Made me question + brought it all back…

((Top (I need to edit it to ‘Make Every Day A Run, Peloton or Rest Day’), shorts, bra, my bike shoes))

I woke up to a new layer of snow, and I was thrilled to be on my Peloton avoiding all of the slipping and sliding.

45-minute 2000s ride with Kendall + I added on 5 miles of biking at the end to hit twenty miles for the day, which is a new distance PR for me.   Twenty miles on the bike yesterday made me question how I used to do twenty miles of running regularly.  <— Our perspective on distances and speeds changes drastically when training vs. not training.

20-minute strength for Runners with Becs also occurred.

My #1 favorite running song came on during the ride, and it made me so happy.  This is the song that magically popped up in the last mile of my first sub 3, and it just brought back all of the memories.  I have run hundreds of miles to this song.

IMG 9548

School was postponed for a few hours because of the amount of snow that dumped down on us, so we took some time to stare at it.

IMG 9559

And then we packed everyone up and went sledding.  I’m trying to be more flexible with schedules/life, and it always pays off.

IMG 9565

So much laughing occurred.

IMG 9570

Beck even enjoyed himself.

IMG 9582

Brooke then went to school, and I drank hot chocolate the entire day.

IMG 9610

Beck’s mini winter socks… not sure why but they might be my new favorite thing because they are so tiny.

IMG 9616

Beretta has 20 comfortable places to go for a nap, but she insists on using the wall as her pillow.

IMG 9618

My mom and dad invited us over for dinner.  Beck is now at the age that the board of locks/switches is his favorite toy.

IMG 9621

We had my mom’s taco soup for dinner.

IMG 9623

Opened presents…

IMG 9626

And had my mom’s chocolates that are my favorites!

IMG 9622

I brought this for my dad, he loves chocolate oranges, and so do my kids.

IMG 9628


Tell me a song or two that is your favorite to run to?  Or one that when you hear it, it just makes you want to run!

What is your biking personal distance record (if you know it)?!

Food/meal/treat that you have EVERY year at this time of year?

What did you ask for for Christmas this year?

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This Is Me was my jam when I trained for a half marathon then my marathon a few months later in 2018. made me feel like such a bad*ss.

Those sugar cookies that I shared the other day are my favorite and ones I only have around Christmas. If I don’t have them then it doesn’t feel like Christmas at all!


OH MY GOODNESS that song is the best to work out too! I will be adding that to my next playlist, thanks for the reminder. I seriously need to make those cookies, I am drooling thinking about them. I love the strong connection you have with them + Christmas, I feel that way with so many foods. Hope your day is the absolute best!


I love how motivating music can be!! Can totally change a workout. My favorite running songs are Numb / Encore by JayZ and Linkin Park, Workin by JTM and David Archuleta, and The Patron Saint of Liars and Fakes by Fall Out Boy.

Favorite holiday desserts that I can’t wait to make with my family are peanut butter blossoms, gingerbread cookies, and muddy buddies.


Mariah, that Numb/Encore is one of my absolute favorites too and has been part of every marathon that I have used music with:). I must check out the other two you mentioned, thank you for sharing… I love finding new songs. Off to go get muddy buddy ingredients, those are the BEST. Have the best day!


Wait, why were you opening Christmas presents? I know you sometimes celebrate holidays at different times, but I think you said Brooke and Knox will be with you for Christmas this year.
I have several different cookies that I always bake this time of year, and we also decorate gingerbread houses. Your snow day looks so fun! Lucky kids.


I didn’t explain that well! My parents wanted to exchange their gifts with us last night❤️ We will have Brooke and knox and I am counting down the seconds until Christmas, you have the best memory! Thank you Jenny and enjoy the cookies and gingerbread houses!


Hi Janae! My family and I are spending the week before Christmas in St. George. It’s my first time here and I just have to tell you I am so excited to see all the beautiful parks and scenery you always post about and finally try Viva Chicken!! Also, the songs Body by Loud Luxury and Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer always make me want to run!


