Silentish Saturday!

For some reason, this portion of the trail smelt strongly like grape candy…

Crepes for the last day of school.

8 miles @ 8:39 average with 10-minute shoulders class that burned so bad.

Tent sales are a very important thing to these two.


So happy school is out.
Somehow we have lots of seats but always end up on the same one.
Paintball slingshot bday party for Knox.
Thanks Andrew for giving him this flashlight.
Always kicking a ball.

Summer is off to a good start!


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Your grape candy reminds me that one of my running routes is semi near a gum factory. I love when I am downwind from it and can guess the gum being made that day.
Today: library, cleaning, shake out run. I have done none of it so far. Need to get moving.
Summer already looks so fun at your house!!


Okay, that is SO fun… I want to come on a run by the gum factory with you. Have the best time at your race tomorrow… cheering for you!


So many summer vibes in your pictures! Also have you posted your crepes recipe before? Mine never go as planned…

This weekend

1. Currently trying to get out the door to go running, but my older son woke up and HAS to have bacon so I’m in a bacon delay (I feel bad denying him food because he had his school Jogathon on Thursday and he is still recovering and walking around like he ran a marathon (kiddo a feel your pain!))

2. My mom’s 70th birthday on Sunday which I have been helping her plan! It started as “family only” and quickly escalated into a 40 person event which has been… challenging ;-) (Me to the caterer “it will be 18 people… oh wait more like 25… oh hold she invited 4 more… actually it’s like 40.”)

3. The zoo- we’re going on Monday AM with my son’s best friend and his mom and brother as a play date. I’m hopeful it won’t be TOO busy that early but we’ll see…

Have a good one!


Ariana! Here is the crepe recipe, we are all obsessed!
Bahah the bacon delay made me laugh so hard… Knox needs his bacon too. Happiest 70th to your mom! Such a big day hahah I’m sure the caterer was happy because $$$ for 40 haha. Oh have the best time at the zoo. Sounds like the perfect day! Thanks friend, you too!


Hi Janae! We are off on a small trip this weekend! Frisbee golf and hiking! Have an awesome long weekend!


That. Sounds. Like. The. Perfect. Weekend. ENJOY AMY!


Long run, plant stand, and gardening…my idea of a perfect Saturday.
I want to say thanks again for sharing your hamstring PT. I started doing those exercises once or twice a day in addition to my warm up and have seen more improvement. I’m hopeful to be in race shape this fall. Thank you!
6/13 is the last day of school here. I know my kids can’t wait!
Have a great weekend!


Lee. Seriously I am so thrilled for you. These exercises have saved me too. I should be going in this next week, and I’ll share everything I learn there so we can keep going with this. Two more weeks wahoo… this is the best time of the year. Happy weekend!


Farmer’s Market with my daughter, coffee run first with daughter, yard work if weather holds, not looking promising, and cleaning up around the house if weather is bad, and Peloton. That’s four, sorry, can’t count.


did a motivation and inspiration talk to my Learn to Run, 5K clinic group, a short unplanned 6K run for fun, put together a gazebo in our back yard, we needed one and now, yes, rewatching eco challenge..

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