Family Reunioning + The 1st One Back Hurts

(bra, shorts, shoes)

I took two weeks off from speed work because of my allergies and decided it was time to try it out again. The workout was a 3 mile tempo (6:07 average but it included more down than up), a 1.1 mile climb (472 ft up) and 1 MTC downhill mile @ 5:31. It all hurt and my breathing wasn’t great (I even used my inhaler before) but I think once my allergies chill out a bit more, my breathing will feel better. Our bodies just keep us guessing at all times.

I was so grateful to have Sarah there. She pulled me the whole way.

And then we were off for a road trip to Colorado and we actually left on time for the first time ever.

Met up with parts of the family on the way for some Mexican food.

Breakfast burritos taste good at any time of day.

We saw a large fire on one of the mountains.

We made it to Glenwood Springs and it is absolutely gorgeous. My Grandad grew up here and so that is why we are visiting this area.

My nephew has been texting Andrew about this reunion daily for months.

We visited where my great grandma used to play the piano and where my grandpa used to lifeguard.

Almost everyone is here!

Blogging from my phone for a few days, sorry in advance🤣

Who has been to Glenwood Springs?

What do /did you call your pr and parents?

-Mer and Grandad and then my other set passed away when I was very young.

What’s your run today?

-Not sure if I will or not… we are staying a bit outside of the area so I’ll need to find somewhere to go!

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Wow, your allergies are intense!
I’m swapping my mile repeats for an indoor Peloton bike class. The Canadian wildfire smoke is even worse today. Hoping the prediction of improvement for tomorrow is correct!
Have a great time in Colorado with your family!


I went to Glenwood several times as a kid (I live in Denver) – once my mom and sister and I rode the train there! I hope you have a wonderful time!


Track workout today! It’s the last day of the spring session for the track group I do, so we’ll retry our mile time. I’m hoping it’ll be faster, but I also know it’s hot and humid, so it may be a harder effort.

Have fun on your trip!


Glenwood is gorgeous! Make sure you get to go in some of the spring pools!

No run still for me with my broken foot :( Although i am finally wearing tennis shoes instead of the big ol boot! Hoping another month and I will be able to run!? I have a 10 miler in October so hoping that will happen!

I always called my mom’s parents: “Grammies” and Grandpa. And the other ones were just grandma/grandpa. I think it is interesting to hear what families come up with! My kids call my parents nana and papa – that is just what they started calling them when they were little so we stuck with it!

Enjoy CO!!!!!


Colorado reader here and we’ll be in Glenwood this weekend – enjoy, it’s so beautiful!


Hi Janae! Your reunion looks like so much fun, enjoy!!


How cute are your nephew and Andrew? So fun they have a close relationship and that your whole family (almost) is all together!

We called my mom’s parents Grandma and Grandpa, and my dad’s parents Sitto and Giddo which are Arabic takes on grandma/grandpa. My step mom is Swedish so she is MorMor to all my nieces and nephews.

Have such a fun time in CO!


Michelle – My family has Swedish heritage and my dad is FarFar to my niece and nephew!

Janae – Have the best time with your family! Looks so relaxing there!


I’ve been following your blog for a long time and never commented but I live in Glenwood Springs! Hope you have the best time here. It’s a pretty amazing place.
For running there is a great bike path along the river that goes from Glenwood to Aspen- part of it is torn up right now for construction 🤦‍♀️ but it’s an option.
Also the trail/road up to the cross (Red Mountain) is fun. It’s about 5.5 miles round trip and a very intense climb and amazing views. There are mountain bike trails as well. Following the road (there isn’t any traffic so it’s nice) is the easiest way.
South Canyon has fun mountain biking.
The no name and grizzly creek trails in Glenwood canyon are fun too for running and hiking.
Have an amazing time!


Yay! Colorado!! Glenwood Springs is so beautiful and lots to do there. Definitely check out the hot springs. I am sure there are some great trails in the area, either for running or hiking. It’s been a long time since we’ve spent any time there. We’re usually just driving thru, ha ha.
My grandparents were both just grandma and grandpa. But our kids call my parents Mormor and Morfar, that’s Swedish. And they call my in-laws Nana and Papa.
Have a wonderful family reunion and enjoy Colorado!


It’s really touching to me that you would all go back to where your grandparents used to live for your reunion. I love the idea of all of my future great-great grandkids coming to see my old stomping grounds someday!! Enjoy your time, this part of Colorado looks beautiful!


I’m at a family reunion right now in Colorado too-but it’s in Breckenridge! I’m hoping to head out for a run on Friday but the altitude and the fact that our hotel is up some of a mountain is going to make it difficult for this sea-level, flat road, Florida gal!


We have our family reunion coming up in 2 weeks. 80 of us from all over the country will meet in Tennessee for a long weekend. So much fun!


That sounds incredible! 80 people! Have the best time🤍

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