read this.  My worst nightmare.  We got an email the other day that a neighbor a few streets away had one in their yard in the middle of the night so we are extra careful at home now too.

Screen Shot 2019 05 15 at 1 19 32 PM

*Usually Bath and Body candles are my goto but only when they are on sale… so when I run out the Target ones are MUCH cheaper and this one is heavenly.  I have a candle going at some point every day.

IMG 5494

*These two spend a good amount of time together.  I know at least one of them is happy about that!

IMG 5469

*9 out of 10 times when I listen to things when I work I am listening to Damien Rice.  I can only listen to calm and relaxing music when I am trying to do something else but Andrew can study with movies going on or any type of music and still focus so well.

*Knox brought home his Kindergarten yearbook and was a little excited about one signature in particular;)

IMG 5498

*This is an old image (2012) but back then they said the average amount that a runner spends on running gear is $327.01… would you say that is true for you?   How many running shoes a year would you say you buy each year?

IMG 3528

*I feel like it is my duty to give reviews of candy for you.  Almond butter is #1 over peanut butter in my world so I knew going into this I would love it and I was right.

IMG 5501

*You can never start too young to get your gear out and ready the night before a race;)

IMG 5525

*I just liked this picture.

IMG 5522

*Every now and then things really bother me and I feel the need to talk to you about them.  I saw this ad on IG and it bugged me.  I have smile lines even when I’m not smiling on my face… THEY ARE FROM SMILING A LOT.   Why in the world are smile wrinkles a problem, I do not understand.  I don’t want to not smile  to avoid having smile wrinkles, do you?!?  That sounds miserable.

IMG 5446


How much would you say you spend on running each year if you want to share?  Or how many new pairs of running shoes do you buy a year on average?

The above image said this—> “Achieving a personal goal is the No. 1 reason why people enter into a race.”  Is that true for you too?

*Yes and no!  Many times it is for a PR that I sign up for certain races but I also love to use them during my training for workouts or just to see a new place!

When you need to focus can you have background noise or do you need silence?

Random question of the day—> Uber just added the option to have a silent mode car ride or happy to chat ride.  Which will you choose? 

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I hate that ad! I’ll probably get botox for the worry line between my eyebrows (which comes from staring worriedly at my kids, most likely, ha!) but I’m perfectly happy with my smile lines. I got those from good times and good memories. Who wants to be a blank canvas?


Keep enjoying those smile lines… you are so right about amazing memories being tied to them! Have a fabulous day Lynn!


If he hasn’t been to Wrigley Field, that should be next!


That is one he is dying to go to! Plus, I really want to go to Chicago:) . Have a wonderful day Jennifer!


I live a few blocks from Wrigley. If you end up going, let me know if you need recommendations!


I WILL!! And maybe we can all meet-up! Have a great day Jennifer!


Sometimes I sign up for races with friends for fun! Like to see a new place or to do a themed race.

I love how into running Brooke is! I coach Girls on the Run for 3-5 graders and sometimes they think of running as a chore, but I want them to enjoy it and have fun :)


Mariah, that is so so cool that you coach! Those girls are so lucky to have you. You are showing them how fun running can be. Have a beautiful day!


Go to Progressive Field in Cleveland! It’s a great park, (the All Star game is there this year!) and while you’re in the city you can visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which is a lot of fun.

Go Tribe :)


Oh that would be incredible… okay, we have to go! Have a great Thursday Amanda!


I agree – Progressive Field! Cleveland is beautiful in the summer!


I don’t track how much I spend on running gear each year, but I am pretty sure it’s more than $327. HaHa. I do run mostly to achieve personal goals, but they’re not always time goals. I am signed up for my first half this weekend, Marine Corp Historic Half in VA. I am excited and nervous. My husband (not a runner) is going with me so we can visit historical sites while there. I hope I feel up to it after the run. My training was a little sporadic with work and rain (I hate to run in the rain), but I did 10 miles last Monday and survived. I am not looking for any specific time. I just hope to not be that person that is just in front of the trucks, picking up the course cones. LOL
Silence for me to focus on a work project.
I don’t get the new Uber option. Why can’t you just tell the driver what you want. These types of options just encourage people to not interact directly with each other and that is not a good thing.
Have an awesome day!


