Silentish Saturday!!

(Shoes ((FMTIB50 will get you 50% off)), tank, shorts)

I procrastinated my run for a while because we are all hooked on Perler Beads.

But then eventually got out with Andrew for 2.36 miles @ 8:50 average.

I run or drive by the same house almost every day to see if they have a for sale sign up because it is my dream house;).  We also have to win the lottery for this dream house, but I will be the first to know if it is ever for sale.

He is getting good at chores.

School supply shopping!



Time to go!

I’m taking this as a perfect sign for today…  from this app I love.

Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Good luck!!! You got this!!

Got in a quick bike workout this morning. Did my long run yesterday and my arms are really sore- why??? Now headed to brunch with a few friends and then some shopping for new work clothes.


Good luck!!
I watched the semifinals of climbing at the European championships live and it was so cool! And now I am on my way to my aunt’s wedding… A full day of happiness :D


Can’t wait to hear about the 1/2. You’re crushing this training and it’s so fun to watch!

Ran 13 today. Have a 1/2 in October, so really hoping to have a fun training and race.
Going on a quick little getaway for the night.
Making nut butter–it’s my favorite thing to do. Try new kinds and share with friends.



Our niece and her fiancee are here just for 24 hours, on their way to the Bahamas. But we have loved catching up with them! Driving them out to LAX (not so fun), then probably doing house stuff. Tomorrow we’re planning on moving more things out to our son’s college, but cannot wait to hear how his orientation went!!
Can’t wait to hear how your race went this morning!!
Have a great weekend, and definitely soak up all the recovery!


Good luck Janae! Can’t wait to hear all about it!
I think my friend has a water balloon fight planned for today!


I always tell myself to look up house prices when I’m out running and see for sale signs. Naturally I never do because I can’t remember anything from my runs.
Today: long run, musical at the local theatre, dinner in Madison (WI).
Hope today went great!


good luck Hungry Girl?……..I on the other hand skipped a race today…after a hard week at work selling shoes, on my feet a lot, a bunch of shorter runs, I decided today was the day to change bike tires, and am now watching U20 FIFA women’s soccer…looking forward to a better Sunday…


Hi, I have a random question! Within the last few months, you linked a new water bottle that you liked. I don’t think it was any well-known brand, and I seem to remember it being from Target when I clicked on it. I think it had a silicone cover on it? You said something about having gotten a new water bottle and it being perfect but Brooke taking it. Do you have any idea what I’m talking about?? Thanks!!

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