Tuesday Tangents + Irresponsible.

(Shorts, shoes, long sleeve)

I love Christmas break for many reasons, but one of them is that it is easier for everyone to meet up for runs.

I’m grateful my friends are responsible watch wearers. At least once a week I rely on them to track my mileage… I either forget my watch or don’t start it.

Knox is back, so we went and skied. He talked me into doing runs that I am not skilled enough to do, but I survived.

And then we did what every December 26th should involve… nothing.

Let’s move on to some tangents!

*A coyote from our run the other day! I would much rather see this guy than a cougar.


*On our trail run the other day, I talked to one of my friends about how the trails will be the best for me in the next few months. Last year, I trained for a trail race and did a few weeks of marathon training for Boston. I had the race of my life in Boston and have never felt stronger than I did that day… can’t wait to see what strength the trails bring me this April.

*I love it when I can convince Andrew to do strength training with me… I just stayed on my mat for a while after a 30-minute Peloton class.

*My favorite picture from Christmas:
*Brooke left me this card to open on Christmas. It made me so happy.

*Skye is getting way too good at skiing and wants to hit every jump she can… she is inspiring me to try more things.

*We drive by this area often, and people are always ice-climbing. Would you ever dare do this?

Have any tangents for me?

Do you ever strength train with anyone?

Is anyone else running Boston this year… When does your training start?

Do you sleep with your watch on?

-No, but maybe I should, so I start remembering it.

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Never would I ever ice climb. Never.
What a sweet card that Brook left you. She is so thoughtful. Who raised her?? hehe
I’m excited to follow along with your Boston training! Wishing you a healthy training block!


Molly! I feel like we haven’t talked in so long ha. I’ll definitely take credit for her desire to go trail running;). Thank you, I am so excited to get the chance to go run Boston again. Have the best day!


At what temperature do you choose pants over shorts???

As for the watch…I do sleep in mine just so I don’t forget it. But I don’t like to sleep in it.

Have a great day!


Hey Elsie! Usually, at 30 degrees (sometimes 28/29) is when I’ll wear shorts instead of leggings. I just get way too hot when I run. I hope you have a wonderful day too.


We did absolutely nothing most of the day on the 26th too – it was perfect! I do wear my watch all of the time, even when sleeping, and it’s nice to checkout the Garmin sleep tracker from day to day.
Today we are going cross-country skiing with the kids, and then sledding at a bigger hill than our usual backyard hill (they are pretty new to skiing, so that will probably not last all that long). Two more days of no work for me!
I’ve never trained for Boston [yet?], but that does make sense that training for a challenging race would be boosted by some trail running. My legs have never been stronger as they were after training so much on the trails like I did last year. It is always so exciting to start a brand new training cycle!!
Oh, and that ice climbing looks absolutely TERRIFYING to me. You could not pay me to try that.


I think that is what the 26th is meant for… doing nothing. I really need to start wearing mine to bed because I would love to have that information on how I am sleeping. Cross-country skiing… oh I am so jealous. So much fun and I hope these next two days go by so slowly for you all:) Seriously, those trails make us so so strong. Hahah I cannot understand why someone would choose to ice climb. Nope. Never. Happy Tuesday, Katie!


I am in love with your ski jacket!! So pretty!


Thank you, Sami! I hope you are having a beautiful day!


Merry Christmas! Love seeing all of your pictures and memories being made. Absolutely not to ice climbing! That scares me just looking at it. But, absolutely YES to Boston training. I am in week 3 and excited but nervous.
xoxo, avery


WEEK 3 AHHH! Avery, I better get to see you out there. Keep me updated with how your training is going. Seriously, there is not enough money someone could pay me to do that ha. Happy Tuesday!


Hi Janae! After days of delayed and canceled flights my husband finally made it to Utah! He’s super excited for skiing! I’ve been having a peaceful holiday at home with my mom, even just doing chores is a nice way to spend time together!
Have an awesome day!


I have no desire to ice climb. It looks pretty though. I’ll take pictures of the ice from afar instead lol.
I’m only working today and tomorrow this week then 4 day weekend. It’s going to be hard going back to 5 day work weeks in January because I used most of my vacation this month since it’s use it or lose it and feel like I’ve had half the month off. I never take time off in December usually so grateful for all this time off.
I’ve now read 34 books this year after setting a goal for 30. I think I’ll be able to squeeze one more in before Sunday.


What a special card Brooke left you. And the picture of Skye and Beck is adorable.
We did a lot of nothing yesterday too. It was great. I did get all of the Christmas mess picked up, so that feels good.
I need/want to do more trail running. You are so right that it helps with road races and making your legs stronger. I’ve been really consistent with strength training, but almost always do them by myself. But that’s ok.
Have a really good day Janae, keep enjoying this week when it’s sometimes hard to remember what day it is. Ha ha ha


Merry Christmas to you and your family! Your pics are so sweet 😊

I will be running Boston this year, too!! My 2nd time (first was 2016) and I’m super excited! Since I am still in 50m ultra training, I am thinking I’ll take a couple weeks off after the race on 1/14 and then jump back in when I feel recovered. This is marathon #13 so my body knows what to do at this point. I am hoping all of this ultra training will help me crush Boston 🤞

Not sure about ice climbing. Maybe? My body is in NO way used to cold weather, so that would be my issue. I’d probably fall from shivering so hard lol

Enjoy your day, Janae!

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