HOW? + Hobblecreek Race Recap!

(shoes, ((shoes before and after race that I’m obsessed with… FMTIB50 will get you 50% off)) top, shorts, socks, a bottle that I carried most of the way and kept dumping on myself)

Before the race recap, I need to talk about the most important thing–> Brooke is officially double digits.  HOW? I don’t know how the last ten years went by so quickly, but the next ten better go by slower.

She makes everything in my life brighter and has done that since the day she was born.

IMG 3636

I love this sweet girl more than I could have ever imagined and cannot wait to celebrate her all day.

Let’s get chatting about Saturday’s race.  In 2019 I ran this course in 1:20:23, and on Saturday I ran it in 1:18:18… very happy with a 2:05 course pr.  I wanted a 1:17:XX, but the effort was THERE, so I’m thrilled with it all.

I woke up at 4:30 am to take a quick shower and eat.  I picked up Emilee at 5:05 and made our way to where the buses loaded everyone.  We used the bathrooms quickly and met everyone in line at 5:30 for the buses.

The trickiest part about the morning was that there weren’t enough busses (I guess a bunch of them didn’t show up!), so the race started 40 minutes late (7:40 am).  I was grumpy about it because it was getting warmer and warmer and the change in timing threw off my nutrition because I was starting to feel hungry again by the time we started for food… not just gels.  I like to be pretty exact with the timing of what I eat leading up to my race, so it tested my inability to be flexible with things that are out of everyone’s control.

The race started, and things felt smooth.  The first 4ish miles are fast downhill, but if you don’t stay in control of your pace and put a speed limit on yourself, you will crash and burn during the middle rolling miles and the flat final miles.  My good friend Jess’s husband, Adam, wanted a 1:17 (even though I knew he would run much faster ha) and that was my goal too, so we decided to run together.  For 7.5 miles, he was the best pacer.  He told jokes, would cheer when he saw a hill up ahead, and kept things so light and fun.  I don’t know anyone that gets excited about uphills while running a 5:XX pace, but his energy was contagious.

At 7.5, Adam said he was going to go ahead because he felt so good, and he crushed it with a 1:15.  Running with him—> I was in the 5’s.  After he left—> I went into the low 6’s.

At around mile 7, I passed the third place woman and then was passed at mile 9 by a different woman.  I held 4th for the rest of the race.  Both women that I saw along the way were so nice and great examples of women supporting women.  I loved it.

I took my gels at miles 4 and 8 and drank from my water bottle along the way.  I took a water and electrolyte drink at every opportunity and loved dumping water over my head.  My stomach was off for a few miles throughout the race, and I kept almost puking but did my best to change my thoughts to thinking about how the rest of my body felt better than ever.  Nothing felt too tight or painful (tired for the final miles, but that is to be expected), and I was so happy about that… we tapered well for the race!

The last .1 is on the grass to the finish line.  It is crazy how hard that simple change felt because my legs were wobbly from pounding on the pavement from the 13 miles leading up to it.   I was thrilled to be finished running, but I didn’t need to lay down on the ground like I sometimes do or cough like crazy, so I’m considering that a win!

The crew did amazing!

Toby and I first met at a race in 2012, and I have loved her friendship over the years.  Her daughter is running for BYU this year, and I cannot wait to see the amazing things she accomplishes.

The medal!   The next one I will be running for is the marathon.

Runner’s Corner knows how to feed their runners after a race… yummy fruit, huge slices of bread, and shakes.  Fruit after a race is pure heaven.

They also know how to keep kids happy at the end of a race!

The cool-down felt terrible.  We all felt awful.

Because of the late race start and hanging around the end of the race for so long, I was not loving running another 6 miles in the heat.  Andrew joined me for the last 2, and he made it possible for me to finish.  I think I was low on salt because once I had some, I felt a million times better.  20 miles for the day!

Time for the random things:

*Skye told me to ‘RUN FASTER’ each time I saw them ha.  She reminded me that I slowed down at the end, and she was not wrong about it.  She keeps me humble.

*The race was marked perfectly, and the aid stations crushed it by having water/electrolyte drinks right when I needed them!  It was so fun to see my old coach, Hawk, cheer for us along the course at the race.

*I looked at my watch less than ever before during a half, and I loved it.  I want to get better and better at running according to feel rather than #s because my best races/runs happen when I do that.  It helps me feel connected to my body; the more I learn to trust my body, the better experience I have in every aspect of life.  Our bodies are so incredible.

*I took Imodium before the race because I couldn’t go before but I am wondering if that is why I felt nauseated for a few miles.  Has anyone else ever had that happen?  The nausea could have also been because I was racing hard.

