Tuesday Tangents! Daddy Saddle + Brooke’s SINGING Video.

Tuesday afternoon already!??!  Today has flown by over here!  Thank you so much for the documentary recommendations this morning… we’ve got so many great things to watch now!

Time for some Tuesday Tangents.

*These two are obsessed with Moana.  The other night we did a pizza picnic while watching Moana and it was fabulous.

IMG 3113

*Yep, it’s the only movie they want to watch at home.

IMG 3241

*Proof that Brooke knows practically every word to each song on Moana…  my favorite part starts at 55 seconds.

*On Sunday when my brother came to town he brought this gift for my brother-in-law hahaha!

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All of the kids really loved it (and the dads all loved trying to be bucking broncos).

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*I sure prayed hard for a scene like this for a few years:

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*PIES.  PIES.  PIES.  We made these two pies for my family to eat on Thursday night.  The cream cheese (with a hint of lemon) pie was the number one pick (we topped it with strawberries) but that chocolate one with an oreo crust was insanely good too!

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*I think this is Beretta’s preferred mode of transportation.

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*How I felt the morning after my race… it took a lot of determination and strength to get out of bed that morning.

IMG 3248 2

*These Kodiak Cake waffles are what finally did the trick for me.

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*The expo last week was at a running store and they had a corner for kids.  The first time that I was ready to leave a running store before the kids were wanting to leave.

IMG 3063

*Stance running socks are the cutest.  They really are.  I want 20 pairs.  I’d love to have anyone’s opinion that has tried them on and how they fit etc.!

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*I was writing in my journal the other day and Brooke brought in her little journal to draw with me.  Kid’s watch every little thing that we do.

IMG 3288

*HOW WAS THIS FOUR YEARS AGO?!?  Miss my little Cabbage Patch Kid doll look alike;)

IMG 3117

*I found the first time ever that I wrote a Tangent post.  6.5ish years ago:)  Not sure why I didn’t call it Triple Tangent Tuesday but whatever.  And I need to go back to one of my old favorite breakfast meals of fruit, cc (ps Andrew doesn’t like cottage cheese?!) and pb.

Screen Shot 2017 03 27 at 2 12 04 PM

*One of the skills learned from blogging for so many years.  I can type at pro speed according to some online test that Andrew and I took yesterday ha.  I’m proud.

Screen Shot 2017 04 03 at 9 37 38 PM

*Michelle has an awesome blog HERE called Running A Zoo!  She writes all about her experiences as a runner and a zookeeper!  She is so positive and has awesome tips + she has the cutest dog ever!  Check her out!!!

Screen Shot 2017 03 31 at 9 40 34 AM


 Are you a journal writer?  How often… for how long?  

-I used to be a daily journal writer before blogging started but now I just write in my personal journal about once a week.

Have a Tuesday Tangent to share!! Would love to hear it!

Favorite movie at your house right now?

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Brooke singing! Oh my goodness, way too cute.


Oh thanks Nancy! I think so too:) Enjoy the rest of your night!


That video is adorable! My daughter loves that song too, but her absolute favourite movie (and soundtrack) at the moment is Trolls. Get Back Up Again and Can’t Stop the Feeling. All. Day. Long! But both movies have such positive messages and the music is pretty good, so I can’t complain!

A picture of my daughter as a baby five years ago popped up on Facebook for me the other day too! Hard to believe they grow up so quick.


I agree… we love both of those movies and the music on both is amazing! Seriously, it is SO crazy how fast it all goes by! SLOW DOWN!!!! I hope you and your little girl have a great week together! Thanks Laura!


I want to go back and see if I commented on that post LOL. I guess I’m dating myself a bit here…Today has flown by for me as well but luckily I got some stuff done which I needed too. We were supposed to get a huge Tstorm which never showed up.


10 bucks that you did comment on that post:) We’ve been friends for a long time Hollie! Glad that the storm didn’t show up! Hope you are having a great night!


Pizza picnics are my FAVORITE.

Tangent of the day, I am really trying to cut out the amount of social media I consume per day. My goal is to check it three times a day, instead of however much I do, normally. I’ve been pretty good about it today and man, it feels so good to step away from the phone!

I journal most mornings while I have my devotions, but I try to do it daily!


Hey Bethany! I LOVE your goal right now! I might copy you on that one too! It is amazing how great it feels to have time away from screens!! Enjoy your week!


My Tuesday tangent: I thought it was going to be a day without running because of rain, but I ended up getting an excellent run, just at a completely weird time of day for me!


Oh that is AWESOME… I’m so glad that the run was able to happen and especially that it was a great one! I hope that tomorrows is too!


I am with Andrew, cottage cheese is disgusting :P


He is happy to hear he is not alone:) I hope you are having a great night Katie!


What a cutie!!! HAH i feel like I would ace that typing test. I’m quite the typing wizard. Tuesday Tangent- WHY IS I ONLY TUESDAY. I’m ready for the weekend already…


Take the test… it is kind of fun haha! Ha seriously, it feels like it should be Thursday to me! I hope it gets to the weekend quickly for you Carrie!