Jenny. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. We will be down there for a few of those days too! What if we ran into each other?! PLEASE TELL ME EVERY DETAIL of your trip after and enjoy every bite of Viva… I’ll meet you there:). I am totally with you on those songs too. Thanks friend, have the best day!


Remember Phoebe’s crazy running style from Friends? Anytime Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off comes on, I want to dance while running, but I’m always afraid it looks something closer to Phoebe’s running haha. Doesn’t stop me, though!


Okay, you just gave me the best mental image ever! I love that it doesn’t stop you, it probably makes anyone that sees you smile because you are having such a fun time. I’m going to try this too next time it comes on. Have a beautiful one!


Hey Janae~Love that run shirt from yesterday! Did you see Brooks’ Instagram post yesterday with the chocolate sneakers that you can win—it is SO cool. If you didn’t see it, go look! And play the game! :)

Right now I’m loving songs by The Drums. It’s this surfer kind of band that I wouldn’t know anything about if it weren’t for my 16 year-old daughter :) Check out Days Go By, Let’s Go Surfing, or Forever and Ever Amen by them!

Favorite meal or treat this time of year? ANYTHING peppermint! I love love love peppermint!!!!

I hope you guys are having a fun lead-up to Christmas!!!!


That chocolate sneaker. IT IS AMAZING! I want to win so so bad. Haha we are getting to that stage where our kids will be the ones teaching us about specific songs! I hope you get all of the peppermint over the next nine days. Thank you Jen and it’s almost Christmas break for you wahooo!


I really like peppermint bark and any kind mint-chocolate combo. I just listened to “I don’t want to miss a thing”- it is a praise/worship song. that’s my normal listening music but it’s hard to find praise music with an upbeat for running so my running music makes me cringe. that one was good for both though.
we have the same lock/switches style board my Dad made for my kids. My 5 yr old will still pause to play with it and my 2 year old loves it too.
I remember doing a “bike a thon” with my training wheels and I think it took me all day to get to 20 miles. I’ve probably done more than that in spin class but it has been a while. I’m glad you’re enjoying your peloton and your strength training. I bet you’ll be so strong and injury free for whatever training you’re wanting to do .


I love that you found a song that works perfectly for both, I love that song so much so I am going to try it for a run. It really is the best toy for kids! Thank you Veronica, I’m excited to see what strength/spin do. Hope your day is a beautiful one!


That board with the knobs and stuff sure has been a great toy in your family! And sledding before school!! So fun!
Any song by Sia gets me running or want to run. And The Champion by Carrie Underwood. I actually haven’t listened to music on a run in a while. Maybe I’ll do that today ?
I love to make Andes mint cookies this time of year. And gingersnaps. I will be making both this weekend.
Yesterday morning and this morning it was 35° out, which is so cold for us! But it’s fun to wear warm running clothes for a change… Ha ha
Our son comes home tonight for winter break! I can’t wait! I am really looking forward to lots of family time!
Have a good day Janae ?


We need my dad to make a few more! Oh I adore Sia, so so much. I hope your run with music went amazing today. Can I come over for your Andes mint cookies? Both cookies sound amazing. It really cooled down there! HE IS COMING HOME…. for the winter break. AHHH best news. I am so happy for you. Thank you Wendy, enjoy every second!


Beyonce’s “Runs the World” song makes me want to run. Always puts a pep in my step. My personal biking distance record is 62 miles (a metric century) but I did that outside not on a stationary bike. I can’t imagine what doing that on a stationary bike would feel like physically or mentally. Wish we could get some of that snow here in Illinois. Our weather is so confused. It was almost 70 degrees here yesterday but with 50 mph winds. Just doesn’t feel like Christmas weather yet.


Hey Corrinne, I LOVE that song so much for a run too. SIXTY TWO MILES… you are incredible. I am really hoping you get some snow soon but that 70 degree temperature sounds really nice right now (minus the wind). Have a beautiful day!


The snow is so beautiful! We don’t get much where I live (and it’s currently 55° and sunny here!) so I always love seeing your snow pictures.

