PC2PG Race Recap + Weekending!

(Bra, shorts, shoes)

Just one of those races where you go into it thinking you know about where your fitness is at, and then you find out a few miles into it that you were wrong and going to have a bumpy ride🤣🫣

My coach asked why I felt like I was going to puke pretty much the last ten miles after I told him, and I wish I could have said it was from eating something differently. The truth was that I was working really hard and trying to hit the paces I used to do last summer, and I’m not where I was fitness-wise last summer!

I woke up at 5:30, took a shower (a must for me before a race), ate some bread and apple sauce packets, and then grabbed my niece to come to babysit.

Andrew drove me to the start, and I got to avoid the 5 am bus situation. We ran 2.8 miles together for a warm-up because I needed 20 miles and wanted to get in a small chunk before the race. I also did some 20-second strides in the parking lot before the race started.

We ran into Heather (Lauren’s sister and our cute photographer) and did a little of the warmup with her too.

I wore a sweatshirt because I expected it to be chilly, but my expectations were very wrong.

It was a small race, and the gun went off at 7:10 am.

I was already pretty sweaty from the warm-up and wished it was a 6 am start time… Not only for the weather but also because the trail we were running on gets SO busy on Saturday. It felt like we dodged cars the first 3 miles on the road and then bikes the last 10 miles on the trail. But the gorgeous views along the entire course make it all worth it!

For the first 3 miles, you fly downhill.   That felt so good and got in my head that I would get a 1:21 for the day.

I was in first and then yoyoed with my friend, Kari, for the next 8 miles. She and another girl passed me in the final two miles, and I took 3rd.

I took a caffeine gel before the warm-up and didn’t take another gel until mile 3 in the race, which was probably a mistake… I try not to go more than 4 miles without a gel on big runs like this, so that was a little late for me. I took another gel again at miles 7 and 12.

I brought my own bottle with electrolytes to drink throughout and grabbed cups from volunteers to dump water on my head. I’m praying for a much cooler and less humid marathon day 🤞🤞.

It was one of those races where I was so tempted to jump in the car with Andrew each time I saw him. Fighting through those feelings makes runners so tough.

I put music on at mile 6, which helped me to hold on and not jump in the car to get donuts with Andrew.

The glorious finish line.

I was so ready to be done. It’s funny how we get the paces we should be running in our heads even when we aren’t doing the same amount of work it once took us to run similar paces.

A 1:25:25! We can’t always be in PR shape, and this summer, I did not put in the work for a pr or a 1:21 as I hoped for on Saturday, so I’m really happy with the day.

6:04, 6:01, 6:10, 6:16, 6:36, 6:24, 6:29, 6:39, 6:40, 7:12, 7:11, 7:04, & 6:38.

During mile 12, Connor Mantz and Jared Ward went by me SO fast (they were doing a workout, not part of the race), which motivated me to push it a little more.

PS The finish line was at the junior high that I went to.


Another medal to add to the rack.

1st and 2nd… both in their 40s, so strong and crushing their training.

They flew by me!

We then set out for another four miles to finish up with 20 for the day. Andrew joined us too!

Here are a few more highlights from the weekend:

A BYU soccer game and cougar tail.

And a relaxing day at home on Sunday with the family.

We celebrated Brooke’s birthday with our families. I used to love making cakes, but now I love buying them at the grocery store and decorating them.

I love her love for art!  My mom brought her these watercolor pencils and they were a big hit.

Here is what week #3 of official training looked like:

Monday: 10 miles @ 8:27 average.

Tuesday: 13 miles @ 7:39 average. W/U, 8 x 2’ (1’ easy), 1’ (2’ easy)… 24 minutes total of speed, C/D. 1.11 miles later with Knox.

Wednesday: 7 miles @ 8:36 average.

Thursday: 9 miles @ 8:24 average.

Friday: Off… My body was telling me I needed one.

Saturday: 20 miles! Half-marathon @ 1:25:25 (significant drop in first 3 miles).

Sunday: Off

60 miles (the goal was 65 miles, but I didn’t have it in me to do another 5 miles).


How was your weekend?  

Tell me a must for you before a race!

Ready for fall or clinging on to summer?

At what age has been your best year of running?

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Congrats on a great (and gorgeous) race, Janae! Not getting a PR is always a bummer, but I love your attitude! Best thing about my weekend was finally having the energy to run a little bit. I’ve been having some medical issues lately and my body has just been telling me to rest, so I’ve been doing more Peloton workouts and walking lately. Also, the heat down here in Louisiana- we’ve been topping 104 degrees where I live and humidity has been 90+, which is so draining! Thank goodness for my treadmill! But Saturday’s run felt so good, even if it was indoors. And yes, we are 100% ready for fall in Louisiana! Have a great week, Janae! Happy Monday! :)


Thanks Emily! I am so sorry about what you have been going through this year with your health. I could not run in those temperatures… I die in half of those numbers. SO happy you were able to get a run in on Saturday and that you have your treadmill. Thanks friend, you too!


