Silentish Saturday!

(shoes, tank, shorts)

10 miles @ 7:57 pace in our favorite canyon.

New nails.

Apple picking.

Splash pad.


Progress in the kitchen 🤍

Had to stock up on my favorite chips.

Wish me luck:

Later on his last ear tube fell out and I noticed his ear leaking a bit so I took him in.  His frost ear infection in a long time.

Tell me three things you have going on today?

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Happy Saturday!

1. Having my Mom over for dinner
2. Baking. Chocolate chip cookies for sure and muffins from the Rise and Run cookbook
3. Reading. Just started The Betrayal of Anne Frank



You’ll have to let me know what you think of that book when you finish. Thanks for inspiring me to go make those muffins… that sounds so good today. Have the best time with your mom, Deirdre!


Aww hope Beck is ok and the ear infection isn’t too bad!

9 mile run this morning with donuts and core power after. Relaxing today and getting some chores done. Then birthday celebration for a friend tonight at a fruit farm with live music, pizza, and pie!


Thank you, Mariah! He is so happy this morning hallelujah. Ummm that is the best finish to a run possible:). Have the best time at the fruit farm, I want to come!


Hi Janae! I gotta take my cat to the vet today for her annual exam! Good luck to me to get her in her carrier by myself! It’s a heat wave this weekend so gotta run earlier now! Have an awesome day!


Sending all of the good luck to you with your cat and with the heat. I hope it cools down a bit soon for you. Thanks Amy, you too!


That bagel looks delicious!
Good luck with potty training. My boys were pretty easy. But, each kid can be very different.
That canyon always looks perfect for a run.
Have a wonderful weekend!


You want to come over and help me with Beck hahah. Thanks Wendy, happy weekend!


Wow! I love all of this!! I want to run in that canyon! I have already run today. Afterwards Strava told me that it was 96% humidity. I try to avoid seeing the specific weather before runs to avoid thinking my run will be so much harder.
I cannot wait to see your kitchen! It looks beautiful!
What’s the plan to eat your way through all those apples?

Me today: run, make a plan to go deeper into bread baking and oh I don’t know…watch the replay of TdF!! I watch the replay so I can catch al the pre race analysis and then every kilometer of racing and then post race analysis. I need help clearly.


96%. Molly. I would have turned into a puddle. I think that is so smart that you did that and I’ve copied you since. It helps so much mentally to be naive and I don’t even have the humidity you do. I’m hoping to make some pie but other than that… I have no idea?! Should I learn to can? Hahaha it will be amazing to feel like you have time again after the TdF is over. You are the expert. Keep embracing your favorite time of year!


I literally just got a new range in my kitchen and it was down to that same café one and a Frigidaire! I went with the Frigidaire because I don’t have the need for a double, but they are so fancy! Let me know how you like it!


So far I cooked a frozen pizza in it and loved it hahah. I’m so excited for it to all be done and actually cook more. So happy you got a new range too! Happy weekend, Tess!


Farmers market, Peloton/weights, and peach crisp for dessert >see farmers market. Hope Beck feels better soon and potty training is easy!!


That sure sounds like the perfect day, Nancy. And now you have me craving something with peaches! Thanks and happy weekend:)


started the day working at a run, multiple miles for myeloma…good crowd, good cause…the air here is still filed with smoke, but for a few hours it was okay….am attempting to find a lime and a coconut right now…..
love that stove/oven…on Christmas wish list

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