GO KATE GO!! Good luck this weekend and I want to hear all about it. Have the best time and if you have done 10 miles you will absolutely be able to finish the race!
I didn’t even think of that… at some point we are going to have zero communication with each other and have it all go through our phones?!?!

Yeah… I think I’m with you on going over haha (but it’s our passion:).


There never seems to be anyone at that outdoor mall whenever you go. I am convinced you live in a ghost town. ;)

I absolutely HAVE to have background noise to block out whenever I am doing anything. It made study sessions in college so difficult because I could never study with people… it got too quiet and I got antsy. I don’t even like it too quiet when I am falling asleep.


I ALWAYS THINK THE SAME THING… I wonder how in the world it stays in business. At night there are usually way more people though because half of the stores are restaurants. Do you use a fan or a sound machine when you go to sleep? I need that too! Have a wonderful day Wendy!


I think it depends for me on spending for running–if it’s a year where I need a lot of new workout clothes, definitely more, but I haven’t needed to buy new clothes for a while! Also depends how much I’m racing, etc. Basically I have no idea. :-)

UGH to that ad! I hate how I’m reading that botox, fillers, etc. are more accessible now and that’s a “good ” thing. Um . . . isn’t getting to be older in itself the good, even if it comes with a few wrinkles? It makes me sad that people think they need to hide these things. Especially when they come from SMILING! Every year I get older, I’m happy to be alive and healthy.

Trader Joe’s has these dark chocolate almond butter cups–my friend brought me some and they are SO good. Way better than any peanut butter cup.

Your pictures make me want to visit Utah so bad! The mountains look incredible. Any tips for first-timers to the state??


I am proud of how much I’ve smiled in the last 33 years:) . I need to get those TJ’s ab cups today. Maybe I will go just for those:) . AHHHH come to Utah. Southern Utah has the most incredible National Parks but Northern (where I live) also has incredible mountains/hikes/food everything. Let me know what part you are thinking of visiting and I”ll help you out. Have a fabulous day Kristin!


Brooke laying out her clothes the night before is the cutest! I love that she’s excited about her race.
If I am trying to concentrate I need silence. And I would totally choose the silent uber in 99% of situations.
The ad about smile lines makes me sad! Smile lines are awesome! I also have the middle of the eyebrow lines that can be from anger but I think mine are from my deep though, concerned, worried face. I think I do the same things with my eyebrows for both. And I’m okay with deep thought and empathy/concern lines.


I love what you said about your lines… You are amazing Ali! I cannot wait to see how she does today (Knox is still undecided if he wants to:). Have a fabulous Thursday Ali!


I love the B&B candles and would burn them all of the time…but then I read an article about candles impacting indoor air quality. My husband has asthma and my house is tiny so it’s an issue. Soy and beeswax are supposed to be better but, they just don’t have that same potent smell. Why are are of the best things the least healthy? ?
Car ride: I’d personally prefer silent but I hear so many stories about people being rude to their drivers I usually chat and try to leave kindness and good energy behind. My brother drives a cab and so I think about him and how I’d like people to treat him.


OH NO… that is so hard! My mom has problems with asthma and so she cannot have candles either! I’ll think about your brother too! I usually talk to the drivers about the best food places in the area ha because I don’t want to miss out on anything while I am visiting!


I enter races more for fun or because I want to run a specific course. Sometimes I want to hit a certain pace but it’s not my main reason. (I hate generalizations like this, people have a variety of reasons for what they do).

Quiet. I live in NYC where drivers feel free to share their personal opinions on topics best not discussed with strangers. I just want to get where I am going on one piece.


Ohhhh I have never had that experience… I can definitely see how that would be a problem and you would prefer peace and quiet! I hope you have an amazing race you are excited about coming up soon:) . Enjoy your Thursday Nina!


We have been visiting the ballparks with our two boys. This summer we are planning on hitting up Rockies because my husband is running a 100K near there. It’s a great way to combine running and baseball!


100k and baseball game… I feel like our families would get along well:) . Let’s meet up at one of the ballparks. Have a great day Lesley!


I’m going to vote for the Phillies as your next stadium trip! They are doing really well this year and the stadium is really easy to get to from center city so there would be lots of other fun things for you guys to do! Plus I live there so I could take you on all the best running routes and then to the best donut places after!

