(tank, shorts, shoes, socks)

You know that workout that happens every single training cycle where you never feel good for one step of the run; that was yesterday. In most workouts, I experience highs and lows but rarely is the entire thing a low!

It’s to be expected during the taper, especially after the massive workout we did a few days prior. I am checking it off, forgetting about it, and focusing on recovery.

A highlight was getting to catch up with Josse for a few minutes. We used to run every day together (she got me out of bed during my divorce to meet her for runs), and I love her so much. She has had a bunch of injuries but is back, and I am so excited to see her again.

I’m not sure about my total overall pace because I have had the hardest time remembering to start and stop my watch during runs. For many of our runs lately, Lauren has had to add me onto her Strava run because I keep forgetting to push start, but I know I hit 16 miles for the day, and I’m guessing around a 7:45 average pace.

I’m going to put her in charge of my watch.

The workout portion-> 10 x 1 minute fast, 1 minute easy + 10 x 30 seconds fast, 45 seconds easy. It was a much shorter workout than what we’ve been doing, but the fact that we all felt like it was very hard made me feel like what we were feeling is just part of the process.

Kids were off to school.

And Skye was so happy to wear her sweatshirt. Zara will add their name to some of the sweatshirts for you, which was a big deal to her.

Beck joined me for some strength.

And I hung out with my fireplace once he went down for a nap.
A big highlight was a Great Harvest date with Skye.
Topped off the day at the soccer fields in the rain!

Favorite detail/thing about where you live?

-For September through April, it is my fireplace.

Ever forget to start/stop your watch?

-I usually don’t, but lately, I cannot remember.

What carbohydrates should I eat today?

-I’m on a three-week carb load;)

Was your last workout filled with more highs or more lows?

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Yes, I forgot to stop/start my watch sometimes. A few weeks ago I forgot for almost an entire mile to restart it!

Cinnamon rolls sound like a good carb to eat by the fire :) also gnocchi! Gnocchi is an amazing fall/winter carb.

Have you listened to the Des episode of Ali on the run? So good! And I like how she talks about some runs have grit and teeth and that’s ok!


Yep, I relate! I forgot for 2.8 miles yesterday ha! Absolutely I need cinnamon rolls and gnocchi today. Thank you for the help. OHHHHH I will listen today, thank you so much! Have the best day, Mariah!


I’m getting over a cold so there hasn’t been any workouts since sunday so it’s either one big low or there are no lows. I’m not sure. I think I’ll be back in time for my long run on saturday which is also the start of my taper for my race on 10/1. I hope this stupid cold didn’t cause me to lose any of my training.
Personally, I like sourdough toast with egg yolk smeared on it. that’s my favorite carb. You can also never go wrong with PB&J. PB&J in uncrustables format is a really special treat. I ate one of those for breakfast before my last race and ran a really great race. I will repeat on 10/1.
Have a great day! You are one stellar mama sitting through soccer practice in the rain!


Let’s say no lows;). I hope you are feeling 100% asap! I think the cold was perfect timing, it got you to rest more for your race in 2.2 weeks! You’ve got this. Off to grab a pb & j uncrustable for breakfast. THANK YOU! Feel better, Lee!


YES to the watch!!! How can a watch know my hr, how I’m sleeping, how I’m training, my exact coordinates in the world, but can’t figure out I’ve started running again? Also, my Apple Watch knows when I’ve stopped and will buzz me to ask whether I need to pause or stop my workout, so the technology must be there. Ok, haha, that got me fired up :)

My last workout was all highs :). I’ve been running almost exclusively on trails since my kids started back to school and I just love it. It feels 20 degrees cooler and the sun isn’t in my eyes and it has just been feeling great!

Have a great day! I’m very jealous of your fire place! Enjoy :)


That is amazing that your Apple Watch does that. Come on Garmin, we need you to add that! ALLLL highs… I am so happy about that. Sounds like the perfect trail run. Thanks Jenny, have a wonderful day!


I love the seasons! Fall in Wisconsin is gorgeous and I want to drink up every day!

And bahahahahaha, yes I forget to start my watch after pausing it! It’s not a big deal, but some days, it feels like such a big deal lol!

My Tuesday run was a total low. Honestly, your post was a good reminder to pause and push through it. It happens, but it’s not the end of the world. I like that mentality!


