Sometimes I forget to set my alarm and then I’m rushing around the house like a crazy person…  I was out the door 18 minutes (including feeding Beck!) after I woke up for 8 miles @ 8:28 pace with Emilee but I forgot deodorant and brushing my hair.

Skye wanted me to tell you she is a puppy in the post-run selfie.

Sometimes I look forward to a two hour break while she is at preschool but then I end up missing her the whole time.

IMG 2525

Sometimes I’m afraid I might break Andrew’s heart by telling him I like Sam’s Club more than I like Costco (picture taken after a trip to Sam’s Club with Beck).

IMG 2537

Sometimes I sneak (daily) into the pantry and just stand there and eat chocolate chips by myself for a few minutes.

IMG 1739

Sometimes my Garmin and I have VERY different definitions of what a restful day means…

IMG 1844

Sometimes I wish it would stay spring forever until I remember we get about 6 snowstorms each spring.

IMG 2007

Sometimes I want you all to meet me in St. George to go on a run together… Can you believe these running pics of my niece?

IMG 7595

IMG 7588

Sometimes the 5 month old has a blow out at the exact same time that the 3 year old gets gum stuck in her hair.

IMG 2236

Sometimes Beck can give quite the glare…

IMG 2354

Sometimes I wonder how in the world he is able to run after a shift or long day of school, I was already in my pajamas at this point in the day.

IMG 2433

Sometimes I think that we have the most played with chickens on the planet.

IMG 2452

Sometimes I think Brooke and I could survive purely off of these no-bake pb cookies.

IMG 2466

Sometimes I call my niece Brooke… can you see why?

IMG 2441

Sometimes I think the key to happiness is anything wrapped in a tortilla and topped with avocado salsa (from Sam’s Club).

IMG 2544


Tell me what your run or workout is today!  I want to be in the loop!

What cookie (extra credit for include the recipe link) do you make more than any other cookie?  Feel free to sub in dessert for cookie!

If you had to choose ONE and only one grocery store to shop at for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

-My current feelings—> Sam’s Club. 

Do you set one alarm or multiple alarms for the morning?  Or do you wake up naturally or have little alarms running around;)?

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Not sure what the workout is for today! I took last week off because my legs just felt tired and crampy, so I’m trying to listen to my body and am not sure why I was feeling that way last week! I am pretty good about waking up–I set a couple alarms just in case, but I usually only need one!

I LOVE these cookies–I throw in butterscotch chips and raisins as part of the M&M ratio. So easy. So good. So colorful.

You are making me really want tacos!


These cookies look delicious! Thank you for sharing the recipe!


The pictures of those cookies made me drool… I will absolutely be adding in some butterscotch chips too. Thank you for sharing. Way to go listening to your body, it’s so hard to do sometimes but so worth it! I’ve had those weeks too, it doesn’t make sense. I hope you are feeling back to normal asap! I think you need some tacos in your life asap. Thanks Kristin!


This is my first week of postpartum running! I (miraculously!) was able to run up to my due date, so I thankfully haven’t lost too much endurance. So thrilled to be back outside though!!

My favorite cookies to make are the Double Chocolate Teff Cookies from Run Fast Eat Slow (Although most of the time I forget to by the teff flour so I just substitute regular whole wheat :) ) Also, instead of making them as cookies we love to make them in an 8×8 pan as brownies :) So good!

Have a great day Janae!


AHHH Geri! I am so happy that you are back running postpartum! Congrats on running your entire pregnancy! PLEASE keep me updated with how things are going with your new little one and running. Ummmm that sounds so good. I have that cookbook so I must make these asap. Thank you, you too!


Leg workout and 20 minutes of HIIT. aka a hilly run and some lunges ha!
I will need to attempt to make those pb no bake cookies…every time you post a pic they always make me drool.

your niece and Brooke look so alike its almost like they were separated at birth! Its amazing the similarities.

I always use my phone as an alarm and its worked for me thus far but sometimes I’m so exhausted I hit the end button and fall back asleep! Usually out of the 3 kids and I, I am the first one up but when they were really little they were my built in alarm clocks.
Side note -Janae I wrote my very first ever blog post!!! I literally give you so much applause and amazement for posting EVERY.DAY. It is definitely not my strong suit. I was literally thinking of you friend while I was writing it last weekend thinking how your so gifted at what you do. Happy Wednesday!


HEY GILLIAN! Way to go on your workout today! I agree, I think they both come from the Anderson side of the family as far as genes go and they are only 9 months apart:). Hahah gotta love the built in alarm clocks.
I just read your first blog post and I LOVE IT and will be using tips from it to get my kids cleaning with me:). I couldn’t find a way to leave a comment otherwise I would have! Your website is so fresh and clean looking, you are doing an incredible job. Thank you friend!


That taco looks scrumptious! What’s all in it?


YOU WILL LOVE IT! I used the Angus Beef Fajita pack from Sam’s Club (in the fridge section so you just have to heat it up) and sauteed peppers and onions in olive oil. Topped them with cheese and the avocado salsa… I need another batch right now:) Have a beautiful day Kimberly!


