Friday Favorites, a Dilemma & I’m That Person!!

Seven miles with Candice to start out my Thursday!

She is training for Boston right now so I’m going to join her for as many runs as possible during her training.  PS we went to Boston together in 2015.  I sure wish I was joining her this next year too!

How we survive running in the winter here.

IMG 2314

She sent me home with two bags of caramel corn and while it was a dilemma on the drive home, I did in fact give one of the bags to Andrew;)

IMG 2319

I love her hair after a good nap.

IMG 2324

Once Brooke was done with school we went on a little date together before she leaves today for a week.  She held my hand the entire time… I was pretty happy about that.

IMG 2333

For part of our date we went to a place where you pay for a cup and then can fill it up with everything you want.  My cup resembled a child’s choice and Brooke’s resembled more of an adult’s choice.

IMG 2338

From there we picked up the rest of the family and met my brother and his family (the ones from Kentucky) at In-N-Out for dinner.

IMG 2342

IMG 2344

They have a little girl that is three months older than Skye so it will be fun to see them grow up together (they are moving closer soon).

IMG 2351


Time for some Friday Favorites:

*I’m just thrilled that scrunchies are coming back so that Brooke gets to experience something that was a big part of my life as a kid:).

IMG 1841

*My friend was cleaning her kitchen with these so I went home and bought them on Amazon that night.  They are all purpose cleaners and smell like heaven.  I already love cleaning my kitchen (I got this weird trait from my mom) and the smell of these just takes it to the next level.

Thymes Frasier Fir and Mandarin Coriander!

IMG 1843

*Not the prettiest picture and I took it once I was halfway done with it but this is a lunch that I eat probably two times a week.  TJ’s frozen pesto tortellini frozen dinner + grilled chicken (we make a bunch and then use it throughout the week) + I usually add some spinach or broccoli too + a banana with almond butter on the side = quickest easiest lunch.

IMG 2326

I also love to combine their frozen macaroni and cheese and steamed broccoli too.  Most of the time I crave warm lunches in the winter.

IMG 2167

*This long sleeve shirt from Urban Outfitters.  It is quite comfortable and I want it in every color now!

Screen Shot 2018 12 20 at 7 55 32 PM

*I have always loved baths and now I love them even more at our new house.  When we walked through this house during the open house I may have gotten in the bathtub to just test it out. I fell deeply in love with it.   I love a good bath bomb and would LOVE to hear some of your favorites!

IMG 1835

*These face masks at TJs feel so so good.  I have no idea if they really work but they sure feel good.

IMG 9943

*MY MOM’S HOMEMADE CROCKPOT CHOCOLATE.  Every year I look forward to this chocolaty goodness.

IMG 2158

*You may wonder who in the world buys and loves white chocolate candy bars… Me.  Me.  Me.  This one is just so good and if you hate white chocolate, I’ll give you my address so you can just mail it to me.

IMG 2302 2

*The best mug on the planet.  It keeps my hot chocolate warm and toasty for so much longer and helps me to spill less.

IMG 2166


I love hearing from you guys about the things you are doing… send them to [email protected]


Sydney!!! “I wanted to send you two running accomplishments!  The first being my training is starting to really click and what used to feel long is now feeling shorter!!  This is my favorite time in a training cycle.  I’m just base building for the Vermont Marathon right now but dang am I having fun!  The second accomplishment is I am writing a book of short stories and poems about being a gal who runs long distance!  I finally stopped letting fear of what other folks might think or fear of judgment hold me back and created the social media (Instagram:  @runwildandbepoetry) and website (here) for the book! It feels amazing to pursue this dream!”

IMG 20171231 193338 765


Are you a fan of baths?  Have any favorite bath products that you love?  SHARE PLEASE so that I can try them.

Thoughts on white chocolate?!

What are your weekend plans?  Traveling anywhere for the holidays?

Have a long run this weekend?

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I actually don’t mind white chocolate, even though I hate normal chocolate. I especially like it in the cupcake Hershey kisses they make around Valentine’s Day. It’s definitely not something I crave or could eat very often, but I like it once a year. Ha!

It’s been a really long/tough/draining week, so I’m going to try to rest some this weekend (even though it’s looking pretty busy right now) and count down the days until I can snuggle my nieces. Thank the Lord for Christmas miracles!! Hope that you have a wonderful weekend, Janae!


Holy heck your tub <3 <3


Oh thank you! I hope you are having a beautiful day so far and enjoy your weekend!


Apparently bath bombs are the it thing in 5th grade and my 11 year old wanted some for Christmas. I actually got some through amazon that people complained do not have enough scent. Well they came and it has been painfully hard to hide them because anywhere I put them the entire area smells!! Hate to smell the strong scented stuff!! I have not taken a bath since I was a kid!!
We have had illness, issues with a contractor, and just one thing after another this week. My kids both were well enough to head to school this morning so I scrambled immediately to get gifts down from the attic and hidden and anything that needs to be wrapped, wrapped!! And then I am off to school parties.