ENJOY every second of fall! I am hoping we all get a long fall this year. It really is just the worst some days, I need to count every step. I am sorry about your Tuesday run and can’t wait for so many highs up ahead… we’ve got this!


If I have to keep track of intervals by stopping and starting my watch, I can just forget about it. Too much mental energy, LOL!
Carbs? Great Harvest and more Great Harvest. My local one has Buffalo Cheddar bread this month, and I just love that little bite of hot sauce flavor! Grab that up if you can!
Totally agree with Skye’s enthusiasm…those of us with less-common names get how much fun it is to have something personalized AND spelled the right way :)


Same!! I used to be able to keep track of it all but I have lost the ability. BUFFALO CHEDDAR. I have to go back today to see if ours has that one. Thank you!! AND spelled the right way… yep! Hope your day is off to a great start, Corey!


Hi Janae! I’m pretty good about the watch but my husband always forgets! It’s pretty funny when he remembers to stop a workout much later when we are in the car or something.
I gotta try snuggling up to the fireplace sometime!
Have an awesome day!


Hahaha I relate with your husband these days! Yes, you do. It feels amazing! Happy Thursday, Amy!


I agree with you–that bad run means a great race is coming! I always feel a little better if I have a bad run in the last couple of weeks before a race(that would make no sense to anyone that isn’t a runner!).

Favorite detail about where I live? Oh, I live in KY–it’s all good:). Seriously–I do love that we get all four seasons(even though winter is becoming less and less fun for me) and I love my small town. We come together when it is needed and help each other. And it is beautiful–there is currently a display of American flags on a field nearby–each flag representing someone that died in the 9/11 attack. Volunteers came together and placed the flags as a memorial. This has been done the last few years and it is very touching. I love to travel and see the rest of the world, but I love coming back home, too.

I don’t forget to stop/start my watch too often, but man, it’s aggravating when I do!

Oooh, carbs. I would probably say a nice, warm, cheese danish. Or I would bake something–pumpkin bread, maybe?

I had more highs than lows on my 6 miler this morning and I’m banking on that to get me through the day! Have a great one, Janae!


It’s so true, we just have to get the bad run out of the way. My brother and his family miss Kentucky SO much! That field with flags, wow. I would love to see that.
We have pumpkin bread, I need to have some with my breakfast! So happy you had a great run, enjoy your day! Thanks Jen!


Ha ha about your watch. I did the same thing 3 times during my run on Saturday. For me I think it was because I had done so many runs on the treadmill (during our extreme heat wave) I was out of practice, ha.
The best thing I like in our area – there are always hills you can run, and if you want to run near water, (lake or ocean) that’s close too.
I like the idea of cinnamon rolls for you to eat, especially next to your fireplace. Simple pizzas sound good too. And I can always eat avocado toast!
I missed my Barre strength class on Tuesday, so I am happy to be going to it this morning! But 1st an endurance run with Becs on the Peloton app.
Have a great day Janae 😊


My long run workout last Saturday felt like trash from start to finish. I just saw Mary Johnson post about disregarding your best and worst workout from a training cycle. I guess you have yours now!


I’ve had an awful workout yesterday… Not even the cooldown was easy 😅
I’ve been craving potato soup and right now I have a huge pot on the stove… That would be good for carb-loading I guess :D
My favourite place all year round is my bed but it’s especially cozy in the darker months ☺️


I’m so with you, you can find me right next to our fireplace about 90% of waking hours that I’m home in the winter. It’s supposed to get cold this weekend so we talked about having our first fire in the fireplace of the season. So weird after coming off that crazy heat wave and while there are still wild fires burning nearby…

So glad you got that bad workout out of the way, always a good sign! On to better days!

3 week carb load is my love language! I’d go with some simple pasta with butter and parm, or roasted potatoes. I just finished a chocolate zucchini muffin (from Sally’s Baking Addiction) that was pretty amazing too.


NOODLES! Udon, rice, pasta with butter … any and all noodles! Lol


The other day I worked out for 8 hours according to my watch! I forgot to stop it and apparently I didn’t even look at it to check the time until 8 hours later. Oops!

For carbs I like oatmeal and sweet potatoes – not together :)

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