My journal is more of a fitness tracker. I did morning pages faithfully for 3 months for school. I wrote for 20 minutes non stop first thing in the morning. Then I felt like I was repeating myself a lot and stopped.

I am not a big fan of cottage cheese either. I prefer ricotta in taste and texture.

Tangent: My husband teaches piano to a young boy who loves to give gifts. He also thinks if he gives my husband a present the lesson might get cut short. A couple of weeks ago he tried to give him the last slice of apple pie. It’s become a guessing game to see what the gift of the week will be. Today it was a mini babybell cheese.


HEY NINA!!! Andrew agrees that ricotta is much better:) HAHAH I loved your tangent today! Was the apple pie good delicious?! Hmmm I don’t know if I would cut a lesson short for a little bit of cheese;) Thank you for sharing that with me tonight!


haha – he skillfully left the piece of pie behind. We laugh, as does the boy’s mom. I’m guessing the next gift will be in the form of Easter candy but who knows. He brought out his alarm clock yesterday so the lesson wouldn’t go over the allotted half hour. :)


Omg but Brooke is so cute!!


Oh thanks Cheryl… I sure think so too:)


Oh my goodness, cottage cheese is really gross to me!! Those lumps! Unless I purée it with an avocado and stir in black beans and chopped peppers and eat it with chips or on a salad! :)

+ hot sauce = SO good :) :) :)


Andrew thinks just like you about cottage cheese! Your combo sounds incredible though… we will have to try that! Thanks Jenny!


Stance socks- YES! The best. I like Balega socks too, but Stance for racing and speedwork, for some reason they are just so much higher performing and yes, cute. Worth it!
I also trail run a lot and like the higher crew sock for the trails for some reason.


I am also obsessed with Moana…I borrowed it from a three year old and haven’t returned it yet because I want to watch it again. That video of Brooke is SO precious :)


Oh man her singing is so cute, now I need to see that movie! I’ve never been a journal-er but I always try to keep a small journal when I’m working in low-income countries (but now i blog it!), it helps to work out the things you experience throughout the day and incorporate the lessons into your life more I think.


I haven’t seen Moana yet! I’m so behind with movie/documentary watching!


That video of Brooke singing!!!! SO CUTE.

I used to be a journal writer and I really strayed away from it in the last few years and have been recently thinking about starting it up again. I feel like I have such good intentions at the beginning and then forget about it a week in and get frustrated.


I’ve always wanted to be a journaler but have never been able to commit more than a few days. This year I’m trying a sentence a day journal and I’ve proudly stuck with it the whole year so far (three months is a record for me!)

Out of curiosity – do you know the website you used to test your typing ability? I’m pretty intrigued by that.

My four year old son started singing the Moana main song this morning and surprisingly knew most of the words, having only seen the movie once so far. Are kids just born with Disney knowledge? It seems like they are.


HEY!!! I used this website:


Good luck!
HAHA I love that he knows the song after just watching it once. That is incredible!


Brooke is darling!

Tangent Tuesday: ugh. I started my period on the way to meet my running partners this morning, all of whom happen to be guys. Blah.

Favorite movie lately has been Ace Ventura (with several skipped parts!)

Happy Tuesday!




My husband runs in Stance socks! He likes them, but his favorite are still Swiftwick. He has tried to convert me to Swiftwick, but I just can’t let go of my love for Feetures. They are HANDS DOWN the best. A brand new pair of Feetures is God’s gift to runners.

Tuesday Tangent: I am 21 weeks pregnant, so not following any formal training plan. So I let my dog pick the running route yesterday, AKA just following him whenever he turned. Somehow he managed to pick a perfect 6 mile loop that ended right at our front door! Smart pup. :)


OH my gosh! Brook singing is the CUTEST!
I love cottage cheese and applesauce together – not mixed but just in the bowl together and eaten with a bit of each on the spoon. SO good!
I am totally going to try it with pb!


Brooke….I meant! :)


Thank you so much Bridgette!!! Okay, I’m absolutely going to have to try that combo… THANK YOU and I hope you are having a wonderful day!


Loved listening to Brooke. Sooo cute. And the daddy saddle? Hysterical. I have to side with Andrew on the cottage cheese – yuck. But I did get to finally go to a Cafe Rio! It is the best! Thanks for turning me on to it!


I tried showing the video to my son who is Brooke’s age and LOVES Moana. Sadly the video is unavailable (maybe because we’re in Canada). I know he would have loved it. We sing Moana almost constantly around here. He wants me to track down their Brooke video, haha. Parent lesson: check something works BEFORE telling the kids about it.

I’m not a journal writer but I’m experimenting with bullet journaling this year to help me keep track of my daily/weekly/monthly goals or to do list. My husband is happy there are no more scraps of paper with my lists all over the house.

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