What would have happened?

(Shoes, top, shorts)

Saturday long run!

I met up with the group for their 10k time trial.  My friend that is giving me my training gave me and Lauren the green light to pace a friend for the 10k and she crushed it… We averaged a 6:55 for her 10k and had a total of 15.35 miles @ 7:36 average.  I wasn’t sure how my body was going to feel a week after my race but it felt surprisingly great.

When a friend plants water and fuel for everyone at the end of the 10k… Running friends are the best.

IMG 9484

The things we do to ourselves as runners.  Hopefully, that blood will wash out of Maddie’s gorgeous running shoes.

IMG 9485

We chatted for a bit outside afterward before I did 15-minute glutes and leg strength class (it took a lot of convincing for me to do it).  I also foam rolled, stretched, hot tubbed, and used my rapid reboots throughout the weekend too. The older I get, the more ‘extras’ I have to do to keep running.

IMG 9486

Skye requested a Yogurtland date…

IMG 9505

And I grabbed the most amazing curry bowl from Aubergine. I could eat this bowl every day of my life.

IMG 9507

My good friend, Kodi, came over and we went on a walk.  The kids prefer the bronco to the stroller now.

IMG 9518

Sunday was my rest day and I took things easy with Skye and Beck.  Skye sleeps in our room on the weekends that Brooke is gone.  They share a room and she misses Brooke so much at night so this is the solution we have come up with for these types of weekends.

IMG 9526

Brooke came home in the evening and had a fabulous weekend.

And now we are on our last week of school.  I cannot wait for summer to start.


On my run the other day I was thinking about what would have happened if I had listened…

When I mentioned my goal to run a sub-3 on IG, I had a DM that said something like this, ‘ummmm Boston’s course is really hard, are you sure about that?’  For some reason, I didn’t even think twice about the message… I wasn’t going to let someone else’s opinion of my goal change my goal.  I’m really glad I didn’t let that person’s thoughts creep into my mind and readjust my goal or go out slower than I should have for what I wanted.  I mean, if it was my coach telling me they weren’t sure about that goal time, maybe I would give it more thought but we just can’t take other people’s thoughts about our goals (unless they are positive!) into account!  Keep going for what you want and be stubborn about it!



What was the weekend highlight for you?!

Ever had bloody feet during a run?  What caused it?

Has anyone told you that you couldnt hit your goal?  

Do you make your bed every day?

-I have gotten out of the habit (maybe because I was in bed all day for days after my gum grafts) and my goal is to get back in the habit.

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this is so silly but i have to share– i definitely thought you just had a ton of hot dogs on your curry bowl before i realized they were carrots hahahahha!

weekend highlight was nonstop outdoor time getting the back yard all set for summer :)

in recent years i make my bed every day. it feels and looks good. i heard something recently that people in recovery say (regarding why making your bed and having one thing accomplished right away is so important): “messy bed, messy head.” it’s the little things in life! xo


Bahaha I mean a huge curry bowl with 4 hot dogs thrown in just sounds delicious;) I am SO happy that your backyard is all ready for summer, come help with ours now. Now I will have that quote in my head each morning, thanks for sharing! Have a beautiful day, Courtney.


That curry bowl does look delicious! Those carrots look so yummy. Your picture of Skye at Yogurtland made me realize that all of our Yogurtland have closed in our area. So weird.
Best part of the weekend was our niece (the one who lives with us) flew into town just for a couple of days. She spent all of yesterday with us and it was so awesome to just get to catch up with her. Oh, and the sun was out all day yesterday too. We had 3+days of that heavy coastal cloud cover, which was keeping me sad after saying our final goodbye to our sweet old dog on Thursday. It’s amazing how weather can affect your moods.
Fantastic long run for you on Saturday!! And I love that your friend stashed drinks for you all. So nice!
Have a great day Janae!


Wendy, I am so so sorry that you lost your dog. My heart is broken for you all, that must have been so hard. I’m so glad you had some time with your niece, she is so lucky to have you! I hope the happy weather keeps showing up for you during this time. Sending love!


Haha that person like-ummm are you sure? I wanna be like-ummm are you new here? ??


hahahaha YES! Janae can do anything and everything!


You guys are very nice! Thank you, Kari and Courtney! Have the best Monday!


HAHA SAME!! Goodbye negative Nancy, janae rocks any race she does!!


I did a 10k this weekend!! It was “Women run the Cities” here in MN – and it was the BEST race and the BEST post race food – a brunch buffet!! I ran with my “Moms on the Run” group and left with so many endorphins and happiness!! I can’t wait to do it again next year!!

I am a TERRIBLE bed maker. That is one thing I would like to become better at – because every time I go up to my room when I work from home, I just want to dive back in!