I think that amount spent on running per year sounds pretty close to what I probably spend. I usually buy 2-3 pairs of my basic running shoe (for easy runs, long runs without a workout, etc) and then have 1-2 other shoes in the mix (one for tempos and one for track workouts) although those last me a lot longer since I don’t use them as much and I try to find deals at race expos on shoes I know I already love. So that plus the random treat yourself moments at lululemon put me in the $300+ range for sure! But I definitely buy more running clothes/ shoes then regular life stuff, so I think it all evens out, right??


Oh that would be so much fun and the running/donut part= sold! That would be amazing! It definitely evens out… plus we are in our running gear probably a good chunk of our lives so it’s all good:) I hope you have a wonderful day Diana!


110% visit Kaufmann! There are SO MANY fun things to do and good things to eat in Kansas City, and honestly we’re just the nicest and best. The Royals are pretty great too.


Well, now Kaufmann needs to happen asap! Thanks for letting me know Elliot! Hopefully you can send us the best places to eat etc and come with us too when we do visit!


100% agreee!! Especially when the fountains are blue. They put on a really good fireworks show too after the game.


Ok, I cannot get Almond Butter Snickers out of my head now. I’ll be on the lookout. I can still work with little tv or music on in the background, unless I’m reading something to study, then I must have silence. But to randomly work (I work at home) I’m all good. But my spouse, he’s definitely a one thing at a time person. As in, really only one thing at a time. Almond Butter Snickers, it sounds wonderful even.


Let me know what you think of the AB Snickers! I hope you have a great day Michele!!


I’m so annoyed with our culture this morning, Janae. I’m such a positive person normally but that smile lines thing really irked me. And my coach was chased by a guy on her run this morning (I’m so thankful she’s ok). We shouldn’t have to deal with these things…our culture needs to change!

Back to more positive things… I love Brooke’s outfit for the race. Is she borrowing your Garmin?

I would say I’m starting to race more for personal goals, but if you look at all the races I’ve done there’s very few that I did for a goal. Most are fun local races that I did because my friends were doing, just used it as part of long run or just to have fun. Racing is so much more than finish times for me, it’s a time where you can enjoy what you love with a bunch of people who also love it and see the great side of humanity by 1. people pushing themselves to their limits in races and 2. people coming to cheer just because, even if they don’t know you.

Random question for you–> as you’ve done burn bootcamp, did you get incredibly sore when you first started? I am and my upper body has been ridiculous for the past two days lol, working new muscles. I’ve been running still because I think my body just needs to adjust, but hard to tell whether I need to just rest from run when its my upper body that’s tired?


Oh sorry if I started your morning off on a bad note! She sure is going to borrow my garmin haha. YES YES YES to what you said about racing, so many amazing things about it. Oh girl, I am sore pretty much every time I go! Like very sore. My sister doesn’t get very sore anymore so I think if we just stick to it we will stop feeling as sore ha. THat’s a tough call… usually if it is my upper body that is sore I’ll still do the normal workouts but if it is my lower body that is sore then I take a break! Have a great day!


Sorry, I didn’t mean you were starting off my morning negatively, haha! I was more so worried about my coach and frustrated that she had to deal with that, and then saw your post about smile wrinkles too and thought man our culture needs some help! Hope you have a great day!


I go really minimal on running gear these days (wasn’t always that way). I think the last time I bought shoes was…a year-and-a-half ago? Might’ve been two-and-a-half years, I forget.

The more I read, the more I see people saying, “just wear what’s comfortable” (like this one, just yesterday https://gearpatrol.com/2019/05/15/everything-you-know-about-running-shoes-is-wrong/) and that’s served me pretty well. My Brooks Pure Flow 6’s have several hundred miles on them and are starting to come apart in a few places, but I love ’em, and I’m completely injury free in them so far, so…I’m just gonna keep going. I don’t know, am I nuts?


The pink target candle called sweet spun sugar is heavenly.


Lately I’ve been wanting music while I work but realized I need music that doesn’t have lyrics. Spotify has some great focus stations for this. My brain also interprets lyrics in languages I don’t speak as part of the music so I’ve been listening to a lot of older Cuban music (the Cubana Vieja station is the best!) for a fun vibe while I work.