I wanted to ask what recipes you’ve been loving lately?! I’ve found so many good recipes from your posts and am really needing some dinner inspiration right now so thought I would ask ;)

Enjoy the snow and I hope you all have the best Christmas!!


MEGAN! That is a great question… I feel like I haven’t cooked in CENTURIES but I just had these at my friends house with pasta and they were amazing and so is every recipe I have tried from her–>
And you simply cannot go wrong with the recipes on this blog–>

Both women inspire me so much. I hope there is a chance you might get some snow this year. Thanks so much friend, have the best day and I am hoping after Christmas I get back into cooking a bit more.


“Long Distance Runner” by DeGarmo and Key. 70s Christian Rock with a driving bass. I smile every time I hear it.

I rode a metric century (62) last year. Longest indoor ride is probably 15 miles.

I look forward to peppermint anything this time of year, but peppermint ice cream most of all.


I am totally going to add that song to my playlist, thank you! SIXTY TWO MILES… Kathy, you are incredible. I hope you have some peppermint ice cream today. Happy Thursday, Kathy!


Hi Janae! Whenever a Britney song comes up I get so much energy. My end of year stats say I’ve listened to something like 550 minutes of Britney this year!
Happy Thursday!


Britney songs really are the best! Keep enjoying and I’ll add some for my next run because of you. Thanks Amy, you too!


I have biked 30 miles in my city and it felt like I ran a 1/2 marathon. It’s so fun how much distance you can cover.

My husband makes peppermint fudge and it’s delicious!

We are taking a trip and we got new phones = Christmas gifts :)


Those sound like the best gifts! And where are you going on your trip? That is awesome that you biked 30 miles of your city. Send me that peppermint fudge right now, that sounds amazing. Happy Thursday, Marissa!


Last year I biked 600 miles throughout the month of September to raise money for Cancer Research – most of which was spent on a turbo trainer (I didn’t have a peloton then!)


Oh my goodness! That is absolutely incredible!!!!


my girlfriend is british and that brand of chocolate orange – they also have white chocolate and popping candy? ive never seen those in the usa but i’m so excited to try them!! my favorite is the dark chocolate usually


I make cheerios nuggets every year. It’s something we made when I was a kid and everyone loves them, it’s sort of sweet trail mix. I sub out the peanuts due to allergies and it tastes great! But my Mom swears the original with peanuts is the best.


I love little kids socks, they’re sooo cute :). The longest ride I have done is 170km and it was part of a 3 day cycling event where you ride 450km overall (outside, of course, I couldn’t ride that far on the bike trainer, I would go insane!)
Is the peloton instructor wearing a beanie??!! I use zwift on a bike trainer and I start sweating about 2 minutes in, no matter what the season is, I think I’d die of heat stress if I tried to wear a beanie!! ;)


Coldplay’s Viva La Vida is my running power song. It came on when I was in mile 25 of my second marathon; I had an undiagnosed tibial stress fracture (I’d been told it was tendinitis) and I was hurting so bad but that song pushed me through and now I can’t hear it without getting choked up!

My dad always made cranberry orange bread from the Lion House cookbook at Christmastime; I made some with my kids today after school and they were like NOW it feels like Christmas!

Longest outdoor bike ride is just short of 50; not sure about indoor! Last week I was feeling unmotivated so i made up a challenge for myself to do ALL the peloton holiday classes from 2020 and 2022 before the end of December, so on Saturday I was on the bike for 2 hours and it felt a lot longer than 2 hours of running! (Why did I not have my brilliant holiday class challenge idea on December 1st?!) It’s been a fun way to mix it up and do classes I would not normally do. (I’m Rachael262 if you want to see the craziness and steadily declining outputs, haha. Actually it’s been REALLY good for me to go easier than normal because I know the only way I can complete this is to scale back and run a little slower and ride a little easier! And then do alllll the yoga I normally skip even though my body loves me when I do it.)


2021 holiday classes. I’m not a time traveler. ?


Right now when I hear Cold Heart by Elton John and Dua Lipa I get excited when I’m exercising.
My road biking PR is 101 kilometers.

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