When I was younger, I liked white chocolate, but I’ve actually grown to like dark chocolate more as I’ve gotten older. Dark chocolate, peppermint, black licorice—–all signs of getting old! ha ha I DO like white chocolate and peppermint combined though. A student just gave me some homemade peppermint bark—layers of chocolate/white chocolate/peppermint. That’s a trifecta of deliciousness!!!!

Baths–if you take Epsom salt baths for recovery, check out the Dr. Teal’s Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Epsom salt–it comes in a bag. It smells AMAZING :) and makes my muscles feel so good!

Tomorrow I have a 13 miler–all easy, and then we’re taking my daughter and her best friend to a huge mall about an hour from us. It’s part of her belated gift (her friend couldn’t go until this weekend), so off to the mall the weekend before Christmas we go! Should be interesting! ha ha

I hope you have a super super weekend heading into Christmas!!!!!!!


You have to try Lush bath bombs. All of their products are amazing, but their bath bombs are the BEST! You won’t be disappointed!


THANK YOU Brianna… I will be getting those ASAP! Have a beautiful day!


Lush invented bath bombs :)


I’m not a huge fan of baths. I actually can’t even remember the last time I took a bath… an ice bath during marathon training 2 years ago probably haha.
I actually really like white chocolate, especially when combined with peppermint.
Weekend plans include working the next 3 days in a row, 12 hour shifts. I’m a cardiac nurse and I have a feeling that our unit is going to be busy. But my mom made a goodie tray for me to bring and share with my coworkers so that should keep us going.
Probably no long run for me with all the working but I will get at least 20 min on the treadmill if I can.
Have a good weekend Janae and family!


Hahahah ice baths are the worst:) . I haven’t had one of those in a long time either. I hope the 3 days of shifts means you get Christmas Day off. Enjoy the goodie tray and I hope you get some white chocolate soon! Thanks Tara and hopefully the business of your unit will make the time fly by!


I LOVE baths and am super sad that in my current house I don’t have one. I miss taking baths terribly! Bath bombs are da bomb!! (Hahahaha! I’m hilarious!)
I love all kinds of chocolate as well. ALL of it!
Have a terrific weekend. It’s crunch time for Christmas and I’m feeling the heat…


THAT WAS GOOD… hahaha! I hope your next house has a great one and that you get in some delicious chocolate today. Thanks Lisa and good luck getting everything done!


I love a good bath. It doesn’t happen often because I share a bathroom with my 3 kids haha. But one day I’ll have my own bathroom with a big bathtub that I can relax in anytime :)

we Have a family Christmas party this Saturday so I’ll be getting ready for that.


Yes you will! My brother with 7 kids moved three years ago to a bigger house but up until then they all shared one bathroom… he can understand you haha! ENJOY the party… the absolute best!


White chocolate has it’s place and mixed with peppermint is one of them! Yummmm. So festive! I used to solely LOVE white chocolate when I was younger but now I’m a dark chocolate #1, milk/Alpen milch #2, and White #3 but really, I’ll gladly have any of them at any given time!!

Have a great weekend!!! Hang in there while the two big kiddos are out of town. Just think how festive and amazing it will be upon their return! You know they’ll both be missing you and each other during that time. It doesn’t make it any easier though.


You are very right, mixed with peppermint just makes white chocolate so much better. I love your rankings:) . Thank you so much Kelly, I really appreciate you telling me this. Such a good reminder! Have a beautiful day!


So jealous of your huge tub!! I think I need to try bath bombs. I just use Teal’s epsom salt and generic lavender baby wash (it makes the BEST bubbles!)
I like white chocolate too! It’s really good with peppermint or in cookies.
Our weekend is lots of running (for me) and lots of Christmas stuff. I hope I can squeeze in a few naps at some point.
Have a great weekend!!


I’ll join you in a few naps… that sounds so so good right now. I hope you get some good white chocolate/peppermint treats and a really great bath soon. Thanks Elizabeth, you too!


Baths/bathubs are one of my least favorite things ever. Seriously, just the thought of a bath or the sight of a bathtub can make me cringe. Somehow it just seems so disgusting to me.

White chocolate gets a bad rep but it can be very good! I usually don’t just eat it on its own though.

This weekend I get to go home to see my parents and do some baking! I’m probably going to run a little tomorrow too for the first time since the marathon!


Hahah I guess it is kind of gross but I just love them:) . Have the best time with your parents… that is the absolute best and good luck on the first run back.


I love love love baths, especially in the winter! I like using epsom salt, especially the lavender scented one before bed :)

My husband makes a white chocolate peppermint fudge and it’s amazing even though I don’t love white chocolate. He’s the best baker!

My nephews will be in from out of state this weekend so we’re definitely planning on hanging with them and finishing up our wrapping.

This weekend will be 6-8 mi tomorrow and coffee with friends after and probably 10-12 on Sunday.


Good call on a lavender scented one.. I’m going to try that. Okay, I am drooling over that fudge, that sounds amazing. Enjoy your time with your nephews and both runs! Thanks Marissa!