Have a Happy Monday!


CONGRATS Kristen! Ummm I want to come out next year to do it with you, it sounds amazing. So happy you have that amazing group to run with. It really is so tempting to just climb back in when it isn’t made… maybe that’s why I have a hard time making it ha. Thank you friend, you too.


That curry bowl looks heavenly! I think I need to roast some carrots today!

This weekend I tried our my new carbon plated shoes…are they magic? My lungs couldn’t keep up with my legs and I was so tired the rest of the day but it was worth it! Fastest run of my life!

Have a great day!


I forget all about roasting carrots but then when I saw them I had to pay the extra to add them on top. AHHH what shoes were they? Seriously, they make the biggest difference. So happy you got a pair. Thanks Meghan, you too!


I’m jealous of your Yogurtland! We went to ours recently and they still don’t let you put your own toppings on. The kid behind the counter just dumped everything on top – I like to strategically put mine on – certain toppings for certain yogurt flavors.

Funny story about goals. I posted about Girl Scouts on my blog while training for my first marathon. I told a little story about dropping out of Brownies because I was bored. Someone left an anonymous comment and said something like, “If you can’t stick with Brownies, how are you going to finish a marathon?” It just made me laugh! I didn’t drop out because I couldn’t make it as a Brownie, and I finished that first marathon and three more after it!

99% of the time I am out of bed before Les. He doesn’t make the bed and many times I don’t make it back to our room for a few hours so it’s a toss up whether the bed gets made or not.


They still don’t let you add your toppings? That is so strange to me, I wonder if they ever will again! Ummm that comment is crazy?!?! You showed them ha. That is kind of what happens with us too if Andrew isn’t working! Hope your day is off to a great start, Kathy!


always make that bed!…..I love sleeping almost as much as running, I once had a fantasy to have an entire room with just a huge bed…..I could teach sleep clinics, and yeah, making that bed just tells me not to get back into it….otherwise I’d never leave
bloody feet….my toes always seem to get really close t each other, and if the nails aren’t cut just right, yep, one will cut into the other
worst foot story, NYC marathon, bought marathon socks at the expo, wore them the next day – come on they were marathon socks – they were thicker then my usual sock..I ended up with blisters at the end of each toe (which I loved popping in my sister’s Weston home) and all my cuticles shoved back…..and then the day after walked the Brooklyn Bridge…s much fun
ran a fun 10K yesterday with my club crew, made the route up as we went along whenever someone got way head, and changed it behind them…..I talk to myself so often, I’m usually the one saying I can’t do something….too often I listen…


I’m with you, sleeping is right up there with running. Hahah I would love that type of bedroom! Uggg your sock story made my feet hurt just reading it! So glad you had a great run with your run club. Have a wonderful day, Warren!


I can’t believe someone would message you that! I’m glad you didn’t let it bother you but I don’t understand why people think it’s their job to tell you how to run. Ugh!

I’ve never had bloody feet but have had lots of blisters and black toenails (which eventually came off!) They do not look very pretty lol but I also hope it washes out of her shoes..they’re so cute.


I should someday post a collection of the craziest messages I have gotten… it’s wild! This one was pretty tame ha. Oh the black toenails, I hated having those too! Hope your morning is a great one, Gretchen!


I make my bed every day! I have too, it sets my day off right.

I had my half marathon this weekend! I didn’t make my A goal (it was soooooo hot, set a record for the highest low temp in our area this time of year!). But I hit my B goal so I’m very happy. I also had fun having a weekend away with my friends to travel to the race.

Have a happy Monday!


Mariah!! You had your half! CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy that you had such a great weekend with your friends. That is just the best! What is next?! Thank you friend, you too!


Glad you didn’t listen to someone else’s doubts, our own are hard enough to ignore.

I’m a big believer in making the bed now. When I was going through a really nasty divorce last year, the only thing I felt I had control over was making my bed. That one small action helped me start my day and now I love it.


Libbie. I am so sorry about what you went through last year. I wish I could give you a hug. I love that you found that making your bed could give you control of SOMETHING in your life at that point. I totally get it. I hope you are doing so much better now!


I’m so glad that you ignored that comment in your DM!

The highlight of my weekend (and my year so far) is that my daughter, a junior in high school, got the award for the Most Improved female runner at her XC and Track banquet! She has worked so hard and it paid off.

I do make my bed everyday, one of my many quirky cleaning habits.
I’ve only had bloody feet when a terrible blister popped. Not unusual for me!


Congratulations to your daughter! That is so impressive. I hope she is on cloud 9 about this for a while! Thanks, Leanne and I hope you don’t get another one of those blisters! Have a beautiful day.


That’s impressed! Congrats!


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