Awesome race Janae! And really a beautiful course. And not every race is a PR, and that is ok.
I did my best running around age 45-48. Now, I didn’t start running until I was 38, so… I am starting to get that desire again to put in hard work, so we’ll see…. I just need to get through this puppy stage, ha.
Well, hurricane/ tropical storm Hilary was a big dud. At least in our area. We had some rain and wind, but we had worse storms this last winter/spring. The storm hit land in Mexico, so San Diego probably had more of it than us. It was fun to get a storm in August though! That is so rare!
Here’s to a good new week!


I don’t know what is harder… the puppy phase or the infant phase! Good luck and I can’t wait to see what you do next. Your running story is so inspiring! I am so glad you guys didn’t get anything crazy and that you enjoyed the storm. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Hi Janae! Yay for another race and some solid training in the bank! I love reading your race recaps. I am so ready for the fall! We are planning a trip to go see the fall colors.
Have an awesome day!


Thank you so much, Amy! You’ll have to let me know where you are taking your fall trip! Thanks, you too:)


Congrats on your pregnancy!


You’re back! I’ve missed you:). I’m definitely not pregnant and want to make sure people know it’s okay to have faster years and slower years! It’s all part of the process. I hope you have a beautiful day, Andrea!


Congratulations on a fantastic 20, Janae!! Love your honesty and it’s better to leave it on the marathon course than on the training runs, right?

I am SO ready for fall runs!! We have an excessive heat watch here in the Midwest which translates to a real-feel of 92 and 98% humidity as I was running this morning—I could barely see the sunrise through the haze! Ugh. Headed to Provo this week and I’m really hoping for some cooler mountain runs!


Okay, that is SUCH a great point! I want to peak at St. George, not at this race. Thank you for that perspective. How have you survived that… I don’t know how you do it. Oh, you are?! What are your plans in Provo? Safe travels!


Your cake comment has me laughinggggg.
I made a blueberry cake with almond (flour) and cinnamon yesterday. I realized that I love baking cakes that don’t require frosting.
Great race! You learn more from a suboptimal race than a great race. And now you know to pretend you see Jared Ward during mile 24 of St George!
A must before a race: applying a 4th layer of chapstick


I’m so glad I bought all of the tools and cookbooks for my cake baking passion;). Ummm I am DYING to have that cake. That sounds amazing and the frosting is so hard. Amen, to that. Maybe I can hire him to run by in those final miles ha. 4th layer is a must, not a want. Happy Monday, hope your marathon training week is a great one.


*First, Happy Birthday to Brooke! Elevenly is Heavenly!

We went to DisneyWorld and then South Beach, Miami with the whole family this past week. Thank you for the book recommendation, I read The Great Alone on the plane ride back and loved it. Had so much fun, but am glad to be home. I tried running in the humidity, it was like being in a bucket of soup. I was so sluggish. Oh well, I did it.

I think my best year of running was 48 ? But I was a late bloomer, didn’t run any races until the kids were older – just ran for health/mental/etc. And I was no where close to your speed!

I love Fall, but am good with some more summer weather- still enjoying it. However, it has been a little milder this year so that’s probably why. And I came home to 2 new pairs of running shoes to try out, so excited about that- Saucony & Hoka. I’ve only run in Brooks but am anxious to feel the difference.

Have a great day!


Elevenly is Heavenly! Oh, I love that so much. I am so happy you had such a great trip, I want to do that one with my family. Did you sob on the airplane? Bucket of soup… that is an excellent description of running in humidity. Your running story is so inspirational to me. I love that we can start running at any age. PLEASE share you thoughts with me on your new shoes. Thanks Tracy, have a beautiful day!


We have been on the road since last weekend and leaving sun peaks today to head home. It has been a nice way to decompress for the tail end of our road trip. We went to a local farmers market strolled the village used the hot tub. River was in heaven from all the attention she gor

The fires are terrible in BC now so we are trying to avoid the hot spots and we have family and friends in the Okanagan so my heart is a bit heavy. They are safe and I think there homes are but so many people have lost everything.

Congrats on a great race Janae! I


Great race, Janae!

We had an amazing/crazy weekend. We got home from Hawaii around midnight Friday night. Les turned 60 on Saturday and rode a century with his buddies. I made homemade ice cream, 4 flavors – cherry, Heath, Oreo and German Chocolate cake. I can’t buy ice cream anymore, mine is SO much better and so much cheaper! Sunday was wild with the tropical storm/non-stop rain and an afternoon earthquake! Our pastor canceled church, which was really smart, so we stayed in and just relaxed (and ate more ice cream.)

It feels like Fall today but pretty sure we’re headed for more heat. So Cal always teases my Fall loving heart and we usually have hot weather until the end of October. Just another excuse to make more ice cream!!

I trained for and ran my first marathon when I was 48 and that was a pretty good year. I then went into full on peri-menopause and that sent me spiraling for a few years. Post-menopause has actually been really good. Maybe my best year hasn’t happened yet?!


Third is still impressive! I hate when my race result doesn’t line up with what I want.

Are most races in Utah downhill? I ask because most of the ones I’ve seen are a pretty deep net downhill!

A must before a race… half or longer and it’s two poptarts – the best pre race fueld!

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