*There was a little drizzle of rain at mile 6ish, and it felt so good.  The cloud cover was helpful but still pretty hot and humid (but still much better than my race in July).  I cannot wait for the temps and dryness that come with the St. George marathon in October.  All the hard work we have all done in the summer will pay off this fall.

*I didn’t race with my phone or my sunglasses with me.  They say people change… and those might be my two biggest examples of that.

*I took first in my age group, wahoo!  I’m enjoying running faster times in my 30s than in my 20s.  We all chose the right sport that allows us to keep going with it for so long.  It is never too late to start or go after your goals.

*I was not cold after the race, but my lips were blue.

*Squatting for this picture was very painful.  Very.


Feel free to tell Brooke happy birthday today:). I will have her read them today!

Tell me something great from your weekend!

Would you rather run in humidity or in a headwind?  Or is there a different weather situation that you dislike more?

If you could only eat one fruit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

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Happy Birthday, Brooke! I hope you have an amazing day celebrating with family, friends, and delicious food!😄💜

Great job on your race, Janae! I love reading your recaps and as a super longtime blog reader from the beginning, it is so fun to see how far you have come with your running. You are an inspiration and I can’t wait to see what you do in your marathon!☺️


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BROOKE! I hope she has a fabulous day and gets all her favorites!

Way to kill it at the race! Seriously, you’re so fast.

I got to see E.T. in Imax this weekend and it’s so good. 40th Anniversary year……….this movie makes me cry but I love it!

I am used to the humidity, and unless I move to the desert I guess I am just gonna learn to live with it. It makes running feel hard at times, but I actually don’t mind sweating so much it looks like a 3 miler was actually a swim, ha! Wind is ok if that’s all it is…………..but add in rain or cold and I’m not loving it. I also really need my sunglasses in the wind, because getting crud blown into my contacts while running is not something I can push thru. I love running thru almost any weather, except cold & windy. That is the worst to me.

Have a great day! Oh, and those doritos cool ranch flavored lays chips were incredible. Buy them if you see them:)


Happy birthday Brooke!! I hope you get spoiled and have an amazing day :)

Janae we need to talk about your growth! You used to talk about being so disappointed if you didn’t get your goal time and now you’re just glad the effort was there even if you didn’t make the goal time. Incredible! Also I can tell you gave the race your all because of the blue lips, it’s a dead giveaway!


Happy Birthday, Brooke! It might be strange to say, but I remember the day you were born! I’ve been reading your mom’s blog for a long time! :) I hope your day is wonderful.

Congratulations, Janae! All your hard work is really paying off. You are such an inspiration.


Happy Birthday, Brooke!
Celebrate all day.


Congratulations on a well run race!!!!

Is that Josie in the background? Haven’t seen her in a while!


Yes! It is her! She is the best and coming back after a few injuries❤️ Have the best day, Jennifer!


10!! Such a huge deal! Happy birthday, sweet Brooke! Hope you have the most magical day!!

And congrats on an amazing race, Janae!!


Happy Birthday, Brooke! It’s been so awesome watching you grow up and become a big sister. It’s great to see your love of running develop. I hope you have an amazing birthday!


Happy Birthday dear Brooke!!!!!

I have followed your mom since you were in her belly. I have a son just a few months younger than you… he will be 10 in November. I love hearing about your family adventures and all of the fun things you guys do together. I hope you have the best birthday today. Happy double digits!!


Happy birthday Brooke!! It has been so fun watching you grow up through all these years on Janae’s blog! You should be so proud of yourself!! 😀😀💫💫


Happy Birthday Brooke! I hope you have the best day ever! (My Rach turns 20 today! Before you know it, Brooke will be that old.🥺)

Congrats again on another awesome race Janae! So happy for all your hard work to be paying off! Can’t wait for your marathon!


Happy birthday Brooke!! Ten is so special! I hope she has an incredible birthday! (It is so crazy how fast that went 🥹).
Please give me dry air and low temps. I’m so tired of summer running!
Amazing race!!! Your recaps are my favorite!


Happy Happy Birthday to your Brooke! Hope she has an amazing day! What a great race for you! Keep killin’ it!


Happy Birthday Brooke! My son Ethan turned 10 in June and so far 10 seems to be pretty fun! I hope it is a great year! It won’t be long and you will be faster than your mom!
Enjoy your day!


Happy 10th birthday Brooke! Racing hard and Imodium can make you feel a little sick. Imodium definitely works but it gives me that sick feeling too. Honestly.. all medications (allergy meds, advil, all of it) make me feel a little sick when I run. I have to be so careful about what I put in my body. Great race. You have transformed your running since the birth of your son. It’s awesome! You are really strong. Keep going!


Thank you so much, Christine! I think I’m like you, I just need to be so careful about what I take!! Have a beautiful day!