Palm tree head! So funny…I see a little fountain of happiness with Skye’s signature hairstyle :)
LOVE that Brooke is now laying out her running gear. And what a cutie Knox is, with his favorite signature!
What a bunch of nonsense that women (specifically women, I noticed) should avoid smile “wrinkles.” How sad would it be if everyone just looked emotion-less all the time?
I have different reasons for running races. In fact, I sometimes call them “events” if I’m not racing (my previous times). That’s probably why it’s been so long since I did a full marathon, after I hit my dream goal in 2012. Lately, many of my “events” have been social, to travel and run with friends without time goals.
I can tune out some kinds of background noise when concentrating, but others make me crazy, and it also depends on the task. I’m an editor, so quiet is usually best for me when I’m focused, and office conversations can really break into my head space. When I work at home, I can deal with a low buzz of household activity, as long as the kids don’t have the TV/game volume turned up.
When I worked in call centers, I had to block out noise from other people talking on the phone, but I guess it worked because I was talking, too. I do hate to talk on the phone now, LOL.


Janae – I forgot to ask, did you try to not let anybody pass you after 1.5 miles in your 5K? How did that go?

I like the focusing on a point – but I use the Deena Kastor tactic of picking a point and running to it as fast as I can – and then picking another point after that. I don’t do it for the entire race, just part of it.

I probably buy 1-2 pairs of shoes a year. I am hoping after i am done with this run assessment and PT I will be able to add on to my running, then I can spend more!

I race because I like to race, not necessarily for goals. But, I do have goals when I race most of the time. This year it is just to beat my times from last year on each 5K course, finish 1st in my age bracket in one race, and to run one 10K.

I need silence to focus – and definitely prefer the chat over silence. I hate awkward silence!!


I prefer to work from home because of the silence. When I go into the office, it is to socialize lol. I buy 2-3 new pairs of running shoes a year and just bought three new tops.

It is crazy how much of a perfect mix Skye is of Brooke and Knox!!


Wow to the smile lines. I feel the same way about crows’ feet–they’re from smiling and laughing!!!!

I spend WAY more than $300 some dollars on shoes and running gear!!! Some of it necessary, some of it luxury :) (How did I EVER run without Aftershokz/some kind of WIRELESS ear buds?!?! I’m NEVER going back there!!!)

You wrote about making deals with yourself. In one of the motivational books that I read, it talked about a runner who would always tell herself that she could stop and walk at the TOP of the hill if she wanted to, but once she got there, she pretty much always kept going. I started to do that with hills a bit myself–if I can just gut it out to the top!!! And, then more often than not, I don’t stop :) The MIND is such a tricky powerful frustrating thing!

SILENT mode car ride all the way!!!! Lol We had an Uber driver once who swore with my kids in the car & this was when they were younger, too! I’m not a prude but geesh!!! I had another driver one time alone in Philly that I was convinced was going to drive me across the bridge to New Jersey and kill me. lol Uber can be a weird, weird thing!!!!


I love Brooke’s flat runner! So prepared! And yes, women shaming/body shaming/any kind of shaming really bothers me also. My kids were poking fun of my grays last night and I hope I got through to them that it’s not ok to make fun of/shame/laugh AT anyone. Normally I would laugh it off and go dye my hair but for some reason I was triggered. I just really want them to be kind to everyone and not make fun of anyone.
As far as money goes, I’d say I spend that amount during a training cycle! I usually have to buy new shoes mid-end of the cycle and then of course you need all the supplements and a new outfit for the race! I was actually just thinking the other day I don’t know when to buy new road shoes since I’m not training … of course I can go by feel but I don’t track mileage unless I’m in training. My motto – if the knees don’t hurt, don’t hurt the bank! Ha!
I would say my number reason for entering a race is for fun and/or a good hard challenge. Fun of a new course, if my friends are running it, fun of an automatic PR if it’s a new race distance etc. My most memorable “half” was a mountain summit race that ended up being over 14 miles (how do gauge tangents on a mountain??!) and we were pushing cutoffs the whole time! Ha! It ended up taking over 4 hrs to climb that darn thing but it was AMAZING! I think most of our time was spent watching the mountain goats and taking pics of them! Ha!
Background noise … yes please! If it’s too silent I get distracted (by what I don’t know! Ha!), but if it’s too loud I get distracted. Sometimes at work I put in 1 ear bud and binge watch … eh … listen to a netflix series to help me stay at my desk and complete a task. I’m binging on The Office right now and it helps keep me concentrate when things get loud in the office.
I have to admit I’ve never taken an Uber! I’m not good at small talk with strangers (unless we’re running!!) so I’m not sure if I would like a chatty ride or a silent ride.
Have a great day!


