I know it seems like the bottom of my food pyramid is skittles, ice-cream and milky ways…..but I do love me some veggies.


Lunch today was a high fiber wrap filled with spinach, zucchini, egg and avocado with a side of my favorite….broccoli.

In PE we play tag all of the time and my students get so mad because they can never catch me.  Muhahaha I love my job.  It’s not like I would cheat and let them catch me to improve their self esteem or anything.

The gorgeous Chelsey at cleaneatingchelsey caught me:)

So here goes….hopefully this won’t unveil my weirdness any more to you.  I am trying to slowly ease you into my craziness….that is what I did for Billy and it worked.

P.S. this is me as a child because I know you have been dying to see it.


Four TV Shows I Watch:


-The Office

-Criminal Minds

-and my favorite…..HOUSE.

-Okay, I can’t stop with four…. biggest loser, modern family, cougar town, man vs. food and lie to me.

Four Things I’m Passionate About




-Teaching….even though they are suckers sometimes, I love my students and helping them realize who they are.

-Sorry, but I have to do five for this one because it is my blog and I can do what I want…… but this blog and my little bloglet’s has become one of my biggest passions.  I love reading your blogs and the sweet comments you leave.  I am kind of obsessed with you guys.

Four Words/Phrases I Use Too Much

-Why I outta……..

-I love you.  Every time I talk to someone on the phone I end with that.  Maybe my perception of love is off or something but there are a lot of people I say I love.

-AWESOME and exclamation points…..I think you have been able to notice this when I comment on your blog.

-Get in my belly.

Four Things I’m Looking Forward To


-Summer living with the in-laws in cali


-Taking a photography class with one of my bff’s from high school

Four Things I Love About Winter

-Being able to use the excuse that I am cold to drink more hot chocolate than humanly possible.

Sorry I will not tell a lie.  That is the only one I can think of any more.

I am adding this one because I feel like candy…..4 favorite fruity types of candy:

-Swedish Fish


-Flavored Tootsie Rolls


Tag you’re it……….

1. Amanda @RunningHood

2. Dorry @ Livingwithhealthyhunger

3.  The Dawn@running the dawn

4. Matt @KitchenofaRunner

Answer any of these questions for me pretty please!!!  I especially want to know your 4 passions!

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Thanks for tagging me!


haha! I love the why I oughta…too cute :)


HAH! I love your guess about my job. GOSH, I WISH! Funny, I say "get in my belly" too much too…. That wrap looks delish. I'm starving.


I use AWESOME and !!!! to much too!! Because most things ARE AWESOME and desrve Exclamation points! :D (I also overuse that face bc that is the face I am probably making at home whien reading AWESOME posts!

LOVE House and The Office and High Fiber Wraps!! :)


Why i oughta…too cute. :)

My 4 fav candies:
Gummi Bears


Ohhhh I forgot, that picture is adorable!!


Your lunch looks amazing!


Oh goody! This one looks like an easy tag. I'm off on a 6 mile run but hope to do your tag soon…maybe tonight or tomorrow. :) Was telling my friend last night about what a great spin instructor you probably are and how dang cute you are! Impossible not to ADORE you! ;) Hope you had a good day off of running/exercise!


funny, you must have just posted this since I don't see the usual 78 comments. scrolling down was a breeze this time. Perfect timing…I've tried to stay off the blog world for most of the day but was just clicking on my status and saw a lot of traffic coming from your blog and now I see why….so glad you tagged me. :)


House = clearly the best show ever!


that adorable little girl in the yellow dress sure grew up to be a very pretty lady!

I think I say those 4 things an awful lot, too. Pretty funny.

So much fun to learn more about you!


How fun! I <3 friends too!

Don't hate me, but today I saw a magazine article that was titled: Great Hair for the Lazy Girl…. I thought of you because you don't like to wash your hair. :)


My 4 passions:
-my husband and family
-my DOG! Seriously, I am a little obsessed :)


I don't like ANY fruity candy. Can you believe that?! Only chocolate kinds!


Flavored tootsie rolls? Really?? They're one of my favorites, too, but I'm not sure I know anyone else who likes them!


I. love. broccoli. Nom nom nom:) Literally I could eat green vegetables all day.

Slash I am obsessed with Lie to Me, British guy main character = my idol, I want to be a lie finder when I watch that show.

