HE is Home Friday Favorites!

(top, shorts)

Back with Emilee and Jo for ten miles @ 8:29 average. Adjusting back to Utah time hurt… I slept through my alarm and Andrew had to wake me up.

Change of scenery!

Ummmm, we found my iPad that I lost… just 7,201 miles away.

Yesterday was a very important day. MY NEPHEW CAME HOME! He has been gone for two years on a mission in Nashville and then Peru.

FINALLY. I swear he was just Beck’s age and now look at him.  The sweetest reunion.

Such a good afternoon together.


Beck was too young to remember him before he left so he was mostly focused on just going up and down the escalators while we were there.

The other highlight was meeting Lauren’s baby for the first time. She is perfect.

And here we are with another week of Friday favorites!

*Lindsey’s episode with Courtney Dauwalter and her 78-minute course record at Western States.

*I finished Hello Beautiful and sobbed. I loved every character, and it was such a beautiful story.

*I thought I’d share some of my vacation outfits that I loved. You can find my swimsuits in this post.

I loved this set. I needed this light sweater more than I thought I would. So comfy, lightweight, and soft.

*Just a fun dress that I used for the beach and dinner.

*LOVED this Amazon tank and Madewell shorts.

*This dress for dinner!

*The lululemon pack for long trail runs! I’ve had a Solomon one that I loved for a while, but I would chafe so badly in it if I was wearing just a tank or sports bra with it. I wanted to try the lululemon one to see if I could avoid chafing with it, and mission accomplished! I had it on for hours in the rain and zero chafing. I used these bottles with it; it fits perfectly, moves with me, and can carry everything I need for the trails. It doesn’t have as many pockets as the Solomon one but plenty for me.

What was the last thing you listened to?

Have a favorite pack that you use on trails?

Have any fun weekend plans?

Who remembers my nephew on the blog from when he was little?

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OMG I am going to buy all of these outfits for my trip in December. I love your style!


Oh yay! Where are you going in December? Have a beautiful day, Shelby!


Wow. Your ipad wanted to go on a second vacation.
That’s super exciting about your nephew. During missions, is family allowed to visit? Also, what’s on his short list of things he wants to do now that he is home?
The last thing I listened to was the podcast Up First from NPR. I still need to finish the episode with Courtney and coach (hehe).
Weekend plans: run and watching no less than 15 hours of TdF coverage. Ah, July!
Have a great weekend!


Hahaha it’s gone for good at this point! No, they don’t see them for the entire two years but they do FaceTime every week. So long and I’m so happy he’s home! That is a good question, I’ll ask him today! I love that lindsey is your coach. I challenge you to 16 hours this weekend! Enjoy!


Aww your sister looks so happy! I bet she’s so glad to have him home. ❤️
I need to try that pack!! I’m getting an ultra itch right now…I just kind of feel like running forever.
I’m loving the podcast Dark Valley! More true crime ofc. Haha.
I’m relaxing this weekend—in the past couple of weeks I’ve moved, rented my house, started assistant coaching cross country kids for the middle/HS (and still have to work and take care of my own two little ones haha) and I’m TIRED. Happy but tired haha!
Have a great weekend!


Seriously, she has been counting down the seconds for this day! Ummmmmm I need more details about your ultra itch. Follow what your body is telling you. I remember that so vividly, my body wanted a break from speed training and just wanted to run for hours on end. I’m excited for you! Ummm Mollie, you have had so much going on. Take all of the time you need to rest and recover. Thanks Mollie, you too!


Yay for your nephew being home!
Thanks for the tank top link. I need a couple of new ones.
My husband and I are listening to a book called My Crazy Midlife Crisis (on audible). It’s very entertaining. We started it while driving up to Santa Barbara, and now while we’re out for a walk or hanging out at the pool. And of course I’m still listening to true crime podcasts, ha.
No set plans for the weekend. Just pool time and dinners on the patio.
Have a great Friday Janae


I hope you love the tank, it’s so so soft. Ummm I am going to have to get that book. Thanks for sharing! I bet that drive was gorgeous and I love when Andrew and I listen to the same book:). Wish we could come join for pool time. ENJOY! Thanks Wendy!


Hi Janae! Your vacation outfits are so cute!! I love my Nathan vapor airess pack so much! I can put so much in it!
My husband is on a trip this weekend so it’s girls hangouts for me this weekend! My friend is hosting a tea party!
Have an awesome day!!


I definitely remember your nephew! Welcome, home to him! Beautiful family.


Yeah for your nephew being home!!’ Also-your nieces look just like you and your sister!

The Free People set-did you order online or go into a store? The color you have isn’t online but there’s a green and “mink” and if saw them in person, how are they?

Have your nephew wrote a guest blog and catch us up to his past two years! I bet he looks so much older to you all.

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