Friday Favorites & We Belong.

(shorts, top, shoes)

Somehow the group runs have gone from all women with maybe two men at workouts to now mostly men.  The only other woman with me yesterday was my friend that just finished 3rd at Rock n Roll Vegas with a 1:13.  She is also in the elite coral for Boston, so I was on my own for this workout for most of the miles.  I would start before everyone else for each interval, and they would catch up to me halfway through the interval, so they didn’t have to wait too long for me to finish.

We all don’t feel like we ‘belong’ at times with our running, but this group always makes me feel like I do!

The warm-up was short (just 2 miles; I feel like I need 10 miles right now to be warmed up;) and then we got right into the intervals–>  4 x 2 miles with about .5 miles of jogging recoveries.

I think I went overboard on the caffeine before the run–> ehhhh 200mg between my gel and my perk energy, but I was SO tired when I woke up, and I thought it would get me moving). I felt like I was going to puke for most of the workout.  Lesson learned, my body only tolerates 100mg of caffeine before a run.

My averages for the 4 sets of 2 miles were–> 6:03, 6:34, 6:03, and 5:52 (uphill and downhill segments shown in the different paces).  Being so far behind these speedsters made me think in my brain I was way off on my paces, but then I looked up my workout from last year before Boston on these same segments (just in a different order), and I was very thrilled with the difference.  6:26 average last time, 6:08 average this time.

At the start of this training block, I told my coach that I wanted to make uphills my strength, and they are starting to feel that way!

And then we cooled down, which felt much, much better.

Another workout in the bank!

Skye gave me tips when I got home about Boston’s course;).

When you get to see grandma at Costco.

We ran plenty of errands.

Andrew brought home cinnamon rolls from Shirley’s Bakery (another Utah favorite).

And these two got in their matching swimsuits and we all hot tubbed.


Favorites time:

*I have a Core Power code again!  15HRGIRL will get you 15% off HERE.  Enter the code manually at checkout; it is good for any number of cases.

*Pink’s new album.  I can’t stop listening to it, and it has so many great running songs on there, like Trustfall and Runaway.

*I told you about my favorite swimsuit last week (TOP and BOTTOM), but I thought I would share my other two swimsuits that I bought for this summer (Andrew and I are going somewhere fun this summer for a week, ahhh)… This top/bottom and this top/bottom.  I like the sports bra look for suits.

*This jump house truly saved us this winter.

*Aftershock: Everest and The Nepal Earthquake.  It’s on Netflix, and I was sweating throughout the entire documentary.  It is beyond intense, but I had no idea about the devastation this earthquake caused.

How long do you need to feel warmed up on the run?

Last documentary that you watched, and what did you think?

Any albums you are loving to listen to lately?

Tell me one thing you are looking forward to this weekend!

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I love that you have a group you feel you belong to. That makes training so much more enjoyable! The Morgan Wallen album just dropped so I imagine I will be consumed listening to that. As far as the weekend goes, I am actually looking forward to my long run!!


Me tooo on the Morgan wallen album! 😍


His concert is live streaming tonight at 7:30 central if you did not see that update!! Going to have to stay up late hahaha


Off to check out his new album! Have the best long run, Samantha! Hoping you feel great and the weather is perfect for your miles!


Oooh-a vacay! That’s super exciting!
Well I had to put on Shania Twain the last few days of listening to her on Dax!!
Last night I started the Alex Murdaugh documentary. I had only watched the Dateline episodes about the case. Those poor kids on that boat!
And yay for running with fast friends. The girl from behind could be Jordan Hassay. You’re a good friend for keeping her identity secret! hehe


Bahaha Jordan and I are just out running together;). My friend, Kodi, did beat Jordan Hassay at the Mesa Half a few weeks ago. Adding that documentary to my list! I am so fascinated by Shania ever since that episode… I need more from her now. Hope your weekend is a great one and that you are off from work!


Ooh, I need to watch that documentary! I recently watched the Murdaugh documentary on Netflix and I was absolutely sucked in! I didn’t think I cared about that case at all, and after half an hour, I was so invested, lol. Looking forward to a 10 mile run (longest run back since the flu) and also doing some online professional development learning about the Science of Reading (teacher nerd here). Have a great Friday Janae!


I will start that documentary this weekend, thanks Emily! SO happy you are healthy again, and you get to go out for a double-digit run. Your students are the luckiest to have you. Have a great weekend and thank you!


Such cute swimsuits! Thanks for sharing. I am visiting my grandmother this weekend for her 88th birthday and am looking forward to seeing her (and also some warmer running weather!!). Have a great weekend Janae :)


Happy 88th to your grandmother! Enjoy your time together and the warmth (maybe I’ll meet you there for the run… I need warmth)! Thanks friend, you too!


Ever since my friend shared the Trustfall song by Pink, I’ve been listening to the album on repeat too!! It’s so good for a drive.
I love the sports bra look for a swim suit as well. I just got a new TYR brand top from Swim Outlet.
This weekend I’m doing an acro/aerial yoga workshop that I’m looking forward to.
Happy Friday!!


It really is such a good album! I love TYR suits! Ummm can I come with you to that workshop? That sounds like a blast. Happy Friday to you, Alicia!


Hi Janae! Love love love this post and since I’ve been scouring local brick-and-mortars for Core Power with no luck, I’m stoked to see your discount code and am off to order my first case! I, too, am loving P!nk’s new song and now I’ll check out the whole album! I’m really looking forward to my first-ever timed race tomorrow morning. It’s a one-hour timed race on a looped greenway in a park. Should be interesting! Weather should be perfect for racing. Have a great weekend! :-)


YAY! I am so happy I have a discount code again! The first song on the album makes me cry because it is about her dad! FIRST RACE AHHHHH I am so so excited for you. Will you please let me know how it goes? I’m cheering for you!


Hi Janae! I didn’t know pink had a new album! I’ll check it out! I feel like I love procrastinating on speed workouts by warming up for a long time :).
Happy Friday!! We are off to the mountains!


You are going to love her new album! I’m with you, the longer the warm-up the better I feel. Enjoy some mountain time! Thanks Amy!


Not any specific albums, but I’ve been enjoying Queen on the run lately—their music has so much energy!


I love Queen! Bohemian Rhapsody is still one of my favorite movie. Have a great day, Cynthia!


I usually do a 15-20 min warm-up before a workout, but I don’t feel totally warmed up until about mile 5 or so.

I watched the Netflix documentary on Lori Vallow. It was just so sad. I don’t know if I would recommend it. However, my all-time favorite documentary is Living on One Dollar. It’s beautiful.

I just downloaded Pink’s album for tomorrow’s long run! I also downloaded Morgan Wallen’s new album. I switch between NF and 90s hip hop usually for my runs.

I am looking forward to relaxing this weekend since I got all of my homework done (MA in English) before Sunday!


Haha….it takes me about an hour after I get up to even think about going for a run at age 60ish. So yep! I hear ya about needing warm up time 🤩

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