Happy Birthday to Brooke!! How is she 10??? She is just the sweetest person.
Awesome job on your race!! That is so fast! Truly inspiring.
Just one fruit for the rest of my life? Oh man, that is tough. I guess I would say blueberries. But seriously a hard decision.
Today is the 1st day of school. It already feels so good to be back in a routine.
Have a good day Janae 😊


Awesome job, Janae! I hope you’ll share some on what you thought of the Alphafly for racing.

Happy birthday to sweet, beautiful Brooke! Hope it is a great one!


How did I forget to talk about that? I will more in the next post! Hope your day is a beautiful one! Thanks, Lindsay!


Happy Birthday, Brooke! Fun birthday fact, this is the last year you’ll be able to count your age on your fingers! Have the best day ever!!

Congrats on a great race! Happy Monday!


Happy Birthday Brooke!! Have the best day and soak in all the love!

Took the new rescue pup for his first trail run and camping this weekend and it went amazing!

Watermelon, a toss-up between grapes and watermelon, but I’m going to have to go with watermelon.


Hi Janae! Congrats on am awesome race! I love reading your recaps.
Happy birthday to Brooke! I hope you have a great year ahead! May all your birthday wishes come true!


an okay weekend……started a landscaping project after having our drive way a workout?
a good training run yesterday morning, bike to and from our rroom store, and a good feeling after helping out a frustrated mom customer who’s son was sold shoes that weren’t going to help with anything, he needs to see a physio!……but, nah, sold them a shoe that may help, but he needs strength training and even then his gait will always be his gait .. no matter what mom says….think I helped, but, well, it is what it is


Happy birthday to Brooke! August birthdays rule! 😉


Happy Birthday Brooke! Hope that you have a great day and an even better year!
Running without sunglasses – impossible! Even on cloudy days I wear them!


Happy Birthday, Brooke! And two things:
(1) Are the Saucony’s supportive? I slightly overpronate and get tendonitis in my left foot, so shoes are tricky for me, but I’m really tempted by these!
(2) I took Immodium before my last marathon (I really don’t know why, I was having irrational anxiety about non-existent GI issues) and my stomach was crampy for a few miles mid-race. No more for me.
And congrats on your race!


Good question! Hmmm they definitely keep my foot locked in place but I would say they have a lot of arch support if that is needed for your slight overpronation. It is tricky with saucony because they must be unworn to return but I wonder if you could try them at a running store. Hahaha I took it for those same reasons and I don’t think I will again! Have the best day!


Happy birthday beautiful girl! I hope this is your best year yet!

Congratulations on your amazing race Janae! You are such a ray of sunshine! Let’s do lunch soon!


Happy Birthday Brooke! The most important ?, what kind of cake are you having?!! :)


Funfetti wahooo! Thanks Tracy!


Happy birthday Brooke!

I used to take Imodium and I don’t ever recall it making me queasy. Luckily, I have not needed it in many years.

I am not sure if you saw my post a few weeks ago about sunglasses. I did not wear sunglasses running and coaching outdoors for all these many years and now have an eye condition they call “surfer’s eye”. It does not go away but can be slowed down with eye drops. I don’t need surgery yet – but please tell all your readers and friends to make sure they protect their eyes from the elements at ALL times when outdoors. I would also get your kids used to wearing sunglasses as well. I wish somebody would have warned me about this 50 years ago. Hindsight is 20/20!


Just to add – I probably had other mitigating circumstances that could have led to this condition like taking antihistamines and acne medication. Still a great idea to use an abundance of caution, you are only gifted with one set of eyeballs.


Happy Birthday Brooke!

I always take Immodium before races – this dates back to junior high days. I’ve never had the nausea problem before so I’m sorry it happened to you!


Happiest of birthdays, dear Brooke!! I’ve been reading about you since before you were born and you are a great daughter and big sister! Hope you have the best day and eat some yummy cake!!

Great from my weekend – Baskin-Robbins! They have been having some of the best new flavors lately. Two new ones on Friday night were Oreo Cold Brew (Oreos + coffee) and Frosted Strawberry Toaster Treat (AKA Strawberry Poptart!)

I’d rather run in humidity because when we have headwinds they’re usually 25-40 mph with hot, dry air.


Congrats on your race, Janae!


Happy Birthday, Brooke! I remember turning 10 was the coolest thing ever! Fun fact, my parents wanted to name me Brooke when I was born! I’m not sure how they went from Brooke to Tess, but we’re *almost* name twins! Hope it’s a great day. ;)


Happy birthday, Brooke! Double digits, WOW! Did you run 10 laps to celebrate??

