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We are all online shopping more than ever right now.  I’m so excited to share with you something that can help you to save money and time with your online purchases.  Wikibuy is free, saving us money, effortless to use and works perfect for any type of shopper!  This post is sponsored by Wikibuy.  They compensate me when you get the Wikibuy extension using the links provided!  Thank you for supporting us and our amazing sponsors.


Andrew and I are a lot alike in many ways but we are also SO different in a few ways.  I remember after Andrew and I went on our very first date I came back to my mom’s house to pick up Brooke and sat down at the kitchen counter and told her all about how alike we were.  He ran marathons, he didn’t think it was right to share dessert, we were both single parents to 3 year olds and we both had a lot of similar beliefs when it came to the really big things in life.  Once we got married a few weeks later (for real!) it was funny to start to find the things we were complete opposites with too!

From our first race together:

IMG 0579

One of the ways that we are extremely different is in the way we shop online.

I am the type of online shopper that doesn’t want to take one extra second buying whatever I’m looking to buy.  I want to complete the task quickly and be done.  I get frustrated when trying to find the best deals or a coupon code so I just skip that whole process and go straight to the purchase which obviously doesn’t save any money.


Andrew is the type of shopper that will research everything as much as he possibly can.  He compares every website he can find that carries the same product to find the best deal and searches endlessly for coupon codes to use.  We joke that what takes me 30 seconds to buy takes Andrew 45 minutes to buy.   I totally see why he values finding the best deals because that feeling when you save money is just the best but I lack the patience to do it.


So while we are quite opposite when it comes to shopping, Wikibuy is making it so we both save money (and Andrew saves a lot of time;).  It is crazy simple and does all of the work for us by automatically entering in cash-saving coupon codes across tens of thousands of retailer sites.  All you have to do to get started is go HERE for the free Wikibuy browser add-on and it will instantly do the work for you to help save you money!  Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge & Safari all work with Wikibuy.

I LOVE that Wikibuy just automatically applies the best available coupon codes to your cart.  I don’t have to look up any codes or get frustrated by entering in expired codes, Wikibuy quickly adds the best codes available to my cart.  I can see why Wikibuy has millions of customers (and found more than $70 million in savings in the last year for them).

Screen Shot 2020 04 06 at 12 42 02 PM

Andrew’s favorite part about Wikibuy is that they give you a friendly little pop-up window on Amazon, Target, Best Buy and Home Depot to let you know where a better deal is if there is one.  You just have to click on it to be taken to the cheaper price.  Comparing prices is what he spends the most time on when online shopping so this is fantastic for him.   Wikibuy also compares shipping costs and arrival dates too which is really nice right now when shipping has changed so much.

Besides Wikibuy showing you where you can save money, it also allows you to add an item to your watchlist so they can notify you when they find the better deal from price drops for you!  With Wikibuy they also offer loyalty credits that can be redeemed for gift cards at Amazon, Walmart and lots of other online retailers.

Screen Shot 2020 04 06 at 2 20 45 PM

With five (Knox was gone for the pic:) people over here we are excited to have such a seamless way to save money and our sanity when shopping online!



There is no better time than now to start saving with the Wikibuy browser add-on!  It is completely free and there’s no catch, no ads and it won’t slow your shopping down!  Join me in getting incredible coupon codes across thousands of retailer sites added right to your cart plus Wikibuy finding if there is a cheaper deal available for you when you shop on Amazon, Target, Home Depot or Best Buy.


Those of you in a relationship—>  In what ways are you similar and in what ways are you opposites?

-I think our biggest difference is in the fact he is a night owl and Im a morning person:)

What type of shopper are you?  Do you take your time or would you rather be done quickly?

What is a way that you like to save money?  Help us all with some ideas!

What do you find yourself buying online more than anything else?

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I automatically deposit money into my savings and investment accounts each month- that way I am saving, but I don’t even notice. Not having to think about it makes saving so much easier!

I take too much time with online purchases- and sometimes that ends up with me getting frustrated with not finding coupons and just abandoning my cart overall LOL.


Mariah! That is such an awesome idea, I love that you don’t even have to think about it! I hope you have a beautiful day and you and Andrew are very alike when it comes to online shopping:)


That is such a cool way to save money! I’ve never even heard of it! Thanks so much for sharing!!