I’m still in recovery mode from my half so I have no workout today! Feels weird. I still have 8 miles though. haha.
So, I’ve been making these cookies for breakfast for my son because he’s super picky all of the sudden and they have very little sugar, but he still thinks they’re a cookie. They aren’t that sweet, but they’re a great healthy snack to grab. I added dried cherries, walnuts and chocolate chips this time.
(Also, PS, we definitely do eat cookies with lots more sugar and goodness ;), I just made these for breakfast since I need him to eat something other than frozen french toast sticks once in a while haha).

Oh man, I’m a Whole Foods person. It’s terrible but I can’t help it. I do also love costco and sam’s club, we still need to get a new membership!! And trader joes. Of course. I just love the grocery store in general.

My kids always wake me up. I wish they would sleep in!!!!!!!!


Today was a cross training day for me so it was the rowing machine with some walking on the treadmill while watching Suits on Amazon prime.
the nobake cookies look good. i might need to try those this weekend. they look like a good cookie for summer because making them won’t heat up the house too much.
I really like Andrew’s running shoes! I would love a pair in that shade of yellow.
i haven’t found a grocery store that i would be willing to use for the rest of my life. i can’t find one that has everything i need. i have to go to two different stores every week and still sometime supplement with a third in a larger nearby town. that’s what i get for living amongst the farms but lack of traffic, cows, and beautiful farm fields are fair trade off.
have a great day! i have taxes to do.


No run for me today – day off!
My family, who all loves peanut butter more than I do, loves these cookies:
My favorite grocery store is Aldi, but every week I go there and Sam’s. Love Sam’s too. Sometimes I have to stop by Walmart and if I had the choice, I’d never go inside a Walmart again.
I only set an alarm if I’m getting up to run, otherwise my husband’s alarm wakes us both up. He leaves for work before I do and before the school bus picks up the kids.

Those are the best cookies ever, I love them straight out of the fridge!

I would pick Sam’s, but we don’t have costco here and I am always envious when I see the stuff people can get at Costco! The Sam’s rotisserie chickens are the best, we always grab a couple.

Hope you have a great day!


I’m right with you on standing in the pantry and raiding the chocolate chips. Sometimes I mix in a handful of dried cherries. But sometimes I add in mini marshmallows and then all semblance of nutrition goes out the window! I can’t wait to get all of the St. George running tips from you and plan long weekend trips. Move to Utah countdown is on. Less than a month!


Oh man… Only 1 grocery store?? That’s tough, but I guess I’d have to with Ralph’s (our local Kroeger chain), simply because I know I can get the necessities, but I would definitely miss Costco!
I loved your “sometimes” that was fun. And the running pictures of your niece are gorgeous!! St. George sure is pretty.
Today is my full/busy volunteer day, so quick shorter run before I get going. Then some core and strength later (hopefully).
Have you seen Steph Bruce’s IG stories? Man are they inspiring! She is so strong, and I have loved seeing how she built up to doing multiple pull-ups.
Alright, better get moving. Have a great day!


I agree with Andrew Costco > Sams Club!

I set an alarm to run before my family gets up (between 4-5am) otherwise the kids have us up by 6:30 every day. Awesome job getting out the door so quickly, and props to Beck for feeding so quickly, my kids were always so slow.

Your day looks amazing, we are enjoying spring here in Colorado too =)

Have a wonderful day!


Love this post! I think your family would love this pie, Janae! Super easy no bake :)


That pie looks too good to be true. 100% making that for our next family dinner, thanks Meghan! Have a beautiful day!


My dad gave me a Sam’s club membership for my bday a couple weeks ago! Great gift idea if you ask me :) I just got it activated, so now I am so pumped to spend all my money there discovering all the goodness! I haven’t been probably in like 20 years. Yay!

I set about 8 alarms to wake me up in the morning. Drives the hubs absolutely crazy since he is a one alarm person. Hahahaha.


Hi Janae! Today is a recovery/easy 5 miles. Haven’t decided if it’ll be on haven’t or on the slightly hilly gravel half mile loop in the park. Costco is my favorite but there’s no Sam’s club near me. Getting out the door in 18 mins for a run is super impressive, takes me at least half an hour.
Happy Wednesday!


HEY AMY! I hope your 5 miler is a great one… love the recovery days! Usually it takes me a half hour too and I feel like the older I get the more time it takes me! Happy Wednesday to you too!


My husband is obsessed with that guacamole salsa from Sam’s! I will always be a Costco girl but sometimes I ask myself, why?? Sam’s really does seem to have more variety in things and it’s always far less crowded (especially the gas lines) than Costco. I guess Costco has just been in my life longer…so I’m partial! :) So what makes you think you might like Sam’s more???


