Silentish Saturday!

(Shoes, shorts, sunglasses)

Best way to start the morning.

IMG 9419

Wanted to hang out with Robin for 20 minutes too.

IMG 9421

Last few days of school vibes.

IMG 9420


IMG 9423

Trying to find a new front door that we love.

IMG 9425


IMG 9426

Spent some time with just Brooke before she left.

IMG 9427

It was snowing at one point but then it cleared up for time outside.

IMG 9429

IMG 9433

Have a great weekend!

IMG 9438

Off for some miles and I hope you are too!


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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SNOW?!? Unacceptable this late in May ?
1. humid run ✓
2. all-day meeting (our diocese is electing a new bishop today!)
3. couch time with kiddos


Agreed but I might take snow over humidity?! How do you run in the humidity? SO strong! That is so exciting about your meeting today and enjoy that couch time with your kids. Happy weekend, Margie!


Snow this far into May, crazy! But it snowed in Colorado yesterday too.
I can’t wait to see how your house turns out. Are you almost finished?
Heading out for a quick run, then yoga, then grocery shopping and a little cleaning.
Have a great weekend Janae ?


It really is crazy but I just never know what to expect here! Colorado had snow too?! Enjoy the run, yoga and store! Our house should be done in about a week ahhh we cannot wait! Thanks friend, you too!


Basketball tournament for my son, lunch hopefully something yummy and grilling out tonight since we finally have Spring weather.


Grilling weather = the best! Enjoy and good luck to your son!


Long run. Check. Then a strength session.
Reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time ever.
Making my sourdough levain late tonight so I can make bread tomorrow.


Long run + strength… on fire. Oh I LOVE that book so much and enjoy that bread! Happy weekend, Molly!


Lots of yardwork..but, not cutting the lawns yet..gotta leave something for the birds the bees, the bugs, the butterflies…
seasonal allergies are beating me up pretty good right now
but a short run today, longer with one of my run clubs tomorrow……and this morning, hosted a talk on foam rolling….so, yeah, time to practice that…and time to build my blog…


I need to get out for some yardwork too! I AM THERE WITH YOU ON THE ALLERGIES. So bad. Have a great time at your run club tomorrow and keep me updated with your blog! Have a beautiful day!


Hi Janae! I got to sleep in today!!! Til pretty late now it’s time for brunch. Haven’t gotten to do that for a while so that’s awesome! Off for family time! Have an awesome weekend!


I am SO happy you were able to sleep in today! I bet that felt heavenly and I hope brunch was delicious. Enjoy the family time! Thanks, Amy!


Aren’t those 20 min workouts the best? I started doing 20 mins of yoga a few times a week. It feels so much more attainable than a longer yoga class. Whatever works right?


They really are just the best! I need to start getting in the 20 minute yoga classes, thanks for inspiring me. Hope you are having a great weekend!


I keep seeing you in the Tracksmith Lane shorts and I broke down and order a pair. Just getting back to marathon training after breaking my ankle :). I have a few questions for you – what are your favorite shoes and what do you wear under the shorts (if anything).

Have a great day and love your posts!!!


I hope you LOVE them. They are seriously the best. SO happy you are back after breaking your ankle, ouch. I don’t wear anything under my shorts and I am obsessed with the Hoka Clifton 8s! Have a beautiful rest of your day!

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