We’re totally the same as you and Andrew are–I’m a super big morning person and Nick (my boyfriend) could stay up super late and takes a little while to wake up in the morning.

I’m a quick shopper, both online and in person! I’m in and out of the store and same goes online! :) My sister could spend hours shopping! ha!

One way I like to save money is by setting out my budget each Sunday for the week ahead. I feel like I can easily get stressed or worried if I don’t know what’s been going on in my bank account so by looking at it each week and making sure I’m sticking to my budget, I feel like I have a good grip on what’s going on and where I’m spending/saving. If anything it helps save me from stressing even if I don’t save as much money as needed all the time! ;)

I just got a Thrive account for groceries so I can’t wait to see what I can find online for grocery shopping versus having to always go to the grocery store.

Have an amazing day, Janae!!


You are so welcome Chelsea! YES, we are so alike and wish we could run together in the mornings:) That is awesome that you set out a budget each week, Andrew and I should try that. I’ve heard amazing things about Thrive too so I’ll have to try it. Thanks and you too!


My husband and I are complete opposites in almost every single way, including buying. He goes to the store and just browses/picks out what he wants – does not even look at the price a lot of time! I analyze (sometimes over-analyze) and compare prices and places to purchase – sounds similar to Andrew’s process… I do save money that way, but sometimes I do have to just stop and buy it. I will have to check out this tool!!
My tip is, never buy something immediately. If you think of something you want to buy, you can pick it out, even put it in your online cart – but then wait until the next day to make the purchase. Then you’ll know if it is a good decision.
We buy a lot of random things online, because I don’t have time to go to multiple stores (even when not on quarantine). Plus it’s so exciting for the kiddos to have boxes to open, even if it is not stuff for them.:)
Happy Wednesday!


I guess we just have to marry people that are opposite in the some ways to help us meet in the middle a bit haha. I LOVE that tip so so much. Such a great way to live Katie. I totally understand that excitement that your kids feel with boxes ha. Thanks Katie, you too!


We are opposite:
my husband will buy what he wants as soon as he sees it. I I take forever and look for the best deal. He buys “cheap” items and they fall apart/break and he has to buy then about 10x’s. Whereas, I look for the best deal on items that will last a long time (blender, shoes, winter boots, phone, computer, purses, jackets, clothes, etc.)
I love to run, he does not. I love talking, he is quiet. I love going places, he is a homebody. He spends a ton of time on his hair, I spend about 30 seconds.

Alike: when we spend the night at peoples houses, we leave first thing in the morning. We are both morning people. We both would rather have a job we love and make less money than a job we dislike and make more money. We both like to be right;-)

I think the biggest way we save money is we live in a rural area and “fun” stores/restaurants/entertainment are far, far away;-)


Loved hearing about you two and it’s so interesting to see where people are opposites and similar! We both like to be right too hahaah. Oh I bet that definitely saves money and it’s one of the many reasons why you are such an amazing cook. I hope you have a wonderful day, Becky!


OMG….I laughed so hard when I read this. I am the same as you and my husband like your’s when it comes to shopping. He researches the heck out of everything. I on the other hand see something I like, I purchase:-) I also love Wikibuy……


WE ARE SO ALIKE hahaha. I just cannot do all of the researching! I hope you have the best day Karen and thanks for relating with me ha:)


My husband I are similar to you and Andrew, he will put in a ton of research and I am like git ‘er done! When we first got married I was very thrifty and my husband loved to spend. Over time we’ve met in the middle; I’ve taught him that we can’t purchase something until we can actually afford it and he’s shown me that it’s OK to spend money on things so that we can enjoy them (like remodeling the house, and buying a hot tub – so nice for relaxing after stressful days right now!). He’s currently convincing me a new mountain bike would really add to his happiness ;)


Get ‘er done! YES, that is so us. I love how you guys have met in the middle and I see us doing that too. SO happy you have the hot tub, it is life changing. Andrew agrees that he needs the new bike haha. Have a beautiful day Michelle!


Downloading now! Thanks for sharing!


You are so welcome! Have a beautiful day!


wait, what? you got married just few weeks after your first date? I couldn’t focus on the rest of the post after I read that!


Hahaha yes! I NEVER would have guessed that I would do that but I did. We got married about 8 weeks after our first date! I hope you have a great day!

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