Silentish Saturday!

8 early miles @ an 8:14 pace and then I came home to some grumpy kiddos;). My brother and his kids slept over and we all stayed up way too late.

IMG 2364

Once the Costco chocolate muffins were brought out, the frowns turned upside down.

IMG 2370

Brooke and Andrew had to leave at about 6 in the morning but somehow Brooke was wide awake.

IMG 2365

Brooke loves to Facetime.

IMG 2374

Cousins all afternoon.

IMG 2375

IMG 1536

IMG 2383

My brother always picks up the good stuff when he is in town.

IMG 2398

Andrew got home from a long day of flying and airports.

IMG 2402

IMG 2408

We had a big taco bar for 27 people!

IMG 2404

My 1st of 2 taco salads.

IMG 2407

Skye is going to grow up thinking this niece is her big sister.

IMG 2385

It kind of felt like Brooke was with us because my niece looks so much like her!

IMG 2406

Everyone tested out my weighted blanket (that I swear by… I sleep so much better with it) and a few went out and bought one afterwards (but two people hated it because it made them feel claustrophobic).

IMG 2413


Tell me three things that you are doing today!

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Long run.
Celebrating our 2 year sealing anniversary.


Happy two years!!! I love that we get to celebrate our sealing and wedding anniversaries too! Enjoy the movie and let me know what you think!


Dropping ☺️

Enjoy your day!


Good luck! I hope you get to refuel all that you are doing today with some delicious holiday foods:) Have a great weekend!


Just want to put in a plug for a weighted blanket. I bought one for myself a few weeks ago and it’s fantastic. I sleep more deeply and wake up more rested. Highly recommend! It is quite insulating so I use it as the only blanket or I get too hot.


Oh I am so happy you have one and love it! Seriously … I keep wondering how I slept without it before! It’s amazing and getting good sleep makes the rest of the day better too. Have a wonderful weekend Elizabeth!


1) Run/walk four dogs – my two and my daughters two – I’m dog sitting for her! 2) Vacuum up dog hair! 3) plan and shop for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals. It’ll be a great day!


4 pups today! You are BUSY! Let me know what you end up making for both meals! Have a wonderful day Jo!


I have a 7 mile run first, then walk the dog, then some last cleaning to get done.
But tonight we get to have an early Christmas at my sister-in-law’s! Her boys will be with their dad for Christmas, so this will give them a chance to be with all of this side to celebrate ?
Your niece and Brooke do look a lot alike!
Enjoy your day with your family!


Oh enjoy the party tonight Wendy! So glad you guys all get to celebrate! Thank you!!!


Cookie baking
Movie watching (probably while eating cookies)


I want to join you for the movie watching and cookie eating! Enjoy Kristen!


Already went to yoga class.
Driving to my sister’s for the holidays.
Maybe going to see Mary Poppins Returns.


We are going to that today! I can’t wait! Enjoy time with your sister and drive safe!


Ummm I’m gonna need you to send me one of those cookies to Virginia please! They look incredible!


Send me your address!!!! I hope you have a great weekend Jenn!


Don’t tempt me! I would! :)


Don’t tempt me – I would! :)


Despite being grumpy it sounds like you guys had a good time. I’m craving tacos now though.

I think we are celebrating my husband’s birthday if he gets back today.


Oh I hope he is able to get back today so you can celebrate! Go get some tacos:) Have a great weekend Hollie!


With food for that many people, you have to end up with leftovers, right?? What’s your process for cleaning up and storing the leftovers?? Inquiring minds want to know!! They also want links to storage containers ?


The funny part is we really only had some chicken left over… my brother in law goes through at the end and just makes a huge pile of food and eats it (no joke… my sister and I calculated it one time and he eats 6-10k calories a day) so he usually takes care of the leftover ha! But I DO love these ones:

Have a great day Amy!


Omg really 6-10,000?!!!! Is he like crazy active???? He must have like 1000,000 steps a day to eat that much daily!

your niece and Brooke look SOOOO much alike! both soooo beautiful too❤️❤️❤️


Where are those cookies from? They look delicious!!!


They are from Swig! They are amazing!!!


Just baked 3 different kinds of cookies with my mom and Hope. I ❤️ 3 generation fun.
Promised myself a you made it to Christmas break nap.
And want any dinner that includes fries tonight.


Back in CA for Christmas, so I got to do my 10 miler with my bestfriend back home! Enjoy your weekend! :)


1. My one year old granddaughter is wearing us out ! In a good way. ha. 2. Finish up the final Christmas gift shopping. 3. And tidying up the house, hopefully a short run on the treadmill and going to bed early, I hope.


I think I’d be with the claustrophobic people?. No desire to try your weighted blanket (hee!) but so glad YOU like it!

It seems so perfect that your brother’s family arrived just as Brooke had to leave. I feel like distraction is a great remedy sometimes :-)

I hope you all Enjoy each other’s the company!

I am at the library because I find it so peaceful wondering about aisles. Now I am on my way home for the second dog hike of the day with friends?


I could eat tacos everyday!

3 things: pizza at home (after my run), watching a Christmas movie, and doing our first Christmas in the morning!


I raced today! It was quite windy but it went well. We had friends over for dinner and we had tacos as well. They have four kids too, but theirs are much younger than ours. (our youngest are 15, their youngest is almost 2) They left after desert/coffee, so now we’re enjoying the peace and quiet and a bit of tv.


Well its the end of the day now but I …

-worked at the hospital all day
-ran 6 km
-ordered groceries online


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