Definitely not worried about smile lines! Has Andrew been to T-Mobile (formerly Safeco) Field in Seattle? I’m a big Mariners fan and it’s a beautiful park. I’d go silent in Uber if riding alone. I’m just shy and awkward in conversations with new people, so it’s for the best! Skye is so cute with her palm tree head! I hope Diana’s hair is long enough soon for that! She has a lot of hair, but for some reason it sticks straight up and cannot be tamed! It’s pretty cute and definitely already matches her spunky personality!

Have a fun day!:)


I’m not sure how much I spend on running but it’s worth every penny. I consider it part of my health plan! Buying running gear > paying for medication.

Some noises I can block out when I need to concentrate, but others drive me crazy. Since Les works from home it’s not quiet around here. The Giro d’Italia is playing in the background this morning. Fortunately I can close his office door if I need to ;)

We use Lyft most of the time and really enjoy chatting with our drivers! It usually takes an hour to get to/from LAX so we’ve learned a lot about our drivers and they learn more than they’ll ever need to about Hawaii!

People who worry about smile wrinkles spend too much time worrying and not enough time smiling!


I love buying new running gear so definitely more than $350 a year. When I find a pair of sneakers that I like and don’t make my feet hurt, I will buy 3 or 4 pairs.
I hate that the design of sneakers change so often. I love buying new stuff though – it motivates me to get out and run.

Honestly, I sign up for races that are convenient for me. If the start line is a couple of miles from my house I figure I don’t really have an excuse to not go. I’m fortunate that there are a lot of different races near me – all types of distances and charities so I have a lot of choice.

I NEED background noise. The first thing I do when I get home is turn on the radio and I work most of the day with headphones in.

I’m not great at small talk so love the idea of a silent mode. However I’ve had some of the most fascinating uber drivers who have really interesting stories (I love hearing about why they decided to become uber drivers) so I would have to go with happy to chat.


That ad is obnoxious ??‍♀️ ?

I’m a huge candle lover! Haven’t tried any Target candles because I worried the smell might not be as hmmm ….powerful! Bath and Body works really has me spoiled. Have you tried B&BW vanilla bean? Smells like a cake is baking!!! It’s amazing! ?

I recently started using a Yankee Candle wax warmer. Best part is the timer on the warmer!! I’ll set it for 2 hours and not have to think twice. I’ve been known for leaving the house and THEN wondering if I left candles burning…

I could write a smell essay replying to your blog everyday and would if I had more time! How do you have time to read and reply to so many people!? High five super mom!!

Good luck to Brooke with her race!! You must be SO proud! Is Knox racing as well?

Please share your thoughts on this seasons Bachelorette on your blog and /or reply to me! It’s so early in the season I’m not sure what to think yet!

Have a wonderful Thursday! ☀️


Ugh ads like that bother me so much too! The worst is when IG bots comment on running photos asking about how much weight I’d like to lose…losing weight is actually not even on the list of the many many reasons I run!!


I am extremely ashamed to say that I spend WAY more than that on running every year. Shoes alone are like $150 or so now! I also buy way too many running shoes every year. It’s only May and I’ve already bought 2 new pairs of shoes this year (but I retired one today—do you track the miles on your shoes? I do and it’s the best when I get to retire one finally!)

For races it’s either to make a PR or like you, to train for something. I sign up for a ton of races while I’m training because I hate hate hate hate doing tempo runs by myself. So it’s a nice way to squeeze in some speed for me :)

I can really do whichever for concentrating. I work in advertising as a writer and we have an open floor plan and my coworkers usually play music. I have mastered zoning out and writing now. Except when there’s a lot of conversation going on around me I struggle, but I may just be nosey :)

I’m def a silent passenger in Lyft, though I don’t mind an interesting conversation every now and then—as long as its friendly and not someone just complaining the entire time (I don’t use Uber anymore after several scary/bad experiences).


You and Andrew should add Safeco Field (Seattle) to your list to visit….well now it is called T-Mobile Park, but I am kind of refusing to call it by its new name. :)

And I agree….that add is awful.