No huge long run plans, but heading out the door for a run soon.

Luckily we get to stay put this year – we are a bit scattered for the holidays – I am doing Christmas lunch with my mom today and then his mom invited us over for Boxing Day. We will have a quiet weekend – we just a trial for Amazon prime and yesterday after work, I watched 6 episodes of the Jack Ryan/Tom Clancy thriller. Also, our place needs to be cleaned. And, (while I am working one day next week) I am pretty much off for the holidays! So excited.

I actually really like white chocolate though the other half claims it is not real chocolate and it is just sugar. He may have a point but I like it anyhow :). Going to see if I can find that Hershey Candy cane white chocolate in our local drugstore in Canada.

I am glad you all had a chance to celebrate early with your kiddos and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season Janae!


Hey Kristine! I hope your run this morning felt great and relaxing after a crazy holiday season. Enjoy a quiet weekend and time off for the break! Hahah he does have a point but sugar is delicious. If they don’t have it, I’ll mail you one and I am serious! Thanks Kristine, have a beautiful day.


Lol I love white chocolate too- but I have to be in the right mood cause it’s so sweet! Did you know they make reusable hand warmers? My dad uses them for golfing on cold winter mornings! I think just search on Amazon for reusable hand warmers- I want to say they are HotSnapz. I feel like if you save money on handwarmers by reusing them, you can buy more post-run hot chocolate :) Have a great weekend!


I’ve wanted to get those so bad!! I just worry they are too big?!? Can they fit in his gloves… they look almost as big as a phone. Hahah I love the way you think… more money for hot chocolate is always a good idea! Thanks Amy, you too!


Oh shoot I didn’t even think of that! He has man hands so they fit in his gloves LOL!!


Love the UO shirt- what size are you wearing? Do you think it runs small or large?


Hey!! I got a medium and usually wear a small! So I think it runs a bit small:) . I LOVE IT!


I totally tried out the bathtub in our house too when we toured it for the first time. I mean I had to make sure I fit. I am not a huge fan of bath bombs. My husband got me the Lush ones for Mother’s Day and when I dropped one in dried rose petals floated to the top. I do not like things floating around in my bath. Another one was full of glitter. I would much rather just use some Bath and Body Works bubble bath. I love white chocolate too! Its just so creamy.

We are traveling to family this weekend then we stay home on Christmas Day. Hopefully I can squeeze in a long run this weekend before traveling but if not it will just have to wait until Monday.


I love white chocolate! I love Halloween season when they make the candy corn white chocolate m&ms! Also the Hershey white chocolate oreo bars are amazing as well as the ones with peppermint!
I love baths!! When we redid our bathroom, I made sure we got a deep bath so that I could relax in it! Now with a 6 month old, it’s harder to find time to take a bath, but I still love it! Bath bombs and bath salts are amazing, especially the Teals eucalyptus epsom bath salts!
I’m working my way back to running! I ran a marathon at 10 weeks pregnant and now it’s like I’m starting over again… 3 miles feels longer than it used to and I’m running much slower, but I’m getting back out there!


I’m not a huge bath person, although when I do take one I use my baby’s lavender sleepy time bath soap haha so glamorous.

LOVE white chocolate. I love white chocolate covered pretzels.

We are starting our holiday festivities this weekend, all our family lives in NJ so we don’t have too much of a drive anywhere!


I’m not really a bath person- I like my hot tub so I can stretch all the way out- but the lush bath bombs always smell awesome.

I NEED to find that candy bar. I don’t eat regular/dark chocolate (gives me migraines) but white chocolate is fine, so I try pretty much every white chocolate bar I find. This is my favorite time of year because of all the white chocolate + peppermint candies- I usually buy tons and have a stockpile for months :)

This weekend: work tomorrow. Sunday, long-ish run (9 miles probably) and then brunch at our favorite brunch place for our 10 year anniversary.


Technically speaking white chocolate is not even chocolate. I really don’t like it: way too sweet. That is all I have to say about that :)


I always see those bathtubs, but they look so tiny to me! I’m pretty tall, and I feel like I would look like Buddy the Elf in the tub.


I love, love, love baths in the winter as well! I think Marissa commented on lavender Epsom salts…I have recently discovered them when I was using regular epsom salts to soak for a hamstring issue. I was just going onto Target to order more! My kiddos LOVE bath bombs. Someone else mentioned LUSH products. I have not tried them, but totally want to do so!
I use to use ice baths A LOT in college in the training room…brr, but totally helped. I think my husband would think I have completely lost it if I started to fill our tub with ice!

Speaking of coffee mugs…Have you seen the new Yeti rambler that is more like a true coffee mug vs the taller travel mug? I just love drinking out of a true mug and this is the best! Amazon for 24.99. There are so many colors as well!

I am not a full on white chocolate lover…but give me hershey hugs vs kisses ANY DAY! and I love the Ghiradelli peppermint bark…white chocolate/peppermint on top, dark chocolate on the bottom. Yum!

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