(Bra, shorts)

As you can tell, laundry has been neglected for a few days.

It was a Peloton day for me.  I had an early flight to catch, and a 45-minute class before I left worked perfectly.  It was an early 2000s class, and so the music just took me back to high school and college years.  How I still have each word of those songs memorized scares me.

We were pretty jealous of everyone out biking or running because the sunrise was so beautiful.

I picked up Brookie!  It felt like she grew a foot while she was gone.  

We had soup and Caprese sandwiches.

Along with some froyo.  We already had a couple of hours to spend at the airport, and then our flight got delayed so we played with that clay for quite some time.

The rest of the crew was busy taking down Christmas.

And filling our fridge with some color.  Shalane’s salad is something we are trying to always have on hand for when we need something fast and want to avoid eating out.  

And because you can truly only take so many photos in an airport, I’ll share the top 10 most viewed posts on my blog in 2022 to have some content today, ha;)   Can’t wait to spend 2023 together.

*St. George Marathon Recap

*Boston Marathon Recap

*Internet Negativity

*Is this what I’m experiencing?

*I just don’t care anymore.

*Cutting back.

*Well, that isn’t what we expected.

*Old running me vs new running me.

*My Boston Training Log.

*I should have listened to you 10 years ago.


Have a song or band that really reminds you of high school?

What airport(s) have you spent a lot of time in?

Any types of posts you want to see more of in 2023?

What kind of week is this one for you? Busy, relaxing, confusing?

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Happy 2023 from MI! I really enjoy your positive, informative blogs. It would be fun to see some of your grocery hauls! Do you shop at Aldi? Are there any around you? They’re like Trader Joe’s cousin as far as grocery stores go.
Thank you for sharing!


I just listened (and watched) John Mayer on a podcast last week. I am now blasting his first 3 albums non-stop. It’s got me back in high school and college.
O’Hare is the airport that I have spent the most time. I don’t mind spending extra time at O-Hare (Chicago) airport during the Christmas. It feels like I’m on set of Home Alone.
I say more of the same in 2023. I love following your training and all that comes with it.
Hope the whole fam is enjoying their time back together today!


Last time I was at O’Hare I found the yoga room so that was fun to spend time in before my flight. I love a big airport to walk around for a bit before my flight.


LOL, this first question seems like a “How old are you?” in disguise, ha ha! The song that reminds me most of high school is “Jack and Diane,” by John Cougar (before he went back to using his real last name). My friends and I used to record it from the boom box radio onto cassette tapes, then see how many times we could rewind and replay it in an hour. And Chicago’s “Hard to Say I’m Sorry.” And Steve Miller’s “Abracadabra.” Yep. Every word ;)
It’s a confusing week because I was off for a couple of days…so glad to have only 2.5 workdays this week!
Have a great day!


This is definitely a confusing week! I have two random work days and the rest of the week off. Luckily most of my clients are off so it’s super slow!
I did a 2000’s mix during a twenty miler on the treadmill the other day and it was SO nostalgic!!! But agree, scary how I could sing along to EVERY song!


So not a question you posed but more curiosity on my part. It seems you or Andrew always take Brooke to California to visit her Dad. Does he ever come get her or since you live out of state is it your responsibility to get her to him for visits?


Every time a Backstreet Boys song comes on the radio, I turn it up and sing along.
I’m putting that Quinoa Salad recipe on my to make list. I’d love to know what other easy meals you like. For 2023, I’m really going to try to up my protein because I have been slacking lately so I need ideas.
I love all your posts!!
I’m only at work 2 days this week. I’m looking forward to a 4 day weekend to relax before work gets busy again in January.


The sunrise looks amaaaaazing!! Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking! Love Spell scent reminds me of high school! LOL
This week is CONFUSING! Our trash day is Wednesday instead of Friday, we work Tues-Thurs and it feels so off and the weather is going from freezing 20s to 60/70 by end of the week – what the heck!? lol

Keep up all the posts, I just love seeing them! They boost my motivation :) Also, keep the nail content! I love seeing what you do next for your nails haha!


Love that Brooke is back, I hope you enjoy the rest of break together.

This week is just all about FUN for us everyday, we are loving seeing our friends so much and playing.

2022 was such a good one and really excited for 2023!


Hi Janae! I’m hoping for a slow week at work this week!
I listened to simple plan and avril Lavigne in middle school and I still know so many lyrics even though I don’t hear them as much anymore!
Happy Wednesday!


Happy travels! So happy you are reunited with Brooke!
It’s been a good week..I am still on holidays until January 3 so binge watching Amazon prime series, pjs and peeling myself off the couch to run lol. The weather has been terrible haha so much snow and now so much rain that many of our planned activities were a no go. And definitely forgetting what day of the week it is. But it has been a relaxing and quiet holiday as everyone is in different places this year. And boxing day shopping from the couch 🤣.

Have a great day Janae!


I graduated 40 years ago (HOW???) so I had to Google top songs from 1979-1982. “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John was #1 in 1982, but I also can’t forget “Endless Love” from 1981. I think 1979 had the most songs that stuck in my brain: “Reunited” “YMCA” “Ring My Bell” “Hot Stuff” “My Sharona” and “I Will Survive” are all in the top 10 for that year.

LAX is our #1 airport even though we don’t love it, but we’ve also spent a lot of time in Honolulu, Burbank and Nashville.

I told Les this morning I didn’t know what day it is. He’s off work, but we’ve been enjoying it!


Is it nice to get on a plane with minimal things (like, no luggage)? So glad you and Brooke got to hang out a bit! Kids grow so fast when we are apart! I bet she will get a huge fam hug when you get home.

We just got back from a 10 day trip so I can’t even keep track of what day it is. It felt very weird to be doing routine things like laundry and errands today. Oh, and not walking around munching local treats ;)

How about a VLOG of a grocery haul-I’m sure Andrew would love to have Costco as a job assignment!

Enjoy having all the kiddos together!


so yeah…I decided to make this the year to qualify for Boston. I’ve never had any real urge to do Boston, but it’s my final year in my age group, 3:50 looks do-able, so either May in Vancouver or August in Edmonton…but yeah, I am that old.


Third Eye Blind (showing my age. lol)

Not really a frequent flyer.

“What I ate Wednesday” type posts. I’m trying to better fuel my workouts.

Busy week. Busy but Blessed. God is so good. <3

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