I had a great half marathon this weekend, too. Definitely not a 1:18, but I ran a course PR (1:48 with tons of hills) for myself. Isn’t the running community great? We can celebrate our accomplishments together, even though our paces are different!

In-season, locally grown watermelon is the best!


Sarah!!!! Huge huge congrats on your course PR! Doesn’t it feel good?! I hope you celebrate with some locally grown watermelon! I agree, the running community is truly the best. Have a beautiful day!


Happy Birthday Brooke!!!! I hope you have a wonderful, magical, exciting birthday!

Great job in your race!! You killed it!!

My weekend highlights were a girls brunch on Saturday in this really cute town about an hour from me, and my soccer game yesterday! I joined a rec soccer league to meet people and I’m really liking my team (I joined without knowing anyone!).


Happy Birthday, Brooke! I’ve been around since shortly before her first birthday – I can’t believe she is 10!

Congratulations on a great race this weekend, Janae! You were flying! Can’t wait to see how St. George pans out, you’re going to kill it!


Herzlich Geburtstag Brooke! That is one way to say Happy Birthday in German! I hope you have a FANTASTIC day and this year will be amazing!!!!

I detest heat + humidity. At least a headwind cools you off in the summer.


Happy 10th Birthday Brooke – DOUBLE DIGITS!! Wishing you the best day ever!


Happy Birthday Brooke! Congrats on your race, Janae!




I’m so glad your run was so successful and that you recognize the EFFORT–that and accomplishment is, I think, better than necessarily meeting one goal. Because knowing that you had full-on effort and accomplished something significant like your RAD PR is something that could ONLY happen because of your training cycle and how authentically you approached it. You prepared your body, mind, and heart to give everything it possibly could. And in the race, that’s exactly what you did. From start line to finish line. And that’s pretty freaking amazing!!!!!!!

What about the weekend? Tom and I drove home from a week of WFH in Florida, and we stopped in Savannah to visit with friends. I didn’t get to see my young friend Phin who (fingers crossed!!!) is looking forward to ringing! his! bell!!! tomorrow at the hospital, but Tom and I had brunch with his dad (who, with his wife, were my first friends in PhDland…), and we had a really good long conversation, yummy breakfast, and then a nice walk around Forsyth Park. And being able to just sit down with my friend and ask him “hey, how ARE you?!? For real…” and give him a big hug was everything. :)


Happy Birthday Brooke! I feel like I know her ha!

And amazing race Janae! You are amazing!


Wow, Brooke is TEN! That means I’ve been reading for about 10 years. Happy birthday Brooke, we can see from what your mom shares with us that you are a kind and amazing daughter and sister. Have the best day – it’s your first day in the double-digits!!!


Happy Happy birthday, Brooke, double digits!! My nephew is your birthday twin :) What is your favorite dinner to have for your birthday? Did you get to do anything fun at school to celebrate today?

PS Love that you had a sprinkle bar!!


Happy birthday!!! Enjoy your special day!


Congrats on your new PR! And Happy Birthday Brooke!

Also I’d pick in a headwind over humidity any day! Or pretty much any other weather element over humidity.
And for fruit, bananas.


Happy birthday, Brooke!! And great job on the course PR!


Happy birthday Brooke from 🇨🇦


Happy birthday Brooke!!! Hope it’s full of cake! I don’t know if I could pick a fruit. I love banana in everything, grapes with cottage cheese and stand alone cantaloupe.


Happy Birthday, Brooke!

Imodium works by slowing down the gastrointestinal tract. Basically, slowing it down means that you can slow/stop bowel movements. That’s obviously the desired effect for folks taking it.

The downside of this (and therefore the unintended effects) for athletes is that this slows EVERYTHING down. So for instance, Imodium decreases the rate of gastric emptying, which can contribute to feelings of nausea. It also slows down the rate at which nutrients and fuel is absorbed, so it can impair performance, too.


Thank you SO much for this explanation. It helps me a lot! I don’t think I will take it again! Have a great day!


Happy Birthday, Brooke! I hope that you had a fabulous day!! I can’t wait to read about it.

Congrats, Janae! So fun to read about all of your experiences, and keeping it real with the good and the bad. Keep up the great work !! 💪🏻🏃‍♀️🙌🏻


HOW is it possible that I’ve read this every single day since the beginning?? I remember Brooke’s birth announcement. It’s so crazy how time passes so quickly. Happy birthday Brooke. It has been a joy watching you grow up into such a beautiful young lady. I hope you have the best day!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKE!!!! I cannot believe you are 10! I have watched you grow up all of your life and you are just amazing!!!! Such a beautiful girl and the best big sissie EVER! I hope you had a great day celebrating and your year is AWESOME!!!!

Janae congrats on the race. You did amazing as always!

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