I like to pretend that all of my sports bras, lululemon, and leggings are “running gear” to justify buying them so yea definitely spend more than $320 a year…

I feel like the only reason I do races is to either push myself to run so I’m actually fairly trained when the day comes or because it will just be a fun experience

I need silence to read but I can do other stuff with some sound

ugh I hate taking ubers but I guess I would probably go silent?? idk !


I know I spend more than that on fitness related stuff – 1 or 2 pairs of shoes per year, gym membership, a couple pieces of workout clothes throughout the year. It all adds up quickly!

I hope that Uber feature come to Canada too! I hate make small talk – at the grocery store with the cashier, when I’m getting my hair cut, just about anywhere. If I could choose to (without being rude) I’d love to just enjoy the silence.


We are heading to the Giants Stadium this summer! I would recommend Coors Field in Denver. Tickets are pretty cheap too! And they have a little playground for kids to play on. My hometown is St. Louis, so I have to also recommend Busch Stadium!
I don’t do races for PR, I mostly just do them for fun! Usually I run races with my husband and he is getting back into shape. He broke 4 ribs a few years ago from hockey and wasn’t able to exercise for a while due to the pain. I also had a baby almost a year ago (her birthday is May 28!), so he pushes the stroller so runs pretty slow and we do the races as a family, so it’s definitely not for time! Just something fun for us to do together! Plus my husband will backout of running together on weekends sometimes, but if it’s something we paid to do, he’ll show up! He is needing the accountability right now.
Regarding silence vs sound.. It depends how much concentration the activity I’m doing requires. If I was studying for a test, than I need silence or music without words, either classic, soundtracks, or techno. quite random haha
regarding chatting or silence with uber/lyft drivers, it depends… if i’m in a new city, I always ask for recommendations. If i’m in the same city, usually I’m quite, but I don’t mind a little conversation… it also depends on if it’s really early or not.


I’m going to need you to taste the new “improved” Butterfinger and give us a review. I have heard of no one who likes it better!

As for Uber, I would probably choose the Happy to Chat option because, let’s be honest, I’m usually only in an Uber when I’ve had a glass of wine or two. :) I sure wish I had those options when booking a massage though! Sometimes those therapists are chatty, and I’m like “I came here for peace and quiet!” LOL


Come visit Globe Life Park in Arlington (Texas Rangers). It’s an outdoor stadium that is absolutely miserable in the Texas summer (it would be great if it were up north). We are actually getting a new stadium next year (indoor – how weird is that for baseball?) but no one wants to play here because you literally have triple digit temps on the field from May through Sept.
My son and I are doing the same thing with NFL stadiums. We plan on hitting #17 & #18 this year. It is a blast to visit new cities all across the US.


Minute Maid in Houston! We would totally meet you there! And, you can run in Houston humidity ? My boyfriend has the same goal and only has a few left. Last year we went to Kansas City to check one off the list. I just saw today that there is a Burn boot Camp not far from my work!! Should I test it out?!


You absolutely should try it out Cari, it is such a good workout! Oh and I’m in for a run in the humidity with you!! I can’t wait! Let me know if you try out Burn!!! Have a great night!


$327?!? I WISH!! This has been an extra expensive year for me I guess and that for real made me laugh out loud!! I guess other years I could say that number is fair, but when I think of money I spend on running I think of races, too. Just gear though, ok ;)

I don’t know if you’ve tried this, but having little kids and a dog, it may be worth a shot for your family because it’s been great for us. We used to use their candles, too, and I love them, but they just make me nervous with my little kiddos climbing everything so I bought an essential oil diffuser and I LOVE it. Our house smells wonderful, and I can leave it on and not worry about it at all. This is the one I got and I just fill it once in the morning and it’s good to go. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Upgraded 200ml Diffusers for Essential Oils, Wood Grain Diffusers Aromatherapy Defusers Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with Waterless Auto Safety Shut-off & for Baby Home & Office https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D9NLQYV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_SiG3CbJH2STKD


I think Miller Park would be a good one for your family to visit! There’s a kid’s play area inside, a sausage race during the game, and we can’t forget about Hank the Ballpark Pup. If the kids aren’t coming, the city would still be a fun place to visit! There’s a nice long path along the lakefront to run on. :)


Come to NY!! Andrew can see citi field and yankee stadium in one weekend, and you can eat pizza and pasta for every meal!

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