Kelly… Hahaha I asked Andrew WHY too yesterday and he said the same, it’s more nostalgia for him! I am loving more because it does have more variety for sure but also because I literally can park at the front, I don’t have to wait in any lines, I can do self checkout in just a minute or two and there are never any crowds. Every time I go to Costco lately I feel like I’m just moving along with an entire crowd of people the whole time ha. Costco does seem more organized though! I need to try out Sam’s gas next. Next time I go I’ll do a post of everything I buy from Sam’s! Have a beautiful day Kelly!


QUICK COMMENT (squeezed in while homeschooling and doing a work meeting): I love my Apple Watch haptics alarm. It took some getting used to sleeping with the watch on by M-F my alarm wakes me by vibrating my wrist at 5:30am. It also warns me by 9pm that it is bedtime and the screen goes dark so it doesn’t glow at night. I don’t sleep through the alarm and it never wakes my husband sleeping next to me or Leila in the next room in our small home. I highly recommend trying it if you are looking for a solution that doesn’t wake up the whole family.
Ps- I do remote Zoom CrossFit still but I have loved Apple Fitness’ treadmill workouts and thought you might enjoy them too on days you cant get outside. They pair the runs with music and it is so fun.


NADYA! Thank you for sharing this with me during such a busy day for you. I still have an apple watch so I need to try this… sounds perfect for me. Zoom CrossFit sounds like a blast and I would love to try those Apple Fitness’ treadmill classes. Have the best rest of your day!


My go-to cookie recipe is definitely my shortbread. Way better than store-bought and so easy to make. They turn out great every time!

Shortbread Cookies

2 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup (2 sticks) salted butter, cubed
1/2 cup granulated sugar

Preheat oven to 350. Combine all ingredients until the mixture is smooth and holds together. Pat or roll out about 1/2 inch thick and cut into desired shape. Bake at least 20 minutes or until bottoms are light golden brown.


Kirkland brand everything for life ???


Happy Hump Day! Workout today was a short run and a yoga session; also some directional movement and balance exercises for golf season :o)
I love to bake, but cookies are my least favorite – I prefer “one and done” like a cake versus multiple trays of cookies. Sad, can’t even think of the last ones I made lol. Seriously want to try these though
My one grocery store for life would be , without question, Wegman’s. It’s a northeast chain and it has my heart <3
I use my phone as my alarm and I only set one, but am the QUEEN of the snooze button. Such an unhealthy habit that messes with your natural sleep cycle, so I'm working on it, but ohhhhh the lure of those 9 extra minutes (on repeat – lol)!!
Have a wonderful day!


I know this sounds shocking, but I’ve never been to a Sam’s Club. I used to think Sam’s Clubs and Costco were the same store just named different depending on the region! but give me grace, I don’t live in the USA.

Multiple alarms, some 5 minutes apart. Ridiculous.

I had to take my car to the shop after work so ran home from there. It was an unexpected errand so had a very uncomfortable backpack to carry home. My boyfriend new my disdain going on (it was chafing and annoying) so swung by along my route and offered a ride or to take my pack so I could “run as far as you want to.” Those are such magical words to hear!

I love snickerdoodles and a friend sent this to me today. YUM:

I’m going to read this whole thread of comments because I am a cookie monster!! LOVE cookies.


Workout today is a hike, our local ‘mountain’. I say ‘mountain’ because it literally is the smallest possible mountain that can be classified as a mountain. More like an extremely large hill, but technically does qualify as a mountain ? it’s about 45 minute round trip. My friend and I try do it twice weekly with a goal for 100x this year. We’re currently right on track for that to happen!

Most baked treat

100g butter
3/4 cup (1/2 can) sweetened condensed milk
1 cup coconut
grated rind of 1 or 2 citrus fruit
1 (200g) pkt wine biscuits.

1 cup icing sugar
2 Tbsp soft butter
citrus fruit juice

Melt the butter. Add condensed milk, coconut, fineley grated rind of one large or two small lemons, oranges, mandarins or tangelos, and the crumbs made from biscuits.
Mix well, then press into a lightly buttered or sprayed square or rectangular dish. Mixture need not fill dish but may be pressed to desired depth.
Mix icing sugar with soft butter, then add juice, a few drops at a time, to icing consistency. Spread with a knife and decorate with fork if desired. Refrigerate until firm. Cut in squares or rectangles and store in the refrigerator.

And if family doesn’t like citrus flavour then make vanilla! This is my four year olds favourite, I do lemon mostly.


Leigh — these treats sound amazing! I love citrus desserts.


Rest day for me today. These cookies are my kids’ (and their friends’) favorite cookies. I have the recipe memorized and always double it. I also double the amount of oats in the recipe.


A run with you in St George sounds fantastic — sign me up, girl! I’ll bring the kids. My oldest is nearly exactly the same age as Skye (I’ve always thought they would be great friends if they ever met), and my 1 year old can hang out with Beck :)
Sometimes it’s ok for me to focus more on cross training because I can’t get motivation to run long lately.
I just can’t get into these virtual races, and my area isn’t holding any in-person races just yet. So, I stick to a few miles on my lunch break, along with other fun stuff to keep me active and in shape.
How is Andrew doing with school?
Beck’s glare is SO CUTE!

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