Double slash I'm not even in an adult body yet and I want to run a half marathon..being obsessed with running is daaaangerous;)


aww you are so adorable! I love this. I'd have to say my passions are nutrition/dietetics, running, family and maybe reading or cooking. Hope you had a good weekend!


I like watching
Greys anatomy
Private Practice
The Biggest Loser
Criminal Minds

& I'm obsessed with…
Brian & my family
wedding planning *currently*

happy sunday


ooooh! you tagged me! let's see here…

4 things I'm passionate about:
1. my faith
2. my marriage
3. my family
4. food/nutrition/psychology/relationships

4 things I'm looking forward to:
1. finding a new, fulfilling job
2. training for my 2nd half marathon with my sister!
3. Playa del Carmen for a friend's wedding in May
4. having babies one day

4 things I love about winter:
1. hot tea
2. homemade chili and soup
3. slipper socks (OK, I wear these year round!)
4. Christmas of course!

I'm sure I was supposed to put this in a post on my blog, but I got too excited…


thanks for the tag!!!

i'll get on it asap! i LOVE all the same shows. i watch way too much tv. mr. dawn judges me for my obsession with reality tv. now that the bachelor is back i'm toast!


4 types of candy:

-Sour keys
-Sour coke bottles
-Cherry Blasters


That wrap = yum!! I didn’t expect there to be an egg tucked in there, but good idea! I love watching reruns of Friends. That show was amazing! My 4 passions: Writing, reading, the AHEPA Marrow Donor Registry and my family/boyfriend/friends.


Wow, we really do have a lot in common! (I say "Get in my belly" too lol) Except for the whole you're fast, I'm slow, you're gorgeous, I'm not thing…hahaha

My passions are animals, family, running, and church is becoming more of one since I started going in May.

I'm looking forward to my birthday too. ONLY FOUR MORE HOURS!!! :D


everyone thinks i should hate house/grey's anatomy/any medical drama since i'm (almost) a dr, but i LOVE THEM ALL. especially house, because his patients always have the diseases you only read about in textbooks!


SO jealous you get to live in Cali for the summer. SO jealous.


ok 4 passions:

1. Bill my husband
2. Being the best mom I can be to Will and Jonathan
3. Running
4. Coaching basketball


Cali for the summer!
you know I am here !!!! Will you do any races here?


hahaha i use a lot of exclamation marks on blog comments too! so fun!


since i have tv shows that i watch every night, narrowing this down is tough…
-30 rock
-the office
-gossip girl
and a bajillion others, many being ridiculous reality shows. i like to unwind :)

-my family
-fitness, nutrition
-my job, and trying not to make too many mistakes each day, or kill anyone.
-me time…magazines, tv, naps, lazying it up.


I bet the photography class will be fun! I really want to take a photography class and/or a photoshop course.


The wrap looks soo good!
I love these 4 things posts! =D


Is chocolate a fruity candy? It's made from cacao, and that's a fruit. Well, if it isn't a fruit, then it should be. Come to think of it, it's HEALTHY, so it can't be considered a candy. Dang it woman! You are TRYING To confuse me!! I'm done here.



P.S. You were an adorable kid. You looked a little like Queen Elizabeth with all those ruffles :)



OK 4 passions
– Ultimate Frisbee
– my friends and family
– my job, I love what I do
– Adventures, what's life without a little adventure right :)

That wrap looks super tasty, ps I'm addicted to broccoli lately, I'm contemplating a costco membership just so I can buy giant freaking bags of broccoli


Okay, FREAKY! Your TV list is EXACTLY the same as what mine would be! No joke. Although at the mo it's House > Criminal Minds for me, but only because Reid is soooo cute :)


What!! We are playing tag???? Like freeze tag? Is there time outs?

do you remember freeze tag in school, so FUN!!!


I am super addicted to all fruity candy- I had totally forgotten about flavored tootsie rolls, must go find now!
Also a fan of skittles, starbursts, sour patch kids, sweedish fish, gummi bears, jelly beans, oh boy this is bad…

I am most excited about my European ski vacation (18 days and counting!!!)


Oh, you are so cute! Love the picture!
I LOVE House too! I also love Raising Hope, Burn Notice, Glee (I'm so embarrassed about that!), and Iron Chef America.
And you can't love winter if you don't run in it. There's no